Sai Gave Me A New Job – Anonymous Sai Devotee

In today’s experience, a devotee shares her journey of getting a good paid job with grace of Lord Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai tested me so many times, but in each and every test He always made me win. That is the greatness of our Sai. I got a job after so much waiting in 2012. Initially it was good, but then problems started. The job was completely different than the profile of the job. Colleagues treated me like assistant. Boss never communicated. Pay is base pay. Commute was horrible. Since it was first job, I took it for experience. Every day was a hell going to the job. I cried to Sai please help me in any way You can. I applied for various jobs nothing worked. I even applied for jobs that are not related to my field, just to get out this present job, but nothing worked at all. I felt miserable, depressed. No matter how much i tried nothing changed.

I asked Baba, why are You making me go through this. People in office were making jokes, gossiping about my work and I felt bad because this is not the job I want to have. I felt like quitting, but not knowing the future and quitting can increase complications, so I just silently faced everything that was going on. I seriously had no one to help. I had no close friends to ask for help, neither my husband could help me in job search. I am a starter and looking for entry level positions. I don’t want to put fake experience on my resume and it is causing even more delay. All the job postings want at least 3 years experience, which I don’t have and I don’t want to put fake experience.

I asked Saibaba, no one is there to help me. Now it is Your responsibility. You have to give me a job without anyone’s help. I told Sai, I am not going to ask anyone even for referral. You have to help me. I told Sai, i am not going to put fake experience, just with this one year experience I will apply for jobs and You have to give me a job. I looked online, job boards and whatever job matched my qualification, I applied. But no response came from anyone. On top of this situation, I was afraid of interviews. I attended couple of interviews taking Sai’s name and with full hope, but I got rejected.

Finally I told Sai, I won’t eat my favorite food until I visit Shirdi and I started 9 Thursday Vrat. But still there was no change. I didn’t have account in linkedin, and somehow I created it and I have no connections to add. One day I was browsing jobs in linkedin. I saw a job matching my qualifications and mailed to the email id in the job description. The lady immediately called and said, I will talk to the client and forward your resume. I started reading Sai Satcharitra, within one week interview was setup. I was still skeptical because I was scared of interviews and this is a very big company. I prayed to Sai and said, I will just attempt the interview just to get the interview experience. I didn’t prepare anything for the interview because the more I prepare the more stressful I will.

I went to the interview. The hiring manager greeted me and he was so down to earth. We went to meeting room for interview. I was getting tensed, but the manager freed me up with jokes. Guess what, he didn’t even ask me one single technical question. Just looking at my resume he said, do you know share point and that’s it, the rest of the time he was talking about the company, job and some personal stuff. First time in life, I felt that I am not in an interview, but a mutual conversation. I felt good after the interview. I thought I will be lucky if I get a job in such a big company and if he is my manager. I told my husband about the interview and he made fun of the interview saying, he doesn’t know what to talk to you, that’s why he talked about himself etc. I left everything to Sai.

I didn’t get a response for 5 days. On Thursday morning, as usual I did pooja and went to office. As soon as I went, I got a call, saying I got the offer. I still couldn’t believe it. The recruiter sent me all the paper work, offer letter. I am thankful for Sai for this offer. It is a good company, good role. Sai gave me the job that is way beyond my scope, but now it is my duty to work hard and achieve something. Sai, fulfilled whatever I asked. I didn’t put fake experience. I didn’t ask any one for the job. The recruiter didn’t even ask for references. All they were doing was back ground check of my colleges and present employment. I got my job only through Sai’s blessings. Even if we don’t have any one to help in this world, Sai will always be there. Never feel you are alone in this hurdles of problems. Sai will easily bare those problems for you and guide your path. The only thing is Sai will test us, but when the time comes, He will show us the easiest path. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. Thanks for posting my experience. I settled in my job. It is very nice. They gave me big responsibilities i can only dream of. My colleague is a sai devotee and one day he showed me sai photo in his wallet. So sai was already in my office before me to greet me. By grace of sai all things are working good. I don't know some new technology but with sai's grace i got training from the company and i am doing better than my colleagues. If i feel tensed for any situation, i am leaving to sai and some how things are automatically turning in my favor. Sai, please protect us always like this. Thanks for everything. Om sai ram.

    • Dear Sai Sister,

      lovely experience and best wishes to you for your job and everything. Baba is the best and he is always there to care for us. Love you a lot Baba. I have also experienced it that when situations are difficult, if we just surrender everything at Baba's Lotus feet, he will magically take care of everything.

      Thanks a lot Baba for everything. We owe you all our happiness.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Om Sai Ram…I am really happy for you…The guts that you went ahead and tried with your own experience is really a miracle. B'coz I knew that it is not that easy in USA. You will not receive calls even if you have 5 yrs of experience…I can imagine how happy you can be…

      Baba bless you and every other devotee…

      Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  2. Thank you dear Sai devotee even I am going thru the same phase in life, your experience has given great confidence that Sai will set right all my problems soon, thank you Hetalji for this service of yours even as I am typing this my eyes are filled with nonstop tears of devotion to Sai as to not to lose faith

    • Dear Devotee,

      Hope you find your job soon. I pray to sai to give you job soon. Don't loose hope. Om sai ram.

  3. Sai bless you with success in your new job!!!
    I was in the same boat….didn't have much experience, didn't want
    to load my résumé with fake experience, and was scared of
    attending interviews 🙂 after many months if my contract
    ending in sep 2012, I was called for an insure interview with
    a very big company. Sai helped me do the interview very
    well…the interviewers responded positively. I was hoping to
    get the job n prayed Sai desperately….but, after 3 weeks, I
    received an email that the position I've been interviewed for,
    has been withdrawn 🙁 I felt very disappointed n depressed.
    I fought with Sai, didn't talk to him for few days, n now I've
    accepted it as His wish and, I am back into Sai path.
    I am almost 5 months pregnant now and I don't think I will
    get any job now. I really need money, an earning of my own,
    but….Sai daya!!!

    Anyways, very happy for you. May Sai be with you n help
    you complete your tasks successfully. My best wishes to you.
    Sai bless you!!!

    • Dear sai sister,

      It can be hard to find job now as you are pregnant. If possible, give a break and enjoy the time with baby for a while. When the baby is at least a year old you can try for the jobs. I wish you find job soon. om sai ram.

  4. This is same situation I am suffering now,please baba help me long time I am waiting for good apportunity.

  5. Omm Sai Ram. Baba please get marry me with him soon Baba. Baba please do his work sucessful Baba.

    Love you Baba

    Jai Sai Baba

  6. Onh SAI DEVA Mere, Charno Mein Rakh Lei Mujhe

    YOU are THE DOER, WE are just a medium to perform the things.

    Love you Deva,

    SAI Prema,

  7. True that Sai blesses every one in his way, make us experience through the things, and drive us towords right path. Nice experience. Thanks for sharing. Om Sairam.

  8. Nice experience, sai give hope to us, please I am begging you to solve my problem, we need good health and truthful smile in our life. Babies without family is a hell, bless us SAIRAM.

  9. This is my first comment in this blog.My first wishes for devotee for her good job and a very nice experience. I also live in US. It is my regular work to check this blog everyday night before going to bed (for the last 4 months). I am quite surprised and shocked to read your experience as I am exactly in the same situation.Every word represented my thoughts and real life present scenario. (only difference is I am not married yet!) I was thinking i will definitely post my experiences in this blog when i get a job. And I have not commented for another devotees experience too sofar. I was waiting for my moment to happen in my life. But somehow i am dumbstruck today and could not stop replying to your experience. I feel this itself is BABA's wonderful play.

    Its really like a movie(magical play of BABA). Till that linkedin profile has happened in my life sofar.. Waiting to see what will be happening in next few months.. This experience definitely gave me an additional mental strength to pursue in my life..

    Wishing to write my own experiences after the good news…..
    Thank you BABA and you!!

    • Dear Devotee,

      Thanks for the wishes. Hope you find the job soon. I sincerely pray to sai to give you the best. Take care, don't loose hope. Om sai ram.

  10. What can i ask u baba..when u r always with me speaking,walking,crying,laughing,playing with me..pls be with us always..JAI SAI RAM..

  11. Jai Sairam

    Dear Sai Sister – What you have mentioned in your experience is very true "even when you don't have anybody to help you,sai will be there"… I am experiencing this each and every moment in my life. As per his sayings to keep up his promise he will give his life.. All he expect from us is shradha and saburi…I am giving these two things by lighting two lamps everyday and also trying to remember him always. He is there watching all his devotees each and every second to protect and save us.. Thank you for sharing such a nice experience.

    Jai Sairam.

  12. it is just so beautiful my dear sister.such experiences not only bring faith they even bring smile and comfort from baba's end.
    love u all

  13. Om SaiRam, Happy Holy to all.I just now having Baba's dharshan online.I haven't even read the Devotees' exp posted today. Pl. let me know what that white colour mala our Baba wearing now.Thank You. Om SaiRam

  14. Om Sai Ram…

    Lovely experience. I can imagine how happy you might have felt after the job offer b'coz its all your effort and Baba's blessings only..
    You stood by the right thing and Sai helped you..

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  15. A good takeaway from this story – Once we surrender to Him we are never alone ever again.

    Thank You for being with us at each and every step we take Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  16. Excellent experience even Im in a situation similar to you, I have resigned my job and im searching for a job.. I felt like Baba answered to my question through your experience. thanks for sharing it

  17. Om Sai Ram
    Pl baba bless us in the same way the only thing i have is faith on you.Please show us the path so that we can lead our life. You are only our hope.


  18. om sai ram…beautiful experience,very motivationg.even i am going through rough patch but i have blind faith in my saiji and i know very soon he is going to bless me.sai ji pls be with all of us

  19. It seems that my own experience has been pen down by someone else.. hope i will get a job by Sai maa's grace.. if i don't get a perfect job im never going to blame baba.. because he is best in his own ways.. love you sai deva.. Bless each and every person who needs ur love and affection 🙂

  20. Awesome experience… i am also going through he similar situatiom. Reading your experience, my faith has increased please baba give me some more patience to face this whole situation

  21. many soul are so luky that they always has sai karuna even i too had but because of my karma (may be past) now im suffering and dying each second of my life pleas mere sai for give me and come back to me..plz plz plz ..

    • Dear devotee if you remember in the first chapter of the Satcharita there is a philosophical meaning for Sai grinding wheat, it is his devotee's karma that he is crushing by the handle of devotion. Sai is the only person who can crush all the Karmas of your life past or present, believe deeply in his 11 assurances, as Baba always speaks the truth, call to him with a pure heart he will come back to you, then you will realise that he never left you & was just testing you

  22. Om Sai Jai Sai. Congratulations for your new job sai sister. Mai saiji always bless us like this. Our Deva is very merciful he cannot see us upset.Thank you baba for everything as its only you who knows what is the best for us.Saiji please increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  23. Thank you for posting your experience..and good to hear that you are doing well. This is truly the blessing of Sai as you surrendered to him completely.May Baba bless you with growth and success in your career.

    I am doing preparation to get a new job and haven't been working hard enough from my end..Baba please give me strength to do well and be with me at all times. I also don't have a lot of help from others and I don't feel the necessity as I believe whatever I would get I would only get it with your blessings.

    Om Sai Ram

  24. wonderful experience and well narrated.
    Baba even my boss was not feeling good about me.But I have a new boss coming soon Pls. help me to feel good and wanted.
    Thank you baba

  25. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  26. Om Sai Ram,
    Dear Sai Devotee, I am that you got job with the blessings of Baba. I am almost in the same situation and I am sure my Baba will help me 🙂 I LOVE YOU SAI….Please be with me all the time


  28. Dear Sai sister,

    Simply loved your experience. I fully agree with you. Baba does test us but He is the One who supports us to pass the test. His leelas are truly unfathomable as mentioned in Shri Sai Satchrita. I also want to add that I think the person who interviewed you was our Baba Himself.

    Shri Sachidanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

    We love You Baba Sabse zyaaada

  29. I am also facing the same problem.I too got a job in 2012 after a long wait .Initially it was good.But later i started facing lot of problems and still i am facing lot of problems.i have started looking out for other jobs but nothing worked out.I am exactly facing the same situvation what the devotee has expressed.I hope baba will soon come and help me and releive me out of the problems.I felt so happi after reading your experience because i am exactly in the same situvation.I am also doing 9 thursdays baba vrat.

  30. I love your experience, today is my sister's first day at job and here is the beautiful experience in this blog…it is kind of signal from baba that everything is going to be alright. i had faced same situation when i was looking for jobs…somehow i got positive energy from baba and able to cross all the hurdles…Hope everybody gets energy from sai and work hard to get settle in thier jobs. OM SAI RAM!!

  31. Dear sai sister…congrts…and may BABA bless u always………u r patience-saburi and vishwas-faith on baba has paid rewards. may BABA bless evry devotee who need them always.

  32. Om Sai Ram…. Mere baba please be with us all… even I have started with my new job. I want you at every step that I take.. Love You!

  33. Wonderful experiences…experiences of devotees motivates many people….thanks for sharing with us…all the best for your job….OM SAIRAM..LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  34. Hai All,

    I have a query.. I have completed my 9 weeks vrat on 14-March-2013 for my marriage and I havent got any results so far. Already I was frustrated a lot regarding my marriage I had hope on Sai that he wont let me down. But no miracle happened to me. So I feel is God there in this world?? Also I have done many poojas for my marriage as asked by some people.

    Now I have decided not to do any special pooja for my marriage.

    Am 26 years old girl and really depressed with lot of confusions.

    But I really wonder when I read miracles and Sai Satcharita how miracles
    happened in Others life and not in my life.

    Can anyone answer me?

    Also I got to Sai Q & A site but still not satisfied.

    • Dear Sister,

      Please have faith and patience. You will get things done only when you have complete faith on Baba. Baba does everything for his devotees at the right time. So, please leave everything to Baba and continue doing pooja with shraddha and saburi. Baba will surely help you. If there is a delay in anything that we wish, please believe that Baba is trying to give you the best. So, please do not lose hope at any cost. The same applies to all the Sai Devotees.

      Om Sai Ram

    • Dear Devotee,

      dont be depressed..Baba is there..He'll take care of everybody..

      I'm not saying tis not only to u, also to all devotees, who r suffering with their problems..

      I'm also tired of so many problems from last 10 years (from my graduation onwards)..I had faced so many problems in my education & at my work place also..Tired a lot to get a new job from last 2 years at my side and prayed Baba each & every min..From last 1yr, he said pls wait, I will give you..He tested me so much..I selected fr 2 companies, but didn't get the offer letter..Attended couple of interviews, bt at last moment..They rejected me..I scolded Baba so many times, But I never left Him at any time, bcoz He is the only one who can bear me & listen to all my problems & hold my hand in each & every min. He gave me peace of mind whenever I'm in trouble & Showing His presence whenever I'm crying & feeling tense..But truely, I can say one thing, He never left me alone..always He is with me only..He told me in my dream, Have faith on me, I hv taken permission frm Shiva,Vishnu & Brahma to change your fate..Yes, He changed my fate, the tested time is over..

      Yes, I got a good job in a big & gud company after 7 rounds of interview..

      So, dont loose ur faith on Him..Defenitely, He bless u with the best thing at perfect time…Please wait with patience..

      Thank You…

  35. Even I am sailing in the same boat..Resigned my current job and searching out…My last working day in current company is nearing and I
    have not got any offers in hand…Much worried about this,since this will impact the financial situations of my family…

    I started to read Sai Satcharita…I know BABA will give me the best when time reaps…OM SAI SRI SAI JAY JAY SAI…..

  36. Dear,

    I have been waiting for a good job since long time 5 months from sai & for an answer of my love.
    Please pray for me i feel very excited , anxiety & tensed

    Im waiting for saimareply

    please pray for me

    Om sai , sai si

  37. Yes Sai Daughter, Our father will always be with us. Thanks for sharing your experience. Ohm sai sri sai jaya jaya sai.

  38. Very nice experience! Baba had set up a very nice job for you and also knew that you would need some guidance and made sure every step of the job process went well. Don't worry, you will do well in this new job, after all, Baba was the one who set it up for you. Om Sai Ram!

  39. Going through a similar situation and i feel like quitting.I am in the 3rd week of sai 9 vrat.

    This is the hardest time to keep myself motivated.With everyday feels liek a year.I feel totally out of energy and not be able to run the race

    Every day i tell baba, please give me strength to complete my vrat.Without his blessings this thought will not come to me and i cannot complete it.

    I feel baba is testing me the most in these 9 weeks.And the only reason i am hanging around is because of the vrat.

  40. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experience. dear devotee, yes you are right, if there is no one to help, in that case too baba is there to help us. he is our mother, father and everything. baba pls be with us every second like now. baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  41. Dear Sai Devotee, nice to read your post. You faced so many hurdles and at the end BABA blessed you with a good satisfying job. May you enjoy your work and happy family life too!
    I am in USA too. We came here when I was 44 years old and never worked any job while in India. So you may imagine how difficult it might have been for a Gujarati woman to find a job at the age of 44 with no experience what so ever in the job market! I struggled all these years and worked almost entry level job at all of my 5-6 jobs that I got, one being the longest one working for 12 -13 years at the same place. People who knew me as loyal customer to that business made fun of me saying , "haah, it seems you are part of the fixture of this company" or just asked me "Are you STILL working here?"
    I really enjoyed what I had to work and with my 110% devotion to my work but back of my mind I always felt unhappiness thinking if I had a chance to study here or to get some good connection that would take a chance and gave me more high level work, I would have certainly got a better status in this corporate world. I am no less intelligent that my other friends and relatives who are enjoying very nice jobs and are very well to do. Well, even with this unhappy feeling, I never cheated in my work. I was very sincere to whatever I did. And I have felt BABA with me always taking care of my issues like saving me from wrongfully harassment from my female supervisor, to find a much more satisfying home after searching almost 500 homes to buy that would fit in my budget and what I liked to have as my home!, or to help me buying my 1st car after 7 years of working at a 20 minute walking distance job. It was a difficult walk as the road was with a slop so walking on the curbs with high traffic going on by my side in adverse climate making me frustrated every day, "why I do not get a car that I can afford?" Also getting my first used car that failed just within 15 days and I had to fight it our with the car dealer agent, and how I got a replacement car with the same price. All my family members were against my fight saying, you are asking something absurd, no one will buy back your car and give you a replacement, why you want to have it exchanged as the problem is fixed by the dealer…but with my clear intention of getting a more reliable car, BABA stood behind me making me stronger to fight out the issue.
    When I look back to see how my life has been unfolded for me, I am stunned how many times BABA has intervened and kept me afloat against all odds! And such astonishing moments help me trust BABA more and more. Now BABA is my companion every second of my life.
    Jai Sai RAM. Bless all of us and BE there for us always. Your post reminded me my frustrations and how BABA has always pulled me out of such harsh times too!
    Thanks for your post.

  42. Baba… Please be with me in my job search.. Please baba i am facing the same problem. I wasted 3 years after my degree. now there is no opportunities for me in hyderabad. I am getting jobs in chennai and some other places. but i want to stay with my family as i am married. Please baba help me.

  43. Dear Baba-

    This is not my desire but problem, I am sure from the day I started loving you you been with me in all difficult situations to solve the problems in your own way and finally gives me what I should get.

    I always believe that whatever happens in my life both good bad its all known to you. However I am just a human who naturally have to come to you ( in spite of knowing that my current situation will vanish and move to good times with your grace)still put forward my issues today.

    Due to health issue i need to resign my job in 2013 Jan , Now i am good at health by your blessings, however I started searching for a job from April 2013 and till now I dont get any thing. It been 8 months I am job less and I worked for close to 12.5 years but still find it difficult to get a job today.

    But for every action or situation you put me in to will have some meaning. I spent real quality time with my 1.5 year old Daughter. I have been a very carrying father ( does baby sitting). However today I am little worried that I really need to get a job soon for me to earn money for my daughter to give her all comforts in life.

    I am sure Baba will move me out of this current challenge that i am under going for past 8 months. Om Sai Ram. Please show your grace once again on me to get me out of this issue and get me a Job.

    • Dear Baba

      Now its been a year and 4 months and still hunting for a job, I still did not lost my focus and sure you may come in form to help me , the more the pain I have today brings me more love and make me close to you. Thanks for making me realize that. May be all this happenings has some meaning.

      Om Sai Ram

  44. Hiii…

    Sai Will take care of you each and every second… Sai gave me the job which was gone out.. Because of him i got it back , again because of me i got rejected..!! Sai help me ..make me settled in well settled pstn…

  45. I was sucessful but in last one year I lost a job, my bank balance is nil..I am married to a gorgeous intelligent girl…but I feel shame that I couldnot give her every thing :(..I am asking sai for help from last 8 month but nothing is coming up……I am feeling low…..baba i will give my life in ur feet

  46. You are really blessed.. thank you for sharing your experience with us.. Sai baba pls help me to get a good job. I wasted three years.. pls shower me with your grace and guide me in getting a good job. I dont have anyone other than you to help me. I believe u whole heartedly sai ram. Pls help me I need your guidance. I have complete faith on u baba.. I will wait with patience pls show me a way to get a good job. I too wish to share my experience like all others. Pls be with me always. Kindly bless me with your grace baba.

  47. Sai please help to get the job. I left the job due to issues and am searching for six months. I am not getting information after final interview whether am selected r rejected.. also u know about my personal problems in my life I feel because of me everyone suffering in their lives. Atleast I get job my parents would be happy. .. I don't know what should I do or not to do.. please help and guide me… please save my friend and parents brother I completed sai satcharitra prayer for 7 days……. help me sai.. sai saranam

  48. Om Shree Sai Nathaya Namaha…

    I am a BE graduate in 2012…After then i started searching job….but no opening
    for freshers..then i stared to do courses…and again i searched for jobs…But no
    use..Then i started to look for Government job from 2014…and wrote 3 exams…But i
    did not get the result…

    I done many pooja and prayed to God…I also did Sai baba's 9 thrusdays vratha…
    and its already 2 months…i am waiting atlesat something will happen in my life…

    I am facing many problems…i am not able to show face to anybody…I dont no what
    will happen to my life… I am in Dark forest..I dont no whether i ll serview or not…

    Sai Baba i beleave and love you a lot…Please help me….Please show me the way to life…Dont leave my hand…Please…Please….

    Your Devotee

  49. Believe in yourself. God is present within All of us. For Chaitanya or awakening your intellects Pranava which AUM is the essence. Even if you say OM Osama Bin Laden, your intellect will drive you towards achieving your wants of your heart. Give importance to your Parents who are the Real God. Not Baba.

  50. Please baba I need a job!! It’s been an year I am out of my job. Please baba I need a skanray or implantaire job to support my dad . please baba please bless me with a job.

  51. Please baba I need a job!! I am losing hope i trusted you & waiting for to long It’s been an year I am out of my job. Please baba I need ajob skanray or implantaire to support my dad . please baba please bless me with a job.

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