Pray with Shradha and Be patient with Saburi – Sai Devotee Deepika

Sai Sister Deepika Ji from USA says:

Sairam Hetal Ji. I appreciate your efforts in bringing up all Sai devotees experience to one place. You are really blessed child of Sai Ma. Sai will bless you with everything that you need in your life. Om Sai Ram, please shower your merciful blessings on us. You can edit my sentences if you feel. I already posted my first experience. My name is Deepika and I am writing this from USA. You can disclose my name, but not email Id.

I always feel SAI as my father and I am His lovable child. I remember from the year 2000, I started having a lot faith and trust in Him. From then I do have so many experiences with Him in my day to day life. He is there in my life in each and every minute to help me in all regards like getting high score in my 10th, Intermediate, EAMCET Rank and Engineering. I used to go to SAI temple almost every day during my Engineering. Sai temple was just in front of my hostel. I have become a great beloved devotee of Him. With His blessings, I got job in MNC and got married to a very nice person from very good family.
I would like to share my one of the most important experiences in my life, which I had recently.

As mentioned in Sai Satcharitra 29th Chapter, “Babu Tendulkar, who was preparing for medical examinations, consulted Astrologers to check his horoscope. They told him that he would not pass this year as stars are not favorable to him try next year. But Saibaba tells him that have faith in Sai, through aside horoscope and the predictions of astrologers and palmists. Tells him to trust Him and do not get disappointed. Wonder happens though the stars were not favorable, but with Sai’s grace, Babu Tendulkar passed the exam and called for the oral test”.

Similar thing happened in my life that is my marriage. I met one astrologer in November 2010 as my family is getting worried about delay in my marriage. He told me that I would get married in March 2011 and as per my birth stars I would surely settle or marry a person who works/lives in Banglore. If March 2011 is missed, I would get married in 2013. I was bit disappointed as my parents are looking for alliance, who lives in USA as my sister is also there. Even I was disappointed a lot hearing to that also I do not want to miss the March 2011. He told me some puja to do on Thursdays. I followed the same and started praying Saibaba like anything to get a nice person from nice family possibly, who lives in USA. Though astrologer told I would get married to person from Bangalore, but I had strong faith in my Sai that He would never disappoint me and my family. So I started praying Baba with Shraddha and have been waiting long for His blessings (Saburi).

He also told me to visit one place In Karnataka, where they do pujas for all doshas and then only I will get married soon. I booked the tickets to that place and got appointment for pooja, but it is too far and my parent’s age and health couldn’t support travel that long in train and staying there for 3 days is very difficult job for my parents and me. Though I booked everything, I could not go I was praying Saibaba continuously to help me and forgive me for not doing that puja and He should take care of everything.

One day, I got a match from a family, whom my parents know very well and the groom works in Banglore. But I was not satisfied with the match, but their family and my family were OK for the marriage. My parents know that I am not happy with Banglore match due to some reasons. I always believe that Saibaba will find a good person for me, so I just left everything on Him to take care. In between to my surprise with Saima’s grace, we got a match through a marriage portal and groom works in USA. But we are not aware of his family background much. But we are impressed with their family members and their behavior when they visited our home. As per my prayers and wish, Baba helped me in dropping off the Banglore match and to go with USA match. With Sai blessings, my marriage got fixed and happened in March 2011. My family members are very happy. I got my husband exactly as I wished and of course more than that. My husband is very nice and generous person. This proves again that who has strong faith in Saibaba and surrenders themselves to Him. He will take care of everything. How can Baba let His children disappoint and suffer.

My second most important experience is Our marriage, which is over in March 2011 and after 2days my husband went for Visa renewal Stamping and he got a 221G query. He supposed to go back to USA in 4weeks. We were very disappointed. I was praying Baba and all God’s like anything to forgive my mistakes if I did any. I was thinking like I did some mistake not going to the place, where I had to do some pooja. Because of that it affected my husband visa. Though I did so many pooja’s, my husband visa got rejected in July and he stuck in INDIA for almost one year. We were like very much disappointed seeing him with depression. His Green card was in process in USA. He was worried about that and so many other financial things. But I always used to think like everything happens for a good reason. Some strong reason should be there for all this, otherwise BABA will not do like this. I do not know the reason. But I believe that BABA is there for me to take care of everything. I just left everything on him to take care.

My husband employer filed H1 B visa for me and I went for stamping in August 2011 with Baba’s grace, I got my visa stamped. 2011 year was too tough for getting Visa stamped to USA from INDIA. I prayed Baba a lot to get my VISA stamped to USA and get my husband back to USA. Employer had a plan to get my Husband on H4. I went to USA in September and got job in one month with Baba’s grace. I started working in USA and I had very tough time to manage alone in USA. Due to some reasons, I broke good relation with my sister, who stays in USA and I had to manage alone there. It was tough time at working place. Finally with my 3 months paystubs, we filed H4 for my husband, who was still in INDIA. I was very much worried about my luck as what going to happen with my husband stamping. I was crying continuously sitting in front of Saibaba picture and begging Him for my husband stamping.

On January 30th 2012, my husband went to Chennai for stamping. I never forget that day my husband got his visa stamped successfully. It was truly Saibaba’s miracle and His merciful blessings on our family. I am very much thankful to Saibaba for doing such miracle in my life. Now I am staying with my husband in USA. We are working in same location. Getting job for husband and wife in same place is very difficult in USA that to our place does not have much IT companies. This is also a miracle happened with Merciful Saibaba’s kripa on me. I pray and wish that He will take care of me and family always till my last breath. I bow my head at His feet to shower blessings on me and my family always. With Baba’s grace, my husband reached USA in February on time and filed I-485 and we got EAD cards in May month. I wish, we get our Green Card without any issues soon. Baba, please take care of our Green Card. As my husband has so many things linked with it.

Only thing, I want to say with my experience, is that good things happened in my life with very delay. I was praying Saibaba all the time with strong faith and I know that Baba had His own plan for me to arrange everything in the right time. Shraddha and Saburi shower Baba blessings on us. Baba knows when to do what to do and what is good for us. So I request all the devotees don’t get frustrated, when there is a delay in Baba’s blessings. Please have strong faith in Baba, He must be arranging best thing for you. Sorry Hetal Ji for writing such big story, please correct and make it short as required. But please Hetal Ji, publish this experience, which gives an example for Shraddha and Saburi. Love You Saibaba. Shower Your blessings on all Your children and help us in all our deeds. Be with us every second.


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  1. Lovely!! I have been disappointed with Baba offlate but now I feel that I should stick on to Him no matter what it is!!

    OM SAI RAM!!

  2. sairam deepika garu..

    my name is also deepika.and as per astrologers they said i will get married before may 2013.if it is missed, i will get married in 2015.and most of astrologers said, i will not get married to my really scared about as already im facing problems as my guy had left me for unknown reasons.

    im still having faith on baba and praying to baba to give him back to me and get us is possible only with babas blessings.

    baba please do a miracle.please help me.i was also one of the school toppers in my 10th standard.and i used to have lot of luck for my hard work.but since 3 years i lost every thing.what ever i do, there is no success.after he had left me, i lost my smile, happiness.

    baba, today we are going to tirupathi our family god.please help me baba to take darshan of lord venkateshwara swamy.please forgive all my sins.please make my marriage happpen with my guy.


    • I so wish and pray that baba gets you married to your guy and blesses you with a very very peaceful joyous and wonderful married life together. I think thats the best blessing anyone can get coz career and other things in life can be changed or compromised a little but if personal life is not settled then nothing goes right.
      baba please bless and get this sister married to her love and bless them with a peaceful married life.

    • Deepika i am mor eor less in same situation! i have this this feeling it is better 2 be far away now and unite later on rather than getting united now an dget separated later! i firmly pray for you !

    • jaisairam

      thank you sisters for praying.i finished my tirupathi trip and balaji darshan successfully.before leaving tirumala, my mother asked me to break a coconut near bedi anjaneya swamy temple tirumala, that temple is exactly opposite to main lord balajai temple.i got one cocnut and when i broke it, i found coconut with blood, then i realised my finger got hurt.i did 11 pradakshinas around hanuman idol and went and asked that anjaneya swamy temple priest/poojari.he said, nothing wrong will happen dont worrry, you didnt break it properly.then he saw my coconut piece and said, your coconut broke in shape of cradle, which means you will get married soon.i felt very happy that time as it is a divine place tirupathi. hanuman baba please make his words come true.make my marriage happen with my love.
      hanuman please forgive me for my mistakes.please help is my last sai nav guruwar vrath.baba please come to me.


    Dear Deva

    You are merciful…you are so generous.
    Your Love is flowing every where…
    Your are giving great expereiences to your Bhaktas…


  4. Sairam,

    I totally believe that we need to have complete Shraddha and Saburi in Saima and leave our problems at his feet and surrender to him.

    Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai Om sai

  5. Very nice experience! Although you had to wait a while, Baba has given you everything you wanted (the husband you wanted, the job in the same city in USA for both of you). Sometimes we feel frustrated Baba is not helping us, but He is planning the best for us, there may be some bad thing or something we don't want (like the Bangalore match for you), but in the end, Baba will ensure that His devotees (His children) get the very best and we should have total faith in our dear Sai Baba. Om Sai Ram!

  6. Sai ram please bless us with good health and happiness. We need your shower of blessing, please sai ram help us. Sai ram Sai ram Sairam Sairam

  7. Nice experience. It's as if Baba had this published to calm my mind.

    Thank You for Your grace and kindness O Deva. Always smile upon us.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Om sai ram,

    very nice experience…really it comforted me also…got the answer for the delay in my life …baba please take care of my son..

  9. hello deepika ji

    Thanks for writing your nice experiance.. After reading this my faith on baba also got strong(which was getting shaken from past few days)


  10. thanks for sharing this lovely experience…baba pls help me to strengthen the trust for you .luv u my sai

  11. nice experience.. how lucky you are.. you have got baba blessings..

    baba you know how much he (my love)loves me.. when i was afraid of our marriage(because of caste problem), you came into my dream and told dont worry, you both will be one, that is for sure, you donot afraid of those things, just do my parayana with shradda.. these are the words i heard from you in my dream..
    so many people told that if baba come to your dreams and tell anything, it will happen at any cost.. but in my matter dont know why it has not happened..
    i have lot of faith in you baba, but i have lost my love.. i lost my happiness, i lost smile on my face, i lost everything.. don't know what to do, with out him i am nothing.. baba truely saying i am just waiting for my death.. please help me..

    • Baba is testing your patience … just pass it calmly and you will also be blessed like Sai devotee Deepika ji.If Baba assured you in your dream something then it will definitely come true when the right time comes.Baba can never be untrue to his words.Time is tough.Thinking of death is not the solution.Once you pass this phase Baba surely will bless you with your love back.Just keep chanting his name and read Moola beeja mantra and kasht nivaran mantra daily and try to pass Baba's testing phase.

  12. Sai ram Deepika ji

    Felt very happy to read your experience on how everything went well at the end……..Baba will always test our patience first and then when you pass it bless you with a wonderful outcome..

    May Baba be with your family and bless you with loads of happiness..

  13. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram;
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  14. Very nice experience…well narrated…thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  15. Om Sai Ram .

    Love you Baba. Sincere prayers for everyone here, may Baba bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, happy relationships, success and happiness.

    Many many thanks to you Baba for everything. We surrender at your Lotus feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  16. Jai Sai Maiyya ji ki Deepika ji
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your experiences.
    Mayour beloved Sai bless you always.

    Love you a lot Sai Ma. Please stay with us always.
    Please keep us in your divine feet and show us the right path at all times.
    Thanks for everything Sai Ma
    Love you a lot
    Your children

  17. dear deepika ji……om sai ram.ur experience brought teras in my eyes by seeing ur faith on baba.i do have same shradha and saburi on sai but still m suffering in my married life from the day one.i don't want to break my marraige but its in half only hope is baba. i know baba can do immpossbel to possibel.wishing u both a vaery happy married life forevr.

  18. Om sai Jai Sai. saiji Thank you for everything. Deva please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.


  20. baba please baba why are you not blessing me.I have a very tough time at office.i am unable to fulfill my wishes of higher studies.
    and at last even my love since 9 years is going to get married to some one else.

    Baba i really lost patience baba I really dont know what to do.I lost all my happiness.Before baba used to listen to my prayers but now even baba is ignoring me.i feel very dejected baba .i have no one except you in this world baba.please pray for me devotees baba please bless me.

    Please get me married to my love since my childhood.I know only you can do this miracle.

    I am Crying and waiting.

    Om sai ram.

  21. very good experience like your case even my husband is working far and we both are in separate cities in India hopefully he gets job in Bangalore and we both can stay together happily.
    i have full faith on Sai Baba.

  22. Sai ram..i can never cheat you..pls forgive me for breaking so many person's trusts in life..Pls wash out me…y r u loving me so much though m a great sinner..

  23. Thank you baba for closing my one major issue on last thursday. .baba, please help me. .i want to see peaceful life. .

  24. Baba,
    Please bless us to get our GC quickly. We are struck with an unsettled life for past 10 years and still no luck. Please help us Baba. I am doing Vrat tday and have read Satcharithra. Please help us Baba.. Our kids are suffering due to unsettled life. People around are looking at us as fools. Its very hard Baba. Please help Baba…

  25. Sai ram
    Baba please help me… I want to leave a peaceful life with my boyfriend nly with your blessings. Due to our misunderstanding we havnt spoken for months. Please god change him and ask him to message or call. I'm badly missing him. Forgive me if I had done something wrong..! Please baba I'm waiting for ur blessings!!!

    Om sai ram!!!

  26. Thank you so much for this experience, I'm also facing same situation with marriage thing. This really gave me hope

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