Sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

My Experience

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji, I just want to write my experience today. You are really doing a wonderful job, giving us hope, guidance through this site. I want to keep my name as anonymous

I was a glaucoma suspect. This happened, when I went to test my eyes for reading glasses. The optometrist suspected that I might have glaucoma and refereed to an eye doctor. I was literally scared. We went to the doctor. After checking my eyes, he said the same, did some further test. The pressure in the eyes was not normal in the beginning. But after all test, he said, he has to monitor me again after 6 months. It was 6 months nightmare. After that, again we went to him. He suggested continue wearing eye glasses. The results were ok. Again he wanted to come back after a year. He send me a friendly reminder, but I was scared to go to him.

I was applying Baba’s UDI on my eyes, also drinking it mixed with water first thing in the morning. Also I applied the UDI on my eyes before going to bed praying to Baba to protect my eyes. And finally today I had to visit my doctor. Before that I read one devotees experience in I picked this experience randomly it was a mom telling about how Baba cured her son from eye diseases. Here also it was said that doctor was suspecting glaucoma for the little child, and how the results turned to be normal. I took as an indication from Baba. So went today for the check up.

I was thinking of Baba. I felt Baba’s face appearing on the carpet. Finally doctor came with my results. He said to his assistant, she is a glaucoma suspect, but the results show normal. He said I have a thick cornea and that is really good. My eye pressure was normal. He was all happy. He said I am not at all worried about your eyes anymore. Only thing is I am far sighted, so ask me to continue wearing reading glasses. I know this happened only because of Baba’s blessings and His powerful medicine UDI.

Thank You Baba for all Your help, guidance, and removing my fear. Even now I have one more problems to be solved. I was never accepted by my husband’s family. Even though my husband was the eldest son of his family, he had to shoulder all responsibilities in his house, taking care of all the needs of his siblings even though we had financial limits. We did everything for them. Now they are all well settled. But still project me as an evil person, in front of their in-laws, relatives etc. They used to humiliate me and my parents too. That is really painful. Every time our India trip is a night mare. This year too, we are going to India for a vacation. I am taking the 9 Thursdays Vrat. I am praying to Baba that I should not cry this time. I know some day they will accept me. Baba is with me that is the only hope and courage I am having. Thank you Hetal Ji, for giving us this platform to be close to Baba.


Sai Brother Sanal Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, let me thank you for this opportunity. Sai Nath is always with us and guiding us. I have been seriously thinking of Sai for the last one and a half year. I cannot count how many sweet experiences, how much blessings.

I was working in Delhi in a research institute, staying away from home, different food and life style. One day, I had a pain in my back. I could not even walk or sit. It started in the night. I do not know what happened and I began to cry out of pain. I have a Sai Satcharitra Malayalam version with me. I use to read it daily. I thought it’s better to reach Sai Nath’s temple and tell Him about my pain. I couldn’t even walk, even though I managed to reach there, and showed Sainath my back and cried please help me. To my wonder, the pain began to relieve. I was able to walk freely, when I reached my room. I was perfectly alright. Few days before, I saw Sai Nath in my dream and He was blinking His eyes, and again I saw Shirdi in my dream (it was the Shirdi of old days). I was in a railway station and I saw an old Brahmin (it seems He was very rich) with His 16 year old wife. I do not know what’s going on, so I prayed in my mind and asked Sai why this happened to this little girl in my dream.

My Birthday Gift

Sai Sister Mamta Ji from India says: Om Sai Ram, Hetal Ji. I am Mamta Batra from Haryana, India. I am sharing this experience on behalf of my daughter. Please edit it wherever you find so.

INTRODUCTION: Hetal Ji, I am a very small devotee of my Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. I am very happy as I am posting my 1st experience in this blog. I pray to God to shower His blessings on you and your family as you are doing such a wonderful job. May God bless you!

Experience: I am a small devotee of Baba as I am a Class VII student (a school student). I can’t read a full chapter of Sri Sai Satcharitra. I read only one paragraph or one page in a day. And when I was on my way to the school and was returning from school, I saw many Sai picture, Sai idols or Names of Lord Shirdi Sai.

I knew about Him from my mother, who is a pure devotee of Him. It was my birthday on 6th September, 2012. I was very happy as you can also understand that how happy a person is when his/her birthday is. I was very happy on that day because it was also Thursday my Baba’s Day. I was asking for my gift from Baba. In the evening there was a small party at my home. My mother made some dishes and before celebrating it, I went to Shri Sai Baba Mandir and prayed there. There I got one garland of Genda Flowers, some petals of rose, eleven rupees (khazana) and some Prasad. When I came home, I cut the cake and got gifts from my family members and relatives. The gifts were One wrist watch with tags and rings of various colours and One big idol of Lord Shirdi Sai Baba. I was very happy to see that idol of Lord Shirdi Sai. I was very happy as my wish was fulfilled. This experience is unforgettable for me as that was my precious gift, I have ever got. I was very happy at that time. Om Sai Ram.

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  1. om sai ram
    little girl mamta of VII std it was realy good to read your experience.sai baba will bless you.
    the lady in the first experience dont you worry.things might take time,as it is said it will pain for a while and then cured forever. when SAI is with you, what else do you want.
    and brother Sanal ji everything is just so good,see on your own.

    • Anonymous ji this experience is of my daughter Yaashika. Anyways, thanks for your wishes.



    • sure,your daughter yaashika will be very happy.and she is already lucky to have a mother like you.your replies to the comments show how much you are happy to see the blog being published.
      well may our supreme father and mother SAI BABA will bless you and your family.and yes btw my name is Sandhya, it brought a smile when you addressed me as anonymous JI…heheh…bless you and loads of love to your daughter.

  2. Om sai jai sai. Thank you Hetal Ji n team for sharing such a faith boosting experience.1devotee , saiji accepted you so do not worry for worldly acceptance.2nd devotee baba is really merciful mother he cannot see any children in pain.3rd devotee , you are blessed on your birthday. May Deva always blessed us all and increase our shradhha saburi by each passing day.

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Dear Sister Mamta ..Baba loves your family so much. Loads of good wishes to your daughter and may Baba keep showering his grace and blessings on the little girl always.

    Baba please bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, good relationships and happiness always. Please guide us in the right path of Karma and make us do good deeds. Love you a lot Baba and many many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Om Sai Ram. This is Mamta Batra. thank you Hetal ji for posting my daughter's experience here on your blog. Her name is Yaashika and she had written this experience on her own. I only wrote two lines before 'INTRODUCTION' and only used my email id/PC. that's it. She was waiting for a long time and was regularly asking me about it. Today she will be very happy when I will go home and tell her.

    Om Sai Ram.

  5. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
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    Om Sai Ram,
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    Om Sai Ram

  6. Baba, please solve the problem that has happened today. Forgive us for all the wrong things that we have done. Please Baba, help us in getting the money back because it is very important to us at this time. Also, please call us to Shirdi. I can't wait anymore and eagerly waiting to visit Shirdi. I love you Baba. Please be with us.

  7. Beautiful experiences. O Deva Thank You tot answering questions and providing solutions or a path to follow through these experiences of Your children.

    Bless the little girl through whom You have shown me a path. And of course one cannot thank Hetalji, Anilji and the rest of the team here whom you have chosen as your messengers. Thank You.

    Grant me peace and love O Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Nice experiences, SAIRAM please show mercy on us. We want your help for each and every activities in our life. Bless us sairam remove obstacles in our life. Sairam babujikku namasakaram.

  9. omsairam…Nice experiences..thanks for sharing…Little yaashikaa…god bless you are a blessed kid of baba…Omsairam!!!

  10. om sai ram.. baba you know the problem what i am facing now.. i cant face it anymore baba.. i am your child.. please baba forgive me if i did any mistake which bothers you.. baba please call me to shirdi..baba in my dreams you said that you will get marry with my mahesh, thats for sure(these are the words told by you in my dreams).. you came for 4 times in my dreams and told the same thing.. but it didnt happen.. why baba?? today i am seeing the hell.. without him i am nothing.. my happiness is gone, smile on my face is gone, everything is gone.. i dont want to live.. i got married with another person, after knowing this my love has almost tried to kil himself.. because he has no one in his life except me, i know how much he loves me, but my parents blackmailed me that we will die if you dont accept for this marriage, i donot know what to do at that time….the person who came into my life as a partner is not good.. i dont want to be with him.. after knowing all these things my love still wants to marry me.. but i cannot do that, at the same time i cant live like this.. i dreamed alot about my future with mahesh, i cannot imagine my life with my parents didnot understand me.. i dont want this life.. thats why i have committed for suicide.. but still i am alive.. that is my badluck.. i cant imagine my life with this person,. baba why my life is like this.. why i am alive?? i have no one in this world except you and mahesh.. my parents never understand my feelings and my pain which i am having now.. donot know what to do.. i am frustrating alot.. I DONOT WANT TO LIVE, I DONT WANT THIS LIFE..dear devootees please tell me some words which will inspire me to stop the thoughts of dying and tell me what will you do if you are in my position.?? BABA TOLD THAT I WILL GET MARRY WITH MAHESH, THATS FOR SURE.. but why it didnt happen?? some one reply me, please..

    • Dear Sai Devotee,

      Try to accept what may come. these are also Baba's word. Have patience (Saburi)

    • Well, it is obvious why it didn't happen – because you married somebody else!! Have you ever read in the newspaper or heard in the news that parents committed suicide because their daughter didn't marry the guy they wanted her to? It has never happened to anyone. Apply for divorce and stay away somewhere for a while and not with your parents. Once your divorce is finalised, you can get back with your love..

  11. Very nice experiences! Although health issues and problems may arise in our lives, Baba is always there are ever ready to help cure us and give us strength. Baba also always makes our birthdays very special as He did for Mamta Ji. Om Sai Ram!

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