I am sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Sai Baba Is My Parents

Sai Brother Sandeep Ji from New Zealand says:

My name is Sandeep Kumar. I live in Auckland New Zealand. I love a girl, who never loved me in this life. I came to know about Sai Baba 3 years before, when I was facing heaps of problems. Then Sai Baba called me Shirdi. From that day, my every breathe is only for my Sai Baba

I was trying, from last 2 years, for Australia student visa. But I did not get visa because of my heart problem. I started try for visa from 2008. After 2 year, in April 2010, when I was sitting with my friend, he told me about Sai Baba. I wanted to go Shirdi that day night time. But I don’t have enough money. That time I got call from my mama ji that he has 5000 thousand rupee for me, which my father sent from abroad. I surprised totally. I thanked to Sai Baba. I made a plan for Shirdi and my brother dropped me Kurukshetra railway station. I don’t know that time where Shirdi is. But I reached their because of Sai Baba. And when again medical problem came to in between my visa, they want my medical again. I went Sai Baba day Thursday for medical and my medical all cleared this time. I jumped with joy and I got my visa after long time before came to New Zealand. I went Shirdi again. In New Zealand everything is going good in my life except my love life because the girl I love, hate me more. No miracle can change her mind. I have to wait for next life because Sai Baba is not helping me in my love life, because she is Sai Devotee Daughter.

Sai Miracles

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am a student from India. I want myself to be anonymous. Please don’t disclose my name or email id. Hetal Ji, your team is truly blessed as you guys have got the chance to share about Baba and His miracles/blessings worldwide. I thank you for also giving me an opportunity to share my experiences on this blog. I have seen that you are blessed with a child. Congratulations to you and your family!!!

This is my first experience on this blog. Since many days I am thinking of writing my experiences but me being lazy, I couldn’t make the work done. I apologies to You Baba for my laziness. And now today, it’s only Baba, who gave me a chance to write about Him/His Miracles, as without His blessings, nothing can be done on this earth.

I know Baba from my childhood as my family are staunch devotees of Baba. I used to pray Baba like any other Gods, but I was not a devotee of Him. My mother used to tease me that whenever there are exams/sorrows you remember god. Likewise only when I was in bad phase of my life, I became very close to Sai and got attached to Him. I don’t know how, but I have surrendered everything to Baba and also came to know that one should have faith and patience. I have been suffering since 5years, but I believe that He will do me good and makes me move in the right path. I want to share with you all few experiences of mine with Sai.

Experience 1: On 4th Jan’13, my grandma at 11:15pm told me that she is having ear pain(little). I told her we don’t have medicine in our house, so I have asked her whether I should get it from my neighbour. My neighbour for sure has it because he also suffered from ear pain 2 days back. She said no, as it is late night. But at 12:30 midnight, the pain got increased. And at 1:30am, it became worse. I heard her cry and got up from sleep. Immediately I applied UDI and was chanting Sairam, Sairam, Sairam. I don’t know how I got into sleep. In the morning, after I woke up, my grandma told me after I have applied UDI, pain got increased than before and suddenly liquid started flowing out from ear. After that liquid (puss) came out, the pain stopped. I was shocked after listening all this. Thank You Baba for taking off the pain and made her to sleep.

Experience 2: My family decided to sale our property. First some party has come and they told that they are Baba devotees and they are interested in our house and they gave us the advance. And after one month, as the registration time is nearing, they created some stories and didn’t want to buy our house. So we had to give away their advance. And from then, everyone in our family got disappointed. Later also some or the other party used to come, but used to reject at the end. Like that 8 months passed. One night my father was feeling bad and also getting tensed. After seeing this, my mother said to my father please go to Baba temple and surrender everything to Him. Then he listened to it, but didn’t go to the temple. The next day, one party came and they have decided to take my house, but rejected at the end. After this happening, my father (who never goes to temples), he himself went to the temple. He didn’t tell us, but I came to know about it later. After this incident, my property got sold with 15-20 days and got registered within a week. I don’t know how to thank You Baba. Please give us an opportunity to come to “Shirdi” Baba. It’s been very long that I met You there. I pray to You Baba that I should write many more experiences like this. It’s only possible with Your blessings. I have attached a picture of Baba. If possible please attach this to your blog with my experience. Hope to see my experience with Baba soon on this blog. “Koti Koti Pranamam Baba”

“Anantha Koti Bhramanda Nayaka Rajadi Raja Yogi Raja Parabhrama Sri Satchidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai”

My Shirdi Wale Sai Baba

Sai Brother Titu Ji from New Zealand says:

I live in New Zealand and work here. I love my Sai Baba. I was only 14 years of age, when I saw Shirdi Sai Baba movie and I cried a lot, when Baba took Samadhi. At the time, I had never heard of Baba as I grew up in Australia and New Zealand. I was diagnosed with a serious illness and the doctors didn’t know what to do. Since I was young, they did not prefer to give me steroids. A day before, they would consider the option as I had not been eating and sleeping for last 5 days. The option was running. For everyone’s knowledge, if someone has steroids, then one can put on significant weight. I was lying in bed and a voice called my name. It was BABA. He told me to get up and apply Vibhuti on my tummy, which was very sore. I woke up and walked to my mum saying I needed Vibhuti. Since we didn’t have, any family friend of ours got us the Vibhuti. With grace of Baba, I have it better and His blessing on me has become a part of me. Every step of my life, I feel He is overlooking at me and helping me. I love my Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. Hi this is sandeep here first experience written by me I wrote in January now everything alright in my life I am getting married soon

    • wow sandeep thats great to hear….are you getting married to your love? if yes do share with us the story it will bring so much relief and happiness to many people who are waiting for settlement with their soulmates.

  2. Second Experience was nice. My grandmother also having health problem since 2 yr..plzzzz Baba cure my grand mother health. I am applying udi also baba..plz take care her

  3. luv u sai ,,,all experiences very nice…
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth
    sai samarth

  4. Beautiful experiences.

    O Deva I surrender to You, please bless us and show us the path to walk on.

    Jai Sairam

  5. Congratulations to Sandeep!!

    It appears you are not getting married to the girl you mentioned earlier; but sometimes it's better this way only (only HE knows)and I am confident that your married life would be much better – just don't let your past come in your way.

    Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  6. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  7. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences. Udi is miraculous medicine as always.Congratulations Sandeep. Wish you a very happy married life. Saiji thank you for everything as its only you who knows what is best for your children. Baba please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  8. Very nice experiences…thanks for sharing them

    Sandeep ji…Congratulations to you. Whether or not you are marrying to the person you mentioned in the expeience Baba has showered his blessings on you. Baba knows what is best for us more than us and we all have to wait for our turn to get the right thing. May you have a wonderful married life and your life be with filled with happiness.

    May Baba bless us all

    Om Sai Ram

  9. It is wonderful to read all the experiences.Whenever i am depressed,i read this blog.It gives me immense energy that my problems will vanish one day.This is a God sent website I should say.BABA pl bless everyone.SAI RAM.

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