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Greatness of UDI

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

I am a devotee of Baba Ji and day and night, I pray to my Lord to bless me and my family. I knew Him since my teenage, but I started praying to Him couple months back and since then He is my supreme Lord, whom I can’t imagine my life with.

Baba, today with your grace, I am going to write (In fact Yu are writing for me)the Leela that just happens with me. I had an upset stomach since morning with pain and blotting and was very uncomfortable. I kept praying to Baba to relieve me from pain and then I took UDI mixed with water and prayed Him again and told Him that if He sets me free from the blotting and pain, I will post this Leela the same day. And wonders of wonder my pain and blotting both got relived an hour or so and just couldn’t thank Baba enough and had my lunch happily. Thank You Baba so much for Your kindness and love. Without You, our life is incomplete and we are nothing without You. OM SAI SHIVA SHAKTIAY NAMAH.

Miracle of Saibaba

Anonymous Devotee says:

I didn’t had job for long time and really had hard time finding for it. But I was thinking to do Saibaba parayanam from long time. I heard this from one of my friend, who does parayanam frequently.
I applied for few jobs. I got a call on Friday and interview was scheduled on Monday. I didn’t prepare anything for the interview. On before interview day, I decided to do parayanam that week and began to search online about how to do parayanam.

There were two rounds of interview. One was on phone and other one was at onsite. On Monday, I received interview call. They asked few things and I answered it. After that I was thinking to start parayanam on Thursday. Within 2 hours, I received call saying my job is confirmed and I can join on Monday and there is no second round of interview. I was so happy and this happen because of Sai Baba blessings and miracle. I immediately called my friend and asked for parayanam rules and how to do it.
While reading parayanam, I felt so blessed. It was an amazing experience and really had very peaceful mind and good thoughts while reading. I joined job and it is going good. All this happened because of only BABA’s blessing. While reading parayanam, which I did for first time, I came to know about life of Sai BABA and lot of miracles.

Sai Took His Portion Of Chocolate Barfi

Sai Brother Abhay Ji from India says:

Namaskar Hetal Ji, I am Abhay Gokhale from Bhopal and I am sharing one of my experiences of SHIRDI. In Feb. 2012, I visited SHIRDI with my wife and daughter. Before leaving to Shirdi from Bhopal, it came to my mind that Sai wants Prasad (CHOCOLATE BARFI) from Bhopal itself. I went to market for purchasing sweets. I asked the shopkeeper the rate of chocolate Barfi. He told me the rate, which was very high than other sweets. I told him to give barfi for Rs 80. He kept the sweets on weighing scale, and then I saw the quantity was very less. I told him to increase it for Rs 150. Now the quantity was sufficient.

We all reached Shirdi and before going to Samadhi Mandir from hotel, I asked my wife to take the box of sweets, which we brought from Bhopal. My wife asked me whether to remove the cello tape, I told her not to remove cello tape, because in Samadhi Mandir when we offer Prasad , the priest only touches the Prasad and they don’t open it there at Samadhi and return it to devotees. We all reached in front of Samadhi. My wife gave the box of sweets to the priest and he just touched the sweets box there at Samadhi and returned it to my wife.

After Darshan, we came back to our hotel room and then I asked my wife to give me Prasad, which we offered at Samadhi (CHOCOLATE BARFI). To our surprise and miracle of Saibaba, when she opened the box of sweets, it was just half in the quantity. How it was happened when the priest didn’t open the cello tape. It was the miracle and blessings of Saibaba. He took His portion of CHOCOLATE BARFI and therefore He sent me a thought in Bhopal to increase the quantity of CHOCOLATE BARFI. OM SAI JAI JAI SAI.

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Anil Gupta
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    SAI's leela is great, blessed are the people to get his experiences.

    DEVA bless all & then bless us as well.

    Have had enough, really really tired, it does not make sense to me at all, what is heppening, why its happening & how long will it go for?

    Baba please be with us Deva,

    SAI prema to All.

  2. Baba i want to havea child,please bless me with this pregnancy please Baba,i am going to test myself this week,please Baba bless me this time.

  3. Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha
    Om Sai Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha

  4. Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha
    Om sainathaya namaha

  5. Wonderful experiences.

    O Deva please be with as we start a new week. Guide us O Guru and enable us to see Your presence in every thing we come across. Protect us O Sai.

    Thank You for everything

    Jai Sairam

  6. sainath oh deva oh ram pleas bless me your karuna..my love is angry with me and very recently her mom has expired so pleas do some thing and make us together again.i cant be without her..pleas mere deva do some thing..tera naam amar rahe.jay sainath….

  7. beautiful experiences…no one can understand the leelas of our lord!!luv u madly my sai..pls never ever leave me alone otherwise take me away from this earth…om sai ram

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba. Please bless all of us always with good health, long-life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Thanks a lot for everything Gurudeva Dattatreya.

    Please bless me and my Husband to do your 9 Thursday Vrat together.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  10. Om Sai Jai Sai Thank you Deva for making us able to come across this post which strengthen our faith on you. Saiji please bless us always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day. Baba please bless my husband to start his decent business.

  11. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai and his leela's are great. Sai Baba protects his devotees no matter where we are even listen to the slightest wish of our's just like a mother.

    We all are his children and Sai doesn't belong to one but Baba belongs to every one including all living beings and non living as well. We are all dependent on Sai.

    So, lets pray Baba with our whole heart and ask Sai to protect and help every one.

    Jai Sai Ram.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  13. Very nice experiences! Abhay Ji, it is so nice that Baba asked you for chocolate Barfi and also took some himself, gave you prasad and also left you with a wonderful miracle to continue to inspire your faith in Baba. 1st devotee, it was Baba who helped through Udi to remove your stomach pain and cure you as faith in Baba when combined with Udi can cure anything. 2nd devotee, Baba was the one who had selected that job for you, so there was nothing stopping you from getting that job and Baba made sure that you would be happy and earn a living for you and your family. Om Sai Ram!

  14. My marriage is fixed and there are only 39 days. It is fixed after checking our kundli match and we have good match. Now, my to be in-laws are creating problem and saying they are interested in the marriage and they are not willing to attend the marriage and they may also ask their other relatives not to attend our marriage, though, the groom (my would be husband) is strongly in our side. I want all of their family members to attend our marriage and i want my marriage to happen positively without any problem. I visit this web site and have been writing Om Siddha Sankalpaya Namaha 108 times for about 15 days now.

    Baba ji, bless me for our marriage.

    Is there any special prayer to be done so as to avoid any untoward incident. I'm scared if they (My in-laws) would abandon us. I want all of them in my marriage. I particularly want my parents to be happy with this marriage. If my in-laws create any problem, my parents are the worst hit. I want them happy.

    seeking Baba's blessing

    Sainath ki Jai

  15. Om Sai Ram

    My marriage is fixed after consulting astrologer and seeking match. We have a good match percentage. There are only 39 days left for my marriage. Now, my in-laws to be are refusing to co-operate and saying that they are not interested in this marriage and will not attend the marriage. The groom is strongly in our side and is opposing his parents on this. They are threatening that they would ask their other relatives also not to attend the marriage. Being girl's side my parents are upset over this issue.

    I want all their relatives including my in-laws to be present in our marriage. I'm worried and I'm seeking Baba's blessing in this.

    With Baba's kripa i had cleared my long pending exams and I'm trying to settle in a family life. I'm 31 yrs old.

    My parents are upset with my to be in-laws decision of not attending our marriage. I'm worried about my parents and my marriage.

    I want all of them to attend our marriage and every one happy.

    Baba, bless us for our marriage.

    After visiting this web side, i have stared writing Om siddha Sankalpaya Namaha 108 times for 15 days now.

    Baba ji daya karo.. Apni kripa se mere haal theek kardo.

    Om Sai nathaya Namaha..

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