Few more experiences to share with you all.

Baba Saved Me From Critical Situation Which Was Health Related

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Hi Hetal Ji, I am writing this post for second time from USA and I want to remain anonymous. Please correct and publish it if I have written anything incorrect. I feel like BABA wants to convey this to someone by writing this experience. Recently I was affected with cold, fever and cough in USA. But more than 7 days none of the medications worked out. I put sheet and BABA asked me to go to doctor. When I went to doctor, it has been identified as FLU and I got severe medication.

After that medication, Flu was gone, but after 2 days, I had heavy pain around chest and back. I was vomiting, whatever I was taking in. I was with heavy pain under chest and back and had restless nights for 4-5 days. But really I wanted to go to doctor and have a checkup, but I know that FLU medication have all this side effects. But when I put sheet to BABA, He was saying not to go to doctor again and I was facing difficulties. MY family in India got panic. But I have severe pain, but somehow I felt Baba didn’t allow me to go to doctor. When I checked in one Baba’s site, I got the below answer:
“You have just escaped from an accident, a bad incident or an evil person. Sai’s grace is already with you. I have changed the bad position of the planet for a moment, when the worst was about to happen. I do Siddhi, only when required. Spread the below words from the Maa Kaali, who resides over me in Dwarakamai. Sheding Viboothi and kumkum from hands and taking linga from mouth is not miracle. A true saint is the one, who can have command over five elements of nature – earth, air, fire, water and space. It takes years of penance, brahmacharya to attain Astama Siddhi. This Saibaba of Shirdi has never misused His Siddhi. He has used it once in your life, which you might have not recognized. Giving you Wealth, Fame and pleasure alone are not miracles. Saving your life, protecting yourself respect in society, curing you from worst disease are also miracles. This poor fakir has taken care of you like his own eyes, which is why you have escaped the worst that was about to happen. Surrender to him and spread his simplicity to everyone. Make this your life’s goal. Everything viz wisdom, knowledge and wealth will come to you. Stop searching for it. Your life will have a good turning point in the days to come. Do not forget your love on me, your parents and friends, when you grow high in life. You will see me in dream soon. Is there something you have been asking me for past several years? If so, trust me, I will give what I know will bring permanent joy to you. Offer your true love for Baba. Don’t get angry, when you feel He is not blessing you with what you ask. Pray Him whole heartedly as a Guru. Show affection on Him. This is all Saibaba expects from you”.

How amazing the above words are. Yesterday night all of a sudden I got relieved from pain and slept well. Today I was feeling so much better. Today I prayed to Baba at home and somehow I got a feeling that Baba wants to intimate this to someone and save his life. Hence writing this and posting it immediately. I could suggest everyone to move their steps with permission of Baba so that He will take care of everything.”ANANTHAKODI BRHAMANDA NAYAKA SHRI SATHGURU SAINATH MAHARAJKI JAY”

My Life

Sai Sister Sindhu Ji from India says:

I am Sindhu from India. I am doing my final year B. Tech. Baba is the key role of my life. He is the one, who is responsible for all that was happening in my life from my birth to the moment I am posting this post and of course for the rest of my life. As Baba being my life I had many experiences to share, which made me to feel ambiguity in discussing my experiences.

When I was a 3 month baby, I had suffered from severe vomiting and motion that made me very weak. It was on Sunday evening, when most of the hospitals of our town were closed. My father, mother and my grand-mother were roaming on streets in the rain for the hospital. In the meanwhile, they came across the Baba temple and they had taken me to the Baba temple. I was kept on the foot of Baba and UDI was kept on my face. My parents were restless about my condition and there was no hope for them except Baba. When my parents were about to return from the temple, some people in the temple said that there was a doctor residing near the temple. I was taken to the doctor and I was cured within 1 day playing normally. From then, my grandma used to say that I was the gift given by Baba.

One more experience that I would like to share is about construction our house. We were financially not that good at the time of construction of our house. We had land with us, but we did not have enough money with us to build the house. My grandma used to sprinkle the UDI of Baba on our land every day. Many of our relatives suggested us not build the home so as not to ruin ourselves in debts. But we kept all our hope on Baba and started construction of our house and with in no time our house got constructed. Now we are financially good because of Baba.

I would say that the my post in this blog is also being done as per the wish of Shirdi Saibaba. It is because I am usually browsing on the net and unknowingly opened this page and I read many of the experiences of devotees, which inspired me to write and share my experiences. I always say that the actions done by the devotees of Baba are not done by them, but they are indeed done by SAIBABA.

Shirdi Sai Baba Blessed Us With A Baby

Sai Sister Shalini Ji from France says:

Thank You Hetal Ji for Your work and congratulation for Your Baba. Baba will always bless All of Us. My husband and I were waiting for a child since 3 and half year. We go through lots of treatment. Thanks to Baba, I knew Goddess Garbarakshambigai, The Goddess, who blesses couples with Healthy Baby. Here is the site of the Temple. My period was delayed this month and I made a blood test and they confirmed I am pregnant. After some days, I started having bleeding and I was stressed. I didn’t know what to do. I prayed a lot to Baba and Garbarakshambigai Maa. I went to the hospital. The doctor said I can’t tell you anything for now and come next week for a new check up. So today I went to the hospital with my husband and I was still praying in my mind to Baba and Maa. I was very frustrated and I was feared.

Doctor did an echo and Baba and Maa made all arrangements for our happiness. We could see our Baby and listen to Our Baby’s heartbeat. We were so happy. Doctor advised me to take rest. I thank a lot Shirdi Sai Baba and Garbarakshambigai Maa. Please Baba and Maa protect my Baby. Give him a Healthy and Happy Life. Om Shri Satchitanandha Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Here is the mantra to read for Garbarakshambigai Maa.
Om Devendhirani Namasdubhyam
Devendhiran Priya Bamini
Vivaha Bhagyam, Aroghyam
Puthra Labamsa thehimey
Bathim Dhehi, Sudham Dhehi
Soubaghyam Dhehimey, Subey
Sowmangalyam Subham Gnanam
Dheimey karbarakshake
Kathyayini mahamaye
Maha Yoghinya Dheeswari
Nandhagopa Sudham Dhevam
Bathim Mey gurudhey Nama

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram

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  1. A big thank you to the one who posted the first experience. Am in short of words. Truly mind blowing!!

    OM SAI RAM!!

  2. baba pradeep is not feeling well again. From 2 months he was having good health. but, from past 15 days he is suffering again and monday was the 5th time he is not feeling well. You know na baba he is suffering from past 2 and half years. But, from one year he is suffering a lot. When he was getting well I was happy that he is curing. But, now again? :(( why baba soo much testing? baba please dont test more so that I lose hope in you..I am feeling that I am the reason for his sufferings. That day if i had not lied putting promise on him then he would have not suffered like this na baba..you know na that I lied because i thought that the truth would hurt him. that day i didnt think that he would suffer like this because of that lie..Baba today i ask forgiveness from you for the mistakes I have done. Please baba forgive my mistake and please cure pradeeps health problem. baba i dont know what to do. Please guide me and tell me what I can do so that you will forgive my mistake and cure pradeeps health problem. Please baba please guide me..I feel to come with him to shirdhi. But, because of his health problem his mom wont allow him..I dont know any what else to do. Please baba guide me..When he said that he got headache again I feel that if i was with him then i could have taken care of him. But, I am not yet married to pradeep na so it not possible to take care of him because i cannot go to his home before marriage. Baba please guide me wat to do. Please cure my pradeeps health problems and get me married to my pradeep. Please baba..

  3. Shalini ji as usual u bring a ray of hope in my life,i was just crying today because i am 35 plus n after 3 yrs of marriage i have 2 miscarrige n i m so down ,jus at the midnight in India i was seeking baba's msg n saw ur post,i m amazed,may be its baba's msg for me to keep hope n prayers,congrts to u ,i clicked the temple u mention but it shows error ,can u plz post the link in comments section of goddess,thank u once again for sharing mantra as well,may baba bless u n baby.


    DEAR SAI Youare my heart dweller, You are so close to me.

    Baba Bless everybody & bless me as well..

    SAI PREMA to all readers..

  5. jay more sai ram..hetal ji thanks for giving me chance for sharing my words..im a such a person who has every thing but nothing means by sai krupa i had every thing but due to my stupidity i lost everyone loves..its story about me who has vision of feature..you may or may not believe but its my sai grace..few days before i had got a dream' im loosing my gf mom and i immediately conduct one puja but that has to be done by gf or her mother..she didn't believe and her mom got annoyed by telling that her mom has fixed her marriage and pleas dont come to my life again.. after that she stop speaking with me..after some days i got a sad news her mom got expired.i cried a lot in front of sai for many days..all sudden i got dream of her mom and dad together'they have come to home to talk parents and her mom says to my dad leave every thing and accept my daughter as yours'.now how i will say it to other when they dont have belive on sai.every time im holding my sai and sleeping..now im thinking im responsible for every thing so i does not belongs to this beautiful world..this pain i don't want to share with my sai because all the pain and misery are my previous karma so i should suffer it.. now im waiting for my mom after her i will leave this world..pleas i request every person in this world pleas utilize your every thing for good purpose as we know sai always with us… believe me there are lot of things which is out of my knowledge and done by my sai ram..

    Nice experiences thanks for writing.
    Jai Sai Ram. Please be with all of us always.

    • Sai Ramji Shikha ji,

      Can you please get in touch with me? My email hetalpatil(at)gmail(dot).com

      Jai Sai Ramji,
      Sai Ki Deewani
      Hetal Patil Rawat

  7. Sai sister,
    How should we recite this mantra,any number of days,should we also get the blessed ghee and take it together,please let us know as soon as possible,i feel Baba is helping me through you,i am waiting for a child for 6 years and my marriage has suffered so much with all this.

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba. Please bless everyone in this world with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We owe you all our happiness and thank you for everything. Please be with us always in all work that we do and please do help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. wonderful experiences,,2 days back on i came back from shirdi.this was my first visit.the way i wanted the darshan of baba and other things which i wanted from baba in shirdi all were fulfilled by my sainath.but i dont know from the day i came back,i am feeling very restless.only one thing is there in my mind is sai babajis idol and samadhi.i dont feel happy in doing anything and often cry at night remembering sainath and keep thinking when he would call me back again..i just want to be in his feet again..why is this happening

  10. OM SAI RAM

    Dear sai sister,

    thank u very much for providing the mantra……may god give u all the happiness of life.wish u a very safe pregnancy..I m waiting for a child for 7 yrs..waiting for sai kripa.
    thanks all devotees for sharing all the experiences.

  11. JAI SAIRAM!!!

    baba, ur leelas are soooo unfathomable. Blessed are we, to read these leelas. Jai sairam!!

  12. Hi,

    thanks a lot to the first devotee…i feel Baba wanted to convey the message to me…..day before yesterday(12th march)while practicing scooty (i was driving after 7yrs) and my husband was with me on the same scooty….i could not maintain balance and fell down….i have sprain in my right foot and some bruises but nothing happened to my husband…..most importantly we were at a height and could have fallen down…..if we had fallen down from that height both of us might have died or v seriously injured, to say the least…..i have 3months old daughter…..cannot imagine what might have happened…..it's indeed Baba who saved us from such a big mishap…..i believe the message is for me….everything written there has meaning to me….
    Baba bless us all…..

  13. Om sai Jai Sai. Happy Babas day to all. Saiji I am just a puppet of your hand whatever I am doing is done by you. Deva please bless us always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day

  14. Thank you for all these experiences and Happy Baba's day to all. Shalini ji it is very thoughtful of you to share that mantra and information about the Godess. May Baba bless you with good health and a wonderful baby and fill your home with joy.

    Om Sai Ram

  15. Thanks Sai Devotee for the lovely experiences posted. First posts message of Saibaba also belongs to me I feel………….
    Om Sai Ram

  16. It is His grace that we have this forum where we can not only pray for ourselves but also for complete strangers. May Deva bless you all too.

    Thank You for everything. O Sai 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  17. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  18. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)


  20. Nice experiences! Although we go through trying times in life, Baba is there with us as our guide to help us get through the difficult times and make everything work out well as He did for these devotees by ensuring Shalini Ji's baby was okay, first devotee's health got better and Sindhu Ji's health was also improved through Udi. Om Sai Ram!

  21. Wonderful expriences of all, let baba bless one and all.

    • Baba you are great i could relate to the first post Thanks a lot for being with us and saving us, love you baba , may baba bless all with his blessings in abundance

      Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai

  22. Om Sai Ram.it is very true that He protects us from threat to our life.Only through Baba's grace problems get solved and good events take place in our lives.I apologize to Him for all my mistakes and thank Him for all good events in my life.pray Baba to shower his love and blessings on all of us.I also praise Divine Amma for her love and grace on us

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