Following are few more interesting experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba.

Baba’s Miracles Leading To My Daughters College Admission

Sai Sister Monika Ji from USA says:

I am Baba’s ardent devotee, who counts her blessings and feel truly blessed to be called a Sai Beti. I lost both my parents, who were also Baba’s devotees and my sister Neeru, who has contributed to your column several times. I am settled in USA for the last 22 years. I would like to thank you for doing such a noble deed and for strengthening our belief that Sai Baba is our saviour and our Father by bringing us close to all the other devotees. Jai Sai Ram.

Baba has His ways of doing the miracles and making us feel so blessed. What I am going to write will raise goose bumps on your arm. It is a daunting task to apply for college admissions in the USA. I had been praying to Baba to please make my daughter get admission in a college that He thought was good for her. I personally wanted her to stay close to home and that did not leave us with many options as the only good colleges in New York are ivy leagues (similar to IIT in India), where admission is impossible.
My daughter had a good average and although her college entrance test scores were good, but they were not that amazing. Her activities in school were good, but again not that amazing. So she was a good candidate to get admission in a good school, but not to get admission in an ivy league.

Here is a chain of events that took place. Baba already had a plan in place for us. My daughter wanted to apply for a science research program during summer vacation, but the admissions were closed. We were so late because we were so busy with the school year that we missed the deadline. Baba sent a person to us, who made it possible for my daughter to do a research project. This opportunity was very important as any kind of research work would be an added advantage to her getting the admission.

When the school opened after the summer vacation in September, she was given a chance to be an office bearer for so many clubs that she was involved in. Again she needed all of those positions because she had to add them to her resume to make it look good. In the meantime, she retook the college entrance exam on Oct 27th, but the result was due to come out on November 13th. The deadline to apply for early decision to an ivy league was November 1st. There was no way we could meet the deadline because we were waiting for the entrance exam score to apply.

Now the unthinkable happened. NY was hit by the worst hurricane storm ever. We lost our power for 2 weeks and became immobile. We had lost power from Oct 29th to November 11th. A Baba’s devotee approached us and told us to attend an engineering forum at the Columbia University and I brushed it aside as I thought it would be a waste of time for me. But Baba’s devotee insisted and I relented in, not realizing how this event was such an important turning point. It was Baba’s Will that He wanted us to follow. On November 12th, we attended an engineering forum at Columbia University, where my daughter wanted to apply for admission. In the forum, we found out that we could still apply and the deadline had been extended to November 16th due to the hurricane. By Baba’s grace my daughter’s entrance exam result came out on November 13th, well in time for her to apply and her result was excellent. We finished sending her application on November 15th, which happened to be a Thursday. On December 6th (again a Thursday), the result was out and she had been accepted to the most prestigious university, the Columbia University in the School Of Engineering. I cannot imagine this being a possibility without Baba’s intervention. When I look back at how the events shaped up from the time I prayed to Baba to make it possible for my daughter, my eyes tear up.

I could not be more blessed as both my son and my daughter are studying in NY in good universities and they are close to home. Baba truly made our family’s dream come true. Both my kids are also Baba’s devotees and read the Sai Satcharitra and pray to Baba regularly. I pray to Baba to give His blessings to all of you, who are reading this article and to make your dreams come true like He made ours. Thank you Baba, for all your love and blessings.

My Unbelievable Experience With Sai Baba

Sai Sister Sandhya Ji from India says:

I am a Sai Baba devotee. I stay in India and I am a student. My age is 25 years and I just wish to share my experience so that it can bring a smile on everyone’s face and firm belief in every heart.

We all have our share of problems in life. I have mine too. But problems just come and go. They are not permanent. What is permanent is Sai. What is truth it is ‘Sai’. I am filled with loads of heart taking experiences. One of which I will share with you all.

While reading Sai Satcharitra and doing one week paryanam to make myself calm. I started it on Thursday. And on Monday while coming back, after getting flowers to offer Sai Baba and while entering my house, a boy screamed from behind. I turned back and asked what happened. He said give my some money Sai Baba demands for it. I was wonderstruck. My joys had no bound. I tears of happiness in my eyes and a Jhanki of Baba followed that boy. He pointed out at it and showed me that see Sai Baba is asking for it. I went to the Jhanki and offered some Dakshina. That very day, I read the chapter in Sai Satcharitra, where Sai asks for Dakshina just to take our bad karmas from us. Baba’s love is unconditional. He loves all just feel it. We all are Baba’s children, just make Him yours. Then see the differences, you will experience in your life, the firmness in your life. Whenever good happens, thank to Him. Whenever bad happens, ask Him to take care of it. He is our father and trust me He will because He has to. He is concerned of us than anybody else. Love to all and as always may Sai bless us all.

Please Baba Forgive Me And Please Give My Love Back

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Hetal Ji, I am from Andhra. Please do not disclose my name and email id. Really you are blessed a lot to be a daughter of Baba Ji. At present, I am facing lot of issues in my personal life. Please feel free to correct if any mistakes. From my childhood, even though I have problems, I am happy only. My graduation classmate (strong believer of BABA) proposed me after my college. When he proposed me, the next minute I have asked him that we belong to different caste how can we marry?

At that time, he knows only that I belong to BC. Then we both are in love for six months. Suddenly one day, there was a problem in his home due to his elder sister, who got married and having problem with her husband. His parents got depressed at that time. He started telling that I can’t marry you because my parents are suffering due to my sister and I can’t do this. He didn’t spoke normally for 3 months. After that he came back to me and told I will make my parents to agree. Then four months went. Everything was very good and I was so happy with him. We met only once in this 1 year because we both will stay in different states due to job. Everything was going on good. One day, he came to know our caste. He knows that our caste name is ******. But he doesn’t know who they are. He came to know that ****** belongs to ****** category. He belongs to Naidu caste. From that minute, onwards he started saying I can’t marry you. If my parents know that I am loving this low caste girl, it means sure they will die. He stopped calling me.

But I know very well that he loves me so much. I came to believe Baba through him only. I love him so much. When I was doing 9 Thursdays Vrat, he use to call me for 15 days. Once that day will be Thursday for sure (but I won’t pick his call). I want him in life. I am praying daily Baba that he only gave him. Then why He took him back from my life. I want him in my life; otherwise I don’t want this life also. But myself I can’t take my life because Baba didn’t give that much boldness to me. He can rule the entire world and He is the saviour from all problems. I strongly believe that if Baba wishes, He can give my lover back. But why he is not giving? From past 6 months, it was like hell to me. I can’t forgot him even Baba is not willing me to forget. Really cast is that much big problem, Hetal Ji. A girl belonging to
low caste (******) should not marry to a high caste guy (******). If Baba blesses me, then everything will be fine.

But why he is not even listening to my prayer. By days passing on, my parents will look alliance for
me. I can’t marry another guy. Even he hurted me lots of times, but still I want him. If Baba shows mercy on me, his parents will also accept my love. But why Baba is not blessing me. That’s why I am praying Baba that if You don’t want to give him back, means no problem but I don’t want this life without him. Baba Ji, You had cured so many members from so many diseases, but why You are not curing the heart disease of me. I am begging Baba please give my happy life back. Even I can’t be happy with any other guy in my life. My lover is telling for sure his parents won’t accept my caste. They may tell they will die if you marry that girl. What can I do except praying to Baba. I did parayanam, Navguruvar Vrat, but why Baba is not showing His mercy on me. Please Sai devotees, pray for me. I don’t know what mistakes are there in my prayer and why Baba is not accepting my prayer.

Babaji, please solve my problem. Please give my lover back in my life. Only You know how much I am struggling. Please Baba, give him in my life. Tell me what I should do? Please Baba, I want my happiness back in my life. Please all my Sai daughters and sons, please pray for me. Baba Ji forgive my mistakes and please forgive my bad karmas. Baba I can’t live without him. Please Baba, I strongly believe You are the only God, who can help me. You only made us together. Please Baba, don’t let him to go away from me. I don’t want this life without him. Please, Baba because of caste don’t separate us. Baba You only gave me the caste and my lover, please don’t take him away from me. I can’t bear that.

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  1. Om Sai Ram… all experiences are lovely but for the third one I pray from heart to Baba to listen to you… I was almost in the same situation as yours but somehow came to understand that it's all Sai's will.. I know what you must be going through… I beg you Sai to help her… Love you Sai!

  2. This answer for the andhra girl from sai baba he wants you to show the truth firstly we meet people in this life due to our past karma life when everything settle according to past karma they go far away from us so meeting new people and leaving people continuously till the end of life so don't regret why he left you let him go life is colourful find love around you love is raining best answer for you that you should marry according to your parents without parents marriage never be successful if u see the research 99 percent love marriages are flop so why you waiting for a person who doesn't care u let him go I had also same problem before 6 months and I tried to suicide also but baba saved me and show the path now I choose girl in my caste according to my parents I am getting married this Diwali I am very happy and the girl for whom I decided to sucide jealouse so don't wait for him go to hell him one more thing he doesn't love you true because a true lover never afraid anyone I hope you understand what sai baba wants to do you

  3. He Devotee in last experience, please dont be upset, I know this will not help. but remember one thing if he is only taking breakoff due to caste then that is not love this one thing is from my personal experience. I know he dont want to hurt his parents due to all problems in his house, and if truely belives god sai baba then he should convince his parents bcoz sai baba never said that lower caste means u cant marry, he only taught to be good human, love everyone. If his parents does on agree then wait and watch u cant do anything then, and let them stay with their caste. I can understand the situation what u guys are going through, he has to support his parents as well but this doesnt mean that if u r from low caste then u are not nice girl, baba will defenetly give u a chance to prove urself to be nice person, i can only say to u that let him take care of his parents and just say to him if he calls u, its ok if ur parents dont wants us to get married then dont call me, or if u r able to convince them then only call me, untill then u just focus on ur job , acheive sucess in life, in such a way that even if at this moment his parents are not agreeing, later in life they may get agree, make urself a better person that everyone will like u. Leave everything to baba, and c the miracle, and dont ask baba to take ur life, u have got one life its very worth full, dont waste it, apart form that one person many things are their in life just do that work, even u r having ur responsbilities and borrow some time from ur parents as well and say that i want to work and make u happy by achieving some thing in life and may be ur parents will put hold on ur marriage as well for some time.

    • Om Sai Ram … I really liked the first and second experience .. reading something positive helps in increasing our faith in sai maa.Thanks for posting.And devotoee in last experience ..pls do not lose hope ..if Baba wills everyting will be alright in ur life..u will definitely get ur love back ..if not baba himself will bless u with something better that u wont look back again.Leave evrything to sai's feet and wait for his mercy.I have been doing the same thing.I am jobless since 8 years,not yet settled in life …no one make friends with me,no relatives since i am going through bad patch of life.But still i have full faith in my sai …he will defitely make my life woth living.Its painful to lead a life like this but still we have to wait with patience no options dear … and u know so many time i have been rejected in marriage alliances matter.Each time i am rejected i have died thusands of times.since last 10 years i have been rejected only.But i know i am honest to everyone …Sai maa will defintely make my life better someday.I still have faith in him.So you too do the same dear.

    • Hey dont consider ur self alone , u have lot of freinds on this website were we share our sai babas experiences. we all are their for u, like brothers and sisters. if u need any help we all are always their for u

  4. Nice experiences! Monika Ji, it was Baba who arranged everything for the college admission for your daughter, Baba also wanted her to go to Columbia University and arranged everything so that the plan would work that way. Sandhya Ji, Baba helped to show you how He takes away bad karma from His devotees and helps them grow and develop through this nice experience. Devotee from India, don't worry, leave the burden on Baba, if it is part of Baba's plan for you, He will arrange things to work out with you and this boy regardless of different caste; you are Baba's daughter after all and He will make sure that you are happy in life, and I will also pray for Baba to help you. Om Sai Ram!

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister MonikaJi, Happy to read your experience. Yes I did goose bumps and my eyes are wet. Please continue your Sai Journey…. Sai will never forget his true devotees.

    Sister from Andhra. Please calm down and relax. Real Happiness is in seeing Sai and talking to him and praying him and doing seva as he teached (serving parents, serving elders, helping orphans, feeding poor, feeding animals). How can there be happiness in getting the man you want? that's just temporary. Sorry sister, I am being direct. The Journey of life is too long, you will see and realize as you go and then you will certainly regret all the wrong choices and decisions you made. A Man who falls in love and later escapes from the girl with a reason of caste, status, society is a coward. How is love related to caste?? these are not related at all. However, your boyfriend seems to have a Genuine problem at home, so let it be. I suggest you should take a break and re think everything carefully!! what ever decisions you make now will shape your life and future. Please listen to your parents, love them. Parents are the best friends in life and true friends. Trust me. Sai is our Universal Father & Mother. Pray to Sai to give you a good life partner and you focus on your career for now and then see how your life will change. Sai will not hurt any one! but the problem is, people some times dont have much patience and they tend to put things on Baba when it doesn't happen and then praise sai when things are in favour. This is completely wrong. We should treat Sai with utmost love and respect.

    So, please chant Sai name 108 times every day after shower and start your day. Your mind will start to get peace and things will change around you. There will be no use running after a guy who would have perhaps started to plan for his future with another girl.

    I am not giving you free advice Sister, I have gone through it thus suggested you. Sai, the most compassionate one changed my life for good.

    I truly wish you success and pray to Sai that you should get a Good Life Partner.

    My humble Salutations to your old and pious feet- Shri Sai Samarth.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

    • I support this reply. Please follow what was said above. How come a person that came into your life just 2 yrs back is so important than your parents who loved you for years. So start loving the people who respects you and forget about that guy. Lead life as if he was never in your life. Things get settled and have firm faith on SAI. OM SAI RAM

  6. To the devotee from Andra. Leave everything to Baba and just move on with your life. Don't blame Baba as it is our past karmas that are causing troubles in our life. Ask Baba to give your strength to come our of this mess. Always marry a person who loves you unconditionally and only then you will be happy. Sometime we think we found the right person but believe me that person may not be right fit for us. When the time comes, you heart will always guide you and will surely help you to identify the person meant for you. So don't worry and leave everything to Baba. He will surely take care of you.

  7. baba really iam sorry for all my mistakes….. i will have to achieve something in my life…. my career should not be wasted….. you will ve to help me to get a good job as soon as possible… you will ve to wash away bad karma… today iam going to start my saisatsarithra parayan for seven days…. bless me with a good job to help my parents financially…….we are facing lot of difficulties in ma life…. i ve got lot of health issues too… baba iam begging you to provide me a good job with good package… ma father has spented a lot for ma education… will ve to repay ma loan…. i ve got lot of commitments and responsibility for ma family..we do not ve anyone to help us financially as well as ohysically… not blaming anyone…. even my relations are laughing at me dut to ma jobless… my father is such a nice human… he has helped many… but now he 's suffering like anything….. please baba i do not know what i ve done in my past karma… you will ve to help me deva… if i did not get a job with in 10 days……. definitely i do not like to be a burden for my parents… i hate everything.. please pray for me all…. deva help me…. forgive me for any of my mistakes deva…

    • Start sai 9 vrat from coming Thursday baba surely bless u with a nice job with good package why fear if baba is here

  8. Forgive us our sins O Deva. Help us realize right from wrong. Calm our minds and hearts and let them ever be filled wig Your thoughts.

    3rd devotee: it must have been a few months since you sent this and I am sure He, Sai, has given you a solution already.

    Bless us all O Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  9. Baba please fulfill the 3rd devotee's wish. Baba you know i am also going through same situation. Baba you know our past bas karmas. Please baba burn &vanish our past bad karmas in your holy akhanda Dhuni and forgive us .Please baba Bless us . I love you Baba.
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai
    Omm Sai Sri Sai Jay Jay Sai

  10. Jai sairam!!

    first experience made my day. I was just praying for my NET results to baba and i had online darshan. After a very looong time he is in green, which i thought few days back as a sign of blessings,if baba wears green. then i came to this site, and before it could be loaded, i said baba, if you are going to make me pass this toughest exam, then let the experience have something related to exams and your blessings. lo!!!! the first experience is about making an impossible to possible, that too exam related. jai sairam!! love u baba!!

  11. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva please help all of us to face bad phase of life calmly please be with us in each step of our life. Saiji help my husband to start decent business and make him able to do good deed towards society.Baba thank you for everything as I believe that its only you who knows what is the best for your children. Please Deva bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  12. even i'm facing love problem just like u @ andhra girl….even i'm from andhra….hope BABA blesses both of u with what we are waiting for….OM SAI RAM

  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Dearest Baba, Koti Koti Pranams at your Lotus feet. Baba please bless everyone in this whole wide world with good health. long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. May every house in this world be filled with love and happiness. May all be blessed with good life partners and happy relationships. Please do help, bless, guide and advice us all always in all matters of our lives. We love you a lot and surrender at your Lotus feet. Please take care of all our worries and ease all our burdens. We love you a lot. Many many thanks to you for everything Gurudeva Dattatreya.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  14. Dear sister, dont tell that baba is not listening to your prayers. baba is definitely listening to your prayer and that's why h is not giving you back this guy. if this guy is really a devotee of baba, he will not hurt you or avoid you just because you belong o a low caste. so, first of all, he is not true to baba or to you. i tell you, if you marry ths guy, you will suffer. this guy is not ready to face problems boldly. you may suffer now. but after some time, you will realise how baba has saved you from this guy. dont say that you will not live without him. i hope you have good parents and friends who really love and care for you. they have helped you so many times and they have done so many sacrifices for you. Don lose your life for this worthless guy. live for others dear. then, you will find peace of mind and happiness. I have had similar experiences. I somehow married the one i loved after praying all gods. my marriage took place among so many obstacles. but now i realise why god wanted to stop my marriage. tha guy made me pregnant and sent me out of his house. see, still am living for others. and now baba has given me realisation wht is life. pls, take my advice.

  15. Om Sai Ram …please reduce the pain for the people suffering Baba.

    Please forgive me for the mistake I did today and save me from the signal and the site incident. Thanks Baba.

  16. Aum Sai Ram. Please bare with Sai.. He is the Guru to correct and solve all our problems. He will definitely help and solve these problems provided some patience. My request is only to pray him whole heartedly and keep faith in him all the time with Shradda and Saburi. Things to settle will need some time as Baba have to make us cross this ocean filled up with full of karmas and bad things. Sai have to solve each of them which takes some time so as to bless with our desires surpassing and balancing many stake holder interests with different ideologies keeping all with peace and to make us lead successful life. Hence please wait for Sai as he will do the Best and do pray and read his notes and perform his Puja or Aartis if possible. JAI SAI RAM.

  17. Andhra girl n for the sum facing same crisis: please don't run after someone who avoids u please don't stick to them, come out n relax.. forget the past look beyond..instead of worrying on such things pls make some goal and put ur energy on that, stand on ur own feet..make ur name in this society..then automatically everything fall in its place!! ..finally u will be successfull n happy!!

  18. om sai ram…..@ andhra girl,pl have faith on sai, you ae not the only one who is facing problem…. iam also like you, i dont have any negative situation or something very serious in life bt because of my bad habbits of thinking negative,jealousy, egoism nature, i spent my wholelife in negativity till today, and have gone through in depression phase 3 in life n taken medicines…..still iam on medication n this is my marriage age nw, my parenst are trying for chossing a gud life partner for me, but iam 3 times rejected, n still in negative energy, but there is a faith somewhere in my heart… ki jisne dard diya hain woh dava bhi dega,,,, thoda dhairya rakh,,,, n i do have faith on sai, he will surely listen to myy prayers n pull me out from the jaws of negativity forever,,,,,, n i pray for u the same… sai ram…!!!!!

    Baba Please bless all your devotees with good health and happy life.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri
    Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  20. Very nice experiences….for the devotee in the last experience please sister dont worry….completely surrender to baba then he will take care of your problem…have faith and patience…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…..:):)

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