Sai Helped In Getting My Brother Lost Wallet In A Matter Of Hours – Sai Devotee Neeraj

Sai Brother Neeraj Ji from India says:

Sai Ram Hetal Ji, This is my first post regarding the presence of my Guru, my Friend and my God, Sainath in my life and I really feel the urge of sharing what happened just yesterday (21st Nov 2012), which is one of the many things Baba has done for me from the time I have surrendered myself to Him.

I was going through a very tough time on the mental level about 2 years back and after all the running to various Mandirs, Gurudwaras etc. (no offences meant), Baba called me to His temple and since then He has been my pillar of strength and I have never looked back in my life. Problems have come, but when they came and how they disappeared I really don’t remember. All I know is that Baba is with me at each and every breath and step of my life and my life has absolutely no meaning without Him. He is the supreme guiding force for me and will always be!

Hetal Ji, you are doing a noble service by giving all the Sai disciples a platform to connect and share their learning and experiences regarding our God, Guru and Friend, Sai Baba and this website comes across as a testimonial to all the atheists out there, who doubt the presence of God (though God doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, God knows who we are better than we know ourselves) and also a way for those wanting to know about our 'Sai', a glimpse into some of the miracles that keep happening with Sai devotees. So that they can take that step forward towards Sai and see their lives change for the good because our Baba loves everyone equally and stands by us during thick or thin. I can go on and on regarding everything I know about our Sai, but I guess I should start writing about the miracle that happened just yesterday with my brother. I was going through a nightmarish time about 2 years back and that's when Baba literally caught my hand to take me out of the troubled waters and here I am, experiencing His presence around me and witnessing the miracles that keep happening with me and all the Sai disciples. I have surrendered my life to Sai and not a single day passes when I don't think of Him. Yesterday I was in the office and my brother called me and told me that I need to write an application for him. I was surprised because he has started working and an application is a thing of the school days or any government related work. I asked him what happened and he told me he has lost his wallet in the market and he needs to get the application approved and stamped by the local police station to get the copies of the documents made, which were there in the wallet. He lost 3 debit cards, bike RC and license with Rs 850 cash. I wasn't worried about the cash, but I was angry at my brother. I was furious because of his carelessness, since he is quite young. He is always in a hurry to do things, to go anywhere and to drive bike or car etc. A few weeks back, he had a bike accident because of this carelessness and this attitude of doing things in a hush. Luckily that day was Thursday and Baba really saved my brother that day. He could have had more injuries, but he was left with a few bruises only. I pamper my brother a lot, but yesterday I lost my cool and scolded him real bad. After a few minutes, I regretted saying all that to my brother and apologized to him. But I was worried that though the things he has lost can be re-gathered, but all the running, he will have to do in the government offices. After the call, I came and sat at my work station and I have a few Baba's pictures on my desk. I closed my eyes and started praying that Baba please help my brother and have him get his wallet back. The place, where my brother told me he has lost his wallet, is a dingy place and the kind of people that hover around there are not the ones from whom you can expect something like a wallet being returned anyhow. So I had lost hope of it coming back and generally when we humans are upset, our faith shakes and our belief shivers and unfortunately something of the same sort happened with me and I felt as if this is impossible. My brother is destined to do all the running to get a replacement of everything he has lost in the wallet. I asked Baba that I don't need the money, but just the documents in there and if somehow my brother gets the wallet back and it has money in it, I will use the money for charity the way You would like me to feeding poor or giving some sort of clothing to poor or needy etc. But I didn't have any hope to get it back not thinking that Baba can't do it for us, but maybe there is something good in this running for my brother that Baba has planned. So I was dejected and upset with all that happened. As a strange coincidence, dejected after speaking to my brother, I opened facebook at work to divert my attention and since I have joined a couple of Sai communities, I saw one post on my news feeds page, from this website with the header "Sai Baba helped to find lost wallet". It was quite a surprising coincidence indeed. I read the whole post, which mentions how Baba helped a devotee get his wallet back in a week. Then a few hours later, I called my brother to check on whether he has checked about the process of getting the documents re-made. He told me that he had already got the application stamped by the local police station and has checked with a few people regarding the running he has to do. And suddenly out of nowhere my brother shouts that 'he got his wallet' and in excitement said 'he will call me back'. He disconnected the phone and I was under the impression that he must have left the wallet at home without realizing and now has got it back. That moment I looked up towards heaven and thanked 'Sai' for all this but what I came to know later made me realize that it’s a pure Sai miracle that my brother has got it back. My brother told me that he was outside a shop (which is nearby our house) and his wallet got dropped there without his realization and a man picked it up and gave it to the shopkeeper saying someone wallet is lying here, please keep it with you and I will come a little later to collect and give it to him as that nice man was busy. Even though the shop is a nearby one, I don't know if the shopkeeper opened the wallet or not to see who does this belong to, but that man came back to that shop, picked up the wallet and left to deliver this all by himself. He kept looking for an hour and while my brother was talking to me on the phone this man asked him for the address, which was our address and my brother saw the wallet in his hand and that's when he said- 'he got his wallet' on the phone. In times like these, when no-one has the time to help anyone, this nice man comes looking for an address for an entire hour and gives the wallet back to my brother. It was very easy for that person to not give it back, to give it to the shopkeeper and leave the place, to give up on not finding the address for an hour but he still came. SAI BROUGHT HIM TO MY BROTHER WITH THE WALLET! This ends the experience I had yesterday which by the grace of my 'Maalik' (as I prefer to call Sai Baba at times) was a divine one. I felt so lucky that despite all my wrongdoings, Baba loves me so much that he couldn't see me in trouble. Baba says- If you seek help, it will be given at once. This is so true, Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER. This is one of the latest experiences I had which I thought was worth sharing and I hope, wish and pray that Baba keeps loving all His devotees like He does always and keeps calling us to Shirdi every couple of months. For the Sai disciples who have been there, they know its heaven on earth. With that, I would like to thank Sai Baba, Mere Maalik for all He has done for me so far and all the Sai disciples for taking time to read this. Om Sai Raam!
Jai Sai Raam!
Hamare Sai Raam!
Sabke Sai Raam! To end this post, I would like to write one of Baba's 11 vachans, which I love the most- “Meri Sharan Aa Khali Jaye, Ho Koi To Mujhe Bataye”. Namoh Sai Natham!

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  1. This is such a wonderful experience and the narration is excellent. The description and thoughts have been captured to feel the sentiments going through the particular moment. The idea that when something doesn't work as per our plan, Baba has something good to offer and teach in His path is so true. Faith and Patience is all that we need to have in us to let us lead. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai …

    Wonderful Experience.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja
    Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath
    Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please be with me always and with all your devotees Baba.

  3. very nice experience. baba bless you . you are very lucky, you found due to baba blessing your lost wallet.I am also in same situation that I have lost my passport,visas since 2 months.I am unable to find until now.i am praying baba from bottom of heart still nothing happens what to do and what not to do. i am in abroad, it has given me huge pain. making new one takes alot of time ,money and difficulty in abroad sitting away from home.please pray for me so that i also can get it back. i am suffering alot and no sleep also properly due to it.
    baba bless you everyone. om sai ram. sai nathaya namaha.

    • Om Sai Ram.

      My prayers to Baba to help you get back your lost things. May Baba bless us all always.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Sai Brother/Sister,

      Dont worry u will get back your things shortly with baba's blessings.
      We will pray for you.

      Sai Ram

    • Thanks for your praying. Still i have not got my document yet. Actually, I sent my original document passport, visa to extend new visa by post. before sending my all documents, I prayed with shridi sai all document keeping into baba lotus feet.the day which I sent my document was thursday .i didnot understand one thing that how thursday( baba day, auspious day) can be so painful day in my life .fully believing in shirdi , i sent my document on thursday but what happened to me like this.I already read saisatchrita to get back my lost document and did 9 thursday vrat too, still nothing happened until now. if I have to make it new, it takes more time ,more money and lots of difficulty and how long should i wait like this as my old visa is also going to expire soon.being as student in abroad, my visa problem, financial problem and loosing original document at the same time. i am in deep pain.please pray for me.
      om sai ram. may saibaba bless everone.

    • Jai Sai Ram! Since you have already read the Shri Satcharitra and did the 9 vrats as well and didn't get your documents, i guess there is some hidden Sai's leela in it which you will understand later. I must advise you to initiate the process of getting the documents again, howsoever painful or expensive it may be believing in Sai and in times to come, you will realize why it happened and that too on a Thursday. Please have faith and patience, Sai never leaves his disciples in troubled waters. There must be something good or a learning in it for you. I'll pray for you… Om Sai Ram!

  4. Love u baba,very overwhelming experience,and yes the one of babas vachans which you mentioned touched my heart…sai ram

  5. It is indeed nothing else but our Baba's miracle that the man came all way!!!

    Love yo Baba, you are truly miraculous

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Heloo everybody.. i m a devotee of sai.. me searching a job in good mnc company..i am praying baba for this.i read sai satcharita manytimes and i am reading too. but still sai didnt give his grace on me. I atteneded nearly many mnc company interview.. in some i came out in first round and in some i came out in final round.. many mnc had rules that we should not attend interview for a year if we attend one.. whatever interview i attend are on thursday.. yes its baba day.. i will go to temple and will pray himto make me select and will have faith on him.. but at end of the day i will be crying.. why such thing happens to me.. this makes me to hate baba.. what should i do..?? Do sai hates me?? do he thinks i have poor or fake faith on him.. idont knw what to do or to whomi need to share this or what to do.. pain kills me .. still 3 more months are there.. i need to get job within that else next batch willl come out and i have less chance to get in mnc…

    • shridi bless you giving good job in your choice. om sai ram. sai makes you happy. i pray for you with baba to give sai nathaya namaha.

    • Thanks a lot.. me too hoping for same.. @anonymous2 me done engineering in Computer Science field n looking in chennai..

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      I have to say this to your concern- whenever you do a Shri Sai Satcharitra Parayan or Sai Vrat for getting our desire(s) fulfilled, either of the following three things happen-

      (1) Your wish gets fulfilled during this time of Vrat or Sai Satcharitra parayan
      (2) The wish gets fulfilled but a little later because either baba is waiting for the right time for it to happen for it to be best in our life or testing our patience but IT WILL HAPPEN
      (3) May be Baba has something better in his plan for us which apparently we don't understand now but will thank him for that later.

      The point is even a single prayer never goes unanswered if made with a clear intention and pure heart let alone the Parayan or Vrat, so please have faith and patience and someday this will make sense to you.

      Om Sai Ram!

    • yeah i knew he never leaves his devotees down.. but as it is getting late pain gets increase in my heart.. Hoping for best and i am sure that i am going to share my experience with my name in this blog but dont know when.. om sai ram..

  7. Sai brother neerajaji very wonderful experience….very well narrated…i just want to know as you prayed to our baba did you spend the cash which was in wallet for charity?(just want to know please dont mind)thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      Thank you, Yes the money was spent for charity. There is nothing to mind in this and i really hope i keep fulfilling all my promises made to him and whenever i forget anything, may Sai remind me of it ASAP.

      You know for me Sai is not just God, he is a friend, brother, Guru and my father and i feel as if for each action of my life i am accountable to him & that really helps me stay away from the sins or bad things… In Sai, i see my world, may someday he come in my dream and i be able to place my head on his holy feet… some day… hope his love never ends on his devotees ever…

      By Baba's grace i am going to Shirdi in March and really really excited for it…:) 🙂

      Om Sai Ram!

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba.. you are the best. Please bless everyone and take care of all their needs and wishes. We have only your for our refuge .. please Baba bless everyone in this whole wide world.

    May Baba bless us all always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Om Sai Jai Sai. Another faith boosting experience. Thank you for sharing with us. Neeraj ji very true vachan u have mentioned in this post. Meri sharan aa khali jaaye , ho toh koi mujhe bataye. Thank you Deva for everything. Saiji bless us all always and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      There will be not even one devotee who has gone to Shirdi and came back empty handed.

      Baba loves his devotees but the only thing i really feel bad that though we are lucky to have him around but not as lucky as the people who lived with him, spoke to him, ate with him.. i mean i feel our lives will always have this void…

      Om Sai Ram!

  10. Wonderful experience. I am in need of help and I have asked Him for help. I think I will keep repeating this one line, from this experience, in my head.

    Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER.
    Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER.
    Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER.
    Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER.
    Baba never lets His devotees down, NEVER.

    Jai Sairam

  11. Sairam.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful Lela of BABA, Your below paragraph really touched my heart and tears came out of my eyes –

    " In times like these, when no-one has the time to help anyone, this nice man comes looking for an address for an entire hour and gives the wallet back to my brother. It was very easy for that person to not give it back, to give it to the shopkeeper and leave the place, to give up on not finding the address for an hour but he still came. SAI BROUGHT HIM TO MY BROTHER WITH THE WALLET! "

    That must be BABA himself , I believe that you have taken his contacts .Hope you have spent INR 850 for Needy poor people of BABA


  12. Omsairam
    Neeraj ji same incident took place with my son last week.He had his PAN card , ATM card and about Rs1000in his wallet.When he called me i and my husband shouted at him as he is always very careless.But somewhere in my mind i was sure that he will get it back as he has a Baba photo in his wallet. After an hour he called us and said he had got it from the food court where he had his food in the afternoon.Here he missed the wallet in the afternoon and he is knowing about it only in the evening.From this everyone can imagine how careless he is.
    Baba please make him a responsible person and make him a great Baba devotee.
    Baba koti koti pranam on your lotus feet.

  13. Dear Sai Deva,

    Iam veryvery happy today u know the reason n u r the only reason behind it.Thank you so so much deva.Saipa please be with me guide me and help me to go places in my career.Make me grow n achieve things in this company quicker not like my past.I want an onsite project also deva.I should make my mother,myself and my buddy happy by doing that.
    Bless me n be with me all my life deva.
    Sorry n thankyou deva for everything.

    Sai Daughter

  14. Today's experience was awesome.The narration is superb.Thanks for sharing this brother.

    May sai bless you forever.

  15. Nice experience..well explained!
    And under comments for the one who lost his passport..have patience, trust Baba and promise him u will be careful from now of ur valuables, surely he will help u..we pray for u, Om sairam.

    • thanks alot .i sent my document to extend my visa by post on thursday, keeping document unto babas feet , prayed baba and then sent it . i am waiting for it since more than 2 months with patience, trusting on baba with an aim to getting back my lost document but nothing happens until now.i promise baba that i become more careful with my things.
      om sai ram.may baba bless everyone always.

  16. Nice experience! Baba kept your brother's wallet safely and made sure that it was found soon. Sometimes we have to go through rough waters in life, but with Baba's as our navigator, we don't have to worry about how our journey through life will be, Baba will take us safely through all the difficult times. Om Sai Ram!

  17. Excellent Narration, I am sure baba has his blessings on you! and he only has helped you write. I wish baba always bless his children and we keep having these wonderful experience to share with all.

    Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jai

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      Thank you, there are a lot of things Baba has done for me and at times i wonder i can't repay it back ever in my life so when all this happened and i was thinking of him, i said to myself that i will take this experience to other devotees to remind them of Baba's words- 'If you seek my help, it shall be given at once'

      Om Sai Ram!

  18. om sai ram..
    i scolded you for some reason without understanding the situation..but still you kept your word and helped me..i am reaaly very sorry baba…really..very sorry…i need you as my mentor and your motherly love forever..please baba be with me always an d make me do higher studies..i love you so know i am going through a bad phase now..please devotees pray for me and for my doing of higher studies please…om sai raam..

  19. really great experience very nice feeling to read this miracle.. its shows how kind is our god and how he is always with us in all the times .. Baba i love you sooo muchhh
    jai sri sairam..i want to visit shirdi .. please call me soon please i am very much in need of you now.. i want to come there and have peace of mind..:):):)

    • Jai Sai Ram!

      This reminds me of another small story, please allow me to share it here. I came in touch with Baba about 2 years back and haven't looked back since then. So during my first trip to Shirdi, i was excited when i booked the train tickets but as the day of journey came closer i was getting anxious because i don't travel much and a 20 odd hours journey by train was a bit too much for me and unfortunately i thought to myself why did i even book the tickets etc. But they say' Irade tab bhi hote the, irade ab bhi hote hain.. Shirdi wahi jaate hain jinhe Sai bulate hain'.. Baba ne mujhe bulaya tha to bas main wahan pahunch gaya and trust me i cursed myself for thinking like this and from the time i first arrived in Shirdi, i haven't looked back ever. I keep looking for opportunities to go to Shirdi, i keep making plans but have been to Shirdi only 3 times till now and the good thing is that the next trip is a month away.

      Trust me, you'd go once, you'd go forever and ever… there is this something divine about that place, heavenly feeling especially for Sai devotees, it's not a normal temple but God's own home.. something really really awesome for us, Sai disciples.

      To end this note, Sai, i would like to make an apology to you again for all my sins & those thoughts coming in my mind before the first journey and you know what i felt when i landed in your abode. Thank you forever!

      Om Sai Ram!!!

  20. Neerajaji nice to hear that you spent that money which was in wallet for charity…happy to hear that you are visiting shirdi…may baba bless everyone…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  21. Thank u all sai children for strengthening my shradha and saburi everyday..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..OM SHRI SAI RAM..

  22. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience. I have lost my wallet and stumbled upon this site… please pray that I get my wallet back too. I have all my credit cards and license in the wallet. I have faith that baba will help me find my wallet… I like the idea of using the money in wallet for charity… Baba please help me…. running around here in US for lost things is very difficult baba… please help

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