How Baba Is Helping Me To Fight Cancer – Anonymous Devotee

A devotee in this experience shares her experiences with Lord Sai Baba.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

This year, I was diagnosed with cancer. At first, when I was sick, no doctor could tell what was wrong with me. My blood report and all tests were normal. I am young, non-smoker, non-drinker, vegetarian, do exercise regularly and no prior health problem. So it was a surprise. When I was sick in the beginning, I was regularly praying to Baba to help me get better and was wondering, why He was not hearing me and stopping my illness. But when I was diagnosed, I realized, if He would have stopped my sickness. I would have never gone to a doctor and would let the cancer grow and kill me. Instead, whenever I would ask Questions at the Sai question answer Blessings page, I will get answer to read Vishnu Sahasranama. It happened three times at the same time, so I started hearing Vishnu Sahasranama on youtube. I also read online about a woman, who was in coma from chemo and came to her senses after her mother and mother-in-law read Vishnu Sahasranama everyday to her. I was sure Baba was saying something to me. I just did not know exactly what. But I knew He wanted to heal me. And I remembered how He let Shama get the taste of Vishnu Sahasranama. So I felt very lucky.

In 2011, I went to Argentina for Christmas. On my way back, my flight was delayed, as a result I was stuck in Chile, where I drank some water at the airport. I also had food on plane. As soon as I got off in Miami, I started having diarrhea. For 6 months, I was very sick with food-poisoning and I went to three doctors, who told me it was common to catch parasites from food and water in developing nations just like in India. Even my blood report came out normal. Because I am young and of overall good health, doctors were not suspecting cancer. But I kept thinking there was something and kept going back to the doctors to ask why I was not getting better. It was again Baba’s Leela that this third doctor gave me the card of the top colon surgeon and told me to meet her as she is one of the top surgeons in the state and can do colonoscopy and figure it out.

The meeting with her was after 2 weeks. I met her in her office and she checked me and put me on an emergency colonoscopy to figure it out, because she did not feel good. Her office arranged for it the very next day as there was no time to waste on these things. On my way back from her office, I clanged on to my boyfriend as I was very nervous and he kept assuring me they would find nothing in the colonoscopy. The next day, after colonoscopy, she told me I had cancer. She told me it was treatable and not to worry, she would cut me up and stitch me up and I had to do chemo and radiation. My mind went blank. My BF, who was at my bedside, asked her if it spread anywhere. She said they would do a CT Scan to find it out after the biopsy is done. That weekend my BF kept telling me that we would beat it and Baba is with us and since He found it out for us, He must be wanting to cure me. We went to both temples of Baba that we have in our town and we prayed to Him to cure me. I took UDI and ate it. We kept it hidden from all family members and told only a handful of friends and asked them to pray for me. I knew Baba will not leave me in the middle. I just had that faith. I was scared but also I knew Baba had plans for me. That night, I started reading the Vishnu Sahasranama instead of listening to it on youtube. The biopsy was done the next day and next week, I had a CT scan. The doctor's office called us with the report and told us to be there in an hour if we wanted to see the report as they were closing. Her office is almost an hour drive, but my BF drove so fast that we reached in 30 minutes. When we got the report, my BF went over it as I could not read it clearly and he hugged me tightly because it said the cancer spread to my lymph nodes (Stage III) but my pancreas, stomach, lungs etc were alright. We thought we were fine. But seeing us rejoicing, the doctor's assistant pointed to us the paragraph about liver where it said they are suspecting metastasis to liver (Stage IV) and they needed to do an MRI to rule it out. We came out of her office dejected. We went with the report to Baba's temple and I placed the report at his feet. I ate some UDI and asked Him to cure me and to make the liver not be cancerous. My friend called me from Toronto and told me to start reading Hanuman Chalisa at least 4 times. I have the Chalisa memorized from reading it for many years, so I started doing it. The next day was Tuesday. I was at Baba's temple and I thought I should do my Chalisa, when I went back home. There was one more girl at the temple besides me. I finished praying and was just about to leave, when she asked a friend of hers to turn the music on. He asked which song and she said Hanuman Chalisa. I could not believe it. I sat back in the temple and finished the Chalisa. Then I told her it was surely a Leela that Baba read my mind and you asked for Chalisa of all songs. Reminded me of the time, when Hemadpant wanted to do Ramnaam all day and Baba made sure everything that day had to do with Ramnaam. I felt very happy and she and I exchanged numbers and we became very good friends since that day. She is a Hanuman bhakta and we have a Hanuman Murti at Baba's temple. And we decided to do Chalisa again. I had meeting with oncologist the next day and she told us if liver did have cancer, it was still not a deal breaker, but I would have to go thru combination chemo and an additional surgery. We came home and I was writing my message to Baba like I always did and told Him again to do His miracle and let it be cancer free. The next day, it was my ultrasound with my surgeon. She saw the images and told us that I had cancer for eight years. She said some Divine power intervened, otherwise I would have never known I had cancer as the tumor was slow moving and by the time I would have understood it, it would have spread everywhere. Instead, I had diarrhea from my trip and that caused it to ulcerate, which made me go for a check-up. I choked up remembering how Baba made me take the trip and then delay my flight so I could stop over in Chile, have the water and then have diarrhea, which otherwise would not have happened had I not gone there. And I remembered how Baba did not answer my prayers to stop my sickness and diarrhea. Instead made me continue it till I finally got detected. She said it’s a miracle that I even could detect it so soon since it grows so silently. We went and thanked Baba for this miracle. Without Him, I would have never known I had a silent killer inside of me until it was too late. The next week was MRI. The nurse could not find my vein and bruised my whole arm. The place where the MRI was being done was very narrow and I am claustrophobic. When she put me inside, I looked for open space. I would not be able to breathe and luckily I found a place from where light was coming. So, keeping that in focus, I just kept chanting Baba's name and doing Hanuman Chalisa till the procedure finished. I called my oncologist's office the next day for report, but they did not get the report. Then I called my surgeon's office and heard that she had the report, but it was yet to review it since she was busy in operation all day. They told me on Monday I will get a call with the result. On Saturday, I went to the temple and my new Hanuman bhakta friend and I did the hanuman Chalisa again and my friend did a puja to Hanumanji before my report on Monday while I prayed to my Sai. On Monday, the surgeon called me in the morning and told me the MRI report was in. It was a cyst and not to worry about. My BF was still sleeping, but when he heard me say "Oh thank God". He jumped off the bed and hugged me tightly. My surgeon said you sound really relieved. I said yes, I was very worried. She said now you can relax. When we hung up, both of us were in tears at the kindness of Baba. He said a black cloud just passed us. Now we will only get good news. Baba had removed the obstacle and made me ready to face chemo and radiation. I had the best doctors in town to do that. It was a struggle to get insurance to approve it. I had my chemo pills already, but radiation was not getting approved. My BF was calling the hospital everyday as time was running out. I was praying to Baba everyday. Then on Wednesday it was approved. My chemo and radiation started on Thursday. I knew it will go okay as it was Thursday. They ended on Thursday also. After that, I had a surgery. When the surgeon took the tumor out, she took out clear margins and found no cancer in the lymph nodes. It was so much better prognosis unlike some people who find cancer spreading when they are cut open. She came to me and told me I had cancer, but I am cured. Although I still have to do 6 more months of chemo to stop recurrence as a precaution. This is only possible because Baba has been my guide and my doctor's. The healing time from the surgery was the hardest. I was very depressed as I was stuck at home and my intestines were all sore and inflamed. My BF was cooking for me, but I could not eat much. I lost more weight. And I needed the second surgery to put the intestines back together to make them function normally. Without that, I was sick half the time. I had fever, needed to go to nurse every week, was emotionally down. So I prayed to Baba to do it soon as my insurance was ending and if I did not get it done, then for 6 months I will have to stay like this. My surgeon said a second surgery was not possible before 6 weeks as it takes time for the scar tissue to settle down. But I did not have six weeks. I had 4 weeks only. I begged her to test me to see if I have healed and explained to her that my insurance denied me extension as I have cancer. She is the best surgeon and a wonderful person. She agreed to do a test on me before taking me back to surgery. The test was less than a month from the initial surgery. It was the most trying time of my life. I read online about how people, who went for these surgeries sometimes ended up with perforated colons and colostomy bags. I was nervous and scared thinking of that. I also learned about these brave people, who fight so hard for their lives and thanks to my disease I have so much respect for them and would like to do something for them now. But I personally am unable to deal with such a courageous change of life. To me Baba's grace is everything and I prayed to Him to make the surgery go ok and that no such problem happen, where I have to end up with a disability. I started reading Sai Satcharitra in one week time before the test. I finished it in 4 days. The next day, I went for the test. It was last Monday. If I failed the test, it meant I would have to go thru another surgery to fix the leak. The surgeon did not call me on Tuesday. I called her office and they did not get report. On Wednesday I had meeting with her to decide surgery date, provided I passed the test. I went there. I only had my faith on my side. My BF and I were both very nervous. Then I was called inside. When she came to see me, I asked her about the report, she said she did not know I had a test done. They went to find the report. It was for thirty minutes that they tried to retrieve the test report. Meantime from her window, I could see the open sky and imagined Baba's face there remembering Him saying "come what may do not leave the bolster of your guru". I held on to Him. After thirty minutes, she came back to the room and told me I passed the test, everything looked ok. I told her to do the surgery on me as my insurance was ending. She said it was too dangerous to do it before 6 weeks. But because I kept pushing, she agreed. That night, when I came home the Baba blessings said "I never leave my devotees midway". I cried. I had my surgery on Friday. It was supposed to be a keyhole surgery, but because of the scar tissue from the first surgery, which she was worried about, she could not see the inside of my abdomen, and had to cut me open. But everything went okay. It could have been a nightmare if in the hand of a bad surgeon, but with Baba's guidance my surgeon did a great job and in three hours took me out of surgery with everything working normally. Yesterday, I dreamed of Baba as a portrait, when I was sleeping. The night before I had fever and the hospital made me go thru blood work, xrays, ekg etc. It was as if to tell me not to be afraid. The reports came normal and I was released today and came home. I am in some pain, but nothing that I cannot bear with Baba on my side. Now that my first chemo radiation and two surgeries are done, I am left with the last step of this fight, which is 6 months of chemo. But without my insurance, my chemo will not be able to be done. All these days, I was not worrying about chemo as much as I was about surgery. But my BF was only concerned about my chemo. Three weeks back, he met a guy suddenly at a grocery store, who was selling insurance. When he told him my situation, the guy gave him info that my hospital has a branch where chemo is done for people without insurance. We applied and the hospital got back to us. I was assigned an oncologist, who happened to be Indian and whom we liked a lot from our first meeting and she accepted me as a patient and has appealed on my behalf for chemo to the hospital. My BF thinks that guy was Baba himself. I think so too. Otherwise, how suddenly someone would cross his path and guide him to information like this? So I know, by Baba's grace, this last step of the treatment should be done too. And in June I will get my new insurance. So I can go for checkups after that. I will post it if the chemo gets approved by the hospital because that will be another miracle. But for now, I wanted to share the miracle of Baba about how He detected and cured my malignant tumor and did two surgeries without any problem within such short span of time by appointing the best surgeon for me. Baba never leaves His children. We are very fortunate that we have found Him in our life. Without Him I am nothing. Om Sai Ram.
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  1. shridi bless you ,make you fully fine. i pray for you that baba will cure your disease fully. om sai ram.jaya sainath.baba is with you ,everything will be fine soon you will get perfectly fine dueto baba blessing. sai om.

  2. I am shut reading up your experience. I pray to our Sai to keep up your faith in Him and get you completely alright at the earliest. I understand the pain of keeping your sorrows hidden from your beloved family and fighting it hard with only Sai's help. I believe it is only Sai who has given you the strength and courage to be able to cope up battling against your emotions. All I understand is, you have completely submitted yourself to Him and He was there to get you alright appreciating your faith and patience in Him. He be there besides you, you were able to share this post with us today. My sincere prayers for you and I sincerely thank Sai to get you cured. And I truly appreciate your bf's support through out. I understand the emotional support you had drawn from him. Having you had good merits in your store, you have helping souls like your bf, the Doctor and the Hanuman bhakth. Sai has been with you from the beginning and He is going to be there with you forever. Of course not He is going to leave His children mid-way. My sincere prayers are there for you at His feet. Om Sai Ram!

    • thank you so much. I am so grateful for our Sai in our lives. You are right. Because if him we have the people that surround us. I am now doing my last round of chemo which also got approved by hospital due to Baba's grace. Its hard but he will help me deal with it, I know. Om Sai Ram. May Baba continue to bless us all.

    • Keep reading Hanuman Chalisa – I had a very big experience, I am not a hindu I am Sikh but having true devotion/faith surely will heal. Take bath purify your body and soul and recite hanuman chalisa with full devotion on pure glass water and drink it. I am so shocked of how powerful Hanuman Chalisa is, where ever Ram naam is used along with Hanumanji nothing is impossible

  3. Your steadfast faith and patience in Baba is what has helped your recovery so far and will do so till you are completely recovered. My prayers to Baba to be with your and bless you always. With all that you have gone through, your BF has stuck by your side, ever supporting you. You are very lucky to have found him. Not many people in this world are like him. Please convey my special thanks to him for being with you through thick and thin.

  4. Om Sai Ram
    with wet eyes- dear friend we all will pray for are SAI's child everything will be back to normal.I have seen my mother suffering from cancer and brain tumor she is doing fine long history to it but now she is doing great,goes for her routine check i understand what it is are a hero a fighter not to worry.

    • Thank you so much. My best wishes for your mother. Please share that experience if you may. Will love to read it. But Baba's grace is unlimited. We are so blessed. Om Sai Ram.

  5. Jai Sai Ram.. After reading your story i felt goose bumps ..Sai never leave you alone.For your confidence itself he came to you..leave it to him..He will take care of you …


    I am in tears after reading your experience. You are blessed soul and nothing can harm you as BABA JI is at your side. You will be perfectly fine very soon. Have faith in BABA JI. You are lucky as you have very good boy friend. In this world everyone leaves you when you are in trouble but your boy friend is still with you. It shows that he is also a good soul blessed by BABA JI. Take care of yourself and share another miracle with all of us. May BABA JI bless you and your BF always.

    • Thank you so much for your wishes. Yes he is a very very good and kind soul. I am very blessed to have him in my life. I have started my chemo and he is cooking for me and taking care of me. I thank our Sai for the people in our lives and for always protecting and blessing us.

  7. Dear Anon:
    I am bowled over by your approach and your lack of recriminations.
    You have profound faith in Shri Sai and the right attitude to overcome this affliction. I have prayed to Sai Baba to safeguard you from physical and mental stresses during recovery.

    • Thank you so much. Yes with Baba I have nothing to fear. He will always be there for us He just proved it with my experience. Love that man. Om Sai Ram.

  8. I had tears in my eyes reading your experience…Salute you for your courage and the way you have handled your disease…May Baba make you stronger and heal you quickly….May He bless you with a very healthy and happy life ahead!

    Om Sai Ram

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    My sincere prayers to Baba to cure you completely soon. I am amazed by your faith in Baba and the patience you have displayed. All this goes to show the grace Baba is showering on you. Your BF is definitely a wonderful human being and you both are lucky to have each other. Baba bless your pair. SaiDeva will get you out of all your troubles soon and shower you and your family with good health, peace, prosperity and happiness. Many many best wishes to you and lots of love. Many thanks to Baba, your BF and the doctors for looking after you so well. The new friend (Hanuman Ji's Bhakta) also played a wonderful part in boosting your faith. Thanks to her too. Amazing is Baba's Leela, he makes sure we do not feel left out or dejected. He keeps boosting our FAITH and PATIENCE throughout our sad times.

    Baba is wonderful and we surrender at his Lotus feet. Thanks Baba for everything. May your blessings reach all of us always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

    • Thank you.
      Yes Baba's kindness is unbelievable. In every step he comes to help his children. We are so blessed to have him in our lives. I hope my experience can strengthen everyone's faith in Him because He does care for us and he will never leave us, even if the whole world will. I am forever grateful to Him for my BF and for all my friends who are so good and kind that are in my life. I dont have any negative person in my life and thats only because of Baba. I thank you for your prayers for me. Om Sai Ram.

  10. hats off to ur courage and faith….baba is definately with u..he will very soon make you perfectly alright..this experience of urs ia an example for all who keep on worrying on small issues..may sai ji bless u with lots of blessings and gud health..take care..sai ji please please please bless her om sai ram

  11. May Baba bless you and cure you soon. I pray that he blesses you with a healthy , long and happy life.Your trust on him is truly overwhelming.

    Om Sai Ram !

  12. Dear sai bhakt.iam ver happy to see sai with u .

    i would like to request u if u can give ur phone no so i can ask one of my best frnds sister daughter in law who has been detected with cancer recently she is 29 i will b very thankful to u

    • Thank you. Surely they can email me at [email protected]. I will be very happy to give any encouragement whatever needed. The patient must surrender completely to Baba. Only He can save. He is our God. He is magician.

  13. Dear Sai's child,
    Your experience is a clear example of "shraddha and saburi" .Baba will cure and will guide yo through out your life.You once again reminded me o have saburi…..thank u so much…u gave lot of courage

  14. i really wish u speedy recovery and loads of strength .. we all know baba never leaves someone in the middle fact he 's always with us..overlooking us each and every moment..god bless u dear..

  15. Om Sai ram. Baba pls help your daughterpls bless us baba. Pls bless me and my sister with very good alliance. Also pls take care of all my office problems. OM SAI RAM

  16. OM SAI RAM
    Hats off dear……your courage and positve thinking towards life and ofcourse the faith towards sai will surely make you recovered speedly.god gives u more strength n power to over come this bad phase of your life.We all pray for your speedy recovery.

    may god give you all the happiness.
    jai sai ram

  17. Hi

    Your incidence is really a faith Builder in SAI..I pray BABA to cure you completely & you live your life with full health…JAI SAINATH

  18. Dear baba's child,

    Be courageous and I will pray for you, baba will cure you completely as he is the only doctor who cures every major or minor diseases.. Take care and always remember baba.. God bless

  19. Your courage is very inspiring. May all goodness in this world come to your side and take your problems away.
    May you bounce back to good Health sooner than you think 🙂 Sai Ram !

  20. OMG!! I can't even imagine what you have gone through the last few months. I am really glad that Baba took care of you so well and yes he will never leave his children especially in such situations. It is so hard for medical procedures to be undertaken in a foreign land without the support of all family and friends but Baba has been with you in the form of your BF, great surgeons and all well wishers. I pray to Baba for your health to get back completely normal very soon and bless you with a good life. Your faith on Baba is inspiring…never lose it.

    Love you Baba

    • Thank you so much. It was His guidance that got me this far. And now I am doing chemo free of cost by hospital that too is his gift. Can you imagine how powerful our old man is? I am appalled by his mercy every moment.

  21. Om sai Ram,

    You are really a brave child of sai baba.Do not worry baba will cure you completely.Nice to know that baba has send few wonderful persons in your life to be beside you in these hard days.Thanks to your doctor,ur BF, ur Hanuman bhakt friend etc

  22. Om sai jai Sai. Saiji will definitely heal you as our baba is a merciful mother. I was having 3rd stage lungs TB but because of our saiji's grace and mercy I am healed and during my treatment he provided me so much strength to bear my pain that when these days I recall those moments I get surprised.Baba please bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  23. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister, Baba is already with you. Be courages and have complete faith and love on Baba. Do not be nervous, be relaxed. Sai is with you. I will also pray for you.

    This reminds me of a Lady in Andhra Pradesh who was diagnosed with Cancer and to help her cure her cancer an old muslim lady came to serve her until she was cured with Cancer and later the Lady went away. Apparently she disappeared. she knew it was none other than Shri Shiridi Baba. To show her Gratitude towards Baba, this pure lady built a small temple in her home with a Library inside her house and does satsang.

    When the God himself has come down to earth to save and help devotees, what else do we need?

    Sai is the most merciful one and the most loveable one.

    My humble salutations to Sai.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

    • Wow that is another great experience to share about the Muslim lady.
      Thank you for your wishes.
      We are so blessed to have this jewel in our lives – 🙂
      Om Sai Ram. May Baba always keep blessing us like this.

  24. really you have a great faith in sai. i bow down before your faith. may sai make you well soon. sai bless you and your boyfriend. may sai make you both remain together forever. bless you

  25. om sai ram i had tears in my eyes while reading your experience.i pray to baba to cure you and lead a normal life with your life partrner.get well soon and do post your next sai nathaya namah.

    • thank you. I am now going thru chemo and that too is blessing of Baba as I have no insurance. But hospital is bearing all costs. I wish I could add on to my experience. But my new oncologist made me have a CT Scan last Friday, the 1st of Feb,to rule out lung metastasis as I was coughing a lot last few months. But my CT Scan came clean which means I am cancerfree. All power to our Sai for keeping his children safe. Now I have to do chemo till July and I am asking Baba for patience and strength to deal with it. Its an aggressive chemo that they are giving me. Once I am done, I hope to go to Shirdi if Baba calls me. Because I need to put my head on the shrine again. I think my earlier trips to Dwarkamai is protecting me now. What can I say of his miracles. Om Sai Ram.

  26. I am sure you are better already. In fact, the moment you said "come what may do not leave the bolster of your guru" was the moment you were on the recovery.

    May Sai bless you and your partner who stood by you all along.

    Jai Sairam

  27. Sairam,

    I wish you get well soon , don't worry BABA is there and he will Categorically make you alright soon 🙂
    " When BABA is there Y V fear "
    in spite of you being young, non-smoker, non-drinker, vegetarian, do exercise regularly and no prior health problem, did you able to check why you got cancer , I mean reason behind this.

    Jai Sairam 🙂

    • No, there is no reason as such. But it could be genetic. Altho I don't have colon cancer in my family, I lost my dad to lung cancer when he was 50, and my uncle at 52 to lymphoma. Also, I urge everyone to eat turmeric which is a cancerfighter. My food habit was not very Indian or healthy – I was eating lot of junk food like fries and coke – that could have contributed who knows –
      I am just glad that I could be detected when I am healthy and strong enough to take treatment and surgeries.

  28. Sai sister really heart touching experience…very well narrated…i had tears while reading this post…baba is protecting you…its really feels very nice to hear how our merciful baba saved you from this disease…and moreover you never lost your faith and patience towards our baba…i wish for your speedy recovery…may baba bless you with good health and happiness in life…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  29. om sai raam..
    dear devotee your experience brought tears to my eyes..speedy recovery..baba is with you and all his devotees..
    om sai raam..

  30. Baba u r so loving and this shows that he never leaves his children in in middle…….LOVE U BABA….May bless you soon recovery

  31. Dear sister when faith falters with huge problems, u have set an example and hope for all devotees that we can count on our sai. May God help u recover and bless you with good health. Pls do post the future developments.
    Jai Sri sainathaya namaha

    • Thank you. My recent development is that :
      My complete treatment got approved by the top hospital here in Texas. Now I started my chemo which is hard but I am asking Baba for strength to deal with it thru July. Also, my CT scan last week came clean which means I am cancerfree now 🙂
      Now I have to hold on to his bolster and keep hoping this never happens anymore.
      I pray to Baba to make a cure for cancer so it is no more a death sentence 🙁
      Om Sai Ram

  32. Jai Sai Ram,

    Many Cancer Patients were treated by Sai's Grace. This sister will also be cured. Don't we know who is Sai? his powers?

    We will wait to hear the good news from you.

    Let's all pray for this sister……..

    My Humble Salutations to our only one and one Shri Sai Samarth!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

    • Thank you so much. I started my chemo. My entire treatment is free due to Baba's grace. And my CT scan is clean so I am currently cancerfree. From Stage III to cancerfree. It can only happen because Baba is powerful and kind.
      Please keep praying for me so it never comes back again.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Glad to read about your recovery Dear Sai Sister. Baba is always with you, so do not worry. He is there to carry all our burden. He will definitely take care of your health always and keep you happy.

      Loads of prayers and good wishes for you.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  33. i really appreciate for your courage and braveness, i can see you have the fullest faith on baba and he will definitly help you. this experience would be very helpful to all who have many problems. Thanks for sharing .om sai ram…


    AMAZING EXPERIENCES – felt baba's grace at each and every point of your experience!

    Love u baba
    Please forgive me and shower your blessings.
    Jai sai ram

  35. Very nice experience! You have had to go through so much and it is very wonderful that throughout all that you have had to deal with, your faith in Baba has remained strong and steady. Baba won't every leave your side and has helped you get through these health problems, and it was Baba who came to give you the extra insurance and Baba who made sure that you got the cancer detected early (by drinking the water at the foreign airport). I will also pray to Baba to help you get cured soon and Baba will be there with you to help you through each step of this journey. Om Sai Ram!

    • Thank you. Yes, I think every step Baba has shown to me his presence. Without him I am nothing. He is kind and powerful. Now my chemo is approved and I am being treated by the hospital free of cost as I hv no insurance. I cant imagine this happening without Baba's intervention. What can we say of our fakir!!! Om Sai Ram!

  36. This is such a touching experience to be going through. It is your Faith on Baba that has made you so strong and also I think Baba is there for your constant support through your BF. May the path to recovery be smooth. Keeping you in the prayers for being cancer free and back to normal as we all know that nothing is impossible for Him. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai !!!

    • Thank you so much. i am now cancerfree as of last ct scan done on Feb 1. I am doing chemo till July. But Baba is making me strong. Hope I can deal with it and this never happens again. Baba is too loving. We are very lucky to have him

  37. Sister,

    Very happy and emotional, when I read that the Hospital has approved all your expenses. But it's not the Hospital, it's sai. Sai has to approve it and he is beside you. So, please don't worry!! Baba has approved you a new life.

    Without Sai's intervention, not even a leaf can move. Baba, the most kindest one and always at the door step of devotees to help out.

    Sister, with good heart we will plead Baba to cure you completely. July is just 5 months to go and then you will be relieved.

    Hey Sai, the most powerful one!! please lay your holy hand on this sister to remove the disease and free her from her from this for ever Baba.

    My humble salutations to Shri Shiridi Sai

    Allah Mallik
    Servant of Baba

    • thank you so much. Baba is the reason I got a new life. His kindness and grace are all we have to hold on to and believe in. He listens and answers our prayers and always shows to us that He is with us all the time just how He promised to be.

  38. thank you so much. Baba is the reason I got a new life. His kindness and grace are all we have to hold on to and believe in. He listens and answers our prayers and always shows to us that He is with us all the time just how He promised to be.

  39. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please cure this sister soon. Bless her with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

    Love you a lot SaiDeva, you are the most merciful, loving, kind and generous. May your grace reach all of us always.

    We surrender at your Lotus feet always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  40. Jai Jai Sai Ram,,

    Dear Sai Sister,

    I am so happy to know how our beloved SAIMA has got you from stage III to cancer free state. Victory to our SAIMA. He will never let his Children down..And he has shown that in your case. One of my family friends, is suffering from stomach cancer. Your experience and our SAIMA's miracle in curing you gives me more and more faith in our dearest SAIMA that He will definitely cure this Uncle who has been our family friend for a long long time. He is holding on to the Bolster "SAIMA" and I am sure SAIMA will never let him down..

    I pray to our SAIMA to give you good, healthy and long life and keep you happy always. This is just a rough patch and just a bend you are going through..SAIMA will give you the best dear Sister.

    We will never fear when our SAIMA is near us!!!!

    • I went to Dwarkamai in 2009 – and now I know that cured me cuz Baba says masjidmai gives health to people who get up there. And if ur uncle hasn't gone to Masjidmai, then just tell him to have full faith in Baba – do the vishnusahasranama every day – and read Sai Satcharit – I also pray to his feet at – with baba in our lives we have nothing to fear – also tell him to donate food whenever he can – sending prayers for his recovery – Baba can do everything. I know now. Om Sai Ram

  41. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sai, the mercy one. Please cure this sister from her cancer as early as possible and let sister lead a normal life.

    We all pray to you to protect this universe and man kind and as well the living beings. You are the only hope Baba.

    Jai Sainath.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  42. Wow! is all I can say to your spirits, faith and patience. You are an example to all Sai devotees, who not at all times have unfailing faith in baba. I am sure baba will heal you completely soon, do give us the good news…Sai Ram

  43. Sai ram sister…dont you worry about anything baba is going fix all…my wife had blood cancer, we are settled in Aus, we had notting no job, no money..but when you surrender to baba, he make sure that he gives kids the best treatment, his kids never sleeps without food n wife is perfectly fine now…it took 2yrs but all went smooth..we used to keep sai satcharitra book under her bed…you can try that when you chemo rounds..just trust in will be good..hav a normal and the best life after sai ram..

    • thank u so much – I will keep Satcharit with me under pillow from tonite. I am very happy that your wife is now fine. Baba always protects his kids. May she have a long healthy life. OM Sai Ram.

  44. Hello, just wanted to ask how you are doing now. Is your chemo working? Please let us know.

    Sai Ram.

    • Last nite my chemo finished – I was working 18 hours everyday during chemo – never felt tired and i didnt have any side effect, didnt lose my hair, didn't have to stop work – my friends are surprised that I was healthier and more energetic than them – Baba saw me through the entire time – tomorrow (June 12) I will have my scan to see how I am and on Baba's day on 13th (Thursday) I will get the result. I will share it with you when it comes clean by Baba's mercy. Thank you so much for checking on me. Om Sai Ram

  45. Sai Baba aapko jaldi se jaldi theek karein, yehi meri Prarthana hai. Bhagwan aapko jaroor theek karenge jald se jald …… You are also fortunate to have such a good boyfriend.

  46. thank you everyone – My chemotherapy finished last nite – today is a new day – tomorrow I have scan to check if I am good and I am sure I will be because Baba is with me… incidentally, two Wednesdays back, a day after my last IV chemo, i was hit by a truck and nothing happened to me. I was on the passenger side and the truck stopped on my door – imagine the miracle of our Sai – I didn't even move – so I know jinko rakhe Sai, maar saake na koi 🙂

    I also received udi of Baba from a very nice sister Aishwarya who mailed it from India … this will cure everything I have.

    Your prayers and best wishes will see me through.

    Om Sai Ram – we have Baba why should we fear?

    • Hello, it has been more than a year since we heard from you. How are you now? Is life back to normal? Would love to know how you are doing. May Baba bless you!!

  47. On sai ram, i was randomly led to this particular page of experience i think by Babas grace. I was touched reading the whole experience. Am so glad you are doing better and well. I hope your health is completely fine now. Shraddha and Saburi can get us along this life thru anything and you are so blessed to have and keep that faith. OM Sai ram.

  48. I am in a similar situation too and it is Baba who is helping me to cross these hurdles.
    Sri sai we are very blessed to have you with us. Please bless us all and guide us for this life is full of maya and we are really trapped in it.
    Om sai ram
    A servant of Sri sainath maharaj

  49. I am in a similar situation too and it is Baba who is helping me to cross these hurdles.
    Sri sai we are very blessed to have you with us. Please bless us all and guide us for this life is full of maya and we are really trapped in it.
    Om sai ram
    A servant of Sri sainath maharaj

  50. Knchi Periva had advised the chanting of the following verse from the great scripture “Narayaneeyam” (Canto 8 sloka 13 ) to a devotee who was suffering from cancer.

    अस्मिन् परात्मन् ननु पाद्मकल्पे
    त्वमित्थमुत्थापितपद्मयोनि: ।
    अनन्तभूमा मम रोगराशिं
    निरुन्धि वातालयवास विष्णो ॥१३॥

    Asmin parathman nanu paathmakalpe
    Thvamithamutthapitha padmayonihi I

    Anantha bhooma mama roga raashim,
    Nirundhi vaathalaya vaasa vishno. II

    அஸ்மின் பராத்மன் நனு பாத்மகல்பே
    த்வமிதமுத்தபித பத்மயோனிஹி

    அனந்த பூம மம ரோக ராஷிம்
    நிருந்தி வாதலய வாச விஷ்ணோ

    The slokam is a prayer to the Lord Guruvayuppan. Roughly translated it means:

    Oh Lord Vishnu, enshrined in Guruvayur ! Oh Great Soul ! Oh The Lord of Eternal Glory, who thus awakened Brahma in Paadmakalpa ! May Thou remove all my afflictions.

    Chanting this shloka can do miracles

  51. Sairam,
    Best wishes to you for a very bright future. Your boldness is a gift from the divine . How are you doing now? Really interested in your welfare. Kindly chant the shloka "Asmin parathman……" which I have mentioned in my earlier replies.

  52. Om Sai Ram.. Sai Baba gave me second birth. I was suffering from severe jaundice. I was just few steps away from the stage of come. But Sai Baba gave me darshan in my ways and constantly told me that HE is with me.. I will be alright. and after six months I was completely cured. I ate my first byte of healthy food in Sai Mandir sitting before Sai Baba. I owe this life to you my DEVA. OM SAI RAM


  54. Very interesting, I am Sikh but I recite Hanuman Chalisa on daily basis, I can never forget that day when I was about to be attacked by 6 men but then they stopped and cops arrested them. The cops asked why did they stop going towards me, then they told the cops there were many people behind me and when cops said to get sketch made it was of Hanumanji. He exists and will forever, belief is powerful tool.

  55. I can understand your pain what you had gone through. Sai babaji saved my mother from breast cancer. He never leave my hand. May baba keeps all beings happy. Om Sai Ram

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