Blessings From BABA Again – Sis Devotee Meera

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says:

Hello Hetal Ji, I read all posts everyday and thank you for such a wonderful service. You are doing BABA’s assignment with utmost devotion. I request you to post my current experience as and when you have a chance. Hello readers, I have posted several events that I have found BABA’s blessings on me. My asking for help was not a “required thing” from BABA to send me HIS help! Here is one more, new series of events that has lead to this final stage.

Dear Devotees, you might refer to my earlier posts where I had described about how I was blessed with an apartment, a brand new one, 3 bedroom hall, kitchen , 2 1/2 bath and all new appliances. To get qualified for this apartment I had to have at least 20 hour/week part time job. My GM was kind enough to give that on paper though he was not sure he could do that in the current economy situation. Well, I renewed my lease 3 times (6 months, 6 months and 1 year). I used to get at least 15 – 19 hours a week, which was sufficient to pay my bills, rent and utilities. But slowly those hours got less and less, like 10 hours a week. I kept requesting for more, but of no result! In the mean time, I started having shoulder pain and I was asked by my doctor not to lift more than 5 pounds and again my GM co-operated me making me work in the department, where I had very light job to do. The pain was gradually increasing and I was going from one specialist to another. At last the shoulder specialist thought of doing a procedure, where my arm was moved 360 degrees under anesthesia to break up the scar tissues formed around the shoulder joint. This procedure made things worse. I started having excruciating nerve pain for which I am prescribed a very strong medication.

Also the doctors say nothing can be done till your NERVE pain issue is taken care of and at the same time no one can predict when the nerve pain will go away. Till than do not even think of your shoulder surgery. I am on medical leave that is extended each month since August 2012. This makes me on the payroll only, at my job, no financial help from my employer. NOW I cannot pay the rent from my earnings. I managed for some months, but surely it was not at all a wise step to renew my lease that was ending on November 30th. First I thought of moving out, but my shoulder pain was so severe that another specialist gave a hint that he may want to perform surgery sooner, even though you have this Nerve pain issue. I got very stressed out with this outcome.

How would I manage packing all my belongings, move everything to a storage space till I find another place to live. To place all belongings in to storage also needs so much arranging and rearranging boxes to fit in a small storage place. However large storage space I rent, it would be small enough for 3 bedroom stuff, don’t you think so? Well, looking at all fronts, I decided to renew the lease for 6 months at least and buy some time to find a new one and have a good recovery if the surgery is performed. While being home almost doing nothing because my right arm is the main problem, cannot do much of anything. That made me worry about even after the surgery I won’t be able to take up my job, which requires lifting some or the other heavy stuff anytime! It would be better for me to find a desk job. But in this economy, where would someone hire me with so many limitations and almost on the retiring age female with experience only in Computer Technical field. The way my current job pushed me to work on “sales” side most of the time, my current knowledge of practically working on the Computers was almost zero. My situation is like I lost both ways, not remained active as a computer technician and would not let me qualify for administrative desk job!

Hummm, I thought why not find a course at the College, may be some community college course that would make me eligible for desk work. I went to the college to check on this idea. That was FRIDAY. Now here BABA plays HIS role! HE inspired me to check at the apartment complex, where I had placed my application of interest in renting the apartment almost 2 1/2 years ago. I had not heard from them since I applied and I did not bother to check as I got this offer for an apartment from this newly constructed complex, which was a great BLESSING of my life at that time!

But driving by the apartment complex, where I had applied in the past, I thought why not check if there is apartment available and if so what might be the rent. It was 12:05 and the office manager had already left for Lunch. Well, I thought let me go to college and on my way back will check again. I returned by 12:54. Thinking that the manager may not have returned yet, I was waiting in the car. The office manager came out from her office to ask me if I were waiting to see her. I went in there, explained why I was there. She said she has just joined the company so she needs to get my file first. Looking on the file she said, you had applied for 2 bedrooms and on the ground floor, while I have one on the 1st floor and that is 3 bedroom /2 bath! ( I wanted 3 bedroom apartment even at that time when I requested 2 bedrooms fearing I would not be allowed to have a 3 bedroom apartment!!). “Are you interested?” she asked me. I said, give me some idea of rent as right now I am on medical leave and no financial in flow at all. She gave me the rent amount that I cannot let go! Because of my financial situation only I got such an affordable rate.

Still she asked me to call on Monday. On Monday, it just happened that my daughter in law got muscle pull and she needed my help to care for two granddaughters, one is 4 years old and the other 4 months old! I could not call the apartment office. On Monday late evening, when I came home, I wrote her e-mail explaining why I could not call her. Next day I called her and she said since you did not call, there is someone else interested and is ready to pay the earnest money. I was little disappointed with that development. But when Baba is taking care, who can deny it? The apartment manager asked me to meet her in person and she would give me first preference as I had applied long time back. After that she showed me one similar apartment to see if I would like that and after that we can go forward considering next step.

All went just as an easy ride. I was assured this apartment on or before 3rd week of December. I gave 30 day notice to my current apartment office and am moving on 21st December. Though all paperwork will be completed on 21st to get me the keys, the apartment manager has allowed me to enter the apartment to place BABA’s photo on Thursday, 20th December! The way how I got my apartment where I am living right now was a great surprise, but getting this one is also no less a surprise. And you know what? I had always wished to have my living place having a corner apartment with sunrise and/or sunset view from my window. This one is EAST facing with no obstruction in the view of wonderful mountain ranges as well as two bedrooms facing WEST and from there too a wonderful view of sunsets on the mountains! What a wonderful solution that only BABA can provide!

This would be the BEST living accommodation I have ever got in my life. Though this complex is not as new as my current one, but so what? I am getting my life long dream fulfilled and that too when I was literally stressed out and even cried to BABA that how could I be in such a situation? YOU did blessed me coming to me in the form of 5 photos of Sri Sri SatyaNaraya in a book parcel on the day , at the same moment , when I got final approval of this apartment. NOW You made me go to less and less and less work hours, where as I cannot afford to continue living here, making me go through this shoulder pain for such a long time with no cure to be seen on the horizon and again I will be in a situation where I can not say “My living place”? How can you do that BABA? You can not take away what you once blessed me with! (When I am driving I keep talking to BABA!).

There was a small hitch, yesterday, the apartment manager called me to re-apply as she cannot finish my paperwork. The application must be applied within 145 days. I right away went there with a new money order of the application fees and she updated on my file. She might have been rude saying now since I am applying afresh, my turn will come later, and not now! You may have to wait for some more time. Oh, BABA saved the situation again! And everything is ok. HE blessed me with much more! Thanks BABA and Laakh laakh pranaams. BE there always with me and my family. Bless us always.
Who could even think that all steps that I have gone through were actually to lead me to my dream living place that I could afford? I will post some photos upon actual living there. A few days to go!

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  1. Jai Sai Ram,

    Mother Meera, very sad to read your real life experiences. Just out of concern, you mentioned in your previous posts that you have children but why are you facing the financial problems all alone? even when you are suffering from shoulder you seem to have no support at all!! this is very sad and I pray to sai that no mother should face this situation.

    On the other side, Sai has been with you. This is Baba and this is the affection and kindness he has for his devotees. All these prove that Baba never leaves any one in difficulty.

    Please do not worry, Baba will help you also with a permanent job to resolve your financial difficulties.

    Our Prayers are with you.

    Hey Sainath, it is very sad to see this mother all alone suffering at this age. Please inspire some one to help this mother get a job to have a decent living Baba.

    Glory to the king of the kings, Shri sai samarth!! Shri Paramashewara and Shri Parabrahma.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

    • Dear anonymousji, Very thankful for your kind words. My sons and their wives are very loving and caring. I am blessed with total 4 grand daughters, 2 at each son's family! They want me to live with them but you know how mischievous BABA is! He has woven my life in such a way where I have to accept whatever HE puts on my dish. It is fun to witness HIS LEELA!
      In this economy, we would like to stand on our own as far as possible and try to be as open minded as possible to let kids manage and enjoy their lives with their growing family.
      Also I love painting as my childhood passion. All these years performing my household duties as a wife, mother, daughter in law, I have not been able to pay that much time to my own interests. My sons are ready to stand by me at any given moment and they are not happy to see me struggle like this.
      😀 I will, of course , take their support if I can not manage my living.
      Again, thanks for all your love and kind prayers. If I get several portrait orders I may not have to work for others. With my shoulder problem, lifting heavy things is the only problem. It pains very much if I have to lift my arm above the shoulder level but normal routine work I can manage.
      That's the reason I sought 3 bedroom apartment so that I can work on paintings without any obstruction even if my family members visit my home. And I can do my household work as my arm pain allows me to!
      So I would request you all to pray for such positive prayer for me to BABA.
      Jai Sai RAM.

    • Dear Sai brothers and sisters, I am very happy to see you all caring for me. I am a very rich person in this WORLD having so many well wishers. I pray for all of you to be blessed by BABA and fulfill your dreams too and ask BABA to stand by you in the hours of need just as HE is standing by me.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  2. Sai Ram is always there for everyone.. I love you Baba he will help and be with every one of us.. Baba is taking care of us… Baba bless us all with food, health, wealth, and most important of all your vard hasth on us. Om Sai Ram!

  3. Dear Meera mam why don't you try pranic healing or energy healing king of alternative therapy? feel like telling you, take care and I surely know Baba will be with you always and soon your shoulder pain will vanish. Even I had severe scapula pain when I was in US which is still continuing but reduced a lot when I did pranic healing. the pain might be because of bad posture and please try this thro a pranic healer. Thank you, May Baba bless all of us.

    • Dear Gayathri ji, Thanks for your suggestions. I have not tried Pranic Healing, I will find out more about it and will surely give a try. To your relief I would like to tell you that I am being treated by the best Shoulder specialist in town and going for phy. Therapy even now. I have his appointment for evaluation to see the progress with the therapy, on 27th of Feb.
      After that MUA procedure, that caused nerve pain which was very very painful and uncontrollable, I am advised to take the medication which blocks the pain signals to the brain so I don't know how much my actual healing is done. But it is a good sign for me that at least I am not in too much constant pain that I was suffering since last 12-15 months.
      With such proper treatment and most effectively prayers from you all will see me through.
      Thank you all, Sai Devotees,
      Jai Sai RAM.

  4. Dear me era,
    I would ask you to do physiotherapy,as for such shoulder pains physiotherapy works out really well and wonders.
    I know many patients who have benefitted from it.
    Sai ram

    • Dear Anonymous ji, Thanks for your good will. I am going for therapy and I am shown several shoulder muscle exercises to do at home to release the stiff muscles that was the result of not being able to use my arm because of constant pain.
      Will surely place update here of my shoulder problem.
      Thanks. Jai SAI RAM.

  5. baba please do a miracle for my marriage… om sai ram jai sai ram..please bless me for share miracle in my life………

    Meeraji you are Baba daughter. He is alreay taking care of you and is always with you like father.Baba will be always with you.
    Baba please be with us always Baba, we need you always and forever Baba.

    • Dear Sai Devotee, Yes, I truly believe BABA is my father as HE has taken each and every care for me since my own father died of cancer when I was just 14 ! Previously I did not know BABA and yet I was taken care of and now I know BABA seeing HE takes care of me and my family. Sometimes we do feel that why such and such thing happens to me or to my family, but in the long run it surely turns out to be the BEST solution to live life BABA's way.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  7. Om Sai Ram !

    Baba, please bless Meera Aunty with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Heal her shoulder entirely and bless her to pursue her interests and be very very successful. Take very good care of her and her entire family Gurudeva Dattatreya.
    Love you Baba.

    Today my husband on his won told that he would try and reduce his smoking and ultimately quit the habit soon. This is only because of Baba's blessings and the good wishes of this entire Sai family. So my heartfelt thanks to Baba and everyone in this wonderful Sai family. He is also becoming more involved in the family life,helping in house hold work and caring all the more for me.He got me a small gift also, on his own. I owe all of this happiness to my beloved and sweetest Gurudeva SaiNatha.

    May Baba bless us all always and hep, bless, guide and advice us in all aspects of our life. Baba we need you by our side always. Many many thanks to you for everything you have ben showering on us. Love you a lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Jai Sai Ram

    Baba finger's crossed for tomorrow … I hope you will give good news to us 🙂

    Love you baba …please help us

    Anantkoti bhraman nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbrahma shree sachidanand sadguru Sainath maharaja ki jai !!

  9. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva please cure meeraji's pain and grant her healthy life. Meeraji I have been reading almost all your experiences shared in this blog and have this belief that we will read another experience of your good health very soon. Saiji thank you for everything as you are the only one who knows what is best for us. Deva please bless us always and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

    • Oh my mine!!!!!!! I am so happy to see/ read so many people wishing for my good health, caring and praying for me. I am really very lucky person. Thank you all. May you all be blessed by BABA for being so kind to each other in sharing shoulder for support in hard time. Jai SAI RAM.

  10. Hey Sairam…from 6 months my parents and me are suffering for my sister, and she don't mind us. Please make her realize about the importance of the family members. Since one year she has changed like anything. Earlier she used to be a loving, caring daughter, sister and suddenly she changed after going abroad and now she blames my parents,me to the worst. I have not faced such a humiliation from anyone in my life, now its the destiny that I should face all these from my own sister. What is the wrong we all have done? All are struggling for her good life and she is behaving like a enemy to us. I have written my experience 6 months back to this site….not even a way that has been shown by baba till now. Please let us know, what should we do? We did Saivrat for 2 times, do let me know by any form, what all should I do to get a relief from this problem and get my sister married to a good guy seen by my parents.

  11. Get well soon Meera Aunty.May baba bless you a good health.
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  12. Dear Meera Aunty…I pray to Baba to cure you completely very soon, bless you with a wonderful role in your workplace and be beside you at all times. Hope you really enjoy your new place and fulfill your passion and hobbies 🙂

    Om Sai Ram

  13. Nice experience Meera Ji! Baba was the one who gave you the idea to look at your old apartment place and helped you secure a new, larger apartment. Baba will also help to take care of your shoulder pain. Baba gives us ideas in our mind as ways to guide us towards what He plans for us. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Yes, I truly believe so! I was without a job for almost 5 years after I moved to Sierra Vista, and I was offered a job where I had applies 4-5 times and was somehow was not selected till than, and on that day I was there to buy something at that store and the GM himself asked me if I were interested in Part time job…that was in September 13th 2010 and I got the apartment offer on November 18th and wholaaaaaaa I got possession of that apartment on December 2nd 2010! (And to have at least 20 hour job was the main condition to be qualified for that apartment !)
    Only BABA can plan such moves! I am happy with whatever happens in my life, only some times I get overly anxious! But BABA never makes it a point not to stand by me!
    Jai SAI RAM.

  15. Dear meeraji very nice post and very well narrated…i pray to baba to cure your shoulder pain….may baba always bless you and evryone with good health and peace and very good relationships….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

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