Baba Came To My House From Shirdi And Other Experiences – Sai Devotee Buvi

Sai Sister Buvi Ji from USA says:

Dear Sai Devotees, My name is Buvi Raj and I reside in Alpharetta, GA (USA). I would like to share with you all the miraculous experience, which Baba has blessed me within a short span of time. I had recently shared my first experience in this blog titled My First Visit To Shirdi Experience – Sai Devotee Buvi and my second experience Miracles of Baba in my Life and I am writing my third one already, thanks to Baba.

Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you so much for playing a great role in spreading Baba’s fame. Truly appreciate your work. I am praying to Baba to inspire more people similar to you. Baba, bless you and be with you always.

Experience 1: Baba Came to Our house from Shirdi

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I had decided to spend the entire Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) with Baba in our Suwanee GA Temple and it all went as planned. My husband and son joined me in the evening for the Aarti. After Aarti, we were having dinner at the temple, when my husband told that we have guests coming over on Saturday and Sunday. It is my regular routine to go to the Sai Temple on Saturday evening from 3.30 to 7.30 pm and there seemed to be a conflict as the guests were coming around the same time on Saturday. I was a bit sad as I could not spend time with Baba that Saturday, but since the news was told in the temple, I went to Baba and said “Why are you doing this? I feel sad. I cannot come and see you this Saturday on time” and I left the temple.

After going home, I had a thought that may be Baba only is coming to our house, as in Sai Satcharitra Baba will go in the form of three other men and have food for Dev’s Udyapan ceremony. Every time, I read that chapter as well as another chapter where Baba comes to Hemadpant’s house for lunch (in the form of his portrait), I always think when would such a thing happen to me. So I went near Baba’s picture in my house and told looking at Baba in the eyes “Baba if guests are coming during the same time I see you every week, then I assume that it is You who is coming in their form. So I will take it positively and feel happy that You are only coming” and I kept asking Him “Is it You who is coming in the forms of guests”.

On Saturday, the guests were supposed to come at 3 pm. We made all the preparations and were waiting for them. It was 3.30 and still they did not come. At the same time the doorbell rang and I was surprised to see another friend of mine with her husband (not the ones whom we were expecting that day) and guess who came along with them. It is none other than our beloved Sai Maa straight from Shirdi. My friend’s husband had recently visited India and he had also gone to Shirdi. They had gotten Prasadam and UDI from Shirdi and along with it they gifted us a nice big framed photo of Baba. When I showed the picture to my husband, he was even more surprised because he had seen the same picture of Baba in his dream three months back. My friend had told her husband that I will not be in the house as she knows I visit Sai Temple during that time. But it looks like her husband was persistent that they just give it a try driving by and if I am there they can drop the Prasadam and photo. Two things to note, One – I was not able to go see Baba during that time so he came to see me . Two –Baba in fact came to my house that day for tea and snacks.

My friend wanted to leave after knowing the fact that we were expecting guests, but we asked them to stay for tea and the guests we were originally expected also came (they were a bit delayed). After my friend left, I went to Baba’s room to take UDI and Prasadam from Shirdi. When He gives me a flash about the same chapter from Sai Satcharitra, where Baba comes in the form of His photo to have lunch in Hemadpant’s house and I realized same thing happened to me. I did not realize until then, that Baba did come to my house for tea and snacks in the form of His picture. In fact, I had made a new snack that day and the friends liked it a lot. I went to the temple after that around 6.30 pm and sat in front of Baba with tears of joy and telling to Him “You came to see me from Shirdi! Thanks a lot”.

Experience 2: Baba visited my mom in the form of Black dog

Upon my (sorry Baba’s) request my Mom (residing in Chennai, India) had started her Nine Thursdays Sai Vrat. I guess it was her second/third week and it was a Thursday, when she climbed up the stairs to go to the terrace. She found a big black dog upstairs, sitting on the stairs. Our house has two big grill gates in the entrance, the first one has an opening, but the second one is fully closed on the top with very small openings. The terrace door is also always locked. My mom was surprised because she could not figure out how the dog came inside our house passing the grill doors, especially since the dog was very big. This is the first time, I am hearing of dogs coming into our house, even while I stayed there. I have seen cats and birds in the terrace, but not a dog inside the house that too on the second floor (of course I have seen them outside all the time). If the dog was found in the terrace, it is a different story. But it was sitting upstairs before the locked door leading to the terrace. My mom was stunned and did not know what to do. After seeing my mom, the dog came downstairs looked at her in the eyes and went downstairs. My mom, in that shocked state, was just looking at the dog and she really could not figure out through which opening it went out again. This happened in the morning.

The same day evening, my mom had gone to Sai Temple near our house. This temple has couple of other Gods as well, but Baba’s room was locked and so she was waiting outside. She sat on a stone in the open space outside Baba’s room inside the temple. As soon as she sat, a white dog and black dog came and sat one on each side of her. The priest came and she asked him to open Baba’s room, so she can take Darshan and leave. The priest, after seeing the dogs, began to hit and chase them away (I felt sad for them, when I heard the same). The white dog ran away, but the black one would not leave no matter how much the priest hits. It came and stood behind my mom and would not leave. The priest got mad and asked my mom to leave along with the dog, as the dog will not leave if she is there. So my mom left the temple sadly and the dog followed her. She walked down the road, but she was not satisfied because she could not take Baba’s Darshan on her Vrat day. So she walked back to the temple again. The priest said “Everything is over for you, just go”, and that he is not planning on opening the door. My mom had knee pain and she was praying to Baba for that to go away.

When she came out of the temple again, there was no sign of that black dog to her surprise (it was a small road and it is not that easy for that dog to disappear that quickly!). Also while she walked back to our house, she noticed that her knee pain had reduced and may be that is what Baba was trying to convey through the priest that everything (Pain) is over for her. Also since Baba gave Darshan in the form of black dog twice, He wanted to convey the same to my mom that it was not necessary to take His Darshan that day since He already visited her twice in the form of the black dog (Dattatreya!!). Amazing is Baba’s Leela!

Experience 3: Baba asking Dakshina (Faith and Patience) from my Mom on Punya Thithi Day

On Baba’s Punya Thithi day, in this October, my sister was planning on visiting Mylapore Sai Baba Temple. She wanted to take my Mom along with her. My sister had recently visited Shirdi (I have to write another blog regarding my sister’s experience in Shirdi as Baba came through human form thrice during her visit). My mom could not join her and so she was thinking at least to take her to Mylapore Sai Temple and also she was telling Baba if He can come in human form for my mom as well since she missed seeing her Shirdi experience. When she went home, even before she can tell her plan, my Mom already requested her to take her to Mylapore Sai Temple. It was raining heavily the previous day and morning and my Mom was praying that it should not rain, while they are travelling to the temple in the afternoon. As per her wish, it did not rain and they went to the temple and had very good Darshan of Baba. My mom was not in a mood to eat well during lunch at home as she was getting ready to go to the temple. By the time they finished Darshan, it was late in the afternoon probably 3 or 4 pm, but to their surprise the temple folks told them to go and have lunch. My mom was able to eat well there. One thing I have noted with Baba is that every time we visit any Sai Temple, He never lets us go on an empty stomach. Such motherly care He showers on His devotees.

After lunch, they were sitting inside the temple, when an elderly lady, wearing yellow saree, walked towards them. She sat next to them and asked my mom “It did not rain. Correct?”. She asked this twice, this was my mom’s unuttered wish and she was taken aback, when she asked the same to my mom. There is no reason for a stranger to walk by and ask such a strange question, out of the blue, unless it is our Sai Maa wearing His favorite yellow color. My sister and her daughter left my mom, just after the lady came, as they wanted to buy the Sai Vrat books for my mom as she was going to start her Vrat the following week. The lady asked how many kids my mom has and she told two daughters and after seeing my Sister and her daughter she thought that both of them were my mom’s daughter, which is when my mom corrected that the smaller one is her granddaughter and her second daughter is in USA and the minute she mentioned my name, the lady raised both her hands (just like how our Sai Maa does) and in a high tone said “Naala Irrukkattum” (in tamil), which means “Kush Raho” (in Hindi)/ “Let her prosper well” (in English). I had tears in my eyes, when my mom told me about Baba’s blessings that too on Punyathiti day at our powerful Mylapore Sai Temple. After that the lady, sorry Baba asked my mom for 2 Rupees, which is exactly what our Sai Maa asks from His devotees (Faith and Patience). If the lady was money minded, she should have asked my mom for more, as nowadays I am not sure if even a meal can be purchased with 2 rupees. My mom searched her purse and she could only find a 5 rupee coin and so she gave the same to the lady. The lady accepted the same and left. It did not strike my mom that it was Baba, who had come to collect His Dakshina from her until she went home and though about the same. Two things, my sister’s wish that Baba should come in human form, was satisfied and Baba came in person, got His Dakshina and approved my mom’s Sai Vratam from the following week.

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  1. amazing experiences. what can be more relaxing, than reading and feeling such lively experiences. our SAI BABA is just sooooo loving,caring and no words….my heart is thrilled iam full of joy, i want to cry and laugh at the same time his miracles make me go on a ride to heaven.they are cure to our problems ,they are hope to our wishes,they are patience to our ever wandering minds,they are love in the form of divinity.
    i thank to all the sai devotees ,who bring such lively experiences and hatalji for her participation in bringing us under one roof.iam grateful to sai ram.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very Great experiences. Sai can come in any form!! i remember my own experience which i posted here "Baba comes in form a Black Dog" when I read the above experience of Baba appearing as a Black Dog!! It is defenietly Sai or his "Messenger".

    Sai always said, he will fulfill every small need of his devotees and Baba assured that he will not speak a lie sitting in "Dwarakamai".

    Hail Hail Sai..the most kindest one!! the protector of the poor and down trodden, words short fall to praise you Sai.

    My Humble Salutations to the old and pious feet of "Sai"

    Allah Mallik,

    Servant of Baba!

  3. Om Sai Jai sai. M blessed after reading such a blissful experiences. Buvi ji u r one of the saiji's special child. Thank you Deva for everything. Baba please bless us always n increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  4. Dear Buvi ji…It is always a true pleasure to read your experiences. Your love and faith on Bath are very inspiring. I look forward to reading many more in the future. May Baba continue to bless you & your family in such wonderful ways forever.

    May Baba bless us all

    Om Sai Ram

  5. Dear Buviji,
    Your experiences are really nice to read as they take me to a different world. Your experiences remind me of another devotee Sudhamayejee, who used to post similar kind of wonderful experiences long time ago (like 6 months). I wonder what happened to her.

    Jai Sai Ram

  6. Jai Sairam

    Dear Buviji, Your experiences are really amazing… What you have mentioned in your mail is really true baba has never allow us to be in empty stomach.. I am going through this every thursday when i go for Baba's aarti..

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


  8. Very nice experiences! Baba comes to us and talks with us in many different forms and very wonderful that Baba came and talked with your mother as the black dog and also as the lady in the yellow sari. We should be aware of Baba's many forms and how He comes to teach us things and give us what we ask Him for. Om Sai Ram!

  9. i am very happy…..i read the 2nd experience last night and slept thinking that BABA shud come in my dream in the same form….to my surprise BABA came into my dreams in the form of a black dog…but i donno the reason, the dog was barking at me….i somehow feel that BABA is angry on me….what do u ppl say 🙁 BABA, if i have done anything wrong, pls pls forgive me

  10. Babaji came to my house yesterday morning. .babaji came suddenly dressed in white. Holding a stick..he just asked for tea..he had some snacks with tea..i believe in waheguru. .and i have been praying to babaji to come to my home. ..i..didn't even know saibabaji likes tea…it was too gud to be true…

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