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Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am a married south Indian working lady having a family of Husband and son. I took the responsibility of my father and mother, who were both retired officers, but left by sons. Only our daughters looked after and ultimately took them with me till their last breath. My father left this abode in 2002 and my mother left in Nov 2011. I finished my duty and said thanks to Baba.

Baba, You are everything for me. Every time, You given me life. I don’t have words to say my gratitude excepting touching Your feet.

1. My father, in 1997, went for a walk in the evening and forgot the route to come back. We searched hook and nook corner of Hyderabad and Secunderabad for a week. My elder sister, she sat before baba on 7th day asked to show my father. Within 5 minutes, she got up from pooja room on hearing a telephone call from Anonymous caller that my father is in Kachiguda station. We gave a paper ad with Photo. Immediately, we rushed there and find that he was sitting on two bricks with a white beard. What is that we all can say, He is ultimate for us. 2. In 1993, when I was carrying, my brother in law died in a car accident on Guru Poorima day, when he was going to Shirdi. I and my sister, at same time, were carrying and got scanned. My sister has been told by doctor as Boy Baby and for me girl baby. After that, I cried at Baba and said Baba everybody in my in laws family scolding You for taking away my brother in law. I was unable to see their scolding even that is natural for anybody whoever faces. I cried before Baba at least You are not giving me baby boy. At certain extent, they may see my brother in law in my baby boy. Before surgery day, doctor normally scanned and told me Your Baba is coming. At last I delivered a baby boy with really Baba's nature. Baba, You are always there with everybody. I only do cry by seeing Your face only that I can do.


Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am living in Delhi and married for last 11 years. My husband is into business and I am into service having two kids. This is my experience of miracle, which Baba has done for our family. Last year I went to Shirdi during the month of March. Baba gave us fifteen times His Darshan and finally on the day of second /third day in Shirdi, I saw a coconut in Baba's Samadhi. I felt like having the same and asked priest to give me. He get annoyed and finally He handover the coconut to me. Once the coconut was in my hands, I felt that I will conceive after having this coconut and but this thing came in my mind and faded away very fast. Anyways I came back to Delhi. I shared the coconut with the family members. But when I had, You do not believe. I can't say that I conceived immediately within next 2-3 month time. This is based on His 11 vachans that “Jaisa Bhaav Raha Jis Jan Ka Rup Hua Waise Mere Maan Ka”. Anyways after conceiving, the another cause of concern was that I recently joined a new job and the rule of office was that to the new joinee they never give any maternity leave or may be the management ask to leave the job to the person. I got worried and even plan to discontinue with my pregnancy. But baba has decided something else for me. I did not discontinue it as Baba conveyed me this through my doctor, my family. So I continued with my pregnancy. When I was on the 5th month and my stomach started showing the office, management ask me to leave the organisation. Now I am jobless with very much tension as I am a diabetic person using very expensive medication during my pregnancy. And that time my husband business was not running so good. Now I prayed to Baba, kindly show me the path and immediately the idea came up in my mind to talk to my previous employer, who is so kind. Finally, I went and did the same and I got the job there for a short notice till the time I deliver my baby. In the meantime, I also prayed Baba that I want this time a Baby boy as I am already having baby girl and you know friends I got a baby boy on Feb 9th, which was Thursday a Baba's day. And one more thing, I was able to arrange money also for the delivery and still continue my job as my baby at a growing stage with the same employer. Today my baby is 9.5 months old. So this is the biggest miracle. And this shows also that Baba listens and do for you wherever you require from Him. He is like a mother, who is there always for you as and when you require your mother do everything. I love Baba and now I am praying to Him that may Baba give all of us strength to keep Shraddha and Saburi towards anything, which we do. Baba also knows my further desires and He promised me through question and answers that within few times I will be successful and happy. I will pray Baba for all my friends and families prosperity and happiness. To Bolo Sadguru Sainath Maharaj KI Jai. Jai Sairam.

Baba Blessed My Father With A Good Health

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, I am Gayathri. I have already shared one experience. Now I am going to share my second experience. Please do not disclose my name and mail id. Baba is helping in every ways. I have faced lot of problems in my life. He is making me more and more bold. My father has got affected by bilirubin before three months. He could not eat anything. He suffered like anything. He is the only bread winner of our family. Even I've graduated. I did not have a job. But my baba has helped me to overcome all the problems in my life. I have prayed to Baba from the bottom of my heart to cure my father's health. What a miracle! Within an hour, my father's health has got improved. He has started eating now like before. Without Baba how it's possible. Baba has saved my Appa's life and my family too. Now I am looking vigorously for a job. I am not getting it. I don’t know what to do. But one day, Baba will bless me with good job. Hetal Ji I am not that much fluent in English. Please edit it. Please do not disclose my name and my mail id.

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  1. Om Sai Ram

    Anonymous devotee: May Baba be with you and your family at all times and bless you with everything.

    Devotee from Delhi: It is so sweet of Baba to get this experience posted on 9th Feb itself. Wishing your son a very Happy Birthday. May Baba bless him & be with him forever. It is a wonderful miracle of Baba that you conceived after receiving the cocnut.

    Gayathri ji: Baba is with you. Hope you found a great job by now. If not and if you can do a 9 Guruvar Vrat for your job and very soon Baba will bless you. Many devotees including myself have benefited from it.

    Shri Samarth Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai

  2. om sai naathaye namah..to the second devotee its ur son's birthday and ur experience is published on today.i guess its another miracle.happy birthday to him.i wish baba meri prayers bhi sunte jaise sabki sunte hain but may be i did lots of bad karmas in my past lives dats y doesnt matter how much i cry there is no effect on him.jise sabne thukra diya use aap ne bhi thukra hi diya baba.mujhe lagta tha atleast aap mujhe jholi bhar doge.aap kehte hain ki koi tumhare darwaje pe aye to use khali haath na jane do lekin main aap ke darwaje pe ayi shirdi mere paas paise nahi the udhaar maang kar ayi is aas se ki aap ke dwaar pe mangne pe sab milta hai par apne bhi mujhe khali haath lauta diya…ab batao main kaha jaun baba ???jab main hi toot gayi hun to mera wishvaas kaise bacha rahega wo bhi to tootega hi na…ho sakta hai main aap ki sachi bakhat na sahi mere mann mein shardha ki kami ho lekin ek bhikhari samajh kar to aap mujhe ashirwaad de sakte ho na..meri khali jholi bhar sakte the na lekin jin ankhon mein maine sapne sajaye unhe aap ne ansoou se bhar diya…dukhi to main pehle se thi lekin ab jiada dukhi hun kyonki aapse maine gayi thi jo umeed kagayi thi wo toot gayi or saath main main bhi

    • om sai ram
      aapko jo chaiye shayad usme waqt lag raha ho,bas aap apni aas mat chodo.agar aapko meri is baat se thodi shanti mil sake to mai aapko ye batati hun ki char saal se mai ek choti si khushi k liye taras gayi thi,par fir bhi maine kabhi baba me shraddha nahi chodi,shayad in dino me ham apne baba ko sabse zyada yaad karte hai.aapki jholi zaroor bharegi.

  3. Om Sai Ram

    Nice experiences, the only thing baba asks from his devotees are shradha and saburi which can fullfill every desire.Please baba show your love and blessed me and my family


  4. O Deva, please bless us all, Your children.

    Be with us at every step, show us the path to walk and guide us to do only good.

    Thank You for everything 🙂

    Jai Sairam

  5. I am unable to watch Shri Shirdi Sai Baba live Samadhi Mandir Darshan from last 3 days.. is any one is facing the same problem?

    Om sai ram

    • Sai Ram,
      Yes, I have been able to watch the live darshan.
      Maybe you can try to run a virus scan on your comp.. it has happened to me before and after I ran the scan I was able to view the darshan again.
      Om Sai Ram

    • Can anyone please guide me how to watch live Darshan on Mac. I have tried all the ways but nothing worked. Any Mac users here can help me? I have problems loading the page in Chrome and it asks me to install a plug in. After I get the plug in installed it again shows me the same message. Please Help.

  6. Om Sai Ram. Baba apna hath humare sar pa humesh rakhna baba. Baba humari madat karo baba. Humari sari problems ko khatam kar do baba. Baba pls help us in all my personal and professional problems. Pls bless us baba, apni kripa drishti hum pe bana diyeye baba ji. Madat karo baba. Om sai ram….

  7. Omsairam
    One more miracle for the devotee from delhi,Baba made your experience shared on your son's birthday itself.Baba will always shower his blessings on your son and family.Baba'S ways are really unique.
    Baba please always be with my son and help him to face problems in life bravely .
    Baba koti koti pranam on lotus feet.

  8. om sai jai sai. Thank you deva for everything. Saiji please bless us all always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  9. Very nice experiences! Baba is there with us and also helped these devotees through their trials and tribulations dealing with pregnancies and difficulties faced by others (job people, family members), but keeping faith in Baba can triumph all these obstacles people try to throw in our path; Baba will crush and destroy all of them so we have a clear path towards happiness. Om Sai Ram!

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