Experiences of few more devotees are shared.

Baba Took The Pain Away As Soon As I Stepped In Shirdi

Sai Sister Neha Ji from Australia says:

I live in Sydney (Australia) since last 7 now. I have been to Shirdi first, when I was 8 years old. I use to visit often with my parents, when we used to live in Surat. But after that my dad got transferred, we couldn’t go to Shirdi for long time. But the faith in Saibaba always remained in my heart as my mother is so devoted to Saibaba.

I got married and came to Australia after 2 years of marriage. I had life full of struggle for nearly 6 years. But I always used to watch Saibaba serial in youtube and my eyes used to water, when I watch His Aarti and serial. I have tried my best to give my kids Hindu religion sanskars and they also watch all the spiritual episodes as I do. They enjoy it a lot and also question me, which I love to answer. Recently we had lot of problems in our business and married life also. I always pray to God to make everything right in our life. I always join hands and pray to Baba that I want to come to Shirdi please make some way for me. And at last after 6 years I got the chance. My husband wouldn’t allow me to go to India as he was scared that I will tell everyone in India what he did to his family.

One day I had a real chest pain, which stayed 24 X 7. I lied to my husband as I knew he would not let me go to India and said that I have consulted the doctors here and they said I have got lump in my chest and need further treatment. So he somehow agreed to let me go to India. The pain was still there. We got the tickets and I went to India after 6 long years! My parents and my brother and sister were so happy on seeing me and my kids after long long time. I truly believe that it was because Baba wanted to let me come to Shirdi. In just 6 days after arriving to India, we were able to go to Shirdi with kids, parents, brother and sister. I was so happy for it and can’t thank enough to Baba. The pain was still there in the chest. We arrived in Shirdi and checked in the hotel room. After I had a bath, I realised that the pain in my chest had gone completely! This pain was 24 X 7 since last 20 days, but it vanished as soon as we came to Shirdi. This was a miracle! I thanked Baba a lot for that. And also for letting me come to India even if my husband is so stubborn. If He wishes, He can make every step clear for us. Jai Sai. Keep blessing us all.

Baba Cleared My Doubt

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am Shikha Singh, lives in Mhow (M.P.). I am an MBA (Finance) and works with a Company as an Accounts Officer. In my family I have my Mummy and one sister and one brother. My father passed away 14 years ago. I did my schooling in Army School Mhow and Graduation and MBA from DAVV. Sai Ram Hetal Ji. I have been reading your blog from quite some time, but this is my first experience which I am sharing with you. Please feel free to make necessary corrections. It is worth saying that Sai is always with us, carefully looking after each one indifferent of caste, creed, religion. I didn't know from when I started believing Sai, but from the time I have been in His sharan and He has never left me alone. He has always blessed me and kept His Varad Hasth on me. Whenever I am depressed, I always find my Baba beside me saying that "Why are you afraid, depressed. I am with you. Believe on me, everything will be alright”. Now I will start my experience. I stay in Mhow (M.P.). I Work in company in Indore, which is 28 Km. away from my home town. Every day in the morning before going to the office, I visit Sai Mandir which is in Mhow near the railway station. It was a Thursday Morning, when like every day I went to Baba's Mandir. That time Abhishek was going on. Instantly a thought came in my mind that Baba It’s long time since I have given Baba a Chola as a Bhet, from then I have never seen Baba wearing it. I became very depressed thinking that Baba has not accepted it. After doing Pranam to Baba, I went to the office. On Thursday, I visit the Mandir twice, that is I go to the mandir in the evening also. But that Thursday I got late and thought that as I have been to mandir in the Morning, I'll skip going in the evening, otherwise I won't get any convince. When I reached to the auto stand, I couldn't see single auto. Then I tried calling my brother to pick me up, but the call was also not connecting. After trying many times I decided to go walking. As I reached a little distance, a strong feeling came as Baba is calling me. I decided to go back to the mandir. As I stepped into the Mandir, I was surprised on what I saw. I couldn't believe my eyes. My Baba was wearing the Chola, which was given by me as a Bhet to Him. I can't explain my feelings in word. My heart filled with Joy, which came out in form of tears from my. I Kote Kote thanked my Baba for His unconditional love and affection. After that when I came out of the Mandir, I saw the magic on the stand and I could easily contact my brother and he came and picked me up. Baba did all this just to solve the query and the doubt which I had in my mind. By this Baba proved that He has His unique ways to fulfill each and every desire of His child. I would just like to say that have firm faith in Baba and He will finish all our difficulties and problems. KOTE KOTE PRANAM BABA.

Sai Baba Takes Care Of Me

Sai Sister Joti Ji from India says: Hi, my name is Jyoti Sangwan. I am from Haryana. Most of the times, Sai Baba helps me immediately. I feel that He loves me and taking care of my life. I was going in my friend’s marriage. Mistakenly, I took different bus. Bus was reached quite far from the place. I asked a person sitting near my seat that where he is going. Uncle said that he will get off at Narnaul. I was shocked completely. As I was thinking that bus is going to Rohtak. At that time, it was 5 in the evening. Bust stopped in a village stop and I took off from the bus. I was not having any idea when next bus will go back. I prayed Sai and said that it is almost half an hour waiting bus. Baba, please come here and help me. Also I thought if I get Rohtak bus, I will be at Rohtak by 8 pm. And then one private vehicle came and I asked where this is going. One uncle said that this will go to Dadri. I sat in the vehicle. After some time, one boy asked uncle that this is Rohatak press vehicle, so this will go Rohtak. I was so happy that time because I won’t need take bus from Dadri for Rohtak and I will reach Rohtak by 8 pm. I know that it was my Sai who send that vehicle for me. Thank You Sai. There are two more experiences with Sai. I will share them someday later. Love You Sai.
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  1. U dont like me smiling or feeling happy itself is't baba?tell me.Just two weeks back i felt happy for getting a job now…feeling very disgusted,irritated and painful.What is that u r doing?punishing me for my previous fault is't?dont u know the actual reason for me quitting that job.if everything went as it was supposed to be would i have quit?how much of dedication n hardwork i put there?what was the result….here everything is non sense.salary not ok,work culture not good,growth i wont have,on top of that i cant save money as i have to pay for everything,going to lose my health totally u know the reason why.cant be in contact with anyone.its going to be a jail.above all just because of me and my job my mother has to suffer cant sleep till i reach home.Iam feeling totally bad.financially also im not settled for my age and family situation,for the amount of experience no use i have got till now.People of my age are now managers and senior managers now.Where am i standing now.I wont reach those heights is it?u want your daughter to stand down always without climbing the steps is it?or to come up in life i need money,good complexion and be away from family totally is it?i seriously feel like going n banging myself hard.Please do something deva pls.Do some changes.Give me a break in life.Be with me dont betray me pls.Iam begging to u.dont know what more to say,even without saying u should understand me na.will u understand sairam?

  2. SAI RAM
    Dear Devotees
    All the three Experiences are amazing.
    For Devotee Number 1, please say that you are teaching your kids all spiritual things Not Religious Things.
    SAI BABA is beyond any religion.
    First of all there is Difference between DHARMA & RELIGION.
    Religion Means-Majhab or Sect, Normally if you teach about certain religion, generations tend to be rigid towards other religions.
    Dharma Means: Righteousness OR ability to understand what is right or wrong.
    Secondly, Technically there is no religion named as HINDU. It was Actually “SANATAN” Dharma-Historical Vedic Dharma. People of India were called Hindus, as they used to live in Hindustan-not because they were following Hindu religion.
    (Hindustan is derived from the Old Persian word Hindu, which in turn is derived from Sindhu, the Sanskrit name for the Indus River. Old Persian refers to the people living beyond the Indus as Hinduš)
    Now when invaders started to come to Hindustan, only then the term HINDU took more prominence, as they needed to be DISTINGUISHED from other foreigners coming to HINDUSTAN.
    It was only towards the end of the 18th century that European merchants and colonists began to refer to the followers of Indian religions collectively as Hindus. The term Hinduism was introduced into the English language in the 19th century to denote the religious, philosophical, and cultural traditions native to India. So Hinduism is term given to us by foreigners.
    So lets try to teach our kids human values and equality on all levels, then this world will definitely a better place to live and this broad mindedness will bring more tolerance towards other people and far less problems for generations who are trying to get married to people from different sects.
    Love to all, peace to all, SAI PREMA TO ALL.

  3. Baba humse kya galti ho gayi hai??/ sab taraf se itni zada problems aa rahi hai kya kare baba.Pls bless us baba pls pls pls help us. Help my sister baba…..

  4. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you for sharing nice experiences. Thank you Deva for everything. Saiji always bless us all and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  5. OM SAI RAM….Baba pls help me…u know me and my family struggling for my marrg but nothing is working out…just getting delayed. Baba pls help us to get good project for my company otherwise evrything will be finished with only tears….pls help deva..dont leave me with my worries and unfulfilled dreams…..can any one help?..OM SAI RAM

  6. A couple of good experiences. I hope Baba takes care of the the issues that are plaguing the person who posted the first experience.

    O Deva, there are millions of Your children and I am not even there at the top of the list. I have complete faith in You and I await my turn for You to bless me.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Nice experiences, for the person writing the first comment, please have faith,leave everything to his feet and see what he does for you…Sairam

  8. om sai raam..
    please baba you know i love him so much please make him marry me..please i would feel very bad baba i cant tell this to anyone except you..i know only you can do this miracle please baba…i have only you to help me get married to him in this peak time…
    om sai raam..

    Baba as usual I am still confused and disturbed.
    I don't know what to say.
    But I Love You Baba.
    I can't live without thinking of you for at least one second.

  10. Sai Baba please meri bhi sun lo pllleaaseee.. I beg you.. even I am your child…babu sun lo na…. I have been begging you for so long… main kya karun.. sab kuch karke dkh lia.. baba plzzzzz I want you to reply now… 🙁 Sai Baba pleasseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Sabki sunte ho meri bhi sun lo plzzzz I desperately need you abhi ke abhi

  11. Sai ji.. plz mujhe kal jita dijiye.. plz mere Babaji.. ek aap he ka sahara..plz mere Sai ji.. plz! Apki beti aap k ashirwad k sahare he jee rhi h.. plz mere sir pr apne pyar aur ashirwad wala hath hamesha banaye rakhiyega..!! Jai Sai Ram.. Om Sai Ram

  12. Very nice experiences! Neha Ji, Baba was the one who called you to India and also took away your chest pain. Joti Ji, Baba helped you to get to your proper destination and sent the car for you, Baba is always with us and hears all our thoughts and helps us in times of need. Shikha Ji, Baba was the one who didn't want you to leave to show you He is wearing the Chola you had given him, so He didn't allow you to find a auto or call your brother until you came to see what He was wearing. Baba has many ways of helping us and showing us His love and we should always be aware of the many forms of Baba's love for us. Om Sai Ram!

  13. Om Sairam…

    Its good that first experience devotee finally able to reach Shirdi…A little lie to see father(Baba) is really worth enough…Hope everything goes well…

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  14. Baba I am getting frustrated Waiting for your help for a long time.I want to live with my children and they should need me and would have love and affection on me.I am not able to live alone
    Pl baba listen my prayer

  15. Baba I am getting frustrated Waiting for your help for a long time.I want to live with my children and they should need me and would have love and affection on me.I am not able to live alone
    Pl baba listen my prayer

  16. Om shree ram, jai ganesh, jai dattatreya, jai hanuman, jai durga, jai murugan, om namaha shivaya, baba ki palkhi, tirupati balaji

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