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Baba Sent A Car To Drop Me Home

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Dear Hetal Ji, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to share our experience. I am currently residing in USA and has a lot of experiences and sharing one of it in this post. This is the first time, I am posting here. I have become a regular reader of miracles in your website and really very much impressed with it. Baba is great, and He is giving us this opportunity through you.

I would like to share one of my experiences that I had almost 10 years back. I was working in Mangalore that time, was staying in a home with roommates. It was lunar eclipse on that day, myself and my friend went to Baba temple, and we stayed back there until the eclipse was over, as we wanted to take Darshan before we leave. It was almost 11:30pm in the night. By the time, we had Baba Darshan after eclipse. We were happy with the Darshan and started home. Our home is 10 min walking distance from the temple. After coming out from the temple, we realized that it is too late in the night and it is really not safe in the Mangalore.

Then I was just talking to Baba in my mind, “Baba, we stayed here at the temple for you for so long, why you don’t drop us home in a car”. The moment I got that thought, one car came and stopped just in front of us. There was a couple inside the car. The lady in the car opened the door, and started scolding us, “What are you girls doing at this time in the night, come get in to the car, we will drop you at your home”. As soon as she asked, I was shocked and I did not think about anything and just got in to the car, and my friend did not know what to do, so she just got in to the car. After getting in to the car, I saw a Baba idol in the car. I was very happy with His miracle and told the same thing to that lady. The lady was very happy to listen about the miracle, and my friend was happy too. She dropped us at home and left. Then my friend was scolding me, you should have told me that you requested Baba to send the car. I was shocked to see you get in to strangers car at that time in the night, without even thinking once. Then I told her, there was no time at all, I just asked and immediately He sent, and I was in surprise myself.

Few days after this incident, I went to temple on Saturday afternoon. I was still happy with the miracle on that day. But I wanted to confirm that Baba has sent the car for me only on that day. Thinking lot of questions in my mind, I was asking Baba again, “Baba, if you had sent the car just for me on that day, can you prove that again by dropping me today in the car again”. I thought this and then again after few min, the same lady that dropped us on that day appeared there. I was happy looking at her. We were talking about Baba’s miracles and however I did not mention anything to her about what I asked Baba just few min before. Then after our conversion, she said she will drop me again as our home is on the way for her. We both got in to the car. Then she was casually telling that she did not mean to come today. All of sudden, she got a wish to see Baba. Her husband was taking bath at that time. So she just took the car keys and started to temple without even telling to her husband. I was very happy and told sorry to Baba for asking again, when there was no need. I still feel very happy with this miracle even now whenever I think of it. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

Sai Nath Gave Me Job And Transfer

Sai Brother Rahul Ji from India says:

This is all about my real experience with Sai Baba Ji. In 2008, my campus interview was on full swing and the experience was all about it. I always pray for the nice company selection and when I heard about the TCS that it is the Asia LARGEST IT company. I started preparing for TCS. But I was average student. I visited Sai Baba temple in my city. And with love and emotions, I pray to God please give me this job. And I came back to home and start preparing for the interview. But before interview, there was Aptitude tests for the company and so experience is as follows:

I cleared the aptitude test, while my class topper were not able to clear the same. And I understood the power of Sai Baba that He give me lot of knowledge at that time and clear the exam and next day my technical and HR round was scheduled.

I cleared the technical as well as HR round with Sai Baba blessings and I joined TCS after my completions of degree. And then I was facing some problem in my job, but till then I decided to live according to God and I decided not to ask anything to God and God gave me every happiness. And my salary was not increasing as per my will, so I was bit disappointed and then decided to take onsite opportunity. I tried, but I did not get the same. I was very much upset and then I asked Baba please give me Transfer to Pune and getting transfer is quite difficult tasks in TCS. So I decided to ask my Baba for the same. And guys, with in 3 to 4 days, I got a guy number in Pune, who helped me to get in Pune and I know he was sent by My Baba and currently I am settled in Pune and always blessed with Sai Baba . Believe Him, you will get a experience.

A Divine Miracle – Sai Saved Our Lives

Sai Sister Sakshi Ji from India says:

Hi All Sai Devotees, I am a software professional and my entire family is a staunch believer in Sai. I am thankful to Him that He has accepted our prayers and has been a guiding me through ways in life. He has helped in deciding what is right and what is not right, while making decisions.

While describing this experience I feel like crying and also thanking Sai – who is the great savior. I along with my husband, recently, visited Goa as we have brought a nice studio apartment there. We went to enjoy vacation at our new home. Since we took possession of the place, on the first day, we kept Sai’s photo and thanked Him for giving us this wonderful gift. We enjoyed our 7 days vacation in Goa and happily we planned to return on Dec 24th. We started driving in the morning at 8 30 am. Since the travel distance from Goa to Pune is 8 hrs, we thought it is good to start early during day time. We reached Amboli Ghat area and it was fun driving. Then we crossed Kolhapur and Satara at almost 110 kmph speed on the highway.

We reached on the borders of Pune near Khed Shivapur toll and near the speed breakers on the toll our vehicle, which is a Fiat Adventure sports model, suddenly stalled at one place with a huge sound. Since the car was not starting at all – the members at the toll helped us in pushing the vehicle to road side. My husband got upset and we were standing and thinking on what might have happened. We didn’t see any garage nearby. Incidentally we saw a guy sitting in the PUC vehicle, who was looking at us. We approached him and asked him if he knew any mechanic in nearby area. He called up one person named Mustaq and within no time, he arrived at the spot. He checked the vehicle and told us that it is a major breakdown and the engine of 450 kgs has moved 4 inches ahead in the vehicle and we were lucky enough that it didn’t happen on the highway, while we were in full speed, otherwise there was a 100% chance that any vehicle could have hit us from behind due to sudden stall of our vehicle.

We were shocked and stunned and were speechless. Mustaq called another Fiat mechanic in Pune and promised that they will work on the vehicle for 3 hrs and get it fixed. Mustaq helped us in towing the vehicle from Khed Shivapur toll to a distance of some 15 kms in Pune where the garage was. Then we met the mechanic at the garage, who again happened to be a wonderful person. He immediately took the vehicle for repairs and arranged for some food and water for us as were looking very panicked and shocked. The mechanic was the owner of the garage and he worked continuously for 4 hrs and fixed the vehicle till 11 pm at night. He took very nominal labour charges apart from price of the parts and told us that I am happy that I was of help to you in this serious situation. He again said that we were lucky that this incident didn’t happen, while we were on the highway running in full speed. We became so attached to that person and incidentally he told us that he has built a new Sri Dattatray temple at home under the Audumbar tree and is going to do Murthi Staphna Pooja tomorrow (i.e 27th December) on the occasion of Datta Jayanti. He invited us there. We are going there tomorrow. This way lord Sai Datta has saved us from a big disaster and I am thankful to Him for His blessings on our family.
Hetal Ji, with this note, I would also like to thank you for this wonderful site, where we can read all the experiences people are going through and how our lord Sai has helped many people conquer tough situations in life. Thank you very Much! Om Sai Ram!!!

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  1. Very nice experiences! Sakash Ji, Baba was the one who prevented your car from suddenly stopping on the highway so that you would not get into an accident, but also ensured that many people came to help you and made sure you also got food and water while waiting for the car to be fixed. Devotee from USA, it was Baba who sent for the car, after all, you are Baba's daughter and He will always arrange for His daughter to go home safely, right? Rahul Ji, Baba was the one who wanted you to have the job in TCS and also arranged for the good opportunity in Pune, trust in Baba's plan will ensure that everything works out well and also Baba will arrange for enough money so that you don't have to worry about paying bills and not having enough money on hand. Om Sai Ram!

  2. All experience are nice sai baba bless all of us sai baba give me signal that you with me every time baba I know m facing problems because of my past karma plz any devotee give me advice how I can be pure sai devotee

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Happy Thursday my Dearest SaiNatha ! Today is the Udyaapan of my 9 Thursday Vrat which i promised to do after my marriage. Baba please do come home today and have food here and bless us all. We love you a lot.

    Baba please cure my cold and sneezing problem, it is hurting and paining a lot. Please bless my Mother, Father, Husband, Brother and my whole family, all friends and relatives. May your blessings reach all of the people in this whole world. Please do help, bless, guide ad advice us all always in all matters of our lives.We surrender at your Lotus feet. Please do bless everyone with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth ad happiness.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    I am speechless!! tears of Joy start come out. Sai never left any one behind!! the simple reason- he is the Universal Father and Mother.

    My humble Salutations to the old and pious feet of Sai Samarth.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  5. Om Sai Ram,
    I really like this blog very lot. Please make my husband to settle with good job in life soon. Baba please make my mind and heart cool and bless me and my lovely family and Show your blessings to me today in any form plz……..

  6. babaji please please make our shirdi trip blssful!!please bless us and please show us a miracle…om sai ram apna haath hamare upar hamesha banaye rakhna….going shirdi tomorrow after a long wait

    • really very happy for u.. u r really fortunate to go to Shirdi. Please do pray for us also. Wish u happy & blissful journey.

  7. O Deva please bless the people around me and help me tide over this situation.

    Thank You for everything.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Baba,

    Plz provide my sister a job . She is having her interview in a company tomorrow. please baba bless her with this job. baba as you know what we r going through after we have lost our Dear mother. plz guide my sister n give her full confidience to pass this interview. i have full faith in you baba, whereecer you are i know you are listening to my humble prayer request.i am sure that my mother merged with n you are really taking good care of my beloved mom. i can just remember her n cry other than that i cannot do abything . plz give what you think is best for us. baba please bless all the devotee who is going through their toughest phase of life.OM SAI RAM.

    Baba I want to ask you whole heartedly Please bless all your devotees and all people with healthy and happy life.
    Baba please bless everyone in this world to live in your path and lead happy and spiritual life.
    Love you so much Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha Sadguru Sainath
    Maharaj Ki Jai.

  10. Om sai ram. Baba mujhe maaf karna,main aapke bataye raste mein chalme ke sochta to hun,par hamesha bhatak jaata hun. Baba mujhe budhi do,taki main aapke bataye rashte mein chal saku.

    Om sai ram!!


  11. Baba, today I completed 9 th sai vrat. Please bless my son for his board exams which is starting on 2nd March, Saturday.
    Please bless him to get the desired stream in the desired school.

    Om Sai ram

  12. Om Sai Jai Sai. Saiji thank you for everything. Baba please bless us always and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day. Deva please bless my husband with decent business.

  13. Very nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  14. om sai ram
    please baba help me to get the job ,i realy need the job ,i have applied my previuos job in the same airline sai please i need your blessing.

  15. Om sai ram.baba you are divine.i cant able to handle the situations around me both phycically and mentally,please help me and my parents.
    Bless all who believe in you baba.

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