Experiences of few more devotees with Lord Sai Baba are being shared.

I was kept out of fear

Anonymous Devotee from Malaysia says:

Hi, I am 31 years old and I work as an editor. I live with my family in a big city. I love my job, but my job is really hectic and makes me tired at times. I work and slog a lot and I try my best to complete my work as fast as possible.

Whenever I come back home in the weekends, I will always bring back a bundle of work back from my office back home. Last Friday, I took a stack of my work to do at home. Last night I was trying to search for a document and I could not find it. I searched my bag. I searched everywhere for the document and still could not find it. Finally I looked at Sai’s photo and prayed silently to Him asking Sai to please help me to find the document as it was very important for my work. I could then hear Sai mentally telling me “Child, please don’t worry, you left that document in office on your table”. I was very calm and went to bed after that. Today morning, when I came to office, I found the document and it was lying on my table and I felt Sai’s face smiling at me. I am so grateful to my darling Baba for comforting me, when I was so worried as to where I placed my doc. Thank You Sai, You are always my saviour.

Sai Hears All Our Concerns

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Om Sai Ram. I usually go to temple on Thursdays. One Thursday I felt like preparing Kova to Baba. It took long time, but I prepared Kova and took it to temple. Lots of people bring food during Aarti time in temple on Thursday. After Aarti was over, everyone gets to share food with all the devotees. So after offering to Baba, I placed the Kova on the dishes table. Whoever wants it will take it. After 30 minutes everyone’s dish is emptying except mine. I got worried, and in my mind I thought that why Baba? Don’t You like Kova? Is there something wrong with my preparation? As soon as I had this thought in my mind, a guy came and took a spoon from my Kova and ate it. Not only he ate it, he called his family and said, this is the best sweet I ever ate; you guys should try it too. Whoever prepared it made it really good. Within 2 minutes my whole Kova dish was empty. I felt very happy. Baba hears even our slightest concerns and assures us. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Blessed Me In The Form Of Shadow

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Baba blessed me in the form of shadow. I should thank Baba for everything He has done to me so far. I feel so lucky to be a Baba devotee because whatever may be the crisis, I know I can always look up to Him. The experience I am about to share happened to me when I was studying 12th std. Like all of us know it’s a very crucial year and it’s very important to get good marks. I used to pray every day before going to sleep. That day I was studying till 12 midnight and I got really tired. I could not stay awake. So I came from studying room to the bed room. Before going to sleep for some reason, I felt like sitting on my bed and staring at the wall. Suddenly I saw a shadow on the wall in the form of Satguru Shirdi Sai Baba. (in the shape of the statue in Shirdi) I was so overwhelmed. I know Baba has come to bless me for my exams.

Another miracle in my life is on the day of 12th results. I woke up at 7 with a dream. It was very wage, but in my dream I could clearly see a four figure number. I was very confused. Later that day I got my results and my total was the four digit number I saw in my dream. I was very surprised and from then on my love for Baba increased deeply. Now I am placed in TCS, which also happened only because of Baba. Thank You all for reading patiently. May Baba bless all of you. This is such a great website and I wanted to share this with all of you. OM SAI RAM.

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Anil Gupta
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    • Sai Bless You Bhanubrata.. I wish aisa hi ho… jus kuch din and Sai sab acha kar den.. I really want things to be alright.. have been through a lot.. Om Sai Ram!!

  1. My name is sandeep I am devotee of baba but I am a big lier plz anybody guide me how I can be a true person baba wants me to be true person plzzzzzz

    • you realized your mistake that it self is great in your self..your heart is pure so don't worry our sainath will lead to true path..

    • om sai ram!

      sandeep ji, daily read one chapter of sai satcharitra, this will guide you to follow true path.
      baba bless you.

      jai sai ram!

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba does hear even to a smallest concern of our's. Sai will respond immediately!! but if he doesn't we shouldn't loose faith and get restless. Baba has his own plans, do not forget that Sai is "Mahavishnu" and his way of doing things is completely different and beyond our imagination.

    My Humble Salutations at the old and pious feet of Baba!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

    • mahasaya pleas forgive me ….you are absolutely right but some time baba wants to what we want..human tendency till the time we wount realized then how we will understand what is wright and what is wrong…im server of all human being which is made by our baba…….

  3. Sai Ram,Please make me a better person in all ways.

  4. Hi Sandeep,

    You know your fault so it is easy to correct. Believe me, i used to lie a lot, but after many years i realized lying caused me so many problems that only sai was able to get me out of those situations. Remember this, you cannot achieve a single thing by lying, sooner or later truth will be out. Few years back i was worried about my lying and felt concerned just like you, i asked saibaba question in a website. Sai's reply is: follow the path of truth, i will always be with you. What more confirmation do i need, so i considerably reduced my lies now a days i completely stopped. It is a hard thing to work out but please have the will power. Next time you lie knowingly or unknowingly just think sai wont approve of lies and he wont stay with us all the time, that should do the trick. From my experience, people who lie most probably faced some problems in childhood or they are craving some attention, so please look into your life what are craving for? and is it worth it to lie? Spend your time in temple, reading sai stories and reading any kind of books, focus on your career, exercise, do yoga, stay simple, calm and follow truth sai will be with you forever.

    sai siri

  5. O Deva….Love u baba….i cannot think of any thing positive for career and financial problm except u being my side…..pls baba as u have helped the devotee to fulfill her dreams pls ..help me also to achieve my dreams of career and money so that my parents feel proud of me…Only u can do that miracle baba…….pls help me dont leave me in middle with my hope and unfulfilled dreams……………pls see that my mrrg is settled soon with the alliance which my parents want to…..waiting for ur blessings baba……….

    • om sai ram!

      chitti ji! don't worry. pls daily read one chapter of sai satcharitra. baba will soon bless you. have faith and patience.

      jai sai ram!

  6. help me deva and guide me as you always do thanks to be in my life
    om sai ram i know everything will be fine because of you.

  7. Sai Maa … could you pls tell me how many years i have to stay like this without job and married life.Am 35 years of age neither i am getting any job nor anyone approach me for marriage.If i am that bad then why did u call me to shirdi and sent me empty handed.i have been readin sai charitra since 2 years regularly without fail,i have done nav vrat 3 times,i chant 108 names of sai daily,i read sai kasht nivaran mantra,i read moola bheeja mantra,i am offering puja to evey sai mandir i heard about,i m feeding crows since 10 years now.Now tell me what more is left to do or else better kill me.At this age u cant say have patience to anyone.People laugh at me coz i have no job since 8 years even at athe age of 35 i am still unmarried.I cant see my parents suffer for me like this.I have even visited shirdi and shipur recently.I have offered my puja to shibpur for complete one month.I think nothing is left for me to wash out my sin.

    • Dear sai devotee,

      Hatsoff to your patience I can totally understand what you are going through. I dont know what career path you are in, but 8 years is too long without job. Think about what could be going wrong in your job search, evaluate each and everything. Is it your communication? Is it your lack of experience? is it because you dont have much networking(people to help to)? Believe it or not, now a days people are getting jobs only through friends, or their network connections.You have to be in the right place at the right time. Please dig through your friends, dont just stick to one place for job search, broaden your job search to many places. There may be different plans for you by god that is why you are not yet settled. Be patient, and change your job search method. Sai will be always with you. Sai siri.

    • om sai ram!

      dear devotee! don't worry. baba dont want your pujas , or fastings, he wants your complete devotion. read one chapter of sai satcharitra with complete devotion . baba will soon bless you.trust him blidly. he will solve all your problems. baba bless this devotee.

      jai sai ram!

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please help us come out of this problem. Help us Baba. Only with your support everything can be fine. Please fill love, faith, trust and lots of joy and happiness between us. Bless me and my husband. Be the binding force between us and make our bond strong, beautiful and ever-lasting.

    Love you Baba.Please take good care of my husband. Baba, Please bless him with good health, long-life, peace, prosperity, wealth ad happiness. Bless to be to 'Sada Suhaagan'. Many many thanks to you for everything.
    We owe you all our joy. Please take away all of our fears, sorrows and burdens.

    May your blessings reach all of us always and help us to go in the right path in life. Please bless us to do good deeds so as to deserve your Kripa.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva thank you for everything . Saiji please bless us always and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  10. Baba please bless my son. I had promised I won't have any other wish for u. Pleas help my 4 year old recover from disease.

  11. Om Sai Ram

    Dear Anonymous thanks a lot for understanding my situation or else everyone laughs at me these days.I am BA(eng),LLB,PGDBCL,2 years DIploma in computer application … i was in legal field ..but just because of my self respect and my honesty i resigned from my job.For me character,dignity and honesty mattered most so i decided not to continue with such a dirty environment.Now i feel was i wrong in choosing honesty …God has punished me to such an extent for leaving that job i think.I have no friends or relatives to help me .No one makes friends with me since i am jobless.

    • Dear devotee, baba is with you. In fact he makes you to take correct decision. Just leave everything on him. He is our father, mother, brother, Sister and friend. By being a true true friend he will not leave us. Sai bless u.

  12. om sai raam

    baba you know how much i love him…please make me maary him baba i beg you..change his mind..make him love me..i cannot be without him..please…one side love is really painful..i know he likes me ..buthe is not expressing…i love him for nearly 9 years now..baba only you can do a miracle..om sai raam..waiting for your miracle to happen.

  13. Nice experiences! Baba gives us many visions and tells us things through dreams and others to convey His messages to us, just as the one devotee's Kova was eaten by the family and others after the devotee asked Baba, and the devotee from Malaysia was told by Baba that the missing paper was in the office and the devotee from India was shown the shadow in the form of Baba. Baba comes to us in many ways and we should be open to all His different forms and means of conveying His messages to us. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Om Sai Ram

    Hi Sandeep, sometimes we have to lie because of some reasons. I would suggest you just to remember sai before speaking. I am sure baba will help you to get rid of this. Nobody is perfect. So just try to remember baba at every moment of your life. Baba is our father to show us correct path.

    Jai Sai Ram

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