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Sai Never Lets His Devotees Prayer Down

Sai Sister Saveetha Ji from India says:

Sairam to all. Hope all are good and fine by our SAI blessings. This is Saveetha. I have completed BE and waiting for a good job by SAI grace. HETAL Ji, please do not disclose my email id. I already posted my experience as Timely help from SAI and a post before that for a help from you people for my final year project.

I like to share a small experience of mine from SAI today. Off course HE has done many, but let me share this today. My father joined a business with his friend as partner. He started 2 years ago and still he didn’t get enough money from his partner. His partner is not yet seen any calculations due to laziness. We really suffer a lot every month by getting little money. One day my dad got angry and shouted his partner and said he never comes to that company again for not giving enough money for him.

We waited for arrival of his partner to call my dad back for whole day, but he didn’t. I prayed SAI that his partner should make a call and call him back within night. To my surprise, his partner came home night and gave some money and call him back to company. I was really happy on that moment, but still we suffer without proper income. My dad joined with him by investing lots of money. We suffered a lot in our life very badly and we standing in a position all because of my mother’s father. Money which was invested by my dad is my grandpa’s money. I can’t able to say all our struggles here. I really beg SAI to wash away laziness of my dad’s partner to see all company calculations and make them to increase my dad’s salary.

I am too waiting for a good job as I expect by SAI grace. I am sure HE will help me in our entire problem. Our family is doing 9 days Vrat for more than many months and still waits for His blessings. SAI called my dad to Shirdi last February. After that my dad’s business started to run well. Now I am waiting to get a job and my dad is waiting to get money. Hope all will alright soon. I was in patience for more than four months. Please, my dear other SAI devotees, add my prayer in yours prayers too. I am sure I will meet you people again by sharing both my dad’s and my experience soon. May SAIBABA bless us all. SAIRAM.

Job With Sai Grace

Sai Sister Preeti Ji from India says:

I really don’t have words to describe Baba’s greatness. I strongly feel that people, who have lost faith in God, must start believing Baba at least for a period. I say this because just before few months, I belonged to the same category of non believers due to hard time in my life. I’ve mentioned the happenings of my life below.

It was during Sep’2009, when I left my job with a very big MNC due to issues with my manager. After that I was jobless for close to 1.5 years. I tried continuously for a job as well as a visit to Shirdi, but got disappointed every time (as it’s said that man proposes and God disposes). I was completely against fasting for Shirdi Saibaba, but actually during Jan’2011 I and my hubby (even he had some issues with his company) started doing 9-Sai Guruvar Vrat for getting a job. Getting a job in my field was really difficult at least in Bangalore, but as Saibaba said “Why fear when I am here”. Believe me after completing 7th Guruvar Vrat, I got a call from a company (of course my field) for an interview and I got job on the 8th Guruvar (even my hubby got offer from a good company in his field). I don’t want to say much about my feeling towards Saibaba, but one thing I can tell every believer is that Baba does come to our rescue, but not necessary in a way we want and believe me He does listen to our prayers, but might not answer immediately because He knows what is best for us. We might feel that He should have responded immediately, but later we will understand reasons for late reply. I am talking purely on personal experience. I joined a new company on May 25th and my tickets to Shirdi were miraculously confirmed for July 1st week (tickets were never confirmed from September 2009 to April 2011). In Shirdi too, I got a very good Darshan and also Aasirwad from a saint (which is again a miracle because I have been visiting Shirdi for the past 6-7 years and never got acquainted with any saints).

Just one thing: no need to perform fasting or any other formalities, just say all your problems to Him rather than telling it to the whole world and becoming a laughing stock. Believe me, He listens and also HAVE PATIENCE (sometimes we might have to wait for a really long period as I did).


Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I thank Sai for making my dream come true. I suffered from severe infertility for four and half years. After nine weeks Sai Vrat, Baba blessed me with a beautiful girl baby. I wished to celebrate my baby’s first birth day in a hotel in grand manner. But in recent time, we constructed our house and we had great financial problem, so my husband hesitated to celebrate our daughter’s birthday in a hotel. I was very much disappointed and prayed Sai Baba. I left it into Sai’s hands and said He should fulfill my dream in very low cost in a hotel’s party hall.

Birthday was nearing and my husband didn’t take any step for the celebration. But I was very confident that Sai will fulfill my dream. Suddenly just 20 days before the birthday, my husband booked a party hall in a 2 star hotel in just 7500 Rupees. The birthday celebration went very well in a very grand manner. I dressed up my daughter like an angel. Everyone said that the celebration was excellent. I am very much excited and thank Sai Baba for making my dream come true. Thank You Sai.

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  1. Om Sai Ram… Baba please bless us ans listen to us.. please bring him back to me, I am getting restless… and bless my family too and make everything all right… Sai Ram!!!!!!

  2. All these experiences make me feel very strong and strengthens my faith in Him. Blessed to be Baba's devotee!!

    OM SAI RAM!!

  3. Nice experiences. Thank you Baba for answering my questions and worries by making me read 2nd devotee's experience. I just felt that Baba was talking to me in form of an experience presented by one of his devotees. I know you will surely perform some miracle and solve mine and my husband's visa problem as it going to expire very soon. Baba please shower your blessing on all us. We really need you and cannot even imagine any second without you.

    Om Sai Ram.

  4. Thank you for sharing your experiences..they are really helping me hang on to Baba in very difficult times. Baba all I know is to pray to you and just have faith that you will relieve me one fine day. I am waiting with patience but please give me strength to bear everything & bless me soon Baba

    Love you loads….

  5. Jai Sai Ram
    Omm Sai Samartha

    Omm Sri Anantkoti bhramandnayak rajdhiraj Yogiraj paranbrahma sri schidananda sadguru sainath maharaj ki jay

  6. Om Sai Ram…

    I came to know about the sugar candy pooja from the devotees comments section. But one question is "What we need to do after placing 40 sugar candies for Baba?" Can we distribute those?

    Please someone reply.

  7. Jai Sai Ram,

    Response to Sister Saveetha. Do not be worried or Sad!! Sai will bless you with a suitable job and your desired Salary or even more. Sai always gives more than we ask!! I experienced it many times myself. Regarding your father, guess he is paying back his past karmas and it will end soon. Trust me, I have gone through financial difficulties for 15 years and now sai gave me a decent living and even more. So, please chant Baba name and wait patiently. Do not be depressed!! read Baba Leela's. Read "Shri Khaparde Diary" you can feel you are involved in every party of the day to day activities of Baba.

    Sai Sister Preeti Ji, Agree with You. Sai in fact never liked any fasting. However, Sai never objected to anything, because to satisfy devotee wishes. Thus what ever you want to do, you may do without hurting or causing difficulty to others.

    Baba Said, live within your means and be contend. This will apply to every one.

    I pray to all sai devotees and to every one on this planet to live with peace without much difficulties.

    Hey Gururaya, Hey Parabrahma Shri Saisamarth!! please bestow your kind grace on every one of us Baba and protect us with your glance like the mother Tortoise protecting it's little ones on the other side of the shore.

    My Humble Salutations to the Holy Old and Pious Feet of my Beloved God Shri Sainath.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  8. I thank you Sai for making me stronger day by day. I suffering from debts issue everywhere and i believe in you will get rid of my pproblem soon. Me and my husband is having a great financial problem We really need your help Sai Ram. I am sure sai will help me in our entire problem. I know you will surely perform some miracle and solve mine and my husband's problem very soon. Baba please shower your blessing on all us. We really need you and cannot even imagine any second without you. We really suffer a lot every month by having little money lost our happiness. My husband's reward and bonus has been held up. Pls help him to release it Sai. I am getting restless… and bless my family too and make everything all right… Sai Ram!!!!!!We waiting for arrival of his bonus will happen soon. jaya sai ram.may sai bless all

  9. OM SAI RAM!!!
    Babaji today is my birthday. Baba ji pls pls pls help me you know my problem pls give me the gift, what I want pls pls pls help me baba. OM SAI RAM!!!!!!!!

  10. SAI You know everything I got belong to you, Please take care of it as well. I surrender to you. I am really really tired of doing everything. Not More…No energy to deal with it. Need you HANDS to take care of this My Deva,,

    Lots Luv,
    Your Servant.

  11. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you for sharing such a nice faith boosting experiences. Deva thank you for everything, as I believe that u are the only one who knows what is best for your children. O merciful Baba please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day. Thank you once again Saiji and make my husband's journey pleasant and safe.

  12. sai help me i want to meet my husband, i am not leaving with out him, he is my life, i know he is my well wisher, sai please help me i can't wait but now i am waiting for our baba blessing, because i am doing nava guru vara vrat, i am always chanting sai, sai, sai. Baba always says each every one must sraddha and saburi. so my dear devotees all are keep our minds in front of our baba, he is our guru, guru always helps us, i love baba vey much, i believes baba very much. jai sai nath maharaj ki ji………….

  13. Sai sister, instead of celebrating your daughter's birthday in a star hotel, you could have celebrated it in an orphanage.

    Love you so much Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja
    Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha
    Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.
    Baba Please Bless me and my family and whole world with good health Baba.
    Baba please save me and help me to recover from health problems and get good health Baba.
    I surrender myself at your lotus feet Baba.

  15. Shirdi babagaru sai deva thandri saimaa kill me i beg you Please killme soon.. what can i ask you other than this when you know all my sufferings.. i am not mistaking you.. you are giving me evrything what i deserve and also lots of happiness which sumtimes i dont deserve.. but i dont want to live help me to die please kill me thandri if i am your true devotee good or bad .. when i was born from that time if i have prayed you atleast for a single minute sincerely then kill me now very soon within 2 or 3 days i cant live any more in this world help me bhagawan..
    daya karo mere baba sai tere bina mere koyi nahi nahi..

    dear all sai devotees please dont misatke me hetal ji i am sorry for posting such a comment but that is my wish help me .. dear all please pray for me.. i dont want to live.. i cant face problems anymore please my heart dont have that strength.. understand me.. i am not asking to fulfill my wish i am just begging to kill me baba i know nothing is impossible for you.. you can do this for your daughter please help me please please please
    excuse me for asking you like this be with me sorry sorry very very very muchhh sorry mmm
    :):):) i am happy only .. truly happy but please forgive me and help me fulfill my wish i want to die..

    Jai sairama..Om sairama..Om sri sairam om sri sainathaya namah

    i actually stay at hyderabad.. where recently on feb 21st there were bomb blast .. it would have been so nice if i have died in that blast.. i am not even lucky for that..birth and death are in the hands of god i know.. my god is shirdi saibaba only so i am asking my god only..Jai sai om sai sree sai shakthi sai..
    if you dont like please dont post my comment its ok.. atleast i feel happy and hope that baba will listen to my prayers..

  16. Nice experiences! Baba comes to help us always and we just need to have Faith and Patience in Baba's plan for us and He will set things up for us when it is the right time. We might now always understand why things don't happen when we want, but Baba is doing things in such a way so it will all work out for the best for us. Om Sai Ram!

  17. You are assuring me every time that m listening and watching u always..what more can i ask from u sainatha..pls be with us always..i need only u in my life..

  18. I have done Sai vrath 8th Thursday (mar28). That morning, i lighted lamp offered flowers and did parayan of vrath katha. After this, in the morning i got my periods. I am not sure if i can count this in my 9 week count or exclude.

    Please guide me. Hoping and Praying Sai answers my prayers soon. Take care friends.

  19. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experiences. saveetha ji, pls have faith and patience. baba will soon bless you. don't worry. daily read at least one chapter of sai satcharitra. you will get peace. baba pls bless her. be with us every second. baba bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  20. baba now am in toughest phase in my life i know u wll not let me alone.i love baba.pls help me to come out from this difficult phase.i know u will never leave us

  21. Baba i prayed for you since 4 yrs …my prayer is only for my love … Im chandrasekhar.i still loving a girl since 5 yrs.she also loving me much..her name is nirosha..now both we r software employees..my caste is yadav(golla) and her caste is kuruba(kuruva). We both loving eachother..we cant live seperately…and we cant imagine our life with others..our prlm is …her parents may be not accept her love..we passed b.tch in 2015 and got a job in different companies 3 months back..we dont have any prblm except her daddy and brother not accept our love..her mom has passedaway 5 and half yrs back..she and me had a fear whether they r accept or not? She will sacrifise me for her dad and bro…beacuse she gives more priority to them …but she loving me sincerely and truly….im loving her like a mom…i always treated her like my wife…i didnt saw she is my girlfriend..i feel as my wife…i cant live without her….if she will get a married with other person and share her life wid other person wid tears.how can i image….no i cant imagine that..if that will happen really …i want die myself….really i dont want to live…why can i live withoutout her…its better to die…im a devotee of shiridi saibaba….iam afraid of sleep..because of fear about my life and wife…i dont have any choice to leave her and leading life without her..what should i do?

    • Dear brother, marriages are made in heaven. If baba wants both of you to be together he will get you both married. If not accept baba's decision and move on in life. I know it's easier said than done. But remember baba's decision is the best. Trust his will. Whatever be his decision respect it. Plz never cheat on your wife. Take good care of her. I always wanted to be a doctor to do social service. But baba made an engineer. I cried day and night. But now by his grace I am going to be an IAS officer very soon. That's his Leela. Don't cry over the things lost. If he takes away something from you be will give you a thousand times better thing. If I had become a doctor then I would have treated a very few patients but by becoming IAS I can help millions. Surrender your life at his feet and see the miracle he does.

    • wife. Take good care of her. I always wanted to be a doctor to do social service. But baba made an engineer. I cried day and night. But now by his grace I am going to be an IAS officer very soon. That's his Leela. Don't cry over the things lost. If he takes away something from you be will give you a thousand times better thing. If I had become a doctor then I would have treated a very few patients but by becoming IAS I can help millions. Surrender your life at his feet and see the miracle he does.

  22. Hello Preeti Didi , I am very much delighted after reading your experience I am sure other s must have benefited from it.

    I joined an management institute in Bombay ( now called as Mumbai).I wanted to study in Delhi ,a govt institute in there called as FMS , but I could not get through . I am not happy here . I do not know how much I have to tolerate this and how long ?

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