In today’s post few more interesting experiences of devotees are shared.

Our Sainath Is Always With Us

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says:

Dear Hetal ji, I am a regular reader of this blog. This blog really helps in boosting our faith in our Sai. You are doing a great job and I wish all the happiness to be showered on you by our beloved Sai. I have experienced a lot of miracles in my life, but this time I am going to share the recent miracle happened in our life.

We came to Canada in 2011. In Canada, automobile insurance is a major expenditure, charged on monthly basis. Due to this, our family friends advised us to bring No Claim Certificate from India as it would help in getting some discount in insurance expenditure. My husband got that letter from the insurance company, but we never noticed that there was no reference number mentioned on the letter. However, when my husband took his driver’s license in Canada, he presented that letter to the auto plan broker for claiming discount. The broker said that there is no use of this letter and he explained three major discrepancies :

  • There was no last name of my husband on the letter. (In India, we generally go by our first and middle name, but in Canada our last name has more importance and no official document could be processed without last name).
  • There was no reference number on that letter and also there was some overwriting.
  • That letter was issued approx. 16 months ago and he said that letters issued only within 6 six months of the date of application are accepted.

So finally he advised us not to waste the money by sending that letter to the authorities for discount. But I and my husband have complete faith on Baba. In spite of the genuine reasons given by the broker, we sent that letter with the belief that it is only wish of our Sai to give or not to give something. You will not believe, within one month we got confirmation letter from the office stating that my husband is eligible for 30% discount and that means a lot.

It was something impossible due to all those discrepancies, but HE made it possible. At the end, I just want to say that our Sai can do everything, but only things required are Shraddha and Saburi. We love You Natha. JAI SAI RAM.

Baba Always Keeps His Words True

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says:

I am J. Yuvasree from India. Now I am caring of my father business. This is my first time I am sharing my experiences in this blog. First I need to say sorry to Appa (Sai Baba) for posting this very late. Now here is my own experience, which was happened last month. My father was doing business. Usually we put cash to supplier by bank in their account. I only used do bank transaction like that. Last month I went to take money from ATM for bank deposit to supplier. First I checked out balance in our account (balance =RS.31435) and then I did cash withdrawal, but due to insufficient money in ATM machine, money didn’t come. It showed unable to process. Later I went another bank ATM, but there also same problem. Again I went to another bank ATM. In that ATM machine, there was no inquiry option. So I directly went to cash withdrawal of Rs.10000. But it didn’t come. So I took Rs 5000 and Rs.5000 separately. Later available balance is only Rs.11435 instead of Rs.12435. I got scared where that remaining 10000. I thought its problem of last bank ATM. Because I used 3 ATM machine, but 3 different banks. I went to bank again made claim form (Rs.10000) for last bank, which I took money. Then I returned to home. My father showed his mobile about transaction details in ATM machine. I thanked Sai Baba. He made me to notice that Rs.10000 went off in 2nd bank TM machine, but I gave complaint on 3rd bank ATM machine. Again I went to my account holding bank changed claim form and really I should say thanks to our Sai Baba if He didn’t made me to notice mobile for that time that false claim went and it may be rejected. We might loss Rs.10000. Every time Sai Baba proves that He never leaves His devotee.

My Experience With Baba

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Hetal Ji, I am Sai Devotee and I currently live in USA. I have known Baba since my childhood many times, but it’s only in 2011 that I got really close to Baba and took Him as my guide, guru and God. Since then, thanks to Baba my life has changed for the better in many means. I believe Him to be like my father and cry and ask for what I wish for, even fight with Him sometimes, when I am upset just like I would with my own father. I have wanted to share my experience for a very long time, but I was waiting for some time I had wished for a long time to happen. But today something within told me to share it with others. I would like to thank you for regularly posting wonderful Sai Leelas on this site. I have been reading them every day since 2011 and I feel blessed every time I read an experience.

When I started following Baba as my guru in 2011, I used to regularly take Sai live Darshan online. One day I was looking at devotees offering shawls to Baba and I saw most of them were offering shawls of different colors. Being a Mata Rani devotee, a thought came across my mind to offer Baba Mata is Chunri, when I visit Shirdi, when I go to India next. This was a Thursday, so in the evening I went to Baba temple. When I entered Baba was wearing a brown shawl and Sai Satcharitra reading was on. I got indulged into reading meanwhile and in a few minutes, when I looked up, to my surprise, I saw Baba was wearing a Mata Ki Chunri that some devotee had offered. I was wonderstruck and in tears since it was in the afternoon when I had a wish to see Baba wearing Mata Ki Chunri and I see it happening in a few hours.

Another experience was on my birthday the same year. I had read experiences with devotees, where they wish Baba wearing a certain color today and Baba shows His wonders. I wished in my mind that Baba show me His wishes on my birthday and He did by wearing the exact same combination of colors that I wore for my birthday, when I visited the temple.

I have many such experiences with Baba, where He shows me again and again that He is with me. I would like to thank Baba for being by me and would also say Sorry for all the times that I have been mad and angry with me that’s because for me. He is just like my father and like child I think I have the rights to get angry too. But I know He does things for my best like my parents do. I am still waiting on Baba calling me to Shirdi. I haven’t been to Shirdi since I have come close to Baba and I can’t wait to be and bow my head on His Shrine and be blessed. Om Shri Dwarkamai!!Om Sainathaya Namah.

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  1. I live in USA too and it's been more than an year since I visited Shirdi. Am also waiting for Baba to call me.

    OM SAI RAM!!

    • Dear Devotee

      Please press Shirdi Darshan on the top of this page. I was mesmerizing last night while working in kitchen last night I plaed shirdi Darshan for the whole time…you will enjoy.

      Loads LUV…

    • Sai Ram!
      I am able to watch it live!
      Please try to refresh or try other browsers! it works also in google chrome these days 🙂

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba you are the best. Please bless my husband to quit all his bad habits ( smoking, shewing tobacco, drinking etc) . I am really worried for this, and i know you are well aware of it Baba. Please hear me. Bless my husband to be your Devotee soon. Please bless all the people to quit all bad habits .. as they not only spoil their own health, but also worry up all their loved ones. Please Baba ..make all the people your Devotees so that they can follow the right and best path in life. We need you Baba, so please be with us in all the work that we so. Please do help, bless, guide and advice us in all aspects of our life. May this world be a happy place and may you bless us all always. Love you a lot and we surrender at your Lotus feet. Many many thanks to you for everything Gurudeva Dattatreya.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. om sai ram !!!
    after reading many experiences about devotees wanting to see baba draped in specific colours, i wished the same today..but since i like both green and purple and was also wearing purple today, i wished to see baba in both these colours. Since these were two colours, so i was confused if baba would bless me with such a sight..
    But here came his while watching live darshan, i saw him draped in a double shaded shawl i.e. purple and green…
    i can't explain how happy i am…
    thanks a lot.. a lot babaji
    bless everyone

  4. OM SAI RAM!!!
    Babapls help me baba. Pls baba the decision of getting the project or not will come either today or tomomrrow. Pls pls pls baba ji pls help us we should not be getting the project pls bless me baba pls pls pls help baba ji… U know everything I know you will help me baba ji…. OM SAI RAM

  5. O Granter of boons we bow to you. Help us walk the right path Baba and help us only think and do good.

    Jai Sairam

  6. I am happy to read all 3 posts. I am thanking BABA to listen to my request of helping my son to take initiative in starting exercises to bring down his weight. He has started going to GYM since 15th of February, and hoping he will not stop now until he reaches his goal weight.
    Jai SAI BABA.

  7. Om Sai Sri Sai Jai Jai Sai, sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai sai

  8. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you for nice experiences sharing with us. This daily dose of devotees experiences is faith boosters which help us to strengthen our belief on our Baba. Saiji thank you for everything. Deva always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  9. It's baba's b'day today. He asked my sister to tell mom not to eat non-veg food today as it's His birthday….No one knows about this but He Himself told (Baba speaks to my younger sister who is 12 years old)

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sai…

    We are going to celebrate by bringing a cake for Baba and cutting it in the evening 🙂

  10. Om Sai Ram… Please Sai Baba bless me and my family… we need you Sai and please bring him back to me and bless us both too… loveyou Sai

  11. Om Sai Ram… Thankyou Baba for showing us that you are always there for us.. like this person who wrote today's Baba's birthday.. out of the blue even my mum's after me to make cake today without egg and when I read your comment we all were shocked and happy at the same time… he's always there for us… keep blessing us Baba… Love You Sai!

  12. Very nice experiences! Baba is with us always and can always hear what we are thinking as He heard the 3rd devotee's wish to wear a certain color on his/her birthday and also helped the 2nd devotee get their money back and helped the first devotee get the car insurance discount. Although sometimes we feel Baba is not with us, He is always there listening to all our thoughts. Om Sai Ram!

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