Few more experiences are shared in today’s post.

Sai Baba Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Last month, it came to my mind to read Sai Satcharitra and I started reading in English one chapter daily. I was to read the last chapter today (Dec.09, 2012). I took a bath, prepared ‘Sheera’ for prasad and started reading Chapter 51 and one miracle took place.

While reading, one pinch of UDI fell on the page from nowhere! I called my wife immediately to show that. We both took that UDI and applied on our forehead. After 15-20 minutes, I took the prasad bowl to the kitchen counter (which was neat and clear). I opened the drawer to take out a spoon for eating prasad and immediately spotted another pinch of UDI next to the bowl! I called my wife and shared the UDI again, another miracle from Baba.

Jai Sai Ram, Shri Satchit Ananda Sat Guru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

Sai blessed me

Anonymous Devotee from UK says:

This is my 2nd experience. My first experience was published as Baba Blessed Me. Well this one is a short one and I really hope this gets published as reading though devotee’s experience is a delight and increases Shraddha in our dear Sai Baba. Hetal Ji, I must congratulate you again and again for doing this wonderful service. Please keep me anonymous.

I was offering my daily prayers to Baba and as part of which I light lamp and Agarbattis (incense sticks). My index finger got caught into flame and started hurting with burning sensation. I prayed to Sai Baba and applied the Dhoop stick’s ash on the affected portion, nothing happened immediately and there was a passing thought in my mind that perhaps I am not accepted as a devotee in Sai Darbar as yet. But after 30 seconds, the burning sensation went away so much so that after I finished my prayers, I could not tell as to which finger was affected. As soon as I realized Sai heard my thoughts and came to my rescue I was delighted. My faith in our beloved is firmed up even more.

Normally when you get a burn it remains there for a while even if you run it into cold water or apply ointment. In my case, it was not even UDI, but dhoop ash that I applied taking Sai name and it cured me within no time. All I would ask other devotees is to keep faith and patience as our beloved Sai Baba listens to all. Shri Sat Chit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai

Sai Saved My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I was a pessimist and had no faith in God until lately and magically I started believing Sai Baba. I always tend to find some logic in all the experiences that God makes, but I finally gave up my attitude with the grace of Sainath. There are many experiences I had and I would like to share a couple here.

I was a married woman with a kid and had many difficulties in my life with my husband and mother-in-law. They tortured me day and night and I lost hope in my life and became against God. I thought I should be out of home for the welfare of my kid after struggling for 5 yrs of the marriage. I took a bold decision, filed cases and started to fight. But the cases went on and on for 2 years and I don’t see any good thing coming. A friend of mine was explaining her experience with Sai Baba one day and I thought of following her. For 9 Thursday’s Vrat, I visited a nearby Sai Temple, and on the 7th week, I got a call from my lawyer that I need to attend the court the very next Sunday. I wondered how something can happen on a Sunday, but it was special Lok Adalat and my case was proved in one day and I am out of my 7rs struggle all at once. And my biggest worry about the kid’s custody came to me without any argument.

I was really shocked with the incident and understood the greatness of Baba. He did not expect anything from me even though I scolded Almighty many times, with simple devotion, may be devotion was not from heart. He saved me from the struggles and saved my kid.

I wished to read Sai Baba’s Sai Satcharitra to understand Sai’s history and I started it. I know because of my issues, my Mom was very much depressed, and she almost forgot to smile for many days. Before starting the Parayana, I was telling to Baba that I want my mother to feel good and forget whatever happened. My Mom did not have anyone to share her feelings, so she was feeling more and more sad day by day. On the 4th day of the Parayana, Suddenly my mom’s sister and her daughter came to our house. Her sister did not meet my Mom for many years as she was living in other country for 20 years. There was no signal or clue that she planned for a visit and we were so shocked to see her standing at our doorsteps. After a very hearty talk with her sister, my mother felt so relieved and she was smiling. Her sister gave her strong support and gave moral strength to fight. After she left, I finished Parayana, and we started getting so much support from all our relatives, and My Mom being naturally bold lady, came back to herself once again.

I cannot tell how much the above 2 incidences, changed my life and I now realize that Sai is always with me, looked after me and my family. I need not be worried about anything hereafter.

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Anil Gupta
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  1. Sai Ram… May Sai bless us all,I have just experienced a miracle my Sai gave me a lovely feeling with these experiences… Something which is between me and my Sai and I hope like this Sai saare desires poore kar den…. Thankyou everyone for sharing your experience… I am waiting for mine to be published soon.. Om Sai Ram!!

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Hetal, hope you and your kid are doing well. In spite of your delivery, the work of posting Baba's miracles are going on. Sai will never forget you for your good deeds. We all you wish you good luck and long life.

    Response to sister who had a divorce- Sai never expected anything even while he lived in Shiridi. The Dakshina baba collected was to remove the attachment towards money. Sai always said, he wanted his devotees to live with peace and happiness and he never wanted anything in return. This is the true nature of God. Baba lived with many people with much tolerance, some people spoke to Baba with Love while some used harsh words but Sai treated every one equally with love.

    We miss you Baba…..

    My humble salutations to our holy and pious feet of Shri Sai Samarth.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    My response to sister from UK. A similar incident had happened when Baba was in Shiridi. A person was bitten by a scorpion and was brought to an Adherent devotee of Baba (forgot devotees name) and since he had no holy "Udi" he took a pinch of ash from the incense sticks and after praying to Baba applied on the finger, the pain vanished in no time.

    You are very lucky sister, Baba has accepted your prayers. In fact, we all are lucky to even be on the same platform to discuss on our Sai.

    Only Faith and Patience are needed to reach Sai.

    Jai Gurudev!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  4. Dear Hetal ji,

    Thanks for posting my experience today (Sai blessed me) – this has got me greedy a bit and has left me wondering why my 1st experience was not published. I will take it as Baba's will (Link to 1st experience in the above post are not working either) – Om Sai Ram!!

  5. Om Sairam my boyfriend is not feeling well. I asked in baba questions and answers what I can do so that he will be cured and I got answer as 'Do not be after mantra and tantra. Worship from the bottom of your heart. Shree Sai Baba�s blessings are with u. Do not discriminate. New things will get shape. A child will born.'. I do not beleive in mantra and tantra. I worship baba daily. I am worried about A child will born as I am not yet married. I am not understanding baba answer. I am happy that babas blessings is with us. Om Sairam

  6. Dear Baba

    I am unable to decribe your leela's in words my Dear.

    one of my friends' got perfect match for her within one month of visiting Shirdi, though her parents were searching a groom for her for years. Other problem was that she was having shorter height than the average girls. But Baba makes everything possible…

    You are such a Giver SAI, whatwe we can offer at your feet my sweetheart?

    Loads Luv…

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba you are great and you are the best. We Love you a lot Baba and we will be ever grateful to you for everything. Many many thanks to you fr everything.

    Baba, yesterday was my Birthday and my husband forgot to wish me :-(. He was otherwise showering me with love and taking care of me the whole day. I love him a lot and i know he also does love me equally. Just that i feel he is not very much involved in family life and is more into his computer and games.. i pray to you Baba, please bless my husband and make him your adherent Devotee soon. So that we can share your Leelas at home and do your Bhajan and Puja together. Make him a gem of a person. With your blessings let my husband be more loving, caring, humble, successful, morally strong. Let him care for family a lot and let him realize the feelings of people. Let him take good care of us all and shower us all with Love. Thanks Baba..it is only because of you that i have been noticing many good changes in my husband and i am sure with your continued grace, everything will be fine soon. I do not mind that he forgot my Birthday yesterday, but let him change into a very good human being soon and may he shower his love and care on me on all my future birthdays and always 🙂

    May your blessings reach all of us always Gurudeva Dattatreya. Please bless us all with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

    Love you Sainatha.. Love you Shibpur Sai Baba.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Dear Hetalji & team

    We are very happy with new format of the blog.No problem having live darshan as well.

    God Bless


  9. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences shared in today's post, thank you Deva to make us read such a divine experiences. Saiji thank you for everything as you are the only one who knows what is best for your children. We are puppet of your hand so whatever we do its not us it's you who is controlling our each act. Baba please always bless us all and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  10. Om SAI RAM baba pls help your daughter, Pls help me we should not get the project baba you know all about it baba pls pls pls help me baba….

  11. very nice experiences…because of saibaba my bother got perfect match..thanks baba. baba please bless me for my marriage.. om sai ram.

  12. Jai Sairam,
    Love you Baba.
    Baba please bless everyone in the world with healthy and happy life.
    Please excuse me and my family for our mistakes Baba.

  13. My dear Baba .. Please help us in this bad time ..please please give us happiness for which I am begging in front of you since 3 & half months .. Please do it for my kids at least ..baba you promised to be with me always than why have you left us in the middle.. Forgive us for our mistakes baba

    Anantkoti brahmannayak rajashiraj yogiraj parbhrama Shri sachidanand sadguru Sainath maharaj ki jai !!

  14. Baba u know I want to change my kids school.And it is possible with ur blessing pls bless us n do give good job to my husband

  15. Dear Hetalji!

    Sai ram! Hope you delivered safely by Baba's grace and you and your kid are fine. Would like to know more on this as we are all your 'sai bandhus'(sai-relatives).
    With Pranams at BABA's lotus feet
    Sai sister(Jayalekshmy,Trivandrum)

    • Sai Ram Sister Jayalekshmy,

      With grace of Lord Sai Baba my delivery went on very smoothly. We both are doing fine. Lord Baba was with me throughout my whole pregnancy and its results i am seeing now!

  16. Very nice experiences! Devotee from USA, Baba gave you such a nice gesture to show that "Yes, I hear your prayers and I am here with you!" Deovtee from UK, although you had some burn, Baba's Udi when combined with faith in Baba removes any ailment and Baba was the one who took away your burn. Devotee from India, although you had some doubts, Baba was with you the whole time and helped you get through the court cases and also helped make your mother feel happy again. Although sometimes we have doubts and fight with Baba, just as a parent cannot stop loving their children, Baba cannot ever stop loving us. Om Sai Ram!

  17. OmSaiRam…i am reading this block for the very first time…but i am really overjoyed.
    Actually from few days i was having a feeling that Saibaba is not with me and my mind was not in a proper state.But today i am feeling like Saibaba is with me after so long…Thanku all
    Saibaba bless u all
    I luv u Saibaba
    Plz be there always wid in all stages of my life

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