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Faith And Perseverance

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am a gold medalist in my UG and PG with Baba’s blessings. Though the competition was so tough and my competitor was also a Baba devotee. He gifted gold medal to both of us (me and my friend, who was always in competition with me). Immense are His compassion towards His devotees.

Then as I was trying out for lectureship. I applied in so many colleges for my job. I attended the interviews and few colleges rejected me saying I looked like a student and in few other colleges, because I was a Brahmin. They gave preferences to their caste, to which the college founder belonged. I was so disappointed that the marks had no value at all. I was scared if I will have to go to some other job, which I am not passionate about and if I will be left with no job at all. My family was also shattered and that added to my pain. I started pestering BABA for saving me from this situation and I can say that I had nothing but faith and perseverance on HIM. Though faith was on one side, as a human, I had the fear too, as it was already July and all the colleges had already started working.

I asked Baba to do some miracle immediately, cried almost every morning and had heavy heart. Suddenly I got a call from a Govt. college, asking to come for the interview. The same college said that there was no vacancy, when I submitted my CV. I was said that I can start working from August and that they will call me back. After 1.5 months, in August end, I received the call from them and started my new career life. I am blessed with such a lovely students that they are extremely obedient and friendly. My colleagues are also too good and I am being recognized among the department. My students now want me for the next semester too. I am very happy, though the salary is less and I have lots of commitments.

The surprise is just recently I came to know that the principal was not happy to give the job to me as I was a Brahmin and she preferred another person of the principal’s caste. But my HOD, who is a Baba’s devotee, pressurized the principal for my job saying that I have the capability and a gold medalist. After continuous effort by my HOD only, principal has given me the appointment. It was Baba, who used His devotee (my HOD) to help me out, whenever I called out Baba’s name. Baba asks nothing, but faith and perseverance. I gave that and He fulfilled my wishes. Koti namaskar Baba!! If not for this job, I don’t know what my position would have been. BABA, crores of thanks. We all remember HIM, when we want something. But in being thankful to HIM, nobody takes the same effort. I want to be always thankful to Him for hearing each one of our prayers and at each second of life. HE forgives us, when we do something wrong and is not angered with us, when we forget HIM. That selfless love, which HE possesses on us justifies HIS name SAI BABA (FATHER OF ALL THE SAINTS). Thank You Baba, thank you.

Please look after me all the time.
Jai Sairam!!

Sai Blesses Everyone

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Jai Sai Ma! I am from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. I work in a private company here. Baba has fulfilled almost all my wishes and has been protecting me from various difficulties ever since I have known Him. I remained as an atheist for a few years. I thought that there was no God because there would always be something that would make me suffer. First, I lost my father. Exactly after a year, I lost my grandmother. The next year, I got married to the one I was in love for more than five years then. Even my marriage took place amidst lots of problems. However, I believed that I would lead a happy life thereafter. But I was shocked when my husband and his family members were rude to me. He said that we were done and sent me back to my house very soon after my marriage. I was pregnant with his child. I believed that the baby would definitely be a girl and so I decided to name her “Oviya”. But I found that there was no one to support me. People told me to abort the child, so that I could go for a job and take care of myself. I had to do it against my will. I really lost hope. I didn’t want to live. But still I had my mother to take care of. My problems soon became root causes for my sleeplessness, poor memory, poor concentration, depression, etc.

In these circumstances, I got a job. I used to wait for my office cab in front a Saibaba temple. One day, one of my colleagues asked me to accompany her to the temple. I went with her without any devotion. But when I saw Baba, I got peace of mind. That night, I slept better. I started going there every day. My state of mind began to improve. I also started realizing that Baba is listening even to my small wishes and fulfilling most of them. I was very poor in terms of financial condition. But Baba blessed me so that I could manage to buy a two wheeler. Though I am a person, who is afraid of everything, Baba has made me bold enough to ride my scooter. And with Baba’s blessings, I could meet my basic necessities. I thank Baba for being very kind to me. However, I request Baba to give me a better job because I want to make my mother happy by providing her the things she wants, to help the poor and needy as much as I could and to make some people understand that I am capable of living a respectable life and of helping others to improve their life as well. I believe that Baba will grant me this wish. And when Baba does, I will write about it in this same website. Have faith in Baba for He never lets His devotees down.

Sai Babaji’s Image Appears

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Dear Hetal Ji, It’s a routine for me to come first to office and read the experiences posted. You are really doing a great job. May god bless you with lots of love and happiness. I am sharing my experience and attaching two pictures with this. You are requested to post any of the pictures as the post shall be incomplete without the pictures attached. Thanks in anticipation. Please post my experience as anonymous and make the changes if required.

My belief in Saibaba started a few months back, when one night my mom was praying in puja room. She was slightly disturbed due to some family tensions and started crying and said “Sai Baba Ji Aap Apna Saaya Humare Ghar Pe Daal Do” (Please bless my family). Then suddenly my sister started shouting that Sai Babaji has appeared on the door. We all rushed and we saw that image of Sai Babaji appeared on one door and on other door small images of lord hanuman and Lord Shiva appeared. We were so happy, but were little worried too in case the images disappear by morning. We sat in front of the image of Babaji till late night and lit a diya. But with Babaji’s grace the images are still on the doors (picture attached).

Secondly one day while I was just sitting in my puja room and started chanting Sai name with full devotion, when all of a sudden I started seeing different images of Sai Baba Ji in the photo of Sai Baba Ji placed in our mandir. I saw Lord Khandoba too. I was so thrilled and tears started coming out from my eyes on .We feel so happy and lucky that Babaji selected us to be His devotees and He answered our prayers.

We just need to surrender completely on His lotus feet. He just requires Shraddha and Saburi from us nothing else. Babaji please bless all Your devotees always and forgive me for all the sins. I have just completed my Nav Guruvar Vrat. Babaji, please bless me with a nice husband and please make me disease free.

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Anil Gupta
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  1. Sai baba ji please bless me with a nice husband too,.. you know I really love him… even his name is like the kind of live we all want, i need him babaji please sun lo.. n mere ghar par bhi kripa dharsti daalo.. Om Sai Ram!!

  2. all the experiences really gr8,
    I went to bed at around 12 but didnt get sleep till 3:30 am than I thought of reading experiences I was saying in my mind I will read babaji experiences(it was strange since I never say babaji I always say sai baba or sai maa),I got wonder struck wen i saved the last image of this post and its name was "sai babji",sai teri leela aparampaar…
    om sai ram
    jai sai samarth

  3. The first experience is mine and I was waiting for it nearly 4 months. I have few prayers and I said baba "baba when you post my experience on this site and when you wear white dress in shirdi, I ll believe you have blesses me". Now casually without any expectation of the least, I saw shirdi live.. lo!!! baba is in white. And next this site, my god!!! my experience at the first. baba,.. i m so happy. I just donated this wednesday to shibpur and baba accepted my dakshina.. he blesses us at the unexpected time,suddenly. that's our father,mother and guru!!

    Jai sairam!!

  4. wounder full experiences.. baba has his own ways to reach his children.. Baba please bless my friends who are in trouble and in deep sadness.. Jai Sai Ram

  5. god bless all
    @ 1st experience- where are you from. i never see such people!! i mean saw many time discrimination esp by self proclaimed high & royal class but still not see such kind of incident when a topper don't get job just because caste and you even not fall in normally mentioned lower caste. what a shame. may god bless you.

    • Jai sairam!!

      Sai sister/brother,

      I am from bangalore and that's what everybody feels, like we have no discrimination of caste in our society,especially in colleges. I too thought the same until i experienced. But baba came to my help. Thank you sis/bro.


  6. O Sai, Never ever leave our sight, let it be You that we see everywhere we look and turn. Grant us peace of mind and the sense to judge right from wrong.

    Thank You for everything.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Thanks for sharing such nice experiences….

    Third experience: WOWWWW…….no words….you must be so blessed and would have been with Baba for so many past lives of yours…….It is truly amazing that Baba blessed you in this way.

    Baba I might not deserve such wonderful love of yours but please rehem karke never leave me & my family. Bless us too Baba….Love you loads.

    Om Sai Ram

  8. Om Sai Ram.

    Dearest Baba, thanks a lot for everything. We love you a lot. Many many thanks for all the love you have been showering on us always. We will be ever grateful to you. Baba please bless all in this whole world. Let everyone be blessed with good health, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness.

    Love you a lot. Today i had a sweet experience. One of my friend was coming with her family (Husband, one year old daughter and Mother-in-law) for Lunch. Somehow i told to Baba that i know Baba you are coming home for lunch, so let us prepare food for you (i mostly tell like that.. that Baba come let us prepare food..so that it will be good or i say Baba please prepare the food ). Finally my friends family had lunch and even the one year old Daughter had the same rice-dal prepared at our home. I was happy. When i told this to my mother later in the evening, she was very happy when she heard that the little Daughter had the food.. as normally i was not expecting her to eat at my home (she usually eats Baby food which mt friend always carries for her) . My Mother on her own told that it was Baba who ate in the form of the little Daughter. I was so happy to hear that. My Mom did not know that i had thought that Baba was coming for lunch !! Really it's a sweet Leela of Baba to confirm my faith by making my Mother tell me that Baba had lunch at our home. Thanks a lot Baba for this blessed experience. Please bless everyone with such beautiful experiences. We love you a lot.

    Many many thanks for everything. Love you a lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  9. Om sai Ram baba we should not get the project pls bless us baba pls help us baba. Pls help me with all my office problem pls pls pls help me baba…..

  10. Om sairam
    All the 3 are beautiful experiences.The second experiences is Baba's unique way of helping HIs children iin times on need.
    Baba tomorrow my son's exams are starting, Baba please bless him to score good marks so that he will be confident .
    Baba koti koti pranam on your lotus feet.


  12. Jai Sai Ram,

    May Sai Baba bless his children to end the sufferings. It's painful to read the sad stories of every devotee here. Today specially the devotee from Coimbatore. Shame on the guy who left this poor girl, moreover, she was pregnant!! How materialistic this world has become and people are not connected. It's just money and fame. Nothing else!!
    I beg all sai devotees to strictly adhere to our Beloved Sai's principles. Otherwise, we will have no space in Baba's heart. All our prayers will be wasted.

    We should follow the below Principles as what Baba used to say: (some of them are my own thoughts via “Sai’s Inspiration”)

    1. Be kind and humble towards every one
    2. Be straight and clear
    3. Help the needy and poor within our capacity. If one doesn't want to help you may decline politely but do not bark like a dog.
    4. Do not be happy at the other person's sorrow
    5. Treat every woman and elders with respect
    6. Parents are the greatest gift to children, do not ignore and disrespect your Mother and Father
    7. Materialistic happiness is only for short term, spiritual happiness is forever
    8. Treat everyone equally irrespective of the position, caste and color.
    9. Avoid unnecessary arguments in family and outside
    10. Work Hard and achieve success
    12. Truth and only Truth will win

    I know it’s very hard to follow all the above, but by Sai’s Grace, what is impossible? If we pray and meditate on Sai we can slowly start to practice.

    Hey Sainath, the mercy one!! Please shape this world!! We need you and we need you very Badly. People have forgotten basic values in life, Greed and passion for wealth has taken over the human race. Please save this world Sai.

    My Humble Salutations to our King of the Kings who was victorious in this planet.

    Jai Shiridi Sainath!!
    Servant of Baba
    Allah Mallik

  13. Nice experiences! 1st devotee from India, eventhough you didn't get the first job you wanted, Baba made sure you got the job where the HOD was a Baba devotee and Baba wanted you to take that job instead. 2nd devotee from India, although you have had to go through a lot with your husband leaving you with a child, Baba is there as your Father and will give you the strength to face this challenge and any others that come in your life. Baba always makes sure His children have enough to live well, and will take care of you financially as well. 3rd devotee, the photo you sent was truly a miracle of Baba, it is very nice to see such wonderful miracles of Baba and shows that Baba is always there with all of us and give us these miracles to strengthen our faith when we sometimes falter. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Nice experiences. Devotee from Coimbatore, happy to see your experience, coz i too from Coimbatore. You have got a job to strength yourself by baba's grace. Baba pulled you to him, to take care of you, mother & your family. Don't worry. Baba bless you always.

    Sai ma my parents are worrying about my marriage. I always think sai ma is for me. Please reduce my unluckiness & bless me sai ma.

    Om Sai Namo Namaha
    Sri Sai Namo Namaha
    Jaya Jaya Sai Namo Namaha
    Sadguru Sai Namo Namaha

  15. dear 3rd devotee you are the inspiration for me.iam suffering a lot since 5 months as my loved one whome i beloved so much has ditched me and is close to some other…in such pain i came across baba and baba is everything to me now.till few days back i used to pray baba to get him back to me.but now i am asking baba to give me what is best for me….and when comes to your case baba will teach a lesson to them for sure and he will change for sure.think this a is a word from baba making me to utter..HE WILL COME RUNNING TO YOU

  16. Om Sai Ram
    I have started 9 thursday vrat last thursday.unfortunately i drink alcohol on sunday.so i have to start again
    I m little confused or i can continue
    Sai baba plz help

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