Few more experiences to share with you all.

Found My Lost Mobile Phone

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

I would like to share my experience, and this is definitely one of Sai Baba’s miracle. Last summer, we as a family and two other families went on a vacation. We stayed in a hotel. On the fourth day of our stay, we went to one of the Disneyland parks in Los Angeles. I vaguely remember carrying my phone with me to the park. Around lunch time, I wanted to make a call, and looked for my phone and couldn’t find it. I was not very worried because I thought I must have left it in the car and will find it back on our way back home. We went on most of the fun rides and enjoyed the day. Then it was time to leave. We had to take a shuttle to the parking spot. I was hoping to find my phone in the car. I was waiting to rush to the place where our car was parked to find my phone. On reaching, I was disappointed because I did not find my phone. I searched everywhere, but couldn’t find it. I thought of going back to the park and enquiring in the Lost and Found. It was very late and they were closing so nobody was there to attend the call or answer queries.

I thought I will go again the next day morning and ask in Lost and Found, but the park was a little far from the hotel we were staying. Also, we cannot enter the park if we do not have entry ticket and also we had to take the return flight the same day. I had saved many photographs of my little baby and children and family in that phone and they were really precious to me. So I did not want to lose it. That evening, we took the flight back home. On our way back home, I prayed to Sai Baba and decided to read Sai Vrat on Thursdays.

We reached home late night and saw a missed call from someone from the Lost and Found Department in Disneyland park. We were surprised to hear the message. We do not know where I lost my iPhone and who found it and gave it to the lost and found department. We asked them, but they said they do not know who found it and where he/she found it. They said that they saw the home number in the phone and called back. I was delighted to hear that there is some possibility that I might get my phone back. We had to call them back to give them the address and other details. Three weeks later, I received a parcel. I opened it and was extremely happy to see my lost iPhone. They did not ask for shipping charges or anything. I thanked Sai and the Lost and Found Department. I do not know, who was that noble person, who found my iPhone and gave it to the Lost and Found Department. I would have loved to thank that person too. I told my family and friends that I found my phone. Nobody was ready to believe and said that this must be a miracle. I have had many such experiences, and will surely share with you some other time. Thanks.

My Good Experience

Sai Sister Bhoomija Ji from India says: Hi, I am Bhoomija, working as internet Executive. I am great devotee of SAI. Friends, here is my experience of Sai Vrat. This is my first post and I am happy to tell about this. I was staying in rental house for past 21 years. We are middle class family. So first thing is rent. We were not able to pay rent at the date of 10th. So we got in to trouble. We didn’t have that much of amount to build a new house. After that I heard about Sai Vrat from my colleague Mr. Varadhan. And I did 9 weeks Vrat. After that I got good news from one Swamiji that they are allocating home for us. I am so happy. I have completely surrendered myself to Baba now. I am extremely thankful for whatever He has given me. I stay very happy each and every day. He knows what's best for me and my family and He will do it. Om Sai Ram.


Anonymous Devotee from Canada says: Om Sai Ram dear Hetal Ji. Please do not disclose my name and email id. Dear Hetal Ji, you are really blessed by Baba for doing such a very good service to Sai devotees. I am a reader of this blog now since one year. Every morning before doing anything, I read the blog and my days go very happy, but since a week, now I haven't received any blogs and am confused and sad. This is my first post here. I used to believe in Sai and would visit Shirdi every year with my family and friends. I became a staunch Sai believer, when I started reading the book Sai Satcharitra and your blog and also doing the Vrat. Believe me; Sai is there for all of us in our need. Miracles have happened in my life, but will tell you first about the Vibudhi. My work is such that I started having back and leg pain. It is so much that if I sit for long in one place or in a car, I am completely bent over and can't move forward fast. But after walking a few steps, I would be able to straighten up and start walking. One fine day, after finishing my prayers and reading the Sai Satcharitra book, I decided to try the Vibudhi, and spoke to Sai saying if there is any truth in it, and then please make my back and leg pains go away, and I applied the Vibudhi on my back and leg and got up. Believe it or not, my pain had disappeared! I was so happy and I thanked Sai. Now too I get the pain, but not so much and I do bend over whilst sitting for long, but I am improving by the grace of Sai. I now take the Vibudhi every day. I love You Sai, and do bless me and my family and friends. Om Sai Shree Sai Jaya Jaya Sai.
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Anil Gupta
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  1. Thank you for sharing the miraculous experiences. As we all know nothing is impossible when we have our Faith on Him. Om Sai Ram

  2. Om Sai Ram… thankyou for sharing your experience.. I want baba to grant me my wishes related to my family and love… I want to start the Sai Vrat from today onwards.. Happy Valentines day Sai.. please give me my Valentine back, aaj aapka din hai baba thursday.. guruvaar.. love you Sai!

    • Happpy valentines day baba and even i pray to u baba to please give me my love and husband back please clear all this mess off for once now and dont make us go through this torture and embarassing situation again n again. for god sake make him come on the right track n stop doing the nonsense that he is and bring us closer and in ur sharan baba i beg u please send us to US so tat all these problems are put to rest for once. if he is only not on my side where shud i go baba.m tired of waiting now i dont have that privilege to keep waiting any more u know am aging and its a critical situation now baba enough of testing us baba its realy unbearable now.

  3. My name is sandeep saini I am living in Newzeland now m doing sai vrat from last three years continuously today is my 7th vrat sai baba bless u all

  4. Please every 1 pray for me, i love 1 girl very much and even i love her back, we r frm different religion, her dad is looking fr boys for her but we love each other a lot, plzz pray for me and ask sai to always keep us together till i die, plz sai plz saii,
    om sainathaya namha.

    • do 9 thursday vrat n sai satcharitra parayan…baba will bless u..n fulfill ur wishes..may sai baba keep u both together forever..i just pray baba on this valentines day to keep all true lovers together..be with them ,help them..test them n their love but never make them apart..baba pls bless us..keep ur children happy..
      om sai ram

  5. Good experiences.

    O Deva, forgive us our sins and help us be good and kind to the people around us. We surrender to You. Please take care of us, Your children.

    Jai Sairam

  6. Om Sai Ram.. Baba pls bless ur daughter and my family. Baba pls take care of all my office problems pls bless us baba. Baba humari life smooth kar digye

  7. Happy Valentines day baba, since I could not wish him, I am wishing you, please wish him on my behalf and bring him back to me. Beautiful experiences, to the third devotee, please do write about your miracle regarding sai vrat…Sairam

  8. I am in love with a guy since 5 years. Even he loves me very much. But my parents are against our relationship. Even his parents are against love and inter-caste marriages. BABA please please help me. I want him and can't live without him. Please bless that both our parents accept our relationship and his mother gets well soon. BABA, please solve my problem or take me away from this world. I am unable to bear this pain and can't take it anymore. Friends, please treat me as your sister and pray BABA for me. OM SAI RAM.

    • Hi friends, I can understnd your situation and wht phase u r going through, some time situation is not in our hand just need to wait and watch. Also the pain is unbearable. just keep in mind that if god has brought u guys together , then he will surely do something, if its in destiny, no one can fight destiny, only god can change it. so just be calm and be happy think of ur parents and never hurt them back may be looking at ur devotion and ur love for them they will agree one day by blessings of Sai Baba.Just one question is ur boyfriends mother not feeling well bcoz of relationship. I know that their is need for changing peoples mind set in our country. Bcoz no matter they will speak big big things but form inside they will always have some thing and especially when it comes for intercaste marriages.

      reply if possble ( dont think that its easy for me to ay all this thing , even i am going through the same phase and same situation like urs)

      Best of luck and may god help and bless ur guys very soon

      Om Sai Ram.

    • Sad to hear that even you are going through the same situation. His mother is not ill because of our relationship. She is already suffering from backbone problem. I am starting nav guruwar vrath from tomorrow that we should get married. I am leaving everything to BABA. I whole heartedly wish that ur situation gets well soon. OM SAI RAM.

    • I heard people talking about question and answer site..May I know about it and also could you please post the url….OM SAI RAM….

    • Om Sai ram. I am happy to hear that u are starting guruvar vrat, and I am sure that babaji will do what ever best for u…. And ur problem willbe sorted out soon

  9. Babaji pleasegive my love back.I cant forget him anymore..You gave me this caste ,because of this he left me,but i cant be without him.Please give my valentine back SAI NATH MAHARAJ KI JAI…

    • Hello friend dont be depress, remember one thing , if he left you becoz of ur caste,then he dont deserve ur love, I know this will hurt u , bcoz love is beyond cast, religion, it shuold be pure from heart it should not depnd on caste and religion. U be strong may be baba may have a nice person in ur life who will never leave u bcoz of ur caste or religion.

  10. Jai Sai Ram,

    Vibudhi is the best medicine known in the world, if applied with complete faith anything will be cured.

    Jai Sai sri sai jai jai sai.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba


  12. Om sao jai sai. very nice experiences. thank you saiji for everything. Deva please increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day and bless all of us always.

  13. Very nice experiences! Bhoomija Ji, it is very nice that Baba arranged the house for you and made sure your family were kept in a nice place. Devotee from USA, it was very good that Baba helped you to get back the iPhone as it would have been a big expense to replace it and also with the nice photos of your baby. Baba was the one who made sure you got it back and it is truly a miracle of Baba that you got it back from such a big place as Disneyland. Devotee from Canada, Baba's Udi when combined with Faith can relieve any pain, destroy any diseases, and very glad that Baba's Udi with your faith in Baba removed your leg pain. Om Sai Ram!

  14. Om Sai ram. I am happy to hear that u are starting guruvar vrat, and I am sure that babaji will do what ever best for u…. And ur problem willbe sorted out soon

  15. i hav started sai nav guruvar vrat today…i hav few doubts….can any1 clarify pls….i have started vrat at 11.30 am and read vrath katha…after that i started madhyan aarti at 12.15 and offered bannana as prasad to GOD….Is that okay? Shud I be doing vrat early mng and then perform morning aarti (at 5.15) or is madhyan aarti fine?pls confirm asap so I can correct this mistake next thursday…

    • Hello , Their is no time constrain for doing pooja and arti, but try to do it either in the morning before 11 or in eveing at the time of sunset.

  16. hi friends, i have a query. Can I listen to SAI SATCHARITRA instead of reading? I prefer reading however, there might be days when I will not be able to (like when I eat non-veg)….So, can I listen instead?

  17. can sai charitra be read at anytime during the day? i am reading it in afternoons. Shud it be read in morning or evening timings only. also, can it be heard at times when we cant read?


    Baba my moma lost her mobile today. There is so many importanat contaft in the mobile phone and all are very important messages are there.
    Plase help mom the trace her mobile and as you always help us please help us to get back our mobile phone. Please sai do your magic. OM SAI RAM..


  19. Dear All,

    I am doing 9 thursdays vratham. I completed 4 thursdays. But i done a mistake that i have eaten non-veg (not on thursday). I am really sorry baba. I am feeling very guilty. Shall i continue the vratham or can start from beginning.

    Please help me.

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