Sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Sai Baba Experience

Sai Sister Soumya Ji from India says:

OM SAI RAM. My name is Soumya and this is my third experience on this blog. Sai Baba is very merciful and listens to all the sincere calls of His devotees. Words are not sufficient to describe or to explain the greatness of our SAI BABA in no language in this world. As I mentioned this is my third experience on this blog, first one was published under the heading of GRACEFULLNESS OF SAI BABA on 19th march 2012. My experience is as follows.

It was 18th October, Durga Puja holidays were about to start. Being in final year of graduation, placement is significant for us as of which my department faculty asked us to cancel our tickets until 19th October 2012. Following instruction of my faculty members, we cancelled our confirm tickets of 16th October, and the very next day it was made clear that whosoever wants can leave for their respective home can leave. At this time, I was completely surprised as I had cancelled my tickets, so the question was how I will go home. As there was no proper ticket, my parents were not allowing me to come home with a wait list ticket. But because of my home sickness, everybody at home supported me to come home with wait list ticket, as it was Durga Puja season, so entire hostel will be empty. It was also not very much safe to stay back at hostel.

I am having a Sai Baba idol at my hostel desk, which I always keep inside my cupboard before I leave for my home. That day also, I was doing the same ritual of placing my Sai Baba inside my cupboard shelves safely. Suddenly something made me cry in front of my SAI BABA that moment I said to my Baba as: “Mein Yahaan Tumhare Bharise Hoon Baba. Please Mujhe Mat Bhulo. Mera Confirm Ticket Cancel Hua, Ab Mere Pass Sirf Wait List Ticket Hai. Aur Confirm Hone Ke Chances Kitne Hai Woh Sab Ko Pata Hai Sai Baba. Mujhe Nahi Pata. Mera Ticket Confirm Karvaoe Aap Please SAI BABA" (I am here because of You. Please don’t forget me. I got cancelled my confirmed ticket. Now I have wait list ticket. And You know there are very less chances for confirmation. I don’t know. Baba, Please get my ticket confirmed). After this, I left for railway station along with my brother and some friends. Train arrived at station fully packed. Looking at that situation, I was slowly becoming hopeless regarding my ticket. As I said we have some friends along with us. They were having one or two confirm seats in some compartments. Fortunately we boarded the same boogie along with them. Not even 5 minutes were completed, that my brother started talking about leaving this journey plan and to get back to hostel. Before I could complete my response to his suggestion, one man came to my brother and asked him whether he needed any seat. He replied yes, we need two. Then that man asked my brother to go to his seat number 29 and arrange our luggage. We did the same as directed by that person, thinking maybe he will demand for extra charges as he was offering his seats, which were coming vacant. But nothing like that happened. That person did not demand anything till the end of the journey. It was hard to believe for me the way I was travelling. Generally people with confirm tickets travel and never the one with wait list. I am not enough thankful to my Sai Baba, who has taken care of both of us just like our parents. Infact the one, who offered his seat, was behaving like guardians for both of us. I was completely touched by my Sai Baba. As in the form of that man, He himself was taking care of both the little one's. We reached safely under our Sai Baba guidance and protection. Before we left the train we offered him some amount as a token of thanks. For us it was like our Baba made us to offer him. It is hard to forget the moment that person walked to us and offered us his seat. Believe in SAI, nothing can go wrong. When Sai is there, then there is nothing to fear. Thank You for this platform. PEACE BE TO ALL AND BOW TO SHRI SAI.

My Experience

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says: I am simple man, who always had faith in subprime power, but I wanted to accept it in life through miracle. I would like to thanks for all allowing me to share my experience, my faith and show gratitude to SAI Baba. I heard that Baba will solve problems and problems are different then wishes, which is so true. I must say that I had very hard time in last three years and somehow things just turned right for me to survive. I have built my belief in Baba as miracle just happened and things sorted one after another and I got more opportunities. I had properties issue, which was niggling continues from years and just few weeks ago, when I ask Baba to help me all, we came to smooth plan. I am not good in elaborating thoughts, but I and trying to put my experiences here. I am now looking to visit Shirdi and waiting for Baba’s call.

Second Experience

Sai Sister Bhoomija Ji from India says: Hi am Bhoomija and I am from Chennai, Kodambakkam. This is my 2nd experience. Please ignore my English mistakes. I don’t know that much of English knowledge. I have a menstruation problem past one year. I take a treatment, but it is not working properly. Then I thought that why I won't to go to doctor and all. I want to get any tablets. Now I want only blessing from my Sai. Then I did Vrat 9 weeks. Suddenly after 2 weeks of Vrat, I got a regulation of menstruation. I am so happy. First thing, I said thanks to my Sai. Now I got a result. Next week is my 9th week. So I don’t fear because my Sai is nearby me. Thanks Sai for all Your blessing. Please keep blessing me, my family and friends and all Sai devotees © Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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  1. O Deva, Thank You for looking on us kindly and lovingly. Please help us think good thoughts and destroy our negative thoughts.

    Jai Sairam

  2. nice experiences first one is truely amazing..:)
    sai always takes care of his children sai ma k shri charano main koti koti naman..
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth
    jai sai samarth

  3. Om Sai ram. Baba pls bless your daughter pls help all of us. Baba pls pls pls take care of all our tensions. Om sai ram….

  4. om sai jai sai. Thank you baba for everything. please always bless us all and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  5. Nice experiences…after reading all the experiences in this and other websites the only thing comes in mind that there is nothing impossible for our baba in this world…he provides every help to his children who calls him with love….thanks all the devotees who shares experiences in these blessed websites…thanks a lot all the sai children who are mentaining these websites…May baba bless all…OM SAIRM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  6. Beautiful experiences!! While reading first devotee's experiences, my eyes were full of tears thinking how Baba comes to our rescue. It's amazing and I think we cannot express that feeling in words, one should experience that bliss.

    Even I am waiting for baba to solve mine and my husband’s visa problems and bless us with a healthy baby.

    On Sainathaya namah.

    Love you so much Baba.

  8. Nice experiences, indeed nothing is impossible for our baba…Happy Basant Panchami baba, plz fill my life with colours of joy.

  9. Nice experiences! Bhoomija Ji, Baba helps to take care of all health problems and also helped with yours and hope Baba will give you many, many more years of good health. Devotee from Australia, it is good Baba has instilled in you the seed of Faith and with time that seed will grow and blossom with care and devotion and very soon Baba will call you to Shirdi. Souyma Ji, Baba helped to arrange the tickets for you to get home and Baba also made sure that you didn't have pay extra to the person with confirmed seats who gave his seats to you and your brother. Om Sai Ram!

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