Following are few more experiences of devotees with Lord Sai Baba

A Precious Gift By Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says:

I am a post graduate in Computers, but a housewife from last 7 years. I had done lectureship in a junior college. Now I have two kids 7 years old girl and 3 years old boy. I was very much disturbed for my daughter as she is suffering from cerebral palsy from her birth. And to get help, I came to know about Baba. Now I fully trust Him and believe “He is with me and everything will be fine”.

Before I started writing this experience, I took Baba’s blessing. I am a regular reader of this blog. Two months before, I have sent one of my experience. Please find here my published experience – Baba’s Ways Are Unique.

From April 2012, I wanted to visit Shirdi, but I was not able to do so. Suddenly in July end, my husband agreed for the tour and told me you can do the bookings for any 2nd or 4th Saturday. I checked reservations, room bookings and Aarti booking. I got everything for 22nd Sept. I did all the bookings. After doing the bookings, it stroked to me that I will be attending Aarti just one day prior to my birthday. The fixed date arrived. While going to Shirdi, I had two wishes :

1. My family must get to touch the Samadhi.
2. I must get Baba for my home in that form which is in my mind.

When the Aarti at Shirdi was finished, there was a lot of rush and because of my child. I tried to avoid the crowd and I thought now I won't get to touch Samadhi as till my turn comes, they will put the glass. I became so sad. But suddenly the guard near Samadhi called me to come out of the queue. I thought if I leave the queue, maybe I won't get to see Samadhi. So I didn't go. He kept on calling me. After his 3-4 calls, I went. When I reached near Samadhi with my daughter, in spite of so much rush there was not even a single person in Samadhi area. Very nicely, we two touched the Samadhi, bent our heads and first I thought to take a garland from Samadhi as Baba's blessing. But leaving that thought, I took only flowers. When I came out of the Samadhi Mandir, I met my husband. He told me that he nicely touched Samadhi. My brother, who had coconut to offer, gave me the Coconut and a Garland and told that pujari has given it with our coconut. I was so happy that Baba wanted to give me His Garland. So he had sent it through my brother, when I had not taken it. I had taken flowers to offer Baba not garland. Afterwards we purchased some Murtis and photos, but I was not happy with them as they were not like that I wanted. I didn't see any in the shops as I wanted. From Shirdi, we went to my brother’s home. He lives in Pune. There he gave me a Baba's photo, which he had purchased for me in his previous visit to Shirdi. I was shocked to see the Photo. It was just the same as I wanted. This way, Baba fulfilled my both the wishes. And the day when I got the photo was my birthday. One more gift Baba gave me on previous day of my birthday and it is a sweet little girl baby to my brother. The day when we attended Shirdi Aarti at evening, my Bhabhi (sister in law) got a girl child. The child was also delivered by Baba's blessing. My bhabhi was in pain for near about 27 hours. We started for Shirdi and got the news that she has been moved to nursing home. We told her to take UDI. But after 12 hours also, delivery was not done. We told to do scissor ion delivery, but doctor advised to wait for normal. After 24- 25 hours passed, I lost my patience and started reading "Sai Leelamrut" as it was the only book with me in the train. I had completed only three chapter and news came a girl baby is born and both are safe. Also delivery was normal. Baba, thanks for Your blessings and keep Your blessings with all Your devotees. I would share one more experience. Wherever I go out of town, I keep my Sai Leelamruth with me. Few days before, I went somewhere and while returning I kept my book in one of the bags. After coming back to home, I searched all the bags, but I was not able to get it back. I became sad for my book as at my place I cannot get any of Baba's books. After two weeks, I asked Baba through chit about the book. Answer was "Today you will get it". I read the chit and opened zip of one of the bag the book was in front of me. Amazing I had searched that bag many times, but I did not get the book and after Baba's answer, in a second it was in my hands. Baba Your Leelas are great. If there is mistake, please forgive me.

Baba Listened To My Prayer

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai Ram Hetal Ji. I am a regular reader of your blog. This blog gives me hope and strengthens my faith in Baba, when negativity takes over. I have known Baba from 2008, now Sai is my only friend and God. I talk to Baba everyday and tell Him even my little problems. Please make any necessary corrections. I would like to tell you the events that lead to my experience. I am in love with a guy from the last 9 years. I broke up with him in 2008 because of my mistake, but since then he has always been in my life. This year I realized that I still love him and we are back together. But he still has anger in his heart because of my mistake. Now coming back to my experience, my love told me really hurtful things a week ago. I had been crying in front of Baba and asking for His help. Last night I watched Sai Baba’s miracle on youtube and in one of the stories Baba said that everybody should respect women. Then I asked Baba how He can see me getting insulted like this. Today my love said he is sorry for hurting me. Baba listened to my prayer. Baba knows how much I love my love and how guilty I am for breaking his heart. Please forgive my sins Baba and give me one more chance. All Sai devotees, please pray for me to get married to my love. Hetal Ji, since you are very close to Baba, please pray for me.

Sai Baba Saved My Life

Anonymous Devotee from India says: This experience happened in Delhi. My father passed away 7 years ago and my mother stays in Chennai and I am in Delhi. It was really traumatic for the two of us being the only daughter to my parents. I have a job in Delhi, but I am unable to move to Chennai. I had to bring my mother to Delhi. I had started Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat Katha during this period asking Baba to help me cross the difficultly in our life. My mother's health was also deteriorating as she was stressed after my father's death and could not travel long distances. I went home after my mother called me one day that she was not feeling well. I booked my tickets through SpiceJet. I was thinking how I was going to be able to manage bringing my mother to Delhi. Traveling by train is going to be long and if I bring her by flight it will be a little expensive. We also have to save for my marriage also. The day I traveled to Chennai was the anniversary of SpiceJet and they were having lucky draw with free round trip ticket for 2 people. Till then I never had any luck in such draw. While getting my boarding pass, the person, before me, got 13A seat. He did not want to be seated in Window seat. We changed the seat numbers at the boarding counter. As I was traveling the draw took place. As I did not believe in luck and have never been lucky I was not listening to the results of the draw also. You will not believe, I won the lucky draw. This happened through Baba's grace only. My second incident was while traveling in an auto in Delhi to ISKON temple. The auto driver was driving slowly. But I do not know what happened to him near Lajpat Nagar signal. The auto suddenly hit a rickshaw and rolled over in the middle of the road. I was too shocked to do anything. After some time a few passersby made the auto upright. It was only with Baba's grace that I escaped with a mile swelling in my hand. I always believe that Baba will always be with us and take away our problem. I am already in my mid-thirties and we are facing a lot of problem with my marriage. A lot of people are not willing only because I am the only daughter. A few parents/groom say that this will add to their responsibility. My mother is also worried and she feels that she is a burden and it is only because of her I am not getting married. A few also do not want to marry as I am working in BPO and not in Software Company. It is a real difficult situation. I am hopeful that Baba will shower His grace, be with us and help us out of this. I also request everyone to pray for us. Jai Sairam
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  1. shridi bless her giving good guy for her marriage. dont worry baba will find you very good guy in your life so that your mother will become happy. om sai ram. jaya sainath.

  2. you are lucky baba is listening to your prayers.. why is he not listening to my prayers ? I want to get married to my love …but my parents are not agreeing because we belog to different mom telling that i have to get married within may else it will be difficult to get married..i dont want to get married to any one else..i am thinking to die..even though baba doesn't listen to my prayers I pray for you to get married to your sai ram

    • Hello, i dont know whats the problem, but surrender ur problem at babas feet and c he will surely help you. in the mean while just be calm and normal and just pray to baba without any intension of getting the fruit. he knows what is best for us, becoz he has seen our past , present and future. but in the mean while make sure about ur love whether he is willing to stand with u upto last minute.

  3. Baba will never leave his devotees. Remember Baba's sayings "why fear when I am here". He will be with all of us. Some miracle will happen your problem will be solved. Om sairam.

  4. plz baba help her to get married to a nice person.i will pray for u.m also 33 years old and in love with guy from last 7 years who broke up with me 6 years ago bcoz his parents r not willing for the marriage as m from different religion.i m praying to God from last 7 years to get married to him.i dont want to get married with someone i hv almost lost all my hopes.i feel like commit suicide but as girl i cant even do that as it will spoil my parents reputation and will create trouble in my sisters lives. i m praying baba to give me any disease so that i can die.i dont know baba why r u not listening to me.7 years r not short to keep saburi,everyone plz pray for me.baba either give my love back to me or make me die.

    • have you not met anyone good who will accept you and love you for what you are and would be ready to stand by you come wat may? why not look for such a person who doesnt waiver with situations and conditions in life than wasting life behind a man who doesnt care….if religion is so important for him then let him stay with the religion.
      I really understand your situation and can very well relate with you sister myself going thru the same pain but all i can feel is the one who deserves you is the one who is able to take you and willing to live with you unconditionally.
      If he has not gotten back in 6 years try to keep yourself open to other men who are loving and caring towards you and if baba wants u guys to be together he will bring him back on his own but please dont waste ur time etal behind this man i have myself suffered terrible pain by doing such a thing so just felt like telling learn to love urself the most this world is very cruel and people like u and me who love others unconditionally dont get nething in return atleast in this kaliyug and i fail to understand baba's delay in attending to such genuine persons.
      I only pray to him that he blesses u with happy married life and a wonderful partner soon.

    • Hey hello please dont do this or punish urself so much, i know its very hard if u love someone from deep of ur heart and situation changes very rapidly, i know a thought will come in ur mind , that how easily he is saying like this , i can understand ur situsation bcoz i am aslo facing the same problem from last august as we were from different religion and she took a strong stand bcoz of her family. its like this "one can easily control his mind but not his heart". think in this way may be baba must have better plan for you and what is a garantee of that person even if he will marry u and not live in future bcoz of influence of other, trust baba he will make ur life beautiful. one question for u do u have any contact with that person, or how is his life going on, if he is happy in his life then u dont punish urself, make urself a better person so that every one in this world will like u and his family will come to know their mistake taht what a diamond person they have miss.

    • i dont know..i think he is happy.he called me sometimes like ….sometimes he calls me after on year sometimes after 6-8 months…first time after breakup he called me after 3 years.he talks to me for 2-3 days and then he again dissappears the same way he appears.he always asks me to get married with someone and settled down with someone.he talks like a friend and never mentioned about his love or anything to me.he said he feel bad that m wasting my life bcoz of him but he cant leave his family.somehow i feel he loves me but has no courage to talk to his parents.

    • Hello , now decision is yours what you wanna do in ur life, At least he is calling you , and saying this things, or else we can say that he is still in touch with you, in my case i cant do anything, he must be feeling guilty for what he did, or what happen in destiny, we cant blame anyone for this situation. Is he married to some one else or is he with some one else, i am sure that he must not be willing to do so, but under the pressure of parents he may…. or else next time when he calls you just ask him his final decision, think of ur parents as well, if he is not willing to go against his parents wish, then why should you. Never break your parents wish. and if is calls you next time just say to him that its ok i can understand that ur parents are you world, give me ur final decision , even i dont want to break my parents will and wish.

      thank you and reply if posssible….

    • Hi,he is not married yet but has girlfriend.he told me his final decision long time back.he does not talk to me about our relationship or even us .if he calls he talks about random stuff like we talk to our colleagues or to some known person.if i try he gets angry or tells me rudely that u know my situation u get married..and then he stops calling me for 9-10 months or 1-2 years.well my life is spoiled i cant change it now.anyhow thanks for ur reply.i pray for u to baba.may baba bless u and me and all of sai raam.

    • Hey look if he has a girlfriend and still u think he is going to cme back, if he wanted to cme back he would have come back long back, has ur parent know whts going on in ur life and why are u waiting and all. then please speak to ur parents first , who knows they may have the best solution and u will feel relif, and dont say that ur life is spoiled , u still can get a wonderful person in ur life, i know sometimes we cant do any thing, think in this way , if he cant hurt his parents and why the hell are u hurting ur parents, always keep in mind parents are the first best freind in ths world to their children , just speak to them ,if nothing works out and next time even if he call u just ask him dont call anymore i had enough waiting and nothing going to change then what is used of speaking then, just leave it. ur life will be wonderfull with sai babas grace,

  5. JAI SAI RAM TO ALL. For Experience no. 3 Have Faith on Baba and baba will definitely shower his blessing on you. Baba cannot see his child in any trouble. I have full trust on baba….. so please don't shake your faith on him.. JAI SAI RAM

  6. OM SAIRAM…Nice experiences….thanks a lot for sharing with us….devotees in second and third experiences please have faith in our baba and completely surrender yourself to his feet….he will deffinately take care of your problems…have complete faith and patience…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  7. Om SAI RAM. Baba pls help my sister. Pls bless my family. Pls take care of all my professional problems baba. Pls help BABA…… Bless us…

  8. Dear Anonymous devotee in 3rd Experience, Baba will surely help you..I'll also pray for you. Definitely, He will choose a gud guy fr u who will take care of ur mother also..Don't worry..

  9. dear sai baba, please make her soon meet the right person who can take care of her and her mother in life…om sairam…om sairam

    dear saibaba, please make her meet soon the right person who can take care of her and her dearest mother in sairam

  10. om sai raam..
    dear devotee dont worry you will get married to a very nice person..baba will always be with you..
    om sai raam..

  11. O Deva, please help us all, your children. Help us be good to all who come in touch with us and help us treat our parents with respect and love.

    Also, help me close this deal Sai. Thank You Deva.

    Jai Sairam

    Baba Please help your devotee to get married to a nice person and please bless her with happy life.
    Baba Please help your devotees with happy and healthy life.
    We love you so much Baba.
    Sarvam Shri Sainatharpanamasthu.

  13. Nice experiences! First devotee, it is wonderful that you had a nice Shirdi trip and Baba was the one who gave you time to visit the Samadhi Mandir properly and ensured that your brother and sister-in-law had a healthy delivery. 2nd devotee, don't worry, Baba will do what is best for you and if it is part of Baba's plan for you to marry this guy, you will be married, just have faith in Sai Baba, the Father/Mother of us all and He will ensure you will be happy (just have faith and trust in His plan for you). 3rd devotee from India, Baba saved you from serious injury in the car accident and also helped get your mother there to Delhi through the SpiceJet lucky draw, and just as those things happened with Baba's grace, so too will Baba erase your marriage problems soon. Om Sai Ram!

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