Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Changed Life – Experience Of Sruti

Sai Nav Guruwar Vrat Changed Life - Experience Of Sruti

Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee Sruti from the USA says: This is Sruti. I am really thankful to Hetal Ji for giving us this opportunity to share Sai Baba’s miracle with worldwide devotees. Also, please don’t disclose my email id and forgive me if there are any mistakes in my English.

I am blessed to be at the feet of Sai Baba since childhood as my parents were strong devotees of Baba. There are countless incidents in my life where Baba held my hand and made me go ahead in my life. The only word which is always there at the tip of my tongue is BABA. Truly to say I have a habit of calling Him TATA (which means grandfather). I got used to it since the age of ten as I used to feel Baba as an old man by seeing His pictures. Baba tests His devotees to make them strong, but He is always with us like a mother who always holds the hand of her child with care and affection.

Complete surrender is what Baba wants from His devotees and for this, He goes on testing us. But we can never understand God and His will. Our work is only to believe in God and surrender Him completely. I want to narrate the power of Sai Baba Vrat Katha and how it changed my life. I would like to narrate a recent experience (September 14th, 2012) with Baba who has helped us in the toughest and most troublesome times. It was at the age of five when one of my aunts gave me a new year calendar greeting card, which has a Shirdi Sai Baba photo on it. I didn’t know that He is GOD and I should pray to Him. But somehow this was the point where Baba asked me to come to His Sharan. I got attached to the photo and used to keep that with me. From that day, I am attached to swami as a family member. I offer Him as prasadam whatever I eat and feel Baba as a friend, guide, and guru.

As years went on, I came to know about Shirdi Baba and used to always chant Baba. I would like to narrate a recent incident that happened in my life and how Baba helped us to come out of the situation. It has been a year and 10 months, I got married and even it is Baba’s prasadam to me. We stay in the USA, and here it is very common for the IT people about the project and change in their job until we get a green card over here. It has been two years since my husband is in the USA and 1 1/2 years for me. We were very happy in our married life and also my in-laws visited our place. Everything was going great.

Suddenly one day my husband came to me and told me that he lost his job and from the next day he is on the bench. I still remember it was very shocking news to both of us. We didn’t have even single money in our savings to spend the rest of the days until he gets a new job. We not only had the problem of a job loss, but also we had our work permit extension next month and in the case of not having a job it cannot be done. We cannot stay in the USA without a work permit. So all our situations were messed up. It was a very big test of Baba to us. We didn’t have sleep for about 40 days. I was continuously praying and praying, but nowhere we were able to see a ray of hope. My husband was giving the interviews but was not getting any positive reply. This all went about a month and14 days and now we had only 10 days left to file our work extension. I was completely immersed in doing all possible types of pooja asking for help from God. Then in the Indus ladies forum, I came to know about Sai Baba Vrat Katha and thought to perform this pooja with great devotion and belief surrendering myself to Baba.

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I started this pooja on September 13th, 2012 with great devotion and had kept a fast that day. I was expecting good news too soon. On Sept 14th, 2012 when my husband came to lunch, he told me that there are no more hopes for us to stay at this place and we had to prepare ourselves to move to India next week Sept 21st, 2012. I cried before Baba said, “Is this the miracle that You wanted to show me, Baba?” I thought He gave me the answer to my prayers that we have no more work left in the USA and have to move to India. However, I felt this is God’s will as to what to happen and when to happen. I was upset for a few hours and then told Baba, I am ready for whatever decision You take for us. Also, prayed to Him that we have credits in the USA and need to clear that. I asked Him to show me some way so that we can leave for India next week. I didn’t understand how to say all these to my parents and in-laws as it would be a great shock to them.

It was around six in the evening. My husband came home and was speaking to one of his friends on the phone regarding an interview. I didn’t disclose sadness on my face and had prepared his favorite dish for the evening. He suddenly took me out to the same place where he told me the shocking news that he lost his job. There he told me, “Sruti, Can you expect why did I get you here? I got a job in a very good company”. I was shocked, tears rolled down my eyes and it was an unbelievable situation for me. I kept on listening to him whatever he was saying, but my mind was near BABA. Things changed in just two hours. I am thankful and grateful to BABA. I am doing the fifth week of Guru Katha and there are four more weeks left. God is always with us holding our hands and showing us the right path. We have to surrender ourselves completely with belief. Bolo Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!!!

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  1. Wonderful experience, really tears rolled out in my eyes when reading this Baba leela. Thanks for sharing. OM SAIRAM.

  2. Very nice experiences…thanks a lot my baba for helping your children always….hold my hand always baba guide me…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  3. Dear Sruti ji,
    I am very happy for you. Reading your post made me very happy to see BABA in our lives testing and helping at the same time. I truly feel what you say. It just happen in my life recently. The miracle took place and turned in to reality in just a week's time! Only BABA can do such miracle! Even though I had renewed my lease at the existing apartment on 1st of December 2012 till May 2013, I could move out and started living in this new apartment from 21st December and I did not have to suffer any financial loss for breaking the lease as someone already occupied my old apartment. If it had not taken place I was to pay the rent till May 2013 because I had signed the lease!
    And the new place is exactly what I wished for all my life! The living place on the cross road junction, nearer to daily needs supplies and you won't believe it is just a walking distance to my job place!
    I was praying BABA to get me something where I can have sunrise/sunsets views, here I have that too which was not possible at my old place! I have posted the complete episode on this blog, yet to be published so I am not repeating all details, but it will be available soon when my post is published.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  4. Very nice experience.

    O Deva, thank you for everything that you have provided and also to what you are about to provide.

    May we continue to begin and end our day with your name on our lips.

    Jai Sairam


  6. Om Sai Jai Sai. Saiji is merciful he cannot see his children in grief. Deva always bless us all and keep growing our shraddha and saburi .

  7. y baba u r punishing me like hell, taking all from I done any mistakes..?, upto my knowledge, I didn't done. If I hv done any in my previous birth, please forgive me.I'm unable to bear this pain, u knw everything..I need ur help..I can't live without him..We hv take decision to breakup for sake of parents..But unable to bear tis..Please give me strength sai to deal all these things..Please give me chance to be far away from tis..U blessed us in my dream & told me, all will be done as my wish..but all are going to be against Sai. I don't hv any option, except crying in front of u..Please be with me..

    • just believe in your faith. hard times brings you close to god just take it in right spirit because in your hardship god is near you. feel his presence

    Wonderful Experience Srutiji.
    Baba Please help me Baba, Please save me Baba.
    You know my problem aba, I am getting tired of myself Baba.

  9. om sai ram

    very nice leela of baba
    thanks for sharing

    om sai ram
    jai sai nath

    sadguru sainath maharaj ki jai

  10. Praying for all Sai Devotees who are seeking BABA's help, BABA please take care of all of us and provide PEACE, HEALTH and fulfilling each ones' inner wants that they share with you.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  11. Sairam…

    Wonderful experience. Hope Baba blesses you and every living being on the earth with good health and happiness.

    Om Sai..Shree Sai..Jai Jai Sai..

  12. Nice experience. I had tears in my eyes while reading your experience. Nav Guruvar Vrats are really miraculous vrats.Thanks for sharing.

  13. Very nice experience Sruti Ji! Although Baba sometimes tests us, as He did you and your husband in your husband's job search, He is always there with us and your experience helps to show the powerful effect faith in Baba has when combined with 9 weeks vrat. Om Sai Ram!


  15. Hi….
    Sai is with me and he is ruling my heart…

    Can any one help me … where can i get shiridi sai 1 day parayan book in telugu online ???..
    please help me sai….iam trying for this since long.. but i couldn't get it.

    Sri sai, jai sai….

  16. Dear Sruthi, You have narrated what I am currently facing. Can you actually believe that today is exactly 1 month and 14 days since my husband has started having trouble in his current job.

    I am also keeping Sai Nav Guruvaar vrat and hoping that Baba will help us be here in Singapore. We donot want to go back to India yet as we have some huge loans.

    Baba please shower your grace… Aana hi patega Baba aana hi patega.

    @Modertaors, You are blessed. Your post is like modern Satcharita, that relates Baba's miracles that happen today. Your post help us reinstate our faith in Baba.

  17. sruti really wonderfull experience, tears comes out from my eyes while reading ur experience. really sai is one of the kindhearted god and he always taking care of his children. om sai ram

  18. sruti really wonderfull experience, tears comes out from my eyes while reading ur experience. really sai is one of the kindhearted god and he always taking care of his children. om sai ram

  19. Srutiji very nice experience….thanks a lot for sharing with us…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA….:):)

  20. Wonder full experience, it really roll out tears from my eyes when i was reading & i could feel yr tough time as right now i m also facing a very very tough time of my life. Even I had also kept vrat of saibaba. Baba will never leave there childrens hand in tough time and always blessing them. Om sai ram..

  21. Wonder full experience. Baba never leave there childrens hand in tough time and always shower blessing on them. om sai ram

  22. You are blessed sruthi!!! Even i had a lot of experiences where baba helped me…even now i am a very big problem..always have hope on baba..he will help us imm…OM SAI RAM

  23. You are blessed sruthiji!! Even i had lot of experiences where baba helped me..even now i have a big problem..baba will help all…have hope and pray…OM SAI RAM

  24. thats great!! i am also doing sai vrat pooja, completed 3 weeks, i am sure saibaghvan will bless me with a gud job which am looking for…..

  25. Om SaiRam, i really wanted to share my experience with u all…
    i am having a tough phase of my life, i m sure that baba's grace will remove all the problems.. definitely one day i will post my experience!
    Sainath maharaj ki JAY

  26. i'm new to this.. i just saw a program abt sai baba's mahima n thot of doing pooja too. I'm a final year B.E student. My frnds are getting jobs in the campus interviews n i'm not able to crack any of them. I'm feeling so low. & i like someone very much n he even doesnt knw abt it. I'm really scared that he'l stop talking to me if i say anythin abt this to him..coz wheneva i text him he either ignores me or just reply g.n. 🙁 If i truly pray the sai baba lord 4 9weeks,do my wish really come true.. ?? i still dunno wat to do. Coz in our family we r the followers of other hindu lords n no1 knows anything abt this. can anyone plz help me with this.. ?? wat all do i'v to do to do the vrata..??where do i get the vrata book that everyone will be talking abt..?? plzz help me.. ll b waiting for the rply.. Thank yu.. 🙂

  27. Dear sruti hi,
    my eyes full of tears on hearing this.actually I am much stressed as,the 4 month old girl baby of mine who was the gift from Baba suddenly got white patches on her doctors treatment is is getting improved but still very slowly…by next week iam planning to keep the vrata …baba should help me to get back the happiness…i want by baby's disease to be cured completely and should not come back..baba gave me a boy baby last year and he took him back by some life threatening heart whole family renewed after my baby I surrender myself to Baba to cure my girl baby too..please pray for me too

  28. Dear devotees, I have started my sai vrat last week and hope to complete it successfully.I have full faith that Babs will fullfill my wishes and bless us when the right time comes.

  29. Om Sai Ram.
    I kept 9 thursdays sai baba vrat and today is the last day. I kept for my husband to get a job. He quit his job in october and he is unemployed till now. I believe that Sai baba will answer my prayers soon. Om Sai Ram

  30. hai ,this is ganga, iam 29 year old.and devotee of baba ,not yet married i trust of saibaba illll do some miracle in my life.please pray for me ,i need a good job.

  31. Hi everyone. I have kept the nine thursday fast. I read the katha from a pdf. I will complete my nine fasts tommorow. I need to distribute the sai vrat katha to 5 people. Can five of the sai devotees please leave their mail id, so that i can send you the vrat katha by mail. Thank you for your support. Om sai ram.

  32. I am a devotee of Sai Baba. I came to know about Sai Baba only in the year 2007. My life was miserable before 2007 both personal as well as professional. When I started worshipping Sai Baba and every day I use to write the Saibaba 3 lines till day. I got happiness when Saibaba entered my life. A) I grew professionally high. B) My husband has quite all his bad habits. C) I was blessed with boy baby and many more.

    Now I have a trouble again in my life. I have left with Saibaba to show the path.

  33. Thanks for sharing this leela. My tears are almost rolled out. I too had same kind of experiences with BABA. OM SAI RAM.

  34. Hi Sruthi,
    I cant disclose my name.I'm sorry for that.
    Im in almost same situation. I am on bench for more than 3 months now and today is my 2nd week of Sai baba vrath. And today I got a call from Staffing team that either I have to accept project out of Bangalore or resign.
    I cannot accept project out of Blore as I will be getting married.
    Hopefully I will be locked to project in bangalore near my house by Sai Baba's grace. Its because of him I at least got a job and I dont want to lose it.

  35. Hi everyone… I just wanna a share an experience… I love sai baba … So i decided to keep 9 fast… I was very sad and clueless in life wen i started the fast… After 3rd fast my life changed drastically… My that wish seemed to be getting fulfilled wich i had given up on… I was never this happy in my life… I did fasts with proper procedure… After the ninth fast finished things started becoming complicated in my life…. I went thru the most depressing time of my life for two months… I still cudnot understand why all this happened…mayb baba knows better… But m broken even today though nobody can guess !

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