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Om Sai Ram. Hi Hetal Ji, you are doing a great service. We get to read a lot of experiences, a lot of miracles posted by people from different parts of the world, different walks of life. This blog really helps us increase of our faith in our beloved Sai. Please do not disclose my name and email ID.

I am a girl of 22 years and Baba has been in my life ever since I was a kid. But maybe due to my previous Karma, I failed to worship Baba or any other form of God during my late teenage years. I was always depressed. One fine day Baba chose to reinstall my faith on Him through a friend of mine. I used to read the kid’s Satcharitra, when I was a young girl and I used to be amused and amazed by His Leelas, especially lighting lamps with water. After so many years, while I read the Satcharitra, it still amazes me. This is about the little timely miracles that happened in my life.

This is the second time, I am posting here. Baba has always shown His strong support to devotees. Devotees waiting for solutions and fulfillment of desires, please do have faith and patience. Sai is definitely there for us, listening to our prayers and He will give us what we want. On, I asked Baba for permission to post my experiences. He gave me a direct answer, "You will succeed as a result of sharing. Blessings of Shree Sai are already there”. Reading Sai Satcharitra has made my life remarkably better. My dad follows the advice of his mentor in important matters. I used to make fun of his mentor, but now I keep my comments to myself. I have learnt to remember Sai Ram before taking food. It really pains to see write ups that try to tarnish the Image of our Sai, but I try to refrain from commenting because those people are yet to see the feet of our Dear Sai. They are ignorant because they are still waiting for their moment. I used to think that my uncle’s Guru was after fame and money and why would people resort to him. I learnt that Saints work in unison and each one has his own way and now I respect him. I have learnt to thank Sai for all that He has bestowed on me. Every time I do the parayan, I learn something new. Baba made me pass my exams. I had firm faith in Him though I hardly wrote anything in my papers. Baba made me join the same concern, where my boyfriend worked. Baba made me come out of depression. I used to be so lost that I would fail to recognize that I was walking on a road and stand there with my gaze fixed on the ground or some object nearby and after a few minutes I get back to my senses and start walking. After finishing the 41 days pooja to get married to my love, I bought a white Angavasthram (upper dhotar) and jasmine flowers to offer Baba. And when I came home, I saw two water foot prints on the dress. It looked like mixed foot prints of a human as well as a small animal. I thought it was an imprint of the jasmine flowers in the same cover, but jasmine can never give such a shape. On further thought and seeing the footprints, I definitely knew they were divine. I see Baba’s sticker on the vehicles passing by whenever I wish to see Sai while travelling. I used to get many superficial, unnecessary thoughts though. I don’t really mean it. I prayed Baba to be my thoughts, to have a control on it, to forgive me and now it has considerably reduced. I want to go to Shirdi. I had only the desire and did not make any plans. Three of my friends told that they will accompany me without me asking them to. Since it is the first time for all of us, I was browsing the net about accommodation. Miraculously, the next day one of my relatives came home with Baba's picture and UDI from Shirdi and he told me that he will guide me regarding this, once I book the tickets. He gave me all the required information. I am sure I will visit Shirdi really soon. Please call me to Shibpur Sai Ram. My best friend is undergoing training in the army. He became very depressed, when he failed in a few tests. Life became very demanding. One night he called me and asked me to pray for him as he was having an important test on the next day and he had little hope. I prayed to Baba that night and wrote Sai Naam for him. He called me up in the morning and told that he had passed. I have completed the Nav Guruvar Vrat and I am doing seven week parayan, praying Baba to bless me to get married to my love. We had a misunderstanding and he is not talking to me. We belong to different religions. I am sure Baba will resolve it and get me married to him with our parents consent. Sai, accept my prayers and bless me. I wish to place a small request here pertaining to the comments in my previous write up. I see that there are a few opinions and comments that really hurt. We are all here because of Baba. On this forum please do not post any comments that hurt one's faith, thoughts and sentiments. This is my humble request. Jai Sai Ram
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  1. Jai Sai Ram,Baba is there ..please surrender all your prayers to baba he will take care and give your love back as you wish

  2. O Deva, bless this child and the rest of Your children. Ease away our pains, bring us joy and make us better human beings.

    Thank You for everything O Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Lovely sweet experiences ! Baba is so nice and always there for is kids. We just need to have FAITH and PATIENCE and surrender entirely to him ! He wil take care of everything. We trust in you only Baba and we know you are constantly watching over us ! Love you a lot. Please bless us to be good people and guide us always on the right path of Karma, so that we become worthy of your grace.

    Love you a lot and many many thanks to you for all the good things you have been bestowing on us. May your Blessings reach one and all in this whole wide world !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai !


    Baba You are GREAT- Have no words to explain your leelas. How you know my untold emotions?

    Luv U My Dear SAI..

  5. Nice post…dont worry saichild you will deffinately get what you want in your life through the grace of our saima…shibpur saibaba temple is very powerful and you can ask amitji to perform pooja on your behalf..for more information visit this site
    and please provide me the link regarding your first experience which got published here in this site..may baba bless you with good health peace and love..i always request memebrs to not post comments which hurts one's feelings…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  6. baba will bless you soon,i have same situation like you,i love a boy of different caste to me,plz pray for me also.i pray for you.jai sai ram

  7. Om sai ram. Baba pls bless ur daughter. Baba pls pls sort all the problems of my life. Pls sort my office and personal problems. Baba pls bless me and my family. Om sai ram…

  8. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thank you baba for everything. I was very upset since yesterday night n even I woke up sulking as I had a fight with my boyfriend due to some misunderstanding but after seeing Shibpur Saiji picture in this post I am sure baba has some good surprise for me. Deva always bless us all and increase our shraddha and saburi by each passing day.

  9. jai sai ram,,,i am also facing lot of troubles in my life but i know sai is always with me and he will one day 100% take me out from all of the tensions…om sai ram

  10. Dear,SAI RAM knows the best for you ,so don't worry he will make things for you accordingly, when i and my love (my husband)were struggling for our marriage,we kept our faith on SAI RAM, and every time i used to get positive answer in site,have faith in sai baba,your work will be completed and you will be happy and celebrated.This used to motivate me and my husband everytime and now today we are happily married.And its only sai ram's blessings on us.So when the right time comes everything will go in your favor.May Sai Ram bless you and your love.OM SAI RAM.

  11. om sai ram
    your experience brought tears of joy on me

    i was worried,
    after reading your experience,
    all my doubts vanished

    it baba who has helped

    om sai
    sai is our sole protector
    om sai ram

    thanks a lot for sharing
    may sai bless you in marrying your love with your familie's concern

    om sai
    om sai
    jai jai sai

    shirdi wale sai baba bade dayalu sai baba

  12. Hi, I'm also in same situation..we both r related to different religions. After 3yrs, 6 months back..we decided tht to breakup the relation. Myself told him, I dont marry him for sake of my parents..He didn't scold me anything.Just he said that as u like it buddu, and asked me sme questions which i'm unable to say the answers & cried a lot. Myself cried a lot before Baba. Bcoz Baba only told me in my dream, Leave that person bcoz of religion problem.

    From last 6 months, Baba only knows,hw I'm feeling & unable to bear this pain. Then my luv given green signal to their parents to see the matches..He asked me so many times that will u convert..It will be easy for us to marry.But I didn't accept, as it is against to Baba.Now his mrg fixed,he said me like that, and his engagement fixed in next week. Himself feeling bad, I knw..myself unable to bear this..So many times, I requested Baba..If he is not suitable to me,jst give me the strength to bear this or make me forget him..or if he is the right one, show me the way..

    So many times, He showed that he is the right one for me..Yesterday also, I gone to Baba temple, There I cried a lot before Baba, as my luv is not speaking with me.As usual, I requested Baba to show me the way. And I asked Him, if U bless me before I'm leaving the temple, then U are accepted our luv & made us together..otherwise,jst make me to forget him..

    Then I sat before the idol of Baba for Shej Aarati..Then suddenly a thought rised in my mind, if Priest asked me to do the seva for Baba during aarati, then those are the blessings from You..otherwise show me the smething positive.Then I remained silent..

    Suddenly the priest called me to do the seva for Baba..I'm surprised & felt very happy..did the seva to Baba..Then Sai told me r u hpy now..I'll take care of all the things..and don't worry.

    Then Night, I got call frm my luv, but only 10mn..he has spoken with me & said to me don't be in contact with him at all..I'm unable to understand..wt I requested Baba, and wt he is doing..That too I'm searching for Job frm last 1 and half yr, whenever I asked Baba, He said I'll give you..I hv selected in interview fr 2 jobs, but didn't get the offer letter..myself feeling very low & feeling very bad..

    Y He is testing me like this..I don't knw wt I hv done in my past birth..But at present, I'm unable to bear all these things..still I'm not cursing Baba..But hw much time, He will take..I'm feeling that I want to die..But bcoz of my parents only, I'm not doing this..

    Pls Baba, I'm unable to bear all these things..pls bless me..I don't hv any options, all my hopes are on You only..don't make me fool..please,I'm requesting you sai…

    • dear sai devotee,
      it feels bad to know about your problems..but you dont feel upset because baba will never try to make fool of his dear yourself know baba showed you so many times that he is the right one for you..then it is your turn to speak to him and convince he said you to convert to his religion, it may not be because he wanted you to..but may be because he had some problems with his family..try to think in this way..
      Also dear sai devotee..please dont think of doing any harm to it will not only make your parents feel terribly worried..but believe me.. it will also make your loved one feel so please keep your faith in baba and try to do your best to save your love.. om sai ram…

  13. Thankyou for posting a very sweet experience. I pray to Baba to bless you with your love.

    Could anyone kindly post some information on how to perform the 41 days pooja. I have read the name many times but am unable to find the details. Im also waiting for blessings on my love. Baba Im sure you will bless me when the time is right but please guide me in the right path.

    Om Sai Ram

  14. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless everyone.. please. so many people are worried for their marriage and job .. please bless us all with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, happy relationships and happiness.

    Love you SaiDeva, you are the best. Many many thanks to you for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  15. Nice experiences! Baba has been there with you through all the experiences in your life and Baba will help you get happiness in the future. Baba is our best friend and always willing to help us and always tries to give us the best things in life. Om Sai Ram!

  16. Hello, U r also facing the same problem which i am facing, just be calm , and dont get depress if baba do not hear your prayers, bcoz baba know when and what to give to his devotees, may be he may take time , or he may have different plan for your future.

  17. Sai Ram… reading your experience about your love life made my eyes wet.. because I am almost in the same situation and doing Saaptah Prayan… I wish and pray to Sai Baba to fulfill all our wishes… Om Sai Ram… Jai Sai Ram!!!!
    I always say to myself "Allah Bhalaa Karega" I really need that person to be with me.. Sai Please bless us all.

  18. Dear sai daughter,
    I just feel your teenage story is similar to mine, when i was young even i didnt get a chance to get close to my sai..i guess i was too ignorant..but now i trust my sai blindly and always seek his blessings before doing anything.. also iam praying to sairam for getting my love in my life forever…

    Its so good to know that you completed your nav guruvar vrat for your dear one, believe me..sairam is so kind…he will not upset you..your loved one will realize how much you love him…and he will come back to you..i will pray for you, pls pray for me as well..

    jai jai sairam..

  19. om sairam..

    can someone please tell me if boys also can do " om sidha sankalapaya namah "..if not then some other mantra to get back their true love in life.please..i really wanted to know..
    jai sairam…

    • Sai brother.. Baba will never bias anyone on any him and start the pooja.. He will surely bless prayers

    • thank you sai sister,
      i was really waiting for a reply by somebody and it was you..i will start the pooja from this thursday..may sai bless each one of us by fulfilling our sai..shri sai…jai jai sai..

  20. OM SAI RAM..This is my experience. Thank you..glad to see so much of love.. my heartfelt prayers to everyone here..Sai Bless us all..Let all our worries vanish and desires be fulfilled.. You are our saviour..

  21. aap ki kripa se sab dheek ho raha hi. naish par bhi kripa karo ,, uski i back aa gayi hai ache no se pass karva do ,

  22. supriya,8th may 2017.
    i would like to thanks this site for motivating us to have faith in baba.really baba blessed my family alot in difficult you lot baba.

    i want to share my experience last month a proposal come to elder sister for marriage everything was gong smoothly boy family like my sis and even we like that guy engagement date was fixed suddenly after 2 days that guy called my sis and told he want some time to think and all and he stop contacting her for almost 15days no call msg. my whole family got disturbed i felt bad bcoz my sis was too happy even my family bcoz after lontime her marriage got fixed i was searching on google suddenly it came in my mind to do 9 thursday vrat and 7 day parayan i completed my 2nd vrat on thursday and even my parayan next day friend that guy called my sis and told sorry for everything and he told her to think about her and what a great miracle happen on same day engagement date was fixed on 7th may same day that guy came to pune he met my sis he came to mumbai met our family and solve all sort of misunderstanding and they decided to get marry it happen all because of my loving sai baba . thanks baba plz even bless me to get my desire love back in my life i love him lot baba plz sai devotees pray for sai ram.

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