Miracles of Baba in My Life – Sai Devotee Buvi

In today’s post, Sai Sister Buvi Ji explained very well all her experiences. Most interesting part is at the end. She explained how to be closer to our Sai Baba. I am going to bookmark this.

Sai Sister Buvi Ji from USA says:

Dear Sai Devotees, My name is Buvi Raj and I reside in Alpharetta, GA (USA). I would like to share with you all the miraculous experience, which Baba has blessed me within a short span of time. I had recently shared my first experience in this blog titled My First Visit To Shirdi Experience – Sai Devotee Buvi. Dear Hetal Ji, Thank you so much for playing a great role in spreading Baba’s fame. Truly appreciate your work. Praying to Baba to inspire more people similar to you. Baba, bless you and be with you always.

Miracle 1 –Baba’s Punyathithi Celebration
In our Sai temple here in Suwanee, GA, Baba’s 94th Punyathithi was celebrated in a grand scale. They were doing 108 Kalasabishekam for Baba in the morning. If we sponsor for Pooja, we get the opportunity to take one Kalasam and do Abhishekam for Baba in the main Sanctum (only one Kalasam per family). This time Baba allowed me to spend the entire day with Him. I was at the temple whole day starting from Morning Aarti 5.45 am till 8 pm. When I went to the temple in the morning, I and another person were only present. So we were asked to do the first service (fanning from side) for Baba, standing close to Him for 15-20 minutes. It was great. Then for the Kalasabishekam, we took one Kalasam for our family and shared among ourselves and did the Abhishekam.

I had a feeling that it was very short and could have been longer. Then we came to know that being a work day, there was not a huge turnaround and so there were additional Kalasams left. I was glad to know that I am getting second chance. But as you know, our Baba is “Parama Dayalu”, believe it or not, I did Abhishekam for Baba back to back 15 times, touching His legs and seeing His eyes so close was a blissful experience. Some of my family members were hesitant to go multiple times, and so they did not come. So after the 5th time, I just stood without going and watching. The priest (Baba called me) said “Please come”, so I went the 6th time, then again he called and said “As long as you see the additional Kalasams kept on stage”, please keep coming. I was glad to hear that. So that’s how Baba gave me the blessing, which will be an everlasting blissful experience/memory to cherish. Then we had wonderful lunch prepared by Baba. I always say that the lunch we get in the temple is prepared by Baba because it has a divine taste and Baba’s picture is there in several places inside the kitchen and dining area as a huge portrait of Baba with powerful eyes. Then I stayed back and attended afternoon Aarti. After that I took some rest and when I went down (actually Baba made me go down, it looks like He said enough of relaxing now come and do some work for me). One of the temple volunteers said they needed additional help with the flower decorations for evening pooja and requested if I can help and I gladly accepted. The temple was organizing flower Abhishekam (all devotees can put flowers on Baba’s feet, again a rare opportunity). So we finished tying the garland, and when we opened the flowers, it was a beautiful sight to see close to 200 bouquets of roses, Baba’s favorite is roses. We had all different pretty colors, pink, orange, red, white, yellow, and lavender. We had to take the petals separately and what a sight to see the different colors mixed together. We started the work around 3.45 pm and finished right before the evening Aarti at 6 pm. Another great opportunity is, we got to touch all the flowers that were going to Baba’s feet. Thanks to Baba for picking me to do that work for Him. After that I attended evening Aarti. We had a huge crowd in the evening and the temple was packed. I offered flowers to Baba’s feet. We had dinner prepared by Baba and came home happily. So that is how my day went for Baba’s thithi. Also while I was at the temple, I told Baba, You please take care of the things at work as I want to spend the day with You calmly. Believe it or not, I am getting text messages from work–good news after good news at work. Baba is simply great. Miracle 2 – Dream Raffle
Baba’s miracles are endless. In our Sai Temple they were organizing a huge raffle event. They planned to sell 1500 tickets and the money raised was going towards expansion of temple /construction of community hall. The fundraiser was called “Dream Raffle”. They have been planning this from beginning of this year. I had initially got 1 ticket back in May or so and then since they requested again got another one. While buying we had decided that even if we win, we will donate whatever we win back to the temple. I also thought within me, “Baba winning prize is not important, but You are picking me out of the 1500 is a honor for me and if You think I am Your true devotee (I am faithful towards You), then You pick me”. The prizes ranged from Mercedes Car, Rolex Watch, Gold Set, Cruise, LED Flat Panel 60 inch TV and many more totally 12 prizes out of 1500 tickets. Then the weekend before Baba Punyathithi, the temple president casually met me while I was in the temple (this is Baba’s plan) and requested if I could contribute more, as they were falling short a bit. So on Baba’s Punyathithi day, we got some tickets in bulk around 12. We gave it more like a donation for the temple expansion and just got the raffle tickets in return. Here comes Baba’s miracle, the dream raffle winners were selected on Oct0ber 28th, which was a Sunday. We were not present for the event and since we did not get any call. We thought we did not win and I thought maybe I should increase my faith and devotion towards Baba even more. Looks like Baba wanted the news to reach us only on Thursday. When we got a message that we have won and we confirmed that Baba did pick us the winner for the LED Flat Panel 60 inch TV. Also the winning number was from the bulk tickets we purchased on Punyathithi day. No doubts, we are donating this back to the temple. This is something that I will cherish upon forever. Thank You Baba for making us a part of this fundraiser. IMPORTANT POINT TO NOTE: The highlight of this experience is that Baba came in my dream (the same Thursday morning before we came to know the news about winning the raffle), He had come couple of times earlier as a picture, marble statue, and another dream, when I was in Shirdi with my family (so totally three times earlier). But this Thursday early morning ( 4th dream), He came in person and the dream was about me winning a prize in some competition and I am talking to Baba regarding the same. The dream actually started with me being in Shirdi. There also I was writing a blog about Baba with a paper and pen. Right after this dream, I came to know the news about Dream Raffle. As per the title, it did turn out to be a Dream Raffle for me. Jai Sairam! Miracle 3: Baba’s name in Truck
Sai devotees in India feel happy, when they see Baba’s pictures at the back of taxi’s and autos while travelling. Even couple of days ago, my sister was sharing her experience about seeing Baba’s pictures while going to work. And I was internally thinking being in the USA, we don’t have the chance to experience the same. For devotees in USA, if we see any photos of Jesus in vehicles or there is a big container truck, which has SAIA written on it then it is similar to seeing Baba. Even in this blog (old posts I have read), devotees have tested Baba by saying Baba if You are real or if my problem will solve, then come in front of me in any form. Some of them have seen Jesus photo, or Jesus written at the back of car, and one lady has specifically mentioned that she was sitting in Starbucks Coffee Shop and waiting for long to see Baba in any form, when this truck with SAIA written passed by and she was very happy. While reading the blog, I was thinking “Baba how come You did not come like that in front of me”. The next day after I read the blog, I came out of my house and took a turn in front of my car a van with JESUS written passed by! Couple of months later, while coming back to office after lunch, I was standing in the traffic light and a huge container truck passed by opposite me, I casually saw and it had SAIA written. I was happy and took my turn and thought the truck was going ahead of me, but to my surprise the truck took a turn into our office complex and in fact I could not move (looks like Baba wanted to tell me are you satisfied now look clearly as I stopped). Then the driver gave me way and I overtook the truck and came to our office. When I went to India last time, the first vehicle I saw after getting in the car and driving to my house was an auto with Baba picture on it. Baba makes sure (it will come in one of the chapters in Sai Satcharitra), that He reaches the place before His devotee to receive them. Same thing happened, when I went to a mall (Indian mall in the USA), there was huge Baba picture before we can enter the mall. I had gone there couple of year back, but this is the first time I am seeing Baba picture. I was sitting down to have tea in the cafeteria and right opposite was an elevator. I had Baba’s picture only visible from my spot. Baba is always with us and satisfies even the “Little/unuttered desires” within us. Baba is great! Jai Sairam! Miracle 4: Baba’s pleasant surprise
Believe it or not, Baba has transferred some of His omniscience nature to me. He gives a flash of the exact words I am going to read from the Sai Satcharitra for that day and He has amazed me several times with the same. Through Baba’s grace, I am doing continuous Parayan (one chapter on work days and more on weekend and holidays) of Sai Satcharitra and one my 22nd reading at present. Saturday I usually go to Sai temple. I was wearing a pink salwar. I thought Baba is also going to wear the same color today. I went to the temple and wonder of wonders Baba gave me a big surprise. He was wearing the exact same color. I was speechless with tears of joy. Baba is saying there is no difference between you and Me. We are the same. You are born to continue my deeds and give peace to other souls, who are suffering and I am going to do this till my last breath and help the miserable and needy as much as I can. Miracle 5: Diwali with Baba
On Diwali Day, I had gone to Sai temple to celebrate Diwali with our beloved Baba. Baba was looking great and they had kept lots of diya’s (close to 200) covering the entire stage, where Baba statue was. I was wondering from the time I went when they will be lighting all the diya’s as I can’t wait to see the lights around Baba. After Aarti, I was asked to distribute Prasad to all the devotees, which I thought was a blessing on Diwali Day. But looks like Baba had another wonderful plan. After Prasad distribution, I was asked if I can light the Diyas in front of Baba. My joy knew no bounds as looks like only 5 people were allowed and I was fortunate to do the job. Looks like Baba also had a third surprise the same day. When I was about to leave, I was again asked to come the following Saturday, as they are celebrating Annakut (Gujarati New Year) at the Sai temple and so far 200 people have signed up for dishes. Hopefully it will reach more by Saturday, so I was asked to come and help in presenting the dishes in front of Baba. I know this is a direct order from Baba as I was asked to help, exactly when I was looking at Baba in the eye. It was fortunate to spend the entire Saturday with Baba. Jai Sairam! Miracle 6: Sai Bhakthi spreading around me like wildfire
It is only 2 years since I started following Baba , but I should say lot of good things has happened and the progress is very fast. My Sister – After me , Baba picked my elder Sister and she did Sai Vrat twice and became a staunch devotee thereafter. Baba invited her to Shirdi this October and gave her several miracles there! My Niece – Completed Sai Vrat once (fortunate to complete at the age 13). My Husband – Started after me and is now doing continuous Sai Satcharitra Parayan and just completed his third reading last month. My 7 year old son –This is my biggest surprise. He started reading Sai Satcharitra and is going to finish his first reading soon. My Mom– She is also doing continuous Sai Satcharitra Parayan, finished her first reading and she is currently doing the Sai Vrat. My Mother in Law - I gifted her Sai Satcharitra from Shirdi, when I visited India last year. But she was completely not able to concentrate in reading it in India. When she was visiting us here in the USA, I asked her to bring the Sai Satcharitra and made her sit in Baba’s room (I have a separate room for Baba in my house, where I do my Sai Satcharitra Parayan and I strongly believe Baba is also one of my family members and He lives in my house in that room as I get very powerful vibes from Baba in that room). I asked her to start reading in that room and she was able to complete her first reading within 1 week! My Husband’s Aunts – Both of them did Sai Vrat and had great results and started visiting Baba temple regularly thereafter. My Team Members at work– Couple of them also started reading Sai Satcharitra and one of them started Sai Vrat. We just had a new hire and to my surprise, she is also a Baba devotee and visiting Shirdi this December! There are other friends and relatives, who did Sai Vrat and Sai Satcharitra reading as well. All credit goes to our beloved Baba in helping me spread Sai Bhakthi around me as well as write this blog. Some of the members I mentioned above, did not start the readings or Vrat immediately after I said. It took a while, but I was patient in having them take their time. But I was consistent in sharing Baba’s miracles with them, which slowly increased their faith. More than anything, it was Baba, who was behind the scenes, I was just an instrument. As Sai Bhakta’s, it is our duty to spread Baba’s fame throughout as much as possible irrespective of caste or creed. It is certainly my past good Karma that has enabled me to develop so much love and passion towards our Sai Ma. In fact it is Baba, who is drawing me closer to Him on a daily basis and my efforts are nil. Some thoughts to Share with all Sai Devotees on – How do we get closer to Baba. When we completely surrender ourselves to Baba, then we should strongly believe that whatever we do/think it is controlled by Baba. So please don’t take credit for any good things. You do as well as don’t worry about the bad thoughts/deeds. It is the special characteristic of Baba to suppress all the negative thoughts and encourage positive thoughts. When we start realizing, we are having too many negative thoughts, that itself is a good sign. We are all humans and inclined to commit mistakes, through Baba’s grace, we can slowly reduce the same and attain peace and calmness. When the mind is peaceful and calm always then it will only lead to good actions and thoughts. If at all we commit a mistake or have a bad thought, then please make a small prayer to Baba admitting your mistake and to help avoid such mistakes/thoughts in the future. Please keep in mind, we have to be patient enough with our prayers and be faithful and might have to make several requests because it may/may not happen immediately. The results are based on our past karma. We only need to wash our sins away by constantly remembering Baba and purifying our thoughts. As Baba mentions in Sai Satcharitra, we have to break the wall of difference between Baba and us. It is Baba’s special characteristic to transform His Bhaktas (if we truly attach ourselves to Baba) into Him. How do we get closer to Baba? There are several ways. First when we are free from emotions such as Greed, Anger, Jealousy, Fear, Desire, then we are one with Baba. I can feel His presence strongly in me whenever I am free of those feelings. Meditation on Baba and thinking of Him always is the only way. It comes with gradual practice; early morning right after you wake up is the best time. If you can sit and meditate by chanting His name or thinking of the stories from Sai Satcharitra for a few minutes in front of Baba, then the positivity will stick with you for the whole day. Continue doing your worldly duties, but remember Baba always either by singing/listening Baba bhajans. If you work during the day, you can do the same silently (singing internally similar to a thought), chanting Baba’s name etc. You have to be ever conscious about your thoughts, as Baba mentioned “Make me the sole object of your thoughts and actions and you will no doubt attain ParaBrahma”. I started a couple of years ago. I first tried for 30 minutes, then it became 2 hours, and kept adding on and now most of my thoughts are about Baba. I do work during the day and practice the above mentioned methods, if I start stressing about work/decisions I have to make then immediately. I realize that I have to seek Baba’s advise and then I look at His picture and He guides me in the right direction. In fact I cannot concentrate with work if I am not chanting His name internally on the background. Then I know He is with me and things move smoothly. Baba gives me a lot of positive energy through this process. It only comes first through Baba’s grace and practice. Also depends on whether or not we have unconditional love towards Baba irrespective of the fact we are facing good/bad phase in life. As per Baba good/bad is all the same. There are certain rituals I do for Baba without fail on a daily basis (even though Baba does not expect it from us). He only wants us to remember Him. I do very simple/small things without fail, lighting lamps and offering Prasad (almonds and sugar) in the morning, read blog before I start work, read one chapter from Sai Satcharitra every day (cover more chapters on the weekend), I feed Baba first before I eat my meals, without fail visit Sai temple once a week and spend 2-3 hours with Baba (attend Aarti and do meditation). Once Baba has entered our life, then He lives with us. So just like how we eat and breath, thinking of Baba should be something we practice minute by minute. After you start practicing this, then you will start feeling uncomfortable If you are not thinking of Baba. It will slowly become like breathing process. Then you will start feeling bliss and start living life the way Baba wants us to. The minute you stop thinking of Baba, Maya in the form of “Fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy” will overtake you and start threatening you. It is a constant choice between Baba vs other worldly enjoyments. If we give importance to worldly enjoyments, it will feel pleasant at first, but it is only temporary. But when we go closer to Baba, the experience He gives us cannot be explained in words. My prayer to Baba - Not sure if my past Karmas are balanced in this life and if I will attain Mukthi and come to your lotus feet, if at all I am going to have another life, then please come to me at an earlier age as I had to wait for 33 years in this life. Baba please help all the Sai Bhaktas to come closer to You on a daily basis and give a new meaningful life to everyone just as how You had blessed me. Sadhguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!
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  1. Nice experience. I took off from work last guru poornima to be with sai. I want to do the same this year too. Om sai ram.

  2. I can feel the emotion and the depth in your write up. I wish to accomplish them by baba's grace. Waiting for my turn.

  3. Very beautifully written. Thank you for sharing. Reading your experience makes us feel closer to Baba. Sai Ram.

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very well written and composed by a True Devotee. Rightly said, Happiness we receive from this materialistic world is Temporary but the Happiness we receive from Baba is for ever.

    Admire you and I will also try to follow your path.

    My Humble Salutations to our Beloved Sai.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba!

  5. Awesome!!! Bliss is what I experienced reading this Buvi ji…I thank Baba from the bottom of my heart that he has given me a chance to read this that too today when I'm feeling a bit lost. This blog is truly a constant reminder of the things to be done to get closer to Baba. No matter whatever we do there are still plenty of things to be learnt. Love you so much Baba. Please take me closer to you and make me go in the right direction and be with all your children forever.

    Om Sai Ram

  6. Om Sai Ram. Baba pls pls pls help me resolve all my office tensions. Baba pls bless my sister with a very good boy(groom). Baba pls bless me and my family baba pls make our lifes smoother as it was earlier. OM SAI RAM

  7. Dear Sai Devotee Buvi ji,
    Thanks for this wonderful posting. May we meet in person when I visit Atlanta…it is upto BABA to make this plan for us. I wish to be with my grand daughters as my daughter-in-law lovingly taunts me saying Meemaa, I think when you actually visit us, may be you would see your grand daughters' kids! What a wonderful way to wish me such a long healthy life where I could still travel (as the eldest grand daughter is just 6 and the younger is 4 years old! 😀 )and yet complaining that I have not yet visited them!
    What to say about how BABA fulfills HIS devotees' smallest wishes!
    My husband and I were talking about our Indian snacks Ganthia-Papadi, one special item from Rajkot called KADAB like teekhi thick sev, end Mohanthal, Poha Chevado, Chavanun etc. and how difficult to find them here!
    Last week on my husband's birthday, my daughter in law from Atlanta called saying , mom, it is so very crazy here, very busy and we are late in sending Gift for Pappa.
    Now today I received a package of snacks of all these things that was shipped from NY shop packed and delivered by the shop owner. No name of who the sender was! So I thought it must be from her and as she knows Pappa will not accept any gift , this would be a perfect gift for him that he would love!
    My brother lives in TX. He send me one liner e-mail couple of days ago asking if we have "Brown Tucking" in sierra Vista? I searched on the internet what that might be! And why he wants know this from me?

    And just after the parcel reached here, he might have checked on the Internet that the package has reached me, he called to tell me, now did you SEE the Brown Truck? Ahaa…so he was pointing the UPS Brown truck!
    He said they had ordered such snack items from this very shop for himself and the items were so good and fresh that he ordered for me as we too do not have any Indian Grocery stores in Sierra Vista! what a brotherly loving gesture from his side?
    Now my Daughter-in-law and my brother both were made team mates by BABA for such a wonderful happy surprise for me and my husband! And funny thing, thinking the parcel must be ordered by my daughter-in- law as per the phone talk, I left a thank you message to her on her cell phone as well as home number!
    Also one more thing…tomorrow is my younger son's birthday who lives in Sierra Vista only. I have invited his family to have dinner with us. I was thinking of making Mohanthal as a sweet dish as most of our favourite sweet dishes have been made so far on various ocassions and this might be a good change! But due to many other errands that I had to attend recently, I could not actually prepare the dish. So when me and my husband were about to get our lunch I took out the GulabJamun packet from my drawer so that after lunch, first thing I would attend as a preparation for tomorrow! heh, we were not even finished with our lunch and the door bell rang. And here was the parcel with Mohanthal and all other goodies! Waah BABA waah…I am still amazed with this Leela.
    Jai Sai Ram.
    Wow…BABA is great!
    Jai Sai Ram.

  8. Dear Buviji,

    Beautifully written, May sai bless you & your family.Felt like reading it again and again.Om Sai Ram..

  9. Very well written! Thank you for writing how to get closer to baba, really hope to follow the path that you have written and pray baba to help us in dong the same!! Om Sai Ram!!

  10. Om sai Jai Sai. Very nice experience and well drafted Buviji.Deva thank you for everything. Saiji always bless us and increase our shradhha n saburi by each passing day.

  11. Great Sharing Sairam, This really helps all devotees to move on right path , Jai Sairam . " My Team Members at work– Couple of them also started reading Sai Satcharitra and one of them started Sai Vrat. " – I am glad to inform you all that I am the one among mentioned in above statement – Jai Sairam :-)Sai blessed me in many ways and also during my critical situations , without His blessing I wouldn't have survived ,Jai Sairam :-). I have completed my 2nd reading of Satcharitra and started my 3rd reading few days back , Sairam, I Thank you for bringing me closer to SAI 🙂
    I wish you More and more Blessings and success in following moments 🙂
    BABA pl be with us by all means 🙂

  12. Thank you . You gave guidance to so.. many people who want to be close to baba but do not figure out way to be there. You have very clear view of your path. Well articulated experiences.
    Lucky to have baba's grace at such young age of 33.

  13. Your love is so pure for Baba!! Great experience and well written. Each and every word is so true. I am the same Starbucks lady which you mentioned above 😀 Glad that Baba listened to you too, he is the sweetest of the sweetest. We reside in Atlanta too, and our Baba temple is so nice, and we must appreciate all the activities they do here. Congrats for winning the dream raffle. Keep up the good work you are doing in the temple. Hope we will meet some time soon. Om Sai Ram.

    Wonderful experience.
    Thank you very much Bhuviji. The you described is great and I got answers to all my questions.
    Yesterday I asked Baba(commented in this blog) that I want to live life in your way and here is the answers. I am 100% sure that Baba answered my question through your experience. Love you so much Baba. I got little relax for my confused mind Baba.
    Baba please help me to lead life in your path.
    Thank you so much Bhuviji.
    Love you so much Baba.

  15. Thanks a lot Buvi Ji for sharing your experiences. I can clearly see that you are thoroughly and truly with BABA always..

  16. Sairam,

    Thanks so much for all the valuable comments and feedback. All credit goes to our beloved Sai Ma. It is Baba who wanted to convey this message on “How to get closer to him” and he has executed it through me as a mere instrument. So the complete ownership of this article goes to our Sadhguru Sai Baba ji.

    Baba’s third blog will be posted shortly. Baba has given me such great experiences , that incidents similar to the ones in Sai Charithra has happened to me (through Baba’s grace). Please be in the lookout for the same.

    Shri Sachidananda Sadhguru Sai Nath Maharaj Ki Jai!

  17. Very nice experiences! Throughout all these nice miracles, Baba was with you and showed you His presence and guided you well. It is very nice that you donated back the TV you won and also the advice you gave at the end was very good, all devotees should just do some small thing everyday for Baba (even something as simple as thinking of Baba for a few minutes while doing your duties). You are lucky that you have had so many opportunities to do nice things for Baba in your temple. Om Sai Ram!

  18. I just cant mention how happy i am after reading thi but i so sorry babagaru and buvi ji hetal ji i am not a good devotee of our baba i always get very bad and negative thoughts i dont know ewhy baba test me like this.. but i always love to pray our baba.. jai sairam.. om sairam i love you thandri.. om sri sairam om sri sainathaya namah.. om sai sree sai jaya jaya sai

  19. om sai ram to all the blog readers. always felt content and happy after reading the miracles of other. yours are also great as our sai babas greatness. i m also waiting for baba to come in my dreams. last night i asked him to help me through sai baba Q&A. and the answer is- you will have a dream. remember shree sai…… i hope i will share one day mine experience with you all. till then reading the experience of others. om sai ram to all.

  20. Sairam hetal ji ,,Buvi raj ji..and to all our beloved sai devotees

    Its really very nice to see your experience i can feel our BABA presence in each and every experience very nice .. BABA is so kind to all of us.. I love you BABA..

    YOU NARRATED VERY NICELY HOW TO BECOME CLOSER TO SAI ITS VERY TRUE AND VERY GREAT AWESOME TO READ YOUR EXPERIENCE.we should have belief we should think we are living like this because sai wants us to be like this..:):):)
    I jus want to tell you i am not at all a good human..i always think very badly negatively dont know why i am suffering like this..I CANT PRAY BABA PROPERLY MANY A TIMES..I GET ALL WORST THOUGHTS..I KEEP SAYING SORRY AND DOING PUJA BUT I DONT KNOW WHETHER BABAGARU IS ACCEPTING MY PRAYERS OR NOT.. BECAUSE I AM NOT A GOOD GIRL..even if it takes time only BABA CAN bring me out of such a situation.. i will just wait with belief and patience..
    Dear sai devotees i request you all to pray for me as i am facing so very tough time in my life.. i dont have a job.. my love whom i want to marry is also facing so many problems in his job now he is looking for a job.. we both want to setlle well very soon and get married.. atleast if he is settled then we can have hope about our marriage.. at my home my parents are not at all accepting for our marriage i kept complete faith on BABA only .. he will do wat is good for us and i want everything to be done according to his wish only if he doesnt want me to marry my love then i request our god our saimaa to please kill me soon atleast in next birth i will be like a good human and good devotee of BABA AND THEN FULFILL MY WISH..
    might be beacuse of my past karmas i am suffering so much like this even in this birth knowingly unknwingly i am commiting lot of mistakes i beg you baba please excuse me for all my mistakes and help me in not commiting the same again and again
    i want to live like a good human like your good devotee :):):)
    i want to marry the one i love so much is because of your blessing only i got him..i know.. please give me this happiness lifelong please make my parents accept my love.. dear all sai devotees if you read this comment PLEASE PASS ON MY MESSAGE TO SHIRDI BABA I WANT TO COME THERE SOON.. BEFORE COMPLETING MY VRAT HELP ME ONE WEEKEND..
    please..BABA i cant ask you anything more you know what i want .. YOU KNOW VERY WELL WHAT TO GIVE WHEN TO GIVE.. ITS ALL IN YOUR HANDS .. I JUST KNOW TO PRAY YOU .. I WILL KEEP DOING THAT WITH FAITH AND PATIENCE.. BUT BEING A HUMAN I FEEL BAD FOR MY MISTAKES I FEEL THAT IS THE REASON YOU ARE TESTING ME SO MUCH WITHOUT HELPING ME.. I FEEL YOU WANT ME TO BECOME A GOOD HUMAN.. BUT YOU CAN ONLY DO THAT HELP ME SAIMAAA.. BABA what can i ask you.. i dont deserve anything but please bless your child bless us both we want to settle well and get married with our parents blessings.. help us BABA ..i cant force you but i want to request you till my last breath..i want to keep trying like this only..THERE IS NO ONE FOR ME EXCEPT YOU..YOU KNOW… SAIMAAA HELP ME EXCUSE ME BE WITH US BLESS US..i will do everything i told you.. i will complete all very soon give me strength to do all that and face all my problems with courage and help me come out of everything and finally give me happiness by making my love successful…ITS YOUR WILL TO FULFILL MY WISH OR NOT AS YOUR DEVOTEE I CAN ONLY ASK YOU..JAI SAIRAMA..
    i am doing sai nav guruwar vrat hopefully i will complete it nicely with faith and devotion..


  21. Hello Friends,

    I am new devotee of Sai. I have heard of Sai Vrat and his powers from one of my friend and now completed 4 weeks of my vrat. I do it with best of my devotion to him.

    As I'm completely depressed I have requested BABA to rsolve my issues ASAP. But I havent got my problems solved yet.

    Also I read Sai Satcharitam whenever i feel down and I get freetime. At office too i read his miracle stories. Still he hasnt shown my solution so much worried. Hoping him to bless me with his powers as early as possible.

  22. beautiful experience… no words to expres…. sai always bless everybody… sai reham sada karna.. bacchon ka paalan karna… sai reham sada karna bacchon ka palaan karna….

  23. beautiful experience… no words to express…. baba reham sada karna… bacchon ka paalan karna… baba reham sada karna bacchon ka paalan karna…

  24. You have narrated the feelings in very nice way. I feel very happy and learn a lot from your words. May God bless you and help to lead the same life through out your life. Jai Sairam

  25. nice experiences and thoughts…shraddha ad saburi is very important in life…BABA is always with us…OM SAI RAM…

  26. Dumb struck after reading ur experience buvi ji..what a love, passion..absolutely baba has narrated all these for us to get closer to him..just just amazed of ur devotion..BOW TO LOTUS FEET OF SAI..PEACE BE TO ALL..

  27. Amazing experience..and i have learn a lot from your experience, only with the blessing of our beloved SAI BABA..OM SAI RAM

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