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Paid For My Ego

Sai Sister Meera Ji from USA says:

Hello, I am Meera Bakshi, BABA’s devotee. I am trying to live as per BABA’s teaching and yet after all I am a human being, make mistake behaving the way BABA would not approve, and BABA makes us learn a lesson with real life events.

Yesterday I was so angry with myself for misplacing my 2nd cell phone. Last night 4-5 hours, I was making everything in my apartment Topsy-turvy. At 11:00 pm also I gathered courage to go out in my parking lot, opened up both the cars and searched at the glove boxes and pockets on the car-doors. It might have proved stupidity if someone has taken advantage of me being out there alone at such wee hour, as my husband was sleeping upstairs and he did not know I might step out to search my cars for the missing phone like this! Humm, I did not see my phone in either of the cars. Next morning also I had hot arguments with my husband, who was telling me to be more attentive to what I do, where I keep things etc. It made me rather angry and upset as I am very a meticulous person by nature. So I could not take his remarks! Well, all morning went without searching for the cell phone as I was occupied with other errands to be attended/ again started searching in the afternoon, many a times laughing at myself as I was looking for it at all places where I had already searched several times! Well, till 8:30 pm, I could not get out of the thought where my cell phone could be! I finished cooking dinner and about to have our dinner. At that time, my husband remembered a particular errand that we need to attend before the stores close by 9:00 pm and we had to step out of our apartment and we drove our car that we usually do not drive. While he was gone to complete his errand, my mind was still occupied with the thought "where my cell phone could be?" Than waiting in my car for my husband to return, I thought, I had searched in this car too last night at 11:00 pm, but let me check one more time! I looked in the glove box and side pockets of my car door and opened the back door. There was a package of old dinner plates that I wanted to get rid of by giving them at salvation center and folded sun protector shield on top of that package. I just moved both the items and LO! I found my cell phone there! I strongly believe the Guardian Angel sent by BABA only must have inspired us. My husband to remember that important task and to drive the car that we hardly take out and inspired me to search on the back seat! Otherwise how all these could have been possible? The search started on 8:30 pm of 10/18/2012 and ended exactly almost same time next day (i.e. 10/19/2012). 24 hours of agonizing stress! Now let me tell you just a day before I had to dig out an item from my closet to use and boastfully told my husband, see, I could get you anything you need from our belongings because I do not throw away things that we possess and keep them handy so I can find anytime we want! "SELF EGO!" And LO! the very next day I realized I do not find my 2nd cell phone. I am using the cell phone of which service contract is about to over and till than I did not have to use the 2nd phone. I have got it ready to use as soon as this one goes out of service. And as I could not locate it, I was talking to BABA to help me give a clue, where my phone could be. sometimes begging, sometimes being angry why He made me forget where I kept my phone, sometimes even scolding BABA , You made me lose my phone, now YOU need to find it for me, BABA! And sometimes I was just praying to locate my phone. BABA taught me a good lesson and then showed mercy by making me look in the back seat of my car. We hardly step out at such a late time, and see, BABA made my husband remember something important for we had to go to the store and that to make us get the car that we rarely drive! Isn't this all amazing? Jai Sai Ram.

How Baba Helped Me Save My Daughter

Sai Sister SaiLaxmi Ji from USA says: We are devotees of Baba. But we are not very regular in pujas etc. My daughter fell down and had her head injured. She cried in pain and had vomiting. After getting her CAT scan, the doctors said she had internal bleeding and she may need a surgery. This time I was crying like anything. Almost for 3hours, praying Baba, then they moved to a hospital where they had neurosurgeons. The resident doctor came, showed me the bleeding, and put her under observation for that night. I put a prayer request to Baba to save my daughter in some website. The next morning my husband went to a Baba temple and attended puja, Bhajans. Meanwhile the chief doctor came and told there was no bleeding. I told him that the other doctor told that there was bleeding. He rechecked my daughters reports and said there was no bleeding. I was shocked and surprised. Immediately I texted my husband saying the chief doctors words. We felt immensely blessed. On that day when we were going to the hospital, I asked my husband to give dakshina to person standing on the road. I thought he would give 2 dollar. I didn't say anything to my husband, but he gave exactly 2 dollar which I felt represents Shraddha and Saburi. I bowed from the car. He smiled and waved hand very gracefully not like a person, who begs, but I felt He was divine, and another span of 15 minutes again we gave dakshina to another person. I feel God saved us, JAI SAI RAM

Baba Blessed Me

Anonymous Devotee from UK says: Dear Hetal Ji, Om Sai Ram. This is my first post and I would like to remain anonymous. Please don't disclose my id etc. Please feel free to edit as required. I am a chemical engineer living in UK for past 6 years. Although Sai Baba came in my life long before, but I would say I am a recent devotee and it happens as per Baba's will only. I read one chapter from Sai Satcharitra daily and only after reading it my Shraddha in Sri Sai has been ever increasing. Once I finish all 50 chapters, I restart and get more clarity and increased devotion than my previous read. I started going through other prominent Sai Devotees (viz. Mr Khaparde, Kakasaheb Dixit) diaries online and keep getting sources of more information just before thinking what next. It seems Baba is fulfilling my wishes of knowing more and more about Him. I am so thankful to these guys who thought about noting incidents when Baba was present in Sagun (body) form - it is so amazing that we get mesmerized by reading these incidents even after almost 100 years of Baba's Mahasamadhi. Now I have developed a habit of comparing the year of birth of various people I regularly check on internet whether the person was born before 1918 or not or whether he got Baba's blessings in Shirdi then. Baba has really blessed you with the idea of starting this blog and sharing innumerous experiences from devotees in our times and one can easily feel Baba's presence while reading through them, great work and I am sure Baba will keep blessing you all. As I said, I am a recent devotee; I would like to share a minor experience. While going through other devotees experience I keep thinking when Baba will bless me and when He will come in my dreams etc, then I think maybe I need to gain more reserve of Shraddha (faith). I was reading about Sai Guruvar Vrat yesterday and about things that are needed, viz. yellow vastra, yellow flowers, chandan dhoop etc etc; I was wondering how I am going to get all this whenever I would need them here in UK. I reached home from work in evening (that's when I pray to Baba) - I realized, hey it's Dussehra tomorrow, and then a thought cross in my mind - I wish I could offer prayer to Baba with all the proper "Samaggri" (paraphernalia)- although there was a soothing thought that Baba doesn't need all this, but anything with complete faith and love. A thought arose in my mind that Baba will arrange, based on what I read in other devotees' experience. While I started offering my daily prayers, I realized I have got a brand new yellow vastra (cloth) which was sent by my mother in law last year (sadly we didn't use, I believe it was not Baba's will then), then I went to kitchen for something else and lo! I spotted chandan dhoop and tika all packed up unused (it must have been there for few years without my notice) - I started feeling Baba's kripa, then all that remaining was yellow flowers (I had other bits, like incense sticks, tealights etc, dry fruits). It was getting late and then Baba prompted me where I could get flowers and I drove to the shop immediately and got the flowers. I was so happy that baba arranged for all this and indicated that He is noting what's going on in my mind. This morning I woke up early and offered my prayers and it was really a very nice experience as the thought kept coming that Baba arranged all this. I drive to a station to catch my train to work, I got late this morning and thought that I will miss my usual train and will have to wait at station for another 20 minute. Then I thought well Baba will arrange and see what He did (in fact I forgot my mobile in my car, Baba reminded - I walked back to pick it thinking I have missed my train already now), when I reached on the platform only then came the train and I happily moved in with the thought that Baba did it. Here I would like to mention that I keep getting thoughts on testing Baba's presence for every small thing - but I feel that is not right; Undoubtedly, He is there - He takes care only if you have full Shraddha (faith) in Him - and when you have full Shraddha, then you don't get these thoughts of testing Him knowing that He will do what is right and bless you at appropriate time - that is what becomes Saburi (patience). I have full faith that there are more experiences to come. Sri Satchitanand Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai ho. Baba please keep blessing us all.
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  1. jai sairam!! nice experiences.. the third experience devotee,can you pl send the links for online diaries of dixit and khaparde… ?
    thanks a lot!!

  2. jaisairam!!!

    thank u sooooo much for the links of online diaries. But i already read yesterday by googling. If you have more of such informations, please please give the links. I m right now reading a book by Narasimha swamiji.

  3. Very nice experiences! Baba blesses us in so many ways from helping solve health problems, helping us find lost things and giving us instructions on how to perform poojas. These devotees gained Baba's blessings in many different ways. Om Sai Ram!

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