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Baba Knows What Is Best For His Children

Sai Brother Shiva Ji from Australia says:

I am from Australia. I became a SAI devotee few years back. Since then everything I see I consider as SAI’s blessings. I feel happy and peaceful. I have several experiences which others may consider coincidence, but for me it is all BABA’s kripa and blessings. First experience is related to my mother-in law’s (MIL) about cure of cancer.

My MIL was diagnosed with throat cancer in October 2011 and made every household worried and miserable especially my husband was very depressed. Doctors gave only 6 months for her to live. But my husband is a devotee of BABA. He said to his two brothers you continue with all necessary treatments, but that he will continue to manage with BABA's UDI. Daily he put a pinch in the water (offered to BABA) and gave it to her three months. Now she is fine and eating and drinking normally. Even today when she go for follow-up clinic, the doctors keep saying it is very surprising and very rarely they have seen a recovery like this. If you fully believe that BABA is with you and call Him “SAI” with full devotion, He will answer your call. Never lose faith believe in Him, He will answer your prayers. Next experience is related to my 19 year old son. He went for his driving test and twice he failed. Both times when I asked BABA in question and answer page, BABA said death avoided and have faith in SAI. Third time answer was donate food, you child will be successful. He was successful and first visit he made was to his grandmother, who is in the nursing home and then to Sai temple. Baba knows what is best for His children. OM SAI RAM.

My Introduction To Sai Baba

Sai Sister Deepa Ji from India says: I am born Christian and was called Annie Peter. Now I am called Deepa Vishwanath. I am married and blessed with beautiful daughter. It’s so amazing that being and bought as Christian married to Hindu. And this transformation was not tough and this was only because of teaching that I got from Sai Baba. I am not sure how should I start, but I know one thing for sure that I have to write this. So my name is Annie Peter and I was born in Kerala. How did I know about Sai Baba? Here it goes. I was growing in Hyderabad and with God’s grace. I was blessed with good friends. One of my friend named Priya- her father is a great devotee of Sai Baba. His name is Venkat ( Uncle). He is one who was a very good example of being tolerant to all religion. Whenever I used to go to Priya’s place, I used to observe Uncle doing his pooja and in his pooja room he had Sai Baba’s picture, Picture of Allah, Picture of guru Nanak , Picture of Mother Mary. Though venkat uncle was born in a Brahmin family, I learnt from him and from his actions that one need to believe that God is in all small things (like how it is said in Sai Satcharitra). I grew up as a strict catholic girl. I was not missing my Sunday mass, not missing catechism, used to go for retreats etc. As I was growing, I was observing people and their behavior and got acquainted to other friends and their manners. I realised that all religion teaches the same thing. And that is always do the right things. And always help those who are in need. I remember Uncle was always cheerful, happy and kind. I remember on Thursdays he used to fast having only one meal and every Thursday he would offer a begger a fresh pack of non veg /veg biryani. He would sacrifice his favourite food and feed the one who was in need. I mean that is what true religion is for me. As I kept reading about Sai Baba it became stronger believe. I mean I am a person who will not trust anybody with lot of incidents happened either in my life or others lives. So it was easy to accept the recent history which was witnessed, which has facts associated with it. So for me, it was more like believed recent history. I started growing with this believe that Sai Baba is the one whom I can rely and trust on for any guidance and blessing and more important for peace of mind. When I got married to a Hindu person, it was not difficult for me to change religion. As I had this trust of Sai Baba and the fact that all religion teaches are same love and serve and help all. Apart from that I would not involve myself in any non value added activities. Sometimes I think how wonderful is Sai Baba- inspite of His being popular - He did not want any palce or big house. He did not decorate Himself with any gold or shimmering ornaments. He was simple person who lived a very simple life- He would wear just a kafani , a stick and bolster and used to go out to beg for any food not to Himself but for other living creatures, be it dogs , cats , birds others less privileged ones. contrary to today’s Babas, who wear all silk garments, pomps, shows jewelaries, well maintained cars, visits everywhere. What is that? They are looking to accomplish. From my point of view, it’s just to gain more popularity and to get more cash flow. One need to be simple like Him. If one has decided to disown worldly life of no marriage, no partaking of relishing food and goods. If one has decided to live a religions life, then one should learn from Sai Baba. And live like that without expecting or thinking of any returns. How could Sai Baba mange to live in everybody’s life. All it needed was just giving up or rising above worldly luxuries, no craving for food, no craving for becoming popular.

Miracle Of Sai

Sai Sister Varsha Ji from India says: I am married from five years and unable to conceive due to major gynac problems like cyst, fibroids and tubes block. The only option was surgery and we did want to get operated as we didn't find nice and honest doctors for such treatment. We could not make up our minds for surgery. In last 2 years I suffered a lot. Then we got transferred from Punjab to Gujarat. We were new to the city. One day evening, my husband surprisingly [as he normally does not go to temple] took me to Sai Baba's temple. The temple was so good and Baba’s Murty is as like as Shirdi. I prayed Baba to bless me with a child. After three days, we talked to Panditji about our problem. He told us to start fast every Thursday and to take UDI in water also leave all tensions .Next day it was Thursday. We went to temple and lit diyas there. Then we plan to see a very new, but big hospital with blessings of Sai. Doctor was so nice and he introduces me to HOD of gynecology department there. He convinced us for surgery also told about all aspects of surgery as may be my tubes not open by surgery, fibroids can be unoperated. The type of cyst was also some problem. He told us if this will not be successful the only way to conceive is IVF, which is costly as well as has a less success rate. After all we decided to go for surgery, as there was a thought in my mind that Sai wants this to happen. One afternoon I was reading experiences of Sai Devotees, I read that many people read Sai Satcharitra and Baba fulfill their wishes. I dedicated to read Sai Satcharitra. But I had only 3 days to read. I prayed Baba to help me to read in three days. Baba helped me and I read it by asking Baba please do what is good for me. That was wonderful experience for me. It read it within three days by Sai’s blessings. Before surgery, some tests are essential. Doctor came to know my hemoglobin was 8.2, which was not ok for surgery. He advised two units blood for me. It was a bit painful. By chanting Baba’s name I bear all things. Surgery took place on 12th of October 2012. In doctor's word, it was unexpectedly very successful. My tubes are naturally open, cyst was simple, all fibroids are operated. When after surgery doctors came to see me, I asked them can I conceive now they answered by saying definitely. It was five hour surgery and I did not feel pain as some people described me. Sai Baba made everything so easy for me. Doctors told me that I can conceive within 6 months. I left all things up on Sai Baba. I know He will take care of me. Believe me have total faith on Sai and nothing is impossible for Him in this world. JAI SAI RAM.
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  1. All the experiences seem so miraculous to be read but shows nothing is impossible for Him. The thoughts described by the second devotee is so true about a true Saint seem so artificial with the material things. Baba's life described in Sai Satcharitra is so genuine for us to have Faith and Patience. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai !!!

  2. mere sai… i do not ant anything for me deva…. please bless my parents in all the way… i love them a lot…. i want them to be happy forever…. baba my papa is facing lot of financial problems…. iam in a very worst situation… iam an MBA graduate… but iam jobless… i could not them in any way… iam worthless sai…. i want a job immediately to survey my life and to help my parents… please help me deva….

    • dear anonymous devotee plz pray to shri sai for 1 month keep faith than see the miracle that takes place and donate some food (if possible on thursdays),,,than see the miracle that that takes place..om sai ram

    • dear anonymous devotee who has done mba and looking for job plz pray to sai for 1 month with full devotion and everthing will be all right..:)
      om sai ram

  3. Dear Sai Devotees, very happy reading your posts. Dear Annie ji( Deepa ji) I am amazed how come my thoughts are expressed by another Sai Devotee exactly the way I would have expressed regarding BABA's simplicity and teachings. Thanks for the post, You are really a blessed soul. Your husband as well as all your relatives are lucky to have you!
    Jai Sai RAM.
    I do not intend to demean other Sai Devotees, please do not misunderstand me. Deepa ji's being Christian by birth but having such a broad outlook for all religions made me say so!
    Jai Sai RAM.

  4. Dear Varsha
    your problem is same as mine.. i too had multiple fibroids n one tube blocked. All well qualified doctors of delhi clearly told me that its very difficult for me to have a baby but i had full faith on my baba. He was with me throughout my tough period wen people taunt me for being childless i used to cry in front of baba n now here i am with a 1.5 year old cute son. just leave it on baba he will bless you soon.. take care.. be ready to share d gud news with us after 6 months

  5. OM SAI. just before opening this page i was thinking about my driving test,baba should make me to pass in 3 tests and the first experience also related to it..iam sure now baba will help me to pass in 3rd test…thank you baba…u changed my life in last one year….

  6. Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram,
    Om Sai Ram

  7. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva thank you for everything . Very nice experience my husband is also Christian although he do not worship baba but he never stopped me to visit his temple. I know it's just because of our Deva's blessing .

  8. Annie Ji/Deepa Ji, It is well known that Sri Sai Baba did not approve/encourage conversion. Besides, i think there is no such thing as conversion INTO Hinduism. Believing in Baba and that all religions are equal and teach more or less the same things, one wonders at why you converted from Christianity to Hinduism. Everyone is welcome to give their feedback. OM SAI RAM.

  9. Jai Sairam,
    Baba I am surrendering completely at your feet Baba.
    Love you so much Baba.

  10. Dear Sister Varsa, Don't worry Baba will take care of your problems. I am also trying to conceive for last five years but I don't have any big problems. But I am still waiting with faith Baba will bless me with a child.

  11. om sai ram pls sai baba bless our parents deva. in our family all are your devotee. pls deva bless all of us

  12. Very nice experiences! Varsha Ji, it was Baba who helped guide the doctors to make your surgery very successful and Baba who will help you have a baby soon. Deepa Ji, Baba always said that He calls for devotees to come to him and you are very lucky that you were called to Baba; people from all faiths and walks of life have been called to Baba's feet and you are very lucky that Baba also wanted you to come to Him. Shiva Ji, Baba helped your mother-in-law's health problems because of Udi and faith and also helped your son succeed in his driving test as well due to faith in Baba. Baba is there all the time to help us succeed and we should not waver in our faith in Baba, He is never apart from any one of us. Om Sai Ram!

  13. Sai baba mere mahan☺
    Shri brahmhad nayak rajadhiraj yogiraj parbrahamguru satchchidanand sadguru sainath Maharaj ki jai☺☺

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