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My Sai Baba Experience

Sai Brother Sudhakar Ji from India says:

This is Sudhakar from Hubli. I am SE and right now blessed with Sai Baba mercy on me. This is my experience with SAI BABA. I started doing Puja since last 1 year that is from 2011 May. This is true that whatever I am narrating it is happened to me.My parents were looking for matches for many years and I was not getting perfect match. I too got frustrated. Once I visited our relatives house, where my aunt gets Durga Mata on her (in telugu we call “Amaru” came on her). In Puja, she said to do pray to Sai Baba for marriage. Till then I only know Baba as Human Being with some powers, I really don’t know anything more about Him. Now I tell you how my life changed from ground level to really good position.

I started Puja to Baba. Till then I don’t have any idea of SAI 108 names. Everyday I used to lit diya or deepam before Sai Baba picture and put some nivedyam and flowers to God. I am really speaking they were many incidents like personally I got many things from money, property, wealth and finally I got a beautiful and understanding wife. I started reading all the good biographies of all the disciples of Baba to and how they enjoyed His blessing. I really blessed after doing Puja to SAI only. We got our house, which has to get long long pending from our relatives. He made my relatives to register the house on my name. SAI made them to do and that to the THUSDAY. After that in my job, I got really good name and also my salary also increased. And finally here is my best part. On Thursday if everyone take the (Nava Danayalu (9 different seeds) with Coconut) and put into DUNI (where the sacred fire of Baba ) which is present in all the temples of SAI BABA. While putting in DUNI, we have to pray Him with full bhakti and if we say that “Baba please project me and everything is in Your hands”, you can see miracles. First time when I put into DUNI like that I got blessed and visited all the sacred places of Shri Guru Datta. I mean all the avatars like:

  • 1. Samarat Maharaj/AkalKot Maharaj
  • 2. Digambara Digambara Nirsumah Saraswathi
  • 3. Manik Baba
  • 4. Sri Datatarya Guru Dev place
In one of the Sai Baba disciple experience, they say that If we visit SACRED places, which such pious people did puja, where the land was touched by them and attain high place in all the world , then our previous birth PAPAM/BAD results would be reduced and we get puja/ blessing so we can attain good results in this present Birth. Second time I did by putting Nava Danya into DUNI with COCONUT again, then biggest miracle my marriage, Baba showed me a girl on online matrimony. I sent the interested link to them and they responded to us and there were really lots of up and downs in the process of this marriage. But all the time Sai Baba came to my rescue and helps me to do this marriage for me. I cannot say anything to know Sai Baba. Only show bhakti and that all He will show you this way and He will take you. But only one request is that not to do business with God. Just pray and ask them. Sai Baba really knows what is best for you. Because they know what were we and how we will be in future. I too have heard lots lots of miracles. I only wanted to have His Darshan. I hope someday I will get His Darshan in this birth. I know this is something really stupid thing I am asking since I too know I am not such pious person to get Darshan on MY LORD. But I try my best to reach Him. OM SAI RAM. Feed living things. Don’t see any liviing things low because that would be you starting point of destruction.

My Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: OM SAI RAM. Hello everybody, I am going to share my experience with Baba. Due to certain personal problems, I wanted to put my kids in some good hostel, where they will be taken proper care of and will be given timely help and the needed love and care so that during this period I can look out for and concentrate on my job to give my children a better lifestyle and can bring them back. I was praying to Baba for the selection of my kids in new school providing hostel facility. The school my children were studying was good one too. Anyways, By Baba's grace my children got selected and now it was time for us to leave my kids there, but I was not strong enough. I decided to work there in that school only and looking after my kids as well. We stayed there for about 6-7 months and were not finding the circumstances very favorable there. There was lot of discrimination, Politics and even children were not treated very properly. Finally, on September 1, I called my husband and decided to leave that place forever. I don't know what made me take that decision because after fighting alone against the wrong for all those months there. Suddenly I decided not to stay there anymore. Though there was a strong belief that this is what Baba wants, but still A fear of getting my children admitted to another school in mid session with not much funds to pay for the admission plus annual fee as already the money paid there in residential school was too much and was not refunded. After reaching back home, I was feeling guilty of disrupting my children schooling and wasting so much of money. I was very depressed and always asking Baba was this the surprise You wanted to give me? Where is Your assurance? Where are You? Where Is my faith on You? Either there were no seats available in the schools or they were demanding huge money, which we were not in a state to pay. At last, it was decided that children will move to school next year. Though I nodded to this decision and provided them the tuitions, but still I was not happy. I really wanted my children to be back to the track as they were losing interest in their studies. And like this the whole September passed and my children were at home only, when one morning it just struck me that I should personally go and meet and request the Principal for their Re-admission as if they were old students. Twice before my attempt, my husband went to the school, but he was always disappointed by the reception people there according to whom we had to pay full admission fee and annual fee to get children back to school. He was asking me not to try in vain, but there was inner calling to me that I should try once. JAI SAI NATH. The miracle happened , principal Gladly agreed to take their old students back with less than 1/4 th of admission charges and Quarterly fee payment for only remaining quarters of the session and that too without my asking for concession. It is said that "Whatever happens it Happens for good' It is proved in my case. Had I got my children admitted next year, I would have to pay really a heavy amount. Thank You Baba for saving me and for being there with me always. Ever let me worship You and keep faith on You like this only. OM SAI RAM.

Thank You Baba

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Please do not share my name and email ID. Pardon me for the long notes but I do not want to miss anything. Hello Hetal Ji, Thanks a lot for this wonderful platform. May God bless you. I always believed in God. But I was never too devoted. I have been in tough times in the past and came out of them by His grace. From last year, I have been facing some tough times, but I have kept my faith in Him and things got better. Just when everything seemed good, it toppled again. I have lost my job along with some other major disturbances giving me sleepless nights. I was panicking a lot. This situation was not comfortable for me to prepare for interviews. I was just not able to concentrate. During this time, a change occurred in me. I was attracted by our dear Baba. I always believed in Him, but I was never too attracted or attached. I guess He pulled me towards Him. The encounter was very casual. I stumbled across the audio of Sri Sai Satcharitra read by a reader and I started listening to it casually. I was mesmerized by it and thought I should READ it sometime or the other (I have never done a parayan before). Soon my birthday came and I visited Baba Mandir close to my home (I go there once a week) and my eyes fell on the Sri Sai Satcharitra book they had at the temple. I was surprised as I have been to the temple many times, but I never noticed this. I took it as His instruction and started the parayan the very next Thursday and completed within a week. My situation didn't change, but I missed reading the book so I kept reading devotee experiences on this blog a lot. I continued praying every day. As I kept doing this, I lost my panic slowly and started having this feeling that I don’t need to worry as He will take care of me. Every time I read devotee experiences, this feeling became stronger (thanks a lot for making this possible). 5 weeks passed like this. I have submitted my resume for a position that I desperately wanted and almost 2 weeks passed with no response. Finally I was scheduled for an initial screening this Friday. On Thursday, I went to Baba mandir as usual(with sweets and coconut this time), prayed, and told Him that if I get this job, I shall bring coconut for 3 more Thursdays.(I normally don’t like to do this as I get a feeling that I am doing business with God). Voila, I got thru the initial screening. On Sunday I was told that they wanted to do an in person interview on Monday. I have prepared for it, but I was scared of this interview. This was because of the fact that with my current situation I am not being able to concentrate good as I prepare for interviews. On Monday, I prayed for His help and took the interview which went smooth and I am hired. Only He could have made this possible as there was no way I was in a position to clear the interview. Thanks a lot Baba for being with me and helping me, when I needed You the most. I am sure You will take care of the rest of the things bothering me as well. I guess You let it happen this way only to bring me closer to You like You promised.
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  1. Om Sai ram .He is here to help us.he just expects faith and trust on him .DO not lose the trust.he is gng to care the rest.

  2. Om Sai Ram.

    Love you Baba. Thanks for everything. Please cure my cold problem. Make me healthy. Bless everyone with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Many Many thanks for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  3. Nice experiences.. As mentioned by many before, experiences like these reinforces to have faith in Him for our day-to-day life.

  4. Baba I prayed and promised that I will post my thanks here, but forgive this stupid devotee Baba, I really forget the problem but I know You have solved it, thanks a lot Baba and please forgive me Baba and keep blessing all of us, Love You Baba.

  5. Om Sai Ram Sudhakarji,

    Can you please let us know which are those 9 kinds of seeds to be offered in dhuni?

  6. Om Sai Ram Sudhakarji,

    Can you please let me know which are those 9 kinds of seeds to be offered in dhuni?

  7. Nice experiences! Sometimes Baba puts us through some difficult times, but it is only because He knows we are strong enough to face those troubles. Om Sai Ram!


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