I am sharing few more experiences here.

Baba Please Help Me

Anonymous Devotee from Canada says:

Hi Hetal Ji, Please do not disclose my name and mail id. I am also SAI devotee. I have so many experiences with SAI.

He is helping from my childhood. When I was 11th standard, I came to know SAIBABA, from that day onwards I became SAI daughter. I completed my graduation with good marks with the help of SAIBABA. After that I searched for jobs, but I didn't get. After reading GURU CHARITRA, with SAI grace, I got placement in a good company. One year back, I got married and the situation is like that I need to left the job and join my husband in another country. I was so scared with my new life. But everything went well. Now I am with my husband. Every time I used to chant SAI name, whatever is happening, whether it is good or bad. I love Saibaba as father, brother. He is everything to me. He helped me a lot. When Ii am in confusion, I used to pick the chits so that I can get Sai decision on in between choices. Now I didn’t get any job in this country. Please help me out in this situation. Please help me the way you used to do. Please help me. Please give me the job and happy family.

Saibaba Is With Us All The Time

Sai Sister Prema Ji from UK says: I have read your about Saibaba experiences. It is really a great work you are doing. Thank you and may Baba blessings be with you all the time. I enjoy reading the blogs as I am a staunch devotee of Baba. I find answers to my questions while reading your blogs. Whenever I feel upset, I read your blog. It bring backs the joy. The reassurance Baba is with us always. During March, I was suffering of bleeding, which was not stopping. I was well and truly in pain as I was not able to do poojas or go to temple, read Sai Satcharitra. In between, it stopped for a day. So I went to temple in Birmingham. They have got murthi of Baba there. When I went inside the temple of Baba, I was feeling so happy and my eyes were covered with tears. I was asking Baba Why is it happening to me. What have I done Baba? I sat down in the chair and was waiting for Aarti to begin. My eyes fell on a Saibaba book which a devotee has left there. I took it and started to read. It was about writing Om Sri Sairam 108 times a day. Whatever misery or unhappiness we are in, it will get solved. I took it as a message that Baba has given and started doing it. Mean while all the test and scans came nothing to worry. The bleeding was also stopped. The next happening gave me a faith, that if you believe Him, He will support you even far away. Baba was there with me and my family helping us out. During August, I had severe pain in my breast. I was not able to sleep or do anything. Next day I fixed up an appointment with the GP. When I went to see GP, she examined me and said she can feel a lump in my breast. So she recommended for Mammogram and Ultrasound. She assured me that this was a precautionary and nothing to worry. I got my Mammogram appointment within 4 days. When they have done the mammogram and Ultrasound, during Ultrasound the person said that he has to take a biopsy. By this time I was so devastated, words could not explain my feeling what I was undergoing. I was praying and chanting Baba's name. One of my friend who is a doctor said there will be nothing to worry, advised me to start Sai Satcharitra Parayanam. I was so kind of getting it. I started the parayanam it so happened on Thursday and when I completed the parayanam, it was the day when I had my results appointment with the clinic. And the results came nothing to worry and it was an infection and they gave me some antibiotic. During my wait for a week, Baba showed His presence with me in many ways. Trust in Me and your prayer shall be answered- Saibaba Assurance. Baba is with me and all of us in every walk of our life.

Why Fear When I Am Here

Anonymous Devotee from India says: I am from India and devotee of Baba by His blessings. Well to narrate the incident the words are insufficient as how can we describe Master's Leela. Still I tried it to keep as simple as I could so that others can understand the importance of blessing's of Baba in small small incidents in our day to day life. It is about few years back (I am bad in remembering dates, so pardon me). I and my friend in the morning were studying together in my room as we had to appear in my college internal exam in the afternoon. All of a sudden, my mind felt unusual negative thoughts that something is not fine and something bad is going to happen. It was not due to the nervousness of exam because I was prepared well, but it was a feeling from inner heart that stated that something "worse" is going to happen. Here I started feeling so down that I thought I will become ill today. Also, I could not concentrate on my study. So I started in my mind, the talk with Sai Baba "You said that You take the calamities over to Yourself if someone prays to You whole-heartedly. So I pray to You today. Take away my negative thoughts right now". And within a few (4 to 5) minutes, I heard a terrible sound of some big thing falling. I ran in kitchen with my friend and was speechless on seeing the scenario. There was dust everywhere such that for few seconds. I was unable to see what actually happened. Thereafter I saw that cement from ceiling had fallen onto the dining table such that it had created a crack on table. If it would have fallen on any person, one would have suffered severe injury. My mother could have been the victim as she used to be in kitchen at that time. But Baba saved her, as she was washing clothes at that time. Another thing which I felt was that as soon as I saw this in the kitchen, my negative feeling from the heart vanished. I felt a great relief as if it said that the bad thing is gone by Baba's blessings. Then I went to study back and gave my exam paper in the afternoon with no fear. To Hetal Didi, I would say that you are the "Modern Hemandpant" as Baba chose you as an instrument to spread His blessings and Leela's using latest technology (i.e. computer, internet etc). Thanks to Baba and to you. Request you not to disclose my name or id.
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Anil Gupta
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  1. om sainathaya namah!

    such a wonderful experiences. baba pls bless all of us.
    "baba , your love on me is greater than any others love, and my faith and devotion on you is greater than that on any other. your plans for me is more than my my desires and my dreams. so, pls be with me. and accept my complete devotion on your lotus feet. pls, vanish, my ego, selfishness, pride …. and bless me be as your daughter till my last breath. never leave me alone. i am offering sarvasya saranagathi ( complete surrender) on your lotus feet. bless me always.without you i cant imagine my life. baba i love you soo much than any other in my life. bless all of us."
    jai sai ram!

  2. baba pls throughout my life be with me and guide me,,,pls baba give me darshan in dream,,,pls guide me baba pls

  3. Om Sai Jai Sai. Deva even I am having some negative thoughts in my mind right now , kindly erase these thoughts and strengthen my belief why fear when u are here. Saiji I surrender all my pain and doubts in your lotus feet. Provide me shraddha and saburi. Please Saiji always bless us all.

  4. Dear hetal ji,first of all many congratulations to you to be blessed with a baby boy.i pray to our sai baba to bless your child with good health ,bright future and long life.om sai nathaya namah.baba please bless all ur devotees.

  5. Dear Sai Devotees, Jai Sai RAM. Pleased to read about faith increasing incidences. Some positive tips to the first devotee who is requesting BABA for a job. From my personal experience I would suggest you to keep cool, enjoy your initial married life enjoying each moment to be with your hubby. I don't know what country you have moved after your marriage, but definitely you would soon be thinking of planning family too. If your husband is making good money, just for the sake of having a job, is not a good idea. It is very difficult to manage life with taking care of kid/s and attend the regular job. Once you take up the job, the corporate world is heartless. You would feel so much stress managing household chores and maintaining job responsibilities to keep up your performance. If you do not have someone to take care of the infant, you would be spending all your earnings in paying for day care facility for your baby. And to me, the very important matter is you would be missing a life time chance to be with your baby!(when the baby is arrived, I mean!) So if BABA does not answer your prayer to have a job, take it positively and enjoy being at home.
    These are my two cents in the given situation. BE HAPPY in whatever BABA plans for you.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    • Dear Anonymous Sai Devotee, happy to know you took this positively. This just to let you know that after marriage I was living in a small city.( I was born and brought up in Mumbai.) When my son was 2 years old and some relative informed me that being a First class pass Mumbai University student you have a great chance to get a job in LIFE INSURANCE Company. I was very excited to have such an opportunity. But my husband insisted to care for the child rather than going for work all day leaving our son with somebody! I honoured his saying and till this moment I never regretted that decision! Now I am a proud grand ma of 4 grand daughters. Sometimes I think back what if I had opted for other route in my life! Would my sons be what they are now?!! Perhaps NOT!!
      And yet, when we came to USA,(my husband, my younger son and myself) I did work 2 part time jobs to run the household in order to save my husband working a very low basic job at the age of nearing 60! He is a very highly qualified music professional as well as M.Sc. degree holder. Gradually he got established here as a music pro. and he teaches music / Indian classical music and that makes us very proud of him.
      What I mean to say is when we take a decision which sounds CORRECT at that phase of life, we should TRUST SAI BABA have guided us and never should worry about the end result thinking "what if???" This will make our life blissful.
      Jai SAI RAM.

  6. Very nice experiences! Devotee from Canada, don't worry, Baba will find you the right job at the right time, He did for me and now I am happy in my new job especially knowing that it was selected for me by Baba; just have faith and patience in Baba's plan for you. Devotee from India, it was Baba who told you about the cement brick that would fall and made sure that you and your family were all right by giving you the warning in your mind. Prema Ji, Baba may have seen some health problem developing from that lump, but Baba took it away and destroyed any bad health issues that were coming. Baba can cure everything if we just have faith and patience in His plan for us. Om Sai Ram!

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