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Baba Blessed Me Through Internet

Sai Sister Prachi Ji from India says:

I am a scientist and my husband is also a scientist. We have two sons of 4 and 8 years. Now I am a devotee of BABA, who helps me in everything. I am a small devotee of SAI BABA. I started worshiping SAI BABA with full devotion since June 2012, which was due to SAI BABA’s miracle. Earlier my mother, who is an ardent devotee of SAI BABA always used to tell SAI BABA will do everything. Leave everything on HIM, but I never used to believe her. In fact, I used to tell her that why you bring SAI BABA’s name in every work. Though I had visited Shirdi also, when I was on some official tour. But I was not a strong believer of BABA until BABA showed me this miracle, showered HIS blessings on me and made me HIS strong devotee.

I started going to SAI BABA temple, which is near to my office on Thursdays. I started reading one chapter of Shri Sai Satcharitra daily, when my mother told me to do so. But one day I could not read Shri Sai Satcharitra and kept postponing it thinking that I will read it later and finally I slept at night. But BABA had something else in store for me. Suddenly at 2’ O clock in the night, I got up. Since I was not able to sleep after that thinking that I will do some office work. I put on the computer (which was actually planned by SAI BABA Himself). After that I could not do any office work, but unknowingly I opened some sites on the Internet, which were related to SAI BABA. Though I work on computer everyday and browse the net, but I had never come across such sites before. I found this site also the same day, question answer site and many other sites. During this entire period of around one and a half hour, when I was browsing the internet, I was not in my complete senses. Infact I was under some fascination as I was just going on browsing sites related to BABA one after another. I was feeling the grace and blessing of BABA. I came across one very beautiful site, the screen was yellowish red in colour and very beautiful face of BABA was roaming all around the screen. It had very-very strong effect of BABA all over. Infact one can only feel this, it cannot be described in words. After going through all these sites I slept ones again. When I got up in the morning and recalled everything, I realised that I was actually blessed by SAI BABA. I again opened the computer, but I could not come across one or two sites particularly that fascinating site. That site I am searching till now. My son told me to search in the history, which gives all the websites browsed earlier, but that particular site could not be traced in the history also. Even today I remember that. Though I found all other sites, but that site still I could not find. That was the turning point of my life and the most beautiful thing happened to me and since then I have become an ardent devotee of BABA. BABA gives me courage, strength and lot of confidence. From that very day, I work so confidently in office and at home as I feel someone is with me always and if I come across any problem BABA will save me at every step and at every point. It’s all because of SAI BABA's power. Now I don’t know anything only SAI BABA is my GOD and GURU. Whenever I have problem, I bow to Him. After that I have several experiences of BABA helping me for small and big things. One of the main thing is some problem regarding my son, but that I will be discussing late in my other experience. Infact I think to solve the problem of my son only, BABA blessed me so that I can come in HIS contact and my son can get well. For those, who suffer in life, I can say only few words can change your life, bring miracles/happiness to your life, solve all your problems and that is: OM SAI NAMO NAMAHA
JAI SAI NAMO NAMAHA Which I keep chanting all the time and even my son does so who was not able to speak earlier by BABA's grace.

Sai Baba Is Listening To My Thoughts

Sai Sister Geetha Ji from USA says: Hello Hetal Ji. Thank you for this wonderful blog you and your team are maintaining for all the Sai devotees. I have a couple of experiences that I would like to share with everyone. For the past 6 or 7 months, I have been drowned in so many problems that I really forgot how it would feel to have no problems. But during this period of time, I became very close to Sai Baba and He is all I can think of when I wake up or go to bed or anytime. I should say He arranged for me to face all the problems just to bring me closer to Him. A few weeks back, before going to bed, I was watching Shirdi Live Darshan online and a thought crossed my mind. I was thinking how magnificent it would be if Baba got up from His seat and walked towards me. Then I went to bed. The next day when I woke up, I could clearly remember a dream I had. I saw Baba idol, in sitting posture and He was wearing an orange kafni and head cloth. Then He got up and once He got up, He changed to a different male God and walked a few steps towards me. This other God was dressed only in a dhothi and was not wearing any shirt. The face was so calm and beautiful. Then for a flash, I could see a tail. Till today I am wondering if that God was Lord Ram or Hanuman. The second experience happened to me last night. Ever since I got close to Baba, I got into the habit of reading Sai Satcharitra every day. It is my Bagawat Gita and Raamaayan. And every time I came across this part, where it said Baba kept His hand on the devotee’s head and blessed them. I wished I had that opportunity. Last night, I had just gone to bed and I was awake and lying with my eyes closed. I was listening to a couple of chapters from Satcharitra and a bhajan. This has become a habit too and it helps me sleep well. So as I was lying with my eyes closed and listening, for a couple of second I had a vision, where I saw a hand approaching me. The arm was dressed in a long white sleeve and this hand rested on my head for a couple of seconds and simultaneously I could feel a very mild pressure on my head like someone really did place their hand on my head. The whole thing happened within two seconds. I opened my eyes and all I could think of was, “that was Baba”. I was so happy and I slept peacefully. Baba is always listening to all our words and thoughts. And He shows us that He is listening to our prayers by whatever means He could. Never lose faith in Him, for He is the only one, who can understand us fully and love us for what we are. I love You Baba. Please bless all Your children.

Sai Is Always With Me

Sai Sister Swetha Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji, you are really a blessed soul. You are bringing all the devotees together and increasing our faith in Sathguru Sai. Baba will always bless you for this noble work. I believe in Sai, but I don't deserve to be His ardent Devotee. I love Him, trust Him and I have faith on Him. I do test His power some times and so I am not deserved to be His ardent Devotee. I do not know that when Sai Baba called me towards Him. I don't remember how I started praying Him too. No single person in our family is ardent devotee of Baba and we do not have a Baba temple in our city. Still Sai has come into my life and caressing me with His love always. In Bangalore nearby my grandparent's home, there was a Baba temple and that was the first time I visited a Baba temple some 8 years back. From then Baba is always with me. My hometown is in Trichy, Tamilnadu, but for pursuing my professional course, I left my parents and went to Chennai. I was really home sick there. Here I have to tell you that Baba was with me even in Chennai, where even my parents couldn't be with me. Yes, my hostel was near to Mylapore. I got to know that there is a Baba temple in Mylapore and we ourselves are allowed to touch our Holy Father in that temple. I was really happy on hearing it and I badly wanted to see Him. Next day I went with my friend and touched the holy feet of our Sai Maa and tears filled my eyes. After that whenever I feel home sick or any depressed, I used to go to our Sathguru and lay my head on His feet. It’s true that I feel very much relieved, when I come out from the temple. I and my friend both went from Trichy and stayed in that hostel. But she used to be happy and concentrated on studies (that is the sole purpose of our stay in Chennai). But I always used to feel sick and almost cried every day. I myself hated me for crying every night. One day when I went to Baba temple, I bought a Sai Satcharitra book. From that day, every night, I used to read at least one Chapter from that and started sleeping peacefully without crying. I am thankful to Baba because He sent my friend with me knowing that loneliness would kill me. My friend was really a good companion and she consoled me everyday whenever I was feeling bad for leaving my parents. Though He sent a friend to take care of me, He also came running to me when I was home sick and blessed me with His care. Today is Thursday and this is my 3rd Thursday of Nav Guruvar Vrat. There are more experiences, I wanted to share. While starting to write this page, I planned to write some recent experience. But as I have neared the end, I realise that I have not written the experience, which originally I thought of sharing, but I have written some other experience. This is Sai Leela. He decides what we have to write. Anyhow, I will share all the experiences with Sai Maa's Blessings. Bolo Sai Maharaj Ki Jai!!
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  1. Om Sai Ram!

    Thanks to all for sharing such wonderful experiences.

    Earlier I have done Shri Sai Satcharitra parayans and nearly for the past 1 month, I was thinking about reading one chapter daily. But i didn't do so till today.

    In today's experiences, all the 3 devotees have mentioned about reading Shri Sai satcharitra daily. Its only our Baba who made me to read these experiences and made me realise my mistake and now i started reading Shri Sai satcharitra 🙂

    Thanks to all.

    Jai Sai Ram!

  2. Very nice experiences….thanks for sharing with us…Sai sister prachiji as u mentioned in your experiences that you are searching for some website which is in red and yellowish red in colour so it may be http://www.shirdisaideva.com/ i hope this is the same site which you are searching for…OM SAIRAM….LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  3. Wonderful experience.Somehow Baba always gives us answers to our problem through devotees experiences.Here as in the 3rd experience my son has also some problem.Sometime when i call him i feel as he is very depressed.Baba i bow at your lotus feet Baba please take care of him and guide him through the right path.Baba please forgive him for his mistakes.Baba please help him to concentrate on his studies .Baba please help my son to forget all bad things in life and move forward.

  4. Om Sai jai Sai. Thank you for sharing nice experiences with us. Deva please make him to come back before 5th of February , as I know nothing is impossible for u. Baba thank you for everything as it's only you who knows what is best for your children. Saiji always bless us all and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  5. OM Sairam!!!

    Sainatha ,Please bless me with safe and healthy delivery.
    Dear saidevotees, Please pray for me to fulfill my wish for which i have been praying lord sai from the day1 of my pregnancy.

    Sainatha, Please bless me you are the only savior for me.I am 7th month pregnant with twins. I am doing Sainava guruvara vratam and reading satcharitra to fulfill my wish. Forgive me deva for not following food rules as i am pregnant, could not do fasting.But i am doing pooja with lots of shradha,bhakti and strong faith.

    I have been reading his leela's that though Doctors say something but if baba krupa is there then our desire can be fulfilled.Hey pandarinatha sainatha you are the only hope for me ,please bless me and fulfill my wish as which you indicated me in shiridi.

    Dear Saidevotees, I beg you all with my wholeheart to pray lord sai for me to fulfill my wish. Soon i will share my experience and wish.

    Samardha sadgurum sainatha maharaj ki Jai..

  6. I also thought of reading 1 chapter daily but unable to do that since 1 month, baba is again reminding me … please baba help me to read 1 chapter from tomorrow (Thursday)

  7. Am sai devotee 36 yrs old with much difficulty i got married recently ..but due small mis understanding my husband filed for divorce.
    we married ( arranged marriage with baba's blessing only. Always think y this has happened .
    i request all to pray for me.

  8. Very nice experiences! It is Baba who decides what types of experiences we have, and all these devotees have written very nice experiences that Baba has given them and shared also with all of us. Baba comes to us in many different ways, through dreams, through Internet, through friends, and we should accept all the different forms of Sai Baba and know that His blessings will be with us always, even in times when it seems like He is not with us. Om Sai Ram!

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