Experiences of few more devotees with Lord Sai Baba are shared.

Sai The Only Saviour Of My Life

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Please do not disclose my email id or name. Hetal Ji, you are doing an outstanding job for maintaining this wonderful blog so that all SAI devotees across the world can use this blog as a platform to share their experiences. Hetal Ji, you are really bringing FAITH and DEVOTION (a common point) together and thus, many people together. You are a real blessed daughter of HIM. Please make changes if required. I am really happy to share my experience today because I came across this blog few months ago and after reading devotees experiences I too felt sharing mine too.

SAI has been protecting me and my family since my childhood. My father passed away, when I was in 7th std and our problems started and finally worse. My mom still made me and my sister to pursue good education. I did MBBS and my sister dentist only with HIS mere blessings. I always prayed HIM as any other Gods to fulfill my wishes and later forgot SAI. I was ignorant because I only prayed HIM during tough times and thought that our lives are destined to be worst and cursed God several times. But SAI always helped us. My sister got married to a wonderful man and she is blessed a daughter. I too got a very good person in USA. We came from a middle class family and pursuing medicine and getting married without dowries is the biggest miracle of our lives.

Now I am coming to my recent experience. Two months ago BABA appeared in my dream as HE was blessing me with HIS both hands with a golden yellow color aura around HIM. I suddenly woke up to find that it was a dream. Next day morning I searched on the internet and came across few websites to know that it is BABA' s wish to draw His devotees towards HIM . My husband too is SAI devotee. I started doing SAI PARAYAN for the first time in my life and did Sai 40 day candy puja. There was a strong force, which was pulling me towards SAI immensely. On completing 40 day puja, the very next day, my husband job was laid off. We were shocked. It was a long project for 5 years and this was his 4th year. Losing a job in USA is quiet different than in India. I started SAIBABA 9 week Thursday puja and after completing first Thursday, my husband was placed by the same client, but in different location. The miracle here is my husband applied for many jobs and he cleared all in his first round and waiting for the second round. Suddenly his previous employer called him and made an offer with a better pay. As my husband works for USA GOV, he has to clear background check which may take 2 months. But they said as he already worked for the same Government, he does not need to undergo again and he was placed within 20 days. The whole incident was unbelievable because as he was searching for jobs nothing worked, but BABA worked this for us. We recently relocated to the new city and hoping BABA will help me for my residency. Thank You so much BABA. OM SAI RAM TO ALL. NEVER LOSE HOPE. HE IS ALWAYS THERE TO HELP YOU.

Baba Came Disguised As Beggar

Sai Brother Ankur Ji from India says: Hi, my name is Ankur Bawa. I am firm believer in Sai Baba. I believe in Him a lot and for me, He is everything. I would share this incident, which happened on 15-Nov-2012. I still get Goosebumps whenever I think that Baba was there in front of me. I have been going through some financial difficulties for quite a long time. I have prayed to Baba and checked on Sai Baba answers website, where you put numbers from 1-720 and solution comes from Sai Satcharitra. Every time the answer was "Have faith and everything would be fine". To some extent, I was sad, that every time I get the same answer, but I always trusted Baba for everything. On 15th, my relatives were in house for Bhaiya Dooj. My wife had prepared poori, aalo and halwa. My mom prepared 2-3 extra poori's that if somebody wants to have later, they can have it. In the mean time, my wife told me that she had stopped a beggar. Please give these poori and halwa to him. I scolded her first, as these days you don’t know if the person is right or wrong. I went downstairs. He was sitting next to my car, wearing a coat, muffler around his neck, pants and slippers. I gave him poori and halwa to which he said "Meri To Mjboori Thi Mujhe Aana He Tha (I have to come)" and also said "Thand Bahut Hai Kuch Kambal Ya Shawl De Do (It is very cold here. Can you please give me blanket?)". To which I said "Baba Ghar Main Koi Nahi Hai (Nobody is at home)" thinking him as a normal beggar. While he was eating the food, he was looking at me. My aunt passed from the road cribbing that MCD department has left rubble there, to which beggar asked "Kya Hua Kyo Pareshan Ho (What happened? Why are you so worried?)". He ate poori, went in some other direction. Then he came back from where he came and disappeared. I came upstairs and realized what happened. It was Baba who came in the disguise of beggar, as in the morning I just picked up His idol and kissed Him and said that do come to my house. He had white hair and white beard same style as Baba had. Neither wife saw Him coming and He suddenly appeared asking for food and neither I saw him going. When I came upstairs, I got to know my account has been credited with the amount I was looking for quite a long time. Thanks Baba. Love You

Baba’s Image

Sai Brother Vijay Ji from India says: I am a Baba Devotee. Once I had been to Restaurant as I was feeling hungry along with my Father in law. I ordered some snacks and Mineral water bottle for us. Since it took some time to get the order on the table, we started having conversation with each other regarding some personal matter. Once we got the order, I took the water bottle and had couple of sips as I was thirsty. Later I placed the bottle on the table at the same time. I was listening to my father in law as he was speaking to me. At that time, something came to me as a surprise. I saw Shirdi Baba's image on the table, which was projecting out from other side of the water bottle. What I saw was a smiling face of Baba with white cloth, which was covered His fore head, which we usually get to see on Photo's of Baba. For few seconds, I was blank. Later I rubbed my both eyes to see if something is wrong with me. But I was blessed on that day to see His Image again. I felt very happy, but I did not disclose this to my family members. But I had shared this sweet experience with my couple of best friends.
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  1. Thank you for sharing such divine experiences in our everyday life…. Reinforces the need for 'Faith' and 'Patience' as Baba always asks for… Om Sai Ram !!!!!

  2. Faith boosters are a great way to start our day…feel very happy reading these experiences. All three of you are so blessed.

    Ankur ji: Just felt like saying this Baba forgive me if this is wrong- If you haven't done this yet after Baba came to your home – offer a shawl in his temple. I remember other experiences of devotees where Baba asked and reminded them of this when they forgot.

    May Baba be bless us all.

  3. Lovely ones,Nav guruvar vrat is really powerful, it fulfills all our wishes. Ankur ji, really "meri to majburi thi, mujhe to ana hi tha"- if his beloved bhakt had called him, how could he defy. Just one thing, how was your account credited?

  4. Very nice experiences. O Deva, Thank You for looking after us at each and every turn of our lives.

    Jai Sairam

  5. Jai Sai Ram,

    Very Good Experiences.

    Brother Ankur, you were truly blessed that Baba himself came in disguise to take away your sins. But why didn't you offer a towel to the old man when he asked you for it? you really didn't have it? if so, it's okay! if not, you wont loose anything in giving away even an used blanket to the old Man. It doesn't have to be Baba himself. Sai will be very pleased with those who help and attend to the weaker and poor people.

    I wish you good luck and wish truly that you come out of your financial troubles.

    Let's bow to the King of Kings, the Lord of the Poor!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  6. Om sai ram baba pls bless your daughter and her family. Baba pls help me resolve my office and personal problems baba. Baba pls help my sister. Om sai ram

  7. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice and heart touching experiences thanks for sharing with us. Saiji thank you for everything. Deva please bless us all and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  8. Baba koti koti koti pranam on your lotus feet.Baba please help my son to bravely face the situation.Baba always be with us.

  9. om sai ram!

    such a wonderful experiences. baba pls bless all of us. never leave my hand. i am nothing without you. baba you know, what is my problem, but, i have complete faith on you. this life is your gift. i have completely surrendered myself to you. you have given me a lot. i am your daughter. pls take each and every decision of my life in your hand. whatever you do, i will never complaint baba. but, how worse the situation may be, pls never leave my hand. pls bless me with patience.so that i can face any situation. and never leave me alone. i am going to start new phase of my life. pls be with me. i love you than anything in my life. pls, bless all your children.

    jai sai ram!

  10. Nice experiences! Vijay Ji, you are very lucky to see Baba's image so clearly that day. Anukar Ji, although you were going through some difficulties, Baba came as that beggar to tell you not to worry and He is there with you to help you through this difficult time. Devotee from USA, although you had to go through a tough time with your husband losing his job, Baba must have come in your dream to tell you everything will be okay, and not to worry, and Baba's prophecy came true (as it always does). Om Sai Ram!

  11. Om Sai Ram

    All were very nice experiences. Thanks for sharing. Baba really takes care of each of his devotee. I am also waiting for his blessings in two of my problems. And I am sure with patience they will also get resolved.

    Baba please never leave us.

  12. No fear when u r here baba..ananda koti brahmanda nayaga rajadi raja yogi raja sachidananda sadhguru sainath maharaj ki jai..

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