I am sharing few more experiences here.

Baba Came To My Life

Sai Sister Revathi Ji from India says:

Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to thank you for this wonderful job. I am always visiting your website to see the experience of all devotees. I feel happy on seeing Sai Baba miracles in all Devotees’ life. I like each and every photos of Sai in your website. Please feel free to edit.

I never thought I would draft my experience in your website started worshiping Baba before 2 months. Baba is great. First time I realized my Baba Ji on 14th October 2012 (Sunday). I called my husband to go to Baba’s temple on Saturday. Due to some situations, our plan was cancelled. So really I felt very bad on that day and started to feel by thinking our Baba Ji. On Sunday night, I cried before Baba photo by thinking my sorrows in life and asked Baba that I planned to have Darshan of you. Baba, but I can’t. So You will not wish to meet me right like that I cried. Then I started to sleep. Suddenly while I was sleeping, the smell of UDI started spreading in my room. I realized smell that much, but I was unable to wake up. Then I woke up in the morning and started to cook sharp by 7.30 am. I went down to pick some curry leaves from my garden. There I heard Baba song from distance. I went out and got shocked because one Sai brother dragged small cart, inside that Baba statue and photo, towards my street. Then I ran outside and got Baba Darshan and Baba UDI from Sai brother. There was no limit for my happiness. I got Darshan of Baba Ji in my home itself. Baba listens to my words yesterday that’s why He came to my home itself. Baba is really great. Om Sai Ram.

I booked for free UDI through Baba site with the help of my friend. After some 1-2 week, I received my UDI as Baba wish. Later I realized that Baba had wished to send UDI to me. That's why He spread the UDI smell in my room. Baba is great. I love You so much Baba. Baba, please cure my Husband from his skin disease soon. Please all pray for my husband to get cure soon.

Faith And Patience Give Everything

Sai Brother Rosalin Ji from India says: Sairam Hetal Ji and to all Sai devotees. I am Rosalin Mahapatra and I am from Orissa, working as an Asst. Prof. in an Engineering College. I am thankful to you for giving us a wonderful site so that we can know a lot of things about our beloved Baba. I am not a regular reader, but I know about this site from that day when I knew my Baba. I started worshiping Baba since 2008. Please don't disclose my email id. I have a lot of experience of my Baba. From that I want to tell one of my recent experiences and that's for my job. I have passed out my B. Tech. in the year 2007. After that I went to Bangalore for searching a job in any s/w company. But as the recession was going on at that time, so I didn't get any job and I returned back from there after 6 months and did a course in Hyderabad for 4 months. But after completing that course, as I miss my home, so I didn't want to stay there and I returned back to my home. After reaching here, I told my parents that I will do lectureship. So they said ok. Then I applied in some colleges and they called me for the interview, but after each interview, they said that now we are taking only M. Tech. students. Even my college said the same thing. Then I prayed in front of my Baba and went to my college and gave my resume to the Dean and told him everything. Then he assured me that he will apply my CV if some vacancy will be there. Then I returned home, but I have full faith on my Baba. After one month, I got a call from my college and I got the job, but as I have not completed M. Tech. So they posted me as a Teaching associate. Then I have completed my M. Tech. in the same college with a good degree and with a good thesis. All that was because of my Baba. They told that after I complete my M. Tech., they will promote me. But after completion of my M. Tech., they said no vacancy is there. I was very upset at that time, but I have faith on my Baba and I gave interview in all the other colleges and I got the offer letter from there. But as it's a university, so I want to do the job here. So I do parayan and asked the HOD again. He said yes you give your resume as we need 5 persons more. After that I have completed my parayan and gave the interview and I got that job and I thank my Baba a lot. So if you have faith and patience on Baba, then nothing can be impossible in this world and whatever I am today that's only because of my Baba. I love You Baba a lot.

My Experiences

Sai Sister Latha Ji from USA says: Hi I am Latha. First of all thanks to this blog. All of your experiences give a lot of confidence on me. I am posting here my experiences with Baba. My grandparents are great devotees of Baba. May be because of that from my childhood I had some special interest in Baba. But in childhood, I just went to temple. That’s it. I never did prayers. I will just going temple taking Prasad, that’s it. But when I am in inter, one miracle happened for me. I failed in one subject. I felt very bad. I prayed in front of Baba photo. I cried a lot. Suddenly miracle happened for that year revaluation, I passed. I felt very happy from that day. I trust Him a lot. After 4 years, when matches are searching for my sister, one of our relatives suggested her to read Sai Satcharitra. I and my sister started Sai Satcharitra from that day. We both got very good matches and both of our husbands also great devotees of Baba. I felt very happy. And after marriage, I went to USA. Going USA was my dream. It also fulfilled by Baba. After there, I tried to learn car driving. I am such a panic person like I can’t drive even in bicycle. Here first I have to give written test for car driving. I wrote one time. I failed. Second I prayed, Baba very much and wrote, but again I failed. I got angry on Baba. I cried a lot and I said that I do not believe You because I prayed You a lot. This is very important for me. If I want to believe You, come to my dream. Otherwise I will not believe You. That night, I saw great miracle in my life. I got 3 dreams. In first dream He was smiling. And in second dream, He came like hanuman. And in third dream, Baba is in my bedroom wall and saying still you do not believe me. What a miracle. Next morning I felt very very happy and from that day I kept full faith in Him. I passed driving test very easily. After written test, driving test is there. No one can pass that test in 1st time. But I kept faith in Baba. I passed in that exam. This is the greatest miracle in my life. Later I was searching for job. I got one chance to do job. It came to me very strangely. I thought Baba gave it to me. I prayed and took that job, but after one week I lost that job chance and my health changed very much. Doctors find some gland in my throat. I felt very bad and I cried a lot. I was asking Baba every time why did this to me and again and again. I was asking Baba question and answers. Always He was saying like keep faith in Baba. Still I didn't listen His words and asked Him that I went to three doctors. At last I said that You are always with me. I have faith in You. I am leaving everything to you. At least when I went to doctor, he said there is no problem with this gland. There is no need of surgery now. Now you are suffering some allergy in your throat. Don’t worry you are perfectly alright. I felt very happy. I know Baba saw everything. Now I am very happy. I am searching for job. But I have no tension in my mind. Baba will see everything. We have to keep full faith in Baba. And those two words Shraddha and Saburi are very important. What we have to do is that we have to wait with patience and keep faith in Baba. That's it. You will gain happiness. That is what I know from my experiences. SRI SACHHIDANANDA SADGURU SAINADH MAHARAJ KI JAI.
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Anil Gupta
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  1. Very nice experiences…thanks for sharing them.
    Revathi ji: I pray for your husband. Baba will surely cure your husband. Please don't lose faith.

    Om Sai Ram

  2. Very nice experiences! Rosalin Ji, although you had to go through many obstacles in finding a position, Baba helped you through it all and got a good job. Revatha Ji, Baba knew you couldn't come for darshan, so He came so nicely to your house, you are very lucky that Baba came in such a nice way to your house. Latha Ji, Baba showed you that He is there with you through all the difficulties you had to face and got you through the driving test and will also help you get a good job soon. Om Sai Ram!

  3. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experiences. Rosalin Ji, Revathi Ji and Latha Ji ..you all are indeed blessed by Baba in your own way. He sure loves you all a lot. May everyone get nice experiences as you got. Revathi Ji, my prayers to Baba to cure your husband soon. Please have faith and patience and Baba will bless you and your family always. Baba never leaves us in the middle. He is our loving father and cares for us always. He is always wide awake and looking after all our needs. Even the smallest of our wishes is known to our sweetest SaiNatha. Similarly he will also bless you with a good job Latha Ji.

    Baba please bless all your children with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth, fulfilling relationships, happy families and lots of happiness. We surrender at your Lotus feet and Love you a lot. Many many thanks to you for everything !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  4. On Sai ram. Baba pls help your daughter in overcoming all the problems in life. Baba pls resolve all my office and personal problems.
    Baba pls help my sister in taking the right decision. OM SAI RAM

  5. Nice experiences…when ever we are sad aor in confusion these experiences shared by devotees always helps to have more love and faith towards our saima….thanks all the devotees for sharing with us….OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU A LOT SAIMA…:):)

  6. nice experiences.all experiences are blessed by baba.om sai namo namaha sri sai namo namaha jai jai sai namo namaha.

  7. my lord sai,
    baba you are dwelling in every single heart, you know how much i cry at your lotus feet regarding my business and tensions, now please help me in all respect and make my life peaceful, baba your kindness and sympathy is most urgent,
    ohm sai ram

    • Hi Sai Brother/Sister,

      Dont worry…sai will surely shower his blessings on u and relieve you from pain.Your business and other tensions will come to end very shortly and you are going to post about your happiness very very soon.

      Sai deva accept our prayers and this devotees prayers and bless him.

      Sai Daughter

  8. jai sai ram, baba end my misery, forgive my sins and grace my family, you know my conditions, i am always crying. forgive me for all my past sins and give me chance to live in peace. baba please help me , my only request to your lord,
    ohm sai ram

    • That will happen soon sister/brother.
      Dont worry from my own experience im saying.
      Your tears will get dried up from today and you will be in merry very very soon by our sai's blessings.

  9. Revatiji Baba will surely cure your husband's skin problem as he has send the medicine to you BABA'S UDI .As said in sai satcharit apply little udi in the effected area and give your husband little

    udi mixed with water as teertha daily after bath.Then see Baba's miracle.

  10. Dear Sai,Sai brothers and Sai Sisters,

    Thankyou so so much for your concerns and prayers.
    Yesterday i posted my pain today i feel ashamed for posting that.
    1)When i knew so many of you are there to console
    2)For past one year im searching job i didnt get but today i got it.Its a miracle to me.Though the job is not very big or as i expected atleast i got one similar to the one which i had before.Feeling happy for that.

    All this happened only because of all your blessings and prayers.Thankyou so much.

    And im very very sorry for getting angry towards you and speaking about you baba.Just now i have got confidence about life.Thanks a lot lot baba.

    Dear Brothers,Sisters and Sai Deva

    Please pray for me that i should do very well in this job.Put my 200% in work,get good name and grow atleast in this company without politics and other stuffs.Also i have to get medical certificate tomorrow im afraid i should get a positive response from doctor and get the certificate.Deva my documentation submission,checks and verification everything should go smoothly.Help me out.Be with me please dont leave me.Salary i dont know will get to know only tomorrow.It should be good,decent and i should feel content.Give me that generous mind deva please.Let me not compare myself with anyone and feel dejected.

    Thankyou all….

  11. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba never disappoints any one! but we have to wait with complete "faith and patience" the results will be shown at right time. Untill then just meditate on Baba and have love towards Baba.

    My humble salutations to our Samarth Sadguru Shri Sainath!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  12. Jai Sai Ram to all. Baba plesae be with me tomorrow. I need you badly. Only you know what will happen tomorrow with me… Just do everything all right…. I trust you very much. Keep building my trust on you always.

  13. Jai Sai Ram to all Sai devotees. Please baba be with me tomorrow. I need you badly. Only you know what will happen tomorrow with me. I trust you very much. Keep building my trust on you always.

  14. Dear latha ji what a lovely words..s we need nt worry abt anything..as he is the doer of all our lives..v r just his instrument..Feeling blessed to be a sai devotee after reading all experiences..JAI SAIRAM..JAI JAI SAIRAM..

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