A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 316

Few more experiences are shared in today’s post.

My Experiences With BABA

Anonymous Devotee from Australia says:

Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to thank you for the incredible service to BABA and people like me who are blessed by reading this blog first thing in the morning. I am from Australia. Please don’t disclose my email ID or name.

I am going through a very rough patch in my life, but every time I feel HIS presence in my life. I will share couple of my experiences which happened with me in March 2012. I am very sorry BABA for posting them early.

I work in the afternoon shift and my shift ends at 10pm. I had started with 7 days of prayanam of Sai Satcharitra. I had lot of pages left to finish. I thought that I will not come home immediately after work, but will read 40-50 pages by parking my car in the shopping center. I finished work and parked my car in a well lit area and I started reading Sai Satcharitra. I pulled the windows down 2-3 inches as I was feeling hot. I don't know from where a drunk man started banging on my window and started abusing me and asked me to drop him home. I got scared . I said no to him which infuriated him further and he got more aggressive. He put his hands through the windows and his tone became more aggressive. I started shouting that I will call the police. Then he saw my car keys in ignition and I also saw them too. He tried grabbing them first, but I got them first and threw them on the car floor. This act infuriated him more. I thought that now he will strangulate me. I shouted with all my might "BABA help me" and my eyes were closed. Suddenly I saw that the man has stopped and he was running like crazy, he was screaming and he was literally running. I don't what happened to him as I was too shocked to understand all that. I picked up my car keys and I took off. When I reached home I just realized that it was none other than BABA, who rescued me on that day. I was not well for 2 months as I had a slip disc. Due to this, I took all my Annual leaves. After a month, I had to go urgently to India due to my child's legal custody issue. I thought it is a disaster as I might not get any leaves and my supervisor being very strict would not allow me to go again and will ask me to resign. A day before my meeting with my supervisor, I requested BABA that I don't want to resign as this job is very near to my house and it will be difficult for me to find another job, when I come back. But I wrote the resignation letter in case, she asks me to submit it. I went next day to meet her. The meeting went on for 20 minutes. I told her all the legal issues I was facing. She was so kind and receptive that she told me not to worry, you first sort out your life and you can go to India for 8 weeks on Annual leave and come back. I was so shocked and I was speechless. I had tears rolling down my cheeks to see such divine Leela of my BABA Sai. I would like to thank BABA from bottom of my heart to be there for me when everybody just leaves me. Thank you BABA.

I Cannot Say Its Miracle As He Helps Me Everyday And Moments

Sai Brother Shekar Ji from India says: I am Shekar, working in a IT Corporate as a senior manager. My life was smooth till I get married. After first child is born, the fate struck me hard. My wife deserted me along with Child for a very simple reason. Matter is right now in court and almost 4 years in to the problem now. With the above context information, I hope one can understand my situation. I braved the first one year of the problem, but slowly my career started getting affected and I could not focus well on work. I had huge commitments and several dependents to take care of. That is when one family friend gave me Sai Satcharitra and I become a devotee of Sai and did prayers regularly. Soon trouble started in my office and I was asked to quit the next day. In that situation, I was helpless and prayed Sai Baba. Suddenly an old friend, who has not called me for almost 3 years, called my mobile. After general introductory speech, he told that he is in Pune and he is visited Shirdi and He is powerful and then he hurriedly hung the phone. I took it as a sign of Baba that He is with me and started attending interviews after intensely preparing for 10 days. The first interview was successful, but there was a delay in getting the appointment order. I asked Baba through yoursaibaba.com and received the answer that 'Sai has formally done my work' and he also asked me to visit Shirdi. Next day, I went to Shirdi and after Darshan, when I was entering my hotel room, I got the appointment order. After this incident, in each and every step, I seek His guidance and He guides me. First assignment in my new job is quite challenging and it is software that could not be developed for almost 4 years. I prayed Saibaba to guide me and started my work. When I was dealing with the crux of the problem, I was in a trans-state with mind constantly fixed on Baba and my hand typing the code in keyboard and the riddle was solved and I got great appreciation. My success journey is still going on in leaps and bounds with every step being guided by Baba. Right now I am chosen for a very lucrative position in abroad. One way I feel, I am getting undue advantage through Baba.

Sharing My Experience With Sai

Sai Brother Akash Ji from India says: I am a very simple guy. I am 21 years of age and by profession I am a businessman. Yesterday, it was Kali Puja. So I went to a nearby SAIBABA Mandir for Puja. The Mandir was by train 30 minutes away from my home. I had to take auto from the station. On the way, I was worrying about the transport, which I had to take while returning to the station, HOOGHLY because it will be very difficult to find an auto after 7 pm. But suddenly I thought that I am going to BABA's place and He will take care of everything. Then I stopped thinking about it. I reached the Mandir at 4:45 pm and it opened at 5:00 pm. The Puja was very good as always and it was about 7:35 pm, when the Puja was finally over. When the Prasad was being distributed among the devotees, a devotee came to me and surprisingly offered a ride to CHCHURA station, which was 1 station ahead of HOOGHLY station. If he would have not offered that ride, it would have been very difficult for me to get back home. Thank LORD SAI a million for helping me and not only this, when I reached the station, I saw that the train was just entering the station. So I reached home without facing any difficulties. This is my first experience, which I shared in this blog. I have many more experiences to share. I will share them in the future. OM SACHIDANAND SATGURU SRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI.
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Anil Gupta
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  1. om sai ram.

    Jai sainatha ..we love you Baba. May your blessings reach all of us always.

    Om sai ram. many many thanks to Baba for everything.

  2. Jai Sai Ram,

    Brother Shekar, Continue your devotion towards Baba. Sai is the most kindest one, He cannot see any one in problems he will try to help his best. All of us have only Sai, but Sai has this whole universe on him so we need to be always compassionate towards others and help any one we can. This will please Baba a lot besides our prayers.

    Sister from Australia, You are very lucky that nothing happened to you. Thanks a million to Baba. While I was reading your post, I thought the drunked man ran away because perhaps you would have appeared to him like a ghost!! it is Baba Leela or he would have seen a Ghost or some scary thing that made him run away.

    Anyway, glory to our Sai and every credit goes to our beloved Baba.

    Lets bow to his old and pious feet!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba

  3. Om Sai Jai Sai. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experiences of our Deva. Thank you saiji for everything. Saiji always bless us all.

  4. Wonderful experiences, thanks for sharing them. Akash, where is this mandir that you visited? Since I live in W.B, I might visit it if you kindly tell me the place and the address.Thank you in advance.

  5. Jai Sai RAM all sai devotees, very pleased to read blessed experiences from you all. Here in USA the Police department recommends certain precautionary measures to avoid kidnapping, rape, murder etc especially for women, and I believe they are sort of universal requirements. One kind suggestion to devotee from Australia, to get that information and follow in future. Something that we can not control and we seek BABA's help is understandable , but these commonsense errors must be avoided as far as possible to remain safe. you could have stayed at your office break room only to finish reading. And first of all, your leaving office after 10:00 pm and than parking your car in the shopping center at that late hours, is the most undesirable thing anyway! It would be much safer for you to get up early in the morning at home, using your alarm setting while everyone is sleeping, you could read in the safest quiet environment!
    Pardon me if I have crossed the line to advise you, but being a caring mom myself and caring grand ma for all 4 grand kids, I prefer to be over protective to avoid such calamities for everybody in my day to day life. Wishing you all well and hoping your child custody case resolved without much problem.
    Reading "child custody case" also leads to the fact that you are facing hard time with your personal life too! I am praying for PEACE and happiness in your life. May BABA be with you always.
    Take care.
    Jai Sai RAM.

    • Truely agree with you …i was also about to advice the same thing to her.It is Baba's indication to let her know not to stay out of house in the night as it is unsafe especially for girls.

    • Dear Anonymous ji, We all learn lesson through out our life time and it is called "Lessons learned hard way" . But at the same time if we try knowing others' problems and keep safe from such problems using our commonsense, it would certainly save BABA to run saving HIS devotees! 😀
      Jai Sai Ram.

  6. Nice experiences! Devotee from Australia, it was Baba who told that guy who was trying to attack you to go away and sent him off so he didn't cause any serious problem, Baba protects all His devotees. Shekar Ji, Baba helped you with your job prospects and will also help in your personal life as well, there is nothing Baba cannot do for us, His children. Akash Ji, Baba made sure that you got home safely and always makes sure that if a devotee is coming to visit or going back home that he or she will always be protected and go safely, Baba told that other devotee to help you get home, so was Baba's wonderful plan. Om Sai Ram!

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