In today’s post few more interesting experiences of devotees are shared.

Perfect Diwali Gift By Sai Baba

Sai Sister Rachna Ji from UAE says:

Thank you for letting me share my experience. My name is Rachna Sharma and I am married and blessed with a daughter. We stay in Dubai. I have been connected with Sai Baba since 2006 and ever since that my life has been kind of guided and transformed to a better one by Sai’s grace. I wish that everyone experiences the same. Well like I have mentioned, each hurdle of my life has been overcome by Sai’s grace. What more could I ask for. I want to mention that my connection with Sai started because of my parents, who are also Sai devotees.

My experience is as follows. I got married and settled with my husband in Bahrain, where he used to work in 2008. We had a perfect life and suddenly somewhere in July 2009, my husband started facing a lot of problem from his company due to internal politics. He used to be very upset and this caused a lot of tension at home. I was on my family way and in my second trimester. I was very upset and used to cry to Sai day and night to help my husband find a new job else we would have to leave the country. My husband found a new job finally. We were very happy again, but man proposes one way and God another. So protests started in Bahrain in 2010 and that is the time I delivered my little girl. So it was not wise staying there anymore. Hence dejected and sad, we left everything behind and came back to India.

One year passed by, but my husband was not getting a good job. I did not lose hope and visited the Sai Mandir on Thursdays and started keeping the Nav Guruvar Vrat. To my surprise, on the last day of my Vrat my husband got a call from Duba on September 2011 and got a job. My joy knew no bounds. It was all because of Sai. We enjoyed each day of our stay in Dubai and everything was fine. And then suddenly my husband broke the news to me in September 2012 that he will have to find another job as his company was shifting to Saudi. Since we did not want to shift to Saudi, I was so tensed and sad as we had a short period of 3 months to find a job before December, else leave the country, which I never wanted to do. So again I started keeping the Nav Guruvar Vrat with faith and devotion. On my 6th, which was on 8.11.2012, I cried to Sai Baba to bless my husband with a job before Diwali, which was on 13.11.2012. I can’t believe it that Sai answered my prayers again and my husband attended an interview in a big company on 11.12.2012 and got selected with a good salary. So Sai blessed me and my family with a perfect Diwali gift. I want to convey to all Sai devotees that we all face hurdles in our life and feel like we have lost it all. But if you cling on to Sai and observe the Nav Guruvar Vrat with faith and love, I bet all your prayers shall be answered. OM SAI RAM. I love You Sai Baba. You are my mother, father, guide, friend and most of all my reason for joy.

Baba Saved My Life

Sai Brother Amith Ji from India says: I am an absolute atheist and particularly have an aversion towards fakirs, but Sai Baba changed all this. How? To get the answer for this question, read my true life account with him. On 10/11/2012, I was coming from Bangalore to Chennai in KPN bus. When I reached Kanchipuram, a tanker lorry tried to overtake our bus. This lorry came all the way towards our lorry, almost absolutely ramming into it and I would have been the first victim (i.e. dead body). But just in a fraction of a second a car came out of nowhere appeared amidst the road and got jammed between our bus and the lorry. This made the car to just revolve and stood there without any harm to any of us. Behind the car, it was Shirdi Baba's photo. I was immediately carried away by Baba's extreme power. And I understood that He was not any ordinary fakir as I hoped to be. I was just bewildered on the spot by the incident from then I have become an ardent follower of Shirdi Nath.

Sai Baba Leela

Sai Brother Ashish Ji from UK says: My name is Ashish. I had a wonderful experience of Sai Baba's Leela. In August this year, I and my girlfriend, my true love of my life, got separated as she went to her parents for vacation. And the things started turning to negative side, where all were all in our favor before. And at a time, there was one situation that girl’s parents were not allowing her to come back to UK again. As I am in UK , there are very few temples or meetings place, where bhajans and Aarti of Baba is conducted. So this was the worst time in UK. I went for bhajan of Baba, as soon as the Hanuman Chalisa started. My eyes were full of tears looking at Baba’s wonderful eyes as I was in pain from my heart. And whatever was there in my heart, I told to Baba that please make this possible that my true love come back to this country again. And very soon my prayers were answered by Baba, as she came back after 2 months. Though she came back and their some conditions imposed to her by her parents. But I am sure Sai Baba will helps us in future and make things favorable and we will get married to each other by Sai Baba's Blessings.
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  1. Dear devotees,
    My mom's friend's son suddenly disappeared for the past month and she has no clue where he is or if he is even alive. Her situation is even worse bc she lost her husband at a young age and she is living only for her son and daughter. Everyday she is crying like anything. It would be great if you all can pray for her son's safe return so Baba can hear at least one prayer. Thanks.

    Jai Sai Ram

    • Om Sai Ram Shri Sai Ram,Jai Sai Ram pls bring back her son.Pls pls pls baba pls listen to our prayers and give her back her lost son.

    • om sai raam
      Baba will surely take care of your mom's friends son and he will be found soon..baba will never leave his children..
      om sai raam…

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Baba, please get back the son to his mother. please .. it must be so painful for them .. please bless this family .. help them.. unite them forever with Love .. solve all their issue. Show some miracle Baba. You are our best Father .. help us.

      Love you Baba. Hope to hear the good news from this family soon.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  2. All experiences are wonderful. So much needed this dose of baba's love.

    @Ashish in last experience :
    Amazing experience of baba's love. Are things with your love ok now? has baba paved a way for you guys to be together forever by now? would be really happy to hear that.

    om sai ram

    • Hi thank you very much for replying back, at that moment my only intention was that bcoz of me, i dont want her to get her career spoil and she should not stay back home doing nothing leaving her job and I was knowing that their is some sort of misunderstanding in her parents mind about me. She came back after 2 months and I went to meet her and i anyhow made her understand that i am not taking anything lightly I am serious about our relationship and I want to marry you only and for one and half month we were normal like talking to each other and supporting each other then all of sudden her father visited UK to look at her if she is safe or not, and all of sudden again her mother ask her that is you boyfriend still in touch with you or is he bothering you, and her mothers health stared to get serious bcoz of all this mess and she took a decision that she will not speak with me nor keep any contact with me anymore and she will not marry anyone else other than me. I tried my level best to save my relationship but all in vain. May be Sai Baba want us to be apart for some time and make us wash all our sins and make us stand on our feet first and then bring us together. Please friend Pray for me so that I can get my Love back I know it will take time. But if U guys will pray from deep of ur heart I will get my love back in my life again. OM Sai Ram.

    • sad to hear ur current situation. I have prayed to baba to reunite u guys forever lets hope that happens soon. Dont lose heart and just concentrate on making urself a better person. if u have done ur best leave everything to him and relax. N yeah thanks for asking about me but my problem is worse than ur's and u wud think ur situation is so better than mine 🙂 so no point discussing it just pray if possible to baba to solve it asap.
      Once again i pray that ur love stays strong and stands by you till the end and ur marriage happens smoothly and peacefully. Lots of best wishes and prayers for you both.

    • Hey thank you very much , I will also pray for you as well,And Baba will definitely solve your problem. I have only told you half of the problem it also worse now, as I am Hindu and my girlfriend is Muslim so religion is a big problem on our way and that to she is form another country, and another problems like small small missunderstanding and all. And as I told you earlier that her mother used to call her and ask her about me an all, when we had our last meeting she cried like anything and she told me one thing that We fall in those people whos love story will never succeed. And after that I was just sending her emails and all for just knowing her well being, if she is alright or not. And may be she must have revealed this things to her sister. And on mid of november 2012 this year I got a call from police station that I should not make any contact with her and not even through third person and when I ask the police did she came in person they said yes she came in person and complain about you. Its still very hard for me to accept the fact that she did all this things. I know she must be stress out bcoz on one side I was their and on one side her family. I was knowing only one thing that we both love each other deep from our heart and we never had any intention of running and getting married. I just want ger to be safe and happy and if possible to be with me forever as my wife and have a happy family.

    • Dont worry everything will be fine. All I would say is for anybodys love to succeed both of the persons involved should be strong enough. and yes sometimes the circumstances are killing but its disheartening to see people give up when they face difficulties and pressure thats the real test of ur firmness of decison.
      But newaz as we all know we are so helpless before destiny so u just be strong and hold on to baba am sure he will do the best and even i will definitely pray for u once again.


  4. Om Sai ram. Baba pls bless me and my family. Baba pls take away all the tensions away in my and my family members life. Pls bless us baba…


  6. Nice experiences, also this is a platform where people can share their difficulties voluntarily, Life is a turmoil & every human goes through roller coaster rides, how ever sharing your problems relieves you of the burden besides getting moral & emotional support from fellow devotees to go through the FAITH & PATIENCE period. May Baba bless us all.

  7. Jai Sai Ram,

    Baba is no Ordinary Fakir, he was the Incarnation of the "Mahavishnu" in a Body form. If not, how can he have control over the five elements? he had no limit to time and space, his words were final and every word of Baba had a deep meaning and with just one touch he could make a Dead Man sit upright. How is it possible for an Ordinary yogi or even a Swami??

    Those people who could never understand this were the most unfortunate ones then and the people who understood him and prayed to him and loved him were the blessed souls.

    A week ago, an Incident happened in my house. It was afternoon and I was taking a Nap, i was in half sleep as my daughter (5 years old) was not allowing me to sleep as she wanted me to play with her and I was very drowsy. She tried for some time and then went away from the room and I heard her calling out the Nanny name and could hear her jumping on the steps. I am always scared when the girls jump on the stairs as they have high chances to slip down. I was worried about her but As I was drowsy, I was a bit lazy to stop her. Suddenly, I heard a big sound as if some one rolled down. At once i jumped out of my bed and ran outside the room only to see my daughter crying and our Nanny was pacifying her. I then asked my daughter what happened and was trying to console her, she said "Papa" i was calling out Nanny to come out of her room and unknowingly i put my steps and i slipped down. My daughter fell backwards almost 5 steps down. Nothing happened to her, for a moment i couldn't understand how she was unhurt with not even a bruise? or a scratch!! what else will explain? I thanked our Father/Mother Shri Sai Baba!! Baba protected my daughter and this is just one instance, I have many cases where Sai Protected my family.

    So Sai is no ordinary fakir, he is the guru to the Gods, He is the "Parabrahma" "Mahaeshawara" and Mahavishnu.

    Let's all bown down to Sai and shout Glory to the King of the Kings Shri Saisamarth!!

    Servant of Baba!
    Allah Mallik.

    • Nice experience, I reminds me on one chapter in Sai Charitra were similar incident took place, I hope you remember.
      Om Sai Ram

  8. Very nice experiences! Amith Ji, Baba called you to Him and this experience showed that Baba knew that you needed a strong experience to come towards Him, and showed this to you. Ashish Ji, don't worry, Baba will make sure that if this is the girl for you, nothing in the Universe can prevent you both from being married together, Baba has all the power in the entire universe to make His devotees happy. Rachna Ji, although you and your husband have had to go through many trying times regarding his job, it is good that you have kept your faith strong and Baba has always been there to make sure that another job opportunity comes along (that is better than the previous jobs). We should keep our faith in Baba strong and these experiences show us how. Om Sai Ram!

  9. very nice experience
    thanks for sharing

    om sai
    om sai
    sachidanand saddguri sainath maharaj ki jai……

    love you sai baba
    om sai
    jai sai ram
    jai dwarka mai

  10. Jai Sai Ram ji ki to all,

    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Baba
    Sai Sai Sai Sai sai Sai Mata
    Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Sai Pita
    Sai Sai Sai sai sai Sai Sai

    Love You Baba ji
    Sabse ZYAADA ji

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