A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 313

Sharing few more experiences.

Arrival Of Sai In My Life

Sai Sister Lakshmi Ji from India says:

I am Lakshmi from Andhra Pradesh. I have done my B. Tech. and I am worked as a lecturer in Engg College for 1.6 years. Later I thought of to start my career in IT. So I resigned my job, and completed my course and started sincerely for getting job.

As all my relatives and siblings are working in MNCs, they are earning nicely and enjoying nicely. Even though they help me in many aspects, still I feel guilty that I didn’t get job. Later I realized the world by facing many bad experiences. That I spent more than 1 year without job. Slowly I came to know that I am losing confidence in all aspects. Even I found the difference in my family itself. I got hurted like anything. I am missing every opportunity. And I didn’t have Sai Satcharitra book to read for my stress relief. One day I was travelling in train to attend my interview. On the way I thought of to commit suicide (as many times I thought, but I didn’t have guts to do so), that day (Thursday) I decided strongly to commit suicide. I made a call all my family members in phone and prayed God and walked towards the way. Suddenly I met one of old friend and accidently. She gave her Sai Satcharitra book for me without any reason and asked me to read it within one week and she left. Anyway I walked and stepped out from running train. I don’t know what happened then after some time I came to know that I stepped out, when the train is almost to get stop.

I got injured minorly. My knees got hurted, my pant got tore. It was bleeding like anything. My friend came back again and she only took care of me to reach my PG. I was questioning Baba about my failures in that sad situation at that time. I got call from one of MNC that I got cleared my final rounds, which I attended previously. That day itself I started reading that book continuously. By next Thursday, I got joining letter with very good package (i.e. more than what I expected). And within one week, my wounds got erased. Even I didn’t go to hospital also. And my family members also don’t know that I met accident. Now I am happy with what I am blessed by Baba. Even now I am carrying Sai Satcharitra book with me.

Sai Baba Experience

Sai Sister Annu Ji says: Sairam, I am a devotee of Shirdi Saibaba since many years and I wanted to write one of my experiences. I was praying Baba for a good job and was trying hard for that. Because of the bad economy, I was not getting any interviews and I was losing confidence in me. One of my mentors forced me to apply for more jobs and better jobs. As I thought Baba is guiding me, I followed her instructions. I finally got few interview calls and one of them is from a good company. Interview lasted for 3 hours and they asked me to come again for the 2nd interview. Finally I got the job and they offered a good salary and perks. Getting this kind of software job in this economy especially with my background is only possible with Baba’s grace. Hey Sai Baba, You are the hope of Your devotees and I know Your blessings are with all of us. May Baba bless us all. Annu.

Sai Kripa

Sai Sister Anju Ji from India says: I am Baba's Daughter working as officer with Sahara India Media Group. Jai Sai Ram to Manisha Didi and all devotees. You can disclose my name and id. As everybody knows, that when any devotee visits Shirdi, Baba proves a very good host. We visited Shirdi on 25th of Oct 2012, along with my 11yrs old son and husband. I and my husband were very eager to have Darshan at Samadhi Mandir, but my son always feel tired and have less interest in doing all these things. First day, while we were taking round of Baba's Neem Tree at Gurusthan, a neem leaf felt on the space inside within my reach. I take that leaf immediately. My son asked me why you are taking that leaf. I make him understand that Baba used to sit under this tree that is why these neem leaves have become sweet. So if anybody gets it, he/she is very lucky. Next day when we were again taking round at Gurusthan, a young boy take three leaves from his pocket, and gave one to my son and other two to me and my husband. My son said very surprisingly to me" Oh Mom, do you know that when yesterday you got a neem leaf and you said lucky people get it only neem leaf. I challenged Baba that I will have faith on You only, when You will give me leaf in my hand." So I got that leaf in my hand given by Baba. Thereafter he developed faith for Baba and showed interest for Baba in Shirdi. It is all Baba's will. We got very good Darshan at Samadhi Mandir and I prayed Baba that my husband is very nice person, please help him in having Darshan satisfactorily. When we reached at Samadhi Mandir, next day every guard saluted him and told him to have Darshan properly. While they were hurrying to move the crowd harshly, Isn't it Baba's Kripa? He listens to the prayers of His devotees. At around10 O'clock at night, we were moving back towards hotel. A thought came in my mind that we have to leave next day, so I feel an urge to again enter in Dwarakamai. But due to long queue and as my son was very tired. I thought it is not possible now. Suddenly I saw a person to whom I met at waiting hall for Kakad Aarti at night. He told me that do you want to enter Dwarakamai, I said 'yes'. He told that security guard to allow us to enter, as he was known to him. In this way, my wish was fulfilled by messenger of Baba. Have full faith on Baba and follow His path, then only Baba remains happy. Jai Sai Ram,
Anju Mantoo

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  1. great experience has been shared by the devotees.. i hope definitely will find a good job….. i hope my problems are gonna to end in my life… iam really blessed to read those experiences.. thank you so much sai… please wash away ma bad karma… be with me forever… yesterday i fought with you for one reason… sai please iam apologizing to you…

  2. Akilanda Koti Bramanda nayaka rajadi raja yogiraja parabramma sri sachithananda sadguru sainadh maharaj ki jai

  3. Thanks for sharing such beautiful experiences. My husband and me have also been looking for a nice and fulfilling job in a different location than we are working right now for a long time.I have full faith in our Baba that He would definitely bless us.I have completed Sai Guruvar Vrat too with full faith.I am visiting Shirdi next week to seek Baba's blessings. Baba has always been with me, i might not understand His leelas immediately but He is our guardian, or guru. OM SAI RAM.

  4. devotee in 1st experience—obstacles and failures are part of life but that doesnt mean that u loose all hopes and start commiting suicides..have faith and patience..baba will take care of everything.whenever u have any problems in life read saisatcharitra with full faith and baba will not return u empty handed….om sai ram

  5. Nice faith boosting experiences for job seekers.. Anju ji, ur son is really lucky to experience Baba's miracle.. thanks all for sharing it

  6. Om Sai Jai Sai. Happy baba's day to all. Very nice and faith boosting experiences. Deva thank you very much for everything. Saiji always bless us all and increase our shraddha n saburi by each passing day.

  7. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba we love you. Please be with us always. Take good care of everyone. We need you always and everything is just so incomplete without you. Thank you so so much for everything. Love you.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  8. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister Lakshmi, you are still alive only because of Sai.
    When Baba was alive he always used to tell devotees that one should never think about Ending life. We should keep complete faith on God and bear the problem a little while. Everything will be resolved.

    Hope you will never think again of such acts. Please think about Baba, meditate on him when you have problems or when you are happy too!!

    Now you are Happy that your problems have resolved. Be brave and face anything by taking Baba Name.

    Lets bow to the Holy feet of Sai!!

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba!

  9. Dear SAI devotees,
    Nice experiences.May BABA bless us all with a healthy and happy life.

  10. Jai Sairam,
    Wonderful Experiences.
    Love you so much Baba.

  11. Today when reading sai satcharita i got illussion of me going to beach to drown..wat does it mean ? Is there any message in that illussion ?

  12. Nice Experiences!..whenever I feel low and dissatisfied and start loosing hopes I read these experiences and again boost up with confidence, and think that BABA is with me and he will definitely help me in getting a job and will help me and my husband to stay in the same location together. I started to do Sai Baba Vrat, to day is my first Thursday.
    Please Baba fulfill my wishes.

  13. Beautiful experiences! Anju Ji, it is very wonderful how Baba helped your son develop his faith in Baba through that nice experience with the neem tree leaves. Annu Ji, Baba was helping you get the job through your mentor's guidance as Baba works through all people to help His devotees. Lakshmi Ji, reading your experience I was reminded of the experience of Mr. Ambadekar in Sai Satcharitra (who wanted to kill himself in Shirdi but Baba didn't allow him to and instead told him to perform some poojas and his prospects improved greatly), although some devotees may feel like things are so bad that they should just kill themselves (I have sometimes felt like this myself), Baba will always stop us and give us something to be hopeful for, just as Baba did for you as your friend was there and gave you the Sai Satcharitra book that day. Baba is always looking our for all of us, and those devotees with children know, that just as any loving parent will do, Baba will do whatever He can for us, after all we are his children and He loves us more than anything. Om Sai Ram!

  14. What else v need baba when u r there to answer each and every queztion..there is no life without u baba..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAIRAM..

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