Sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Wonder Of Sai Vrat

Sai Sister Anuradha Ji from Australia says:

Hello Hetal Ji, I am a passionate follower of this site and thank you very much for doing this wonderful job of bringing all the Sai devotees together. This is my second experience in this blog, it is my birthday tomorrow Nov 5, so I felt like sharing this experience. I’ll start this experience by giving a little introduction about myself. I have been living in Australia with my husband for the last 5 years. We have a 2 year old daughter and belong to an average middle class Australian household.

We both work to satisfy a moderate family lifestyle and provide good stability and future for our little girl. About 6 months back, I lost my job because of a re-structure within my organisation. There was no hope as the management was not planning any alternate job position for me. The announcement of my losing my job made me very anxious and I started saying Sai’s name for some relief from this tension. I started doing some research on the Internet for some external jobs and days started passing in this way.

At this time, I was an irregular visitor of this site and never read these experiences on a daily basis. 2 days after the announcement was made, I started reading the experiences on a daily basis and believe me or not, every experience I read talked about doing Sai Vrat. This gave me some hope so I took a vow mentally to Sai Baba that I will start this Vrat. This was around 10 am in the morning. At exactly 1 pm in the afternoon on the same day, I got an email from my boss's boss asking for my resume. I got really excited after reading the email, but at the same time very scared that my hope may be shattered. Still, I sent my resume. Immediately the reply came that he wants to discuss something. I went to see him and he told me that there is a temporary position available within the same organisation i was working in and if I would be interested. I mentally thanked Sai Baba for relieving the constant tension I had and I said yes immediately. This temporary job was supposed to go for 2 months and the senior managers who hired promised that I will be made permanent once the 2-month period ends. I was so happy and hopeful and this gave me confidence to start my 9-Thursday Vrat. For some reason, I felt lost and had no confidence on doing this job. As a result, I was not performing well and as expected, the managers did not make me permanent. I started losing all hope and I had to find something within 1 month before the company served me with termination notice. Because of this, I did not even apply for other job thinking that I will definitely be made permanent. But Sai Nath had something else for me. I applied for a job 2 days after the closing date for job applications and I went for an interview, it went very well. This interview happened on a Monday. My Vrat was concluding on the Thursday, I got a call at 3.30pm on Wednesday confirming that I was successful in the interview and have got the job. Such is the great wonder of Sai Vrat. Om Sai Ram!

Greatness Of UDI

Anonymous Devotee from UAE says: OM SAI RAM. Thank you Hetal Ji for this wonderful website. Please do not disclose my name and email id. This is the first time I am sharing my experience. I have faith that Baba will help me to write. I am in gulf. On my last vacation to India, I faced some tooth problem and had to consult a dentist. He prescribed for a root canal treatment. I took treatment and the tooth was capped. It took 4 or 5 sittings to finish the whole treatment. Two days before my return, I felt little pain in that particular tooth. I neglected as I thought it will take time to heal. I came back. But the pain started increasing. I tried medicine to reduce pain.3 days I took the tablet which the dentist prescribed. Only those 3 days, I could control the pain. I was not able to eat anything solid. I was very much tensed thinking of the complications and also here it is very expensive especially if we go for a dental treatment. I thought of calling the doctor in India and asking his advice the next day. That night when I was praying in bed suddenly a thought came to my mind ''why shouldn't I try the sacred UDI?'' So the next morning after my usual prayers, I mixed little UDI in water prayed to Baba for help and drank it. Surprisingly I could eat my breakfast easily. Similarly lunch. But at night I felt little pain. So I continued the UDI treatment 3 days. Believe me only with a pinch of UDI, my pain completely vanished. I promised Baba that I will share this experience with other devotees. As mentioned in Sai Satcharitra "The greatness of UDI is due to the greatness of Baba". May Baba bless all devotees. Bow to Saibaba. Om Sai Ram.

Sai Miracle

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Please do not mention my e-mail id and name. I am a Sai devotee. My married life is of 7 years. I left the job because of severe back pain (because of abortions). I started going to Sai Baba temple. When I was working, I was not able to go because of hectic work. So I think He will draw His devotees to come for temple. On Guru Poornima, I thought of going to temple but because of work I was not able to go in the morning. I was feeling bad and suddenly my neighbour aunty called me for Sai temple. I was very happy. In temple I saw "Sai Vrat" book, which my heart told me to perform the Vrat and He will shower His blessing by giving a child and He will remove my depression. so I think He will draw His devotees to temple and perform the Vrat with pure mind. The biggest miracle happened when I was performing Sai Vrat on Thursday, unexpectedly. my friend told me to do "GAU Pooja" (Cow Pooja) to have a child. From that day, I had a desire to perform "GAU Pooja". On Thursday after completing Sai Vrat, a person shouted and called me to do "GAU Pooja" and that cow is not allowing me to do pooja outside. It is pushing and it entered inside. I was very happily performed pooja inside the house and it gave "Ganjala"(urine).Who came with cow told that you are lucky because we came here for "Gruha Pravesham"(housing ceremony).They waited long time for "Ganjala"(urine), but it did not give. So i was very happy and shocked. So Baba will help us in the way of achieving whatever we want. During Vrat, every Thursday, we have to feed food for poor people that is the time we feel happy that we are helping for the poor. If we do functions and we give food to relatives and friend, we never felt so happy because people who are more hungry will know the value for the food. Please stay always in every devotees heart and make them to do good things. I am expecting a healthy child, who has more devotion towards You. If anybody, who is close and becomes pregnant, I feel like when my bad karmas will wash away and when will I get pregnant. Please help through ocean of difficulties and help me through. Some bad times will make people to think negative about Baba, but give all the people patience and pure hearted devotion towards You. Please Baba I am waiting for this to happen in my life because I had abortions, which is very sad in my life and after all this has happened Sai entered into my life. So, I hope He will do well for me and all the devotees. I pray for pure hearted devotion towards Sai whatever difficulties may come through my life.
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  1. I am feeling lonely,depressed and not loved in a foriegn land due to seperation from my beloved Wife from the past 3 1/2 years.Doing Nav guruvar vrat sincerely and praying BABA to bring back the love of my life that is my wife to me and stay happily ever after . Baba i completely surrender to you and awaiting a miracle to happen , please bless us SAI.

  2. Surrender to his lotus feet and ask Him for forgiveness with a pure heart and He shall accept you.

    O Deva, please bless us all.

    Jai Sairam

  3. definitely your dream will come true…. definitely baba will bless you with a beautiful child…. dont worry….. everything will get settle soon in your life….)) jai sai ram

  4. Jai sairam!!

    Baba's words are never untrue.

    So,sai sister,keep remembering him and your wish is soon to be fulfilled 🙂

    other experiences are wonderful too,as udi is the most efficacious treatment of our mental and physical illness and vrat is all about we long last our devotion through faith and patience 🙂


    Love you so much Baba.
    Anantha Koti Brahmanda Nayaka Rajadhi Raja
    Yogi Raja Para Brahma Shri Sachidananda Samartha
    Sadguru Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai.

  6. sairam

    nice to read today about saivrat and udhi miracles..

    im facing problems regardng my love had left me..after a wait for 3years, recently im getting many positive signs,but practically nothing is happening..
    yesterday, i went to baba temple..

    i prayed to baba, baba now i dont want any positive signs as from 15days im getting daily some or other blessings, and im taking them as you will unite me with my guy..but, if i think of my practical situation im now, i will be happy if any one come and say, your work will be done, then i ll take it 100%said by you only..
    baba,i have faith on you, but still practical situations are making me worried.i prayed like this and i left..

    i was about to leave and i was talking with my parents outside temple..then suddenly one lady came to me and said PRASAD and she kept some thing in my hand and left..i just said sairam and took it..
    my dad said, oh my god, good you got saibaba are blessed to get it.

    i then realised, she gave me sai9guruwar varth book with one parleg biscuit packet..i really felt happy and felt hmmm, i could have told her thanks and baba bless you..and i went around the temple and searched for her..i couldnot find her…

    lastly i came to shoestand and take my chappals to leave for home..and i found that lady there..i went to her and said,thank you so much for your book and may baba bless you with your wishes come true…she smiled completely and said ok…and left

    i alraedy did saivrat twice..bu i never got saivrat book as i want to do saivrath..

    baba,please bless me..

  7. Very nice experiences! Baba helps us in many ways through experiences like these and pray that Baba will continue to bless us and be close to each of us during difficult and trying times. Om Sai Ram!

  8. sai ma what should i say..u know the inner joy, peace, satisfaction, destruction of my ego everything..whatever i've asked has been gifted as the biggest and is u is u..a simple thanks is not definitely enough to praise ur grace, compassion and love on me..Baba ur lovable child is a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT nOW..Pls forgive me for all my doubtfulness and lack of faith..u r the existence, u r the true ruler..JAI SAI RAM..SHRI SACHIDANANDA SADHGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI..OM SAI RAM..

  9. By seeing the First Picture of Baba,showing all gods are one.i was actually surprised.My birthday was on a Monday.I prayed to Baba like i you do every day. But did not go to temple. Felt like it is just like a day. Did not feel like celebrating. Also My husband had a Doctor appointment. SO i went with him to the Doctor. While returning back, i just closed my eyes and was trying to get some sleep. Then when we reached a stop sign, somehow i opened my eyes, just to see a car on opposite lane, with the same sign in black and white (it did not have Baba's picture,just the signs).I was really surprised, here in U.S we hardly get to see these signs, we will only find a car with the symbol of christian faith. But the next day, while i was trying to read devotees experience, the starting picture of Baba was surprising, telling if you don't come, i will come to bless you on your birthday. Love you Baba.

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