Few more experiences to share with you all.

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Brother Senthil Ji from India says:

Dear Hetal Ji, I am Senthil from Chennai, who became a Staunch devote of SAI in reason days. Thanks for all your efforts for bringing all the SAI devotees together. We all are blessed to have you, helping us to seek Baba’s blessings. I wish to share my experience with our beloved Baba.

On 24th 2012 Wednesday morning, I went to BABA temple in Mylapore, Chennai and it was very much Crowded. I found hard to go nearby BABA. Later somehow I managed to reach near, but they did not allowed me to go inside the Sannidhanam, where BABA is sitting. It seems that HE is asking me “is that today, only you get time to Visit ME? “ Huh! I have no answer! Later I went and enquired in Cash counter about going in, where they said only people offering Pooja or Annadhanam can enter in. I asked him about the details for the same, but he said today no options to offer any Pooja or Annadhanam. So I asked what would be the alternate. He said you can pay and get the receipt for another day. I told him to book the same for SAI ANNADHANAM and SAI SPECIAL POOJA and when he asked for day, I said Tomorrow (Thursday 25th 2012), He showed his Thumbs Up. Then I booked it and came home sadly as I am unable to go near BABA.


Today Morning I woke up early, as I should be there by 10 AM. It is almost 30+ KM one way from my place. I traveled in two wheeler. The road was really messy due to Rainy season and also heavy traffic wherever and whichever way I took. I prayed to BABA “Please take care of my travel, I am coming to see You”. The time was 9:45 AM and I was almost 15 KM away from BABA with high traffic and Signals blocked. I don’t have any clue of reaching BABA in time. Believe me or not, Sharp 10 AM, I was inside the temple. Even I got parking slot without any trouble and you know what I got the same place where I parked my bike on Wednesday. I think BABA reserved that for me to save the time. JAI SAIRAM. Later they did Abhishegam with Milk and offered flowers and Vadamalai on BABA’s Feet. After this Pooja, they gave Prasadam and asked us to get inside BABA’s Sannidhanam. It seems that as if HE smiled at me and asked “ARE YOU HAPPY MY CHILD?” I touched HIS Feet and all over body and prayed to Him. I got one Silver Locket with BABA’s Image imposed in it. I happily came back home. BABA is great. JAI SAIRAM.

Mother cured

Sai Brother Gururaj Ji from UK says: My name is Gururaj and I live with my wife and child in the UK. My parents live in India. We all are very devoted to Sri Sai Baba. We pray to Him daily, light lamps, offer naividya every day and do the Aarti on Thursdays. Week before last, my mother who is little over 60 years old, had some mouth ulcers and did not heed to it much. Over the next few days, boils and rashes started forming over her face and other parts of the body. Obviously this scared us all and we were very worried. She consulted a local clinic, who diagnosed it as a viral infection and gave some skin ointments. She did not feel much better in couple of days and her health took another turn, and she started having lot of water retention in her legs will swelled up quite a bit and she was in lot of pain. She again consulted doctors who asked her to visit the Apollo hospitals. We all were very anxious. I prayed to Sai Baba to help her rid of these trouble and make her healthy again. I read Sri Sai Satcharitra often and started reading for longer with more fervor praying all the time. In her next visit to Apollo, the doctors prescribed the right medication and she immediately started feeling better. Within a couple of days, she was well on her way to complete recovery. We are most grateful for the mental strength Sai Baba gave us and to my mother most of all, so she could stay calm and go through all the doctor’s visits. She normally avoids these and the medical terms cause her lot of anxiety. Very happy to see her well again.

My Sai Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Very good morning and great appreciation for bringing a great forum for sharing Sai devotee experiences. My Name is Jyothi. I moved to USA few years ago. Please do not disclose my details while publishing my experience. I am very thankful for giving this opportunity to share my experience. Also, please edit wherever you feel necessary. The way Sai came into my life itself is a great experience for me. Our family used to worship Baba since my childhood and I use to worship Him along with other Gods in our pooja room. But I was not a staunch devotee of Sai at that time. Gradually my parents, my brother and sister became strong devotees of Baba and they used to tell me about Baba, which I did not consider seriously. But Baba himself found a way to help me, filled my life with His love and made me His devotee. Few months ago, suddenly I started getting daily emailers from Shirdi Sai Sansthan Charitable Organization, about Sai's preaching along with a beautiful picture of Baba every day. I don’t even know how it started, where did they get my email id from and all those details, but one thing I know is it was for my best benefit. It was the starting point for Sai path. I got so used to reading those emails every day and started feeling those (Sai preaching) as a part of my life. Most of the times, they used to give me appropriate messages that I was looking for. I was impressed by Sai preaching in those emails. I also started reading Baba Leelas and Sai devotee experiences online. I also encountered the Sai Nav Guruvar Vrat while reading about Baba and I developed strong faith in Baba, His Vrat and His preaching automatically, within no time. All these happened without anyone's intervention, other than Baba. In the recent times, I had two big issues, which made me upset. One is - I was married for more than 4 years, but have no children. And the other - I had some Visa issues, which put me into a lot of tensions. With Complete faith in Baba, I decided to start Sai NavaGuruvar Vrat to solve my Visa issues. I also read Sai Satcharitra. Even before my Vrat was completed for 9 weeks, my Visa issues were resolved and I got my Visa stamped. This improved my faith in Baba more and more and with complete trust in Him. I started praying Baba to be with me all the times and left all my tensions and burdens to Him. I strongly believe that if we believe in Baba completely and leave our burdens to Him, He will take every step to protect us, fulfill our wishes and takes complete care of His devotees. I started seeing Baba in every God that I used to pray before and begged Him to bless me with Children. I also thought in my mind that if I become pregnant and doctor confirms a healthy child in my first ultrasound, I will read His Sai Satcharitra and share my experience. He is the Karuna Samudra (Ocean of Kindness), who keeps on showering His kindness to His devotees. Today is one of the happiest days in my life. I am expecting a baby in few more months. I had my first ultrasound yesterday, where doctors said that my child is healthy. What more should I say Sai about You Baba. You are really kind and wonderful. You are the best experience that ever happened to me. Baba, Thanks a lot for filling my life with You, moving me completely to Your side and fulfilling my wishes. Everything in my life is purely your blessing and I wish that You will always be with me and bless me with Your love and kindness throughout my life. Baba, Please protect my child, bless me with good delivery and make my child Your devotee too.
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  1. Our baba is kind enough to fulfill even our small wishes. After reading about mylapore Sai temple from many devotees experiences, I too wish to visit baba there, hopefully baba fulfills that someday. Jyothi ji, you are very lucky, the first time I did vrat, baba has partially heard my prayers and I am sure he will listen to my prayers when I do his vrat for the second time…Om Sai Ram

  2. om sai ram
    dear jyotiji congrats…may baba bless u with the most beautiful child of the world..Im waiting for baba's blessing.thanks for sharing this experience.may baba bless all of us shradha n saburi……………

  3. Jaisairam!!!

    Baba's leelas are unfathomable. I had few questions about spiritual concerns for many yrs and yesterday baba cleared it with his wonderful leelas. Baba, my prostrations to you all the time. But it is said in bhakta leelamrut, which for the first time i read yesterday, that baba told mhalsapti "go home and have a son, cos daughters are like tamarind but son is like a mango". I am greatly confused and I have an unidentifiable disturbance since i read this cos am a girl. But contrarily, my unavoidable negative and bad thoughts during my meditation is suddenly vanished from yesterday and i have a peace of mind now. very confusing right?? baba,please remove my disturbance soon.

    and I want the details of cash for annadhanam in mylapore baba temple. Can anyone pl help me with that detail? Is it always that we have to take appointments for the darshan inside his abode?? PLEASE HELP OUT!!

    baba,thumhi mere matha,pitha,guru,sarvam sarvam sarvam!! jai sainath!!

  4. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences. Deva always bless us all with sraddha n saburi and increase our faith in your lotus feet by each passing day.

  5. Om Sai Jai Sai. Very nice experiences. Deva always bless us all with sraddha n saburi and increase our faith in your lotus feet by each passing day.

    Love you so much Baba.
    Please excuse me Baba for my mistakes.

  7. Thank You for being there with us Deva. Please continue to protect us from harm and show us the right path.

    Jai Sairam

  8. Jai sairam our saima is the karuna sahar who dissolves us with his blessings and love always..what is equal to ur love on us pa..pls pls be with us always..jai sairam..jai jai sai ram..

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