A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 310

Few more experiences to share with you all.

Baba Is Everything To Me

Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Hi Hetal Ji, I really thank you for providing this platform by which my faith and love towards Baba increased a lot. Please don’t disclose my mail id. I know Baba from my childhood, but real love and devotion started in the year 2005. That’s when Baba entered in my life. I could experience Baba’s presence each and every moment in my life. Sometimes I feel my faith on Him wavers, but by reading experiences on this blog, I feel strong.

I had Innumerable experiences in my life where I want to share one of them now. It was in year 2010, I was lacking confidence and could not able to progress in life. I thought I cannot land up in any job and haven’t tried any jobs. But I had a regular routine of reading Saibaba book and others religious books. On one evening, when I was reading Baba book, I asked Baba show me a way and kept reading. After I read that book, I got a call from recruiter about a position in stock broking company. I went to Baba photo and prayed Him to get me that job. I even said if I won’t get this job, I will never try any job later in my life. Next day, I started from my house to attend interview. On my whole way until I reach home, Baba was there with me. My interview was of 6 rounds. Between each round, I had 1 hour break. So Baba showed His presence to me throughout the interview.

My first round was self-introduction. It got cleared then for second round I had after one hour gap. I was panic then another girl, who came for interview, started talking with me. In our conversation, I came to know she is Baba devotee. She carried Saibaba Aarti book with her. I was so happy seeing that and we both started singing Aarti silently. I felt relaxed that Baba is there with me. Then miracle my written test was clear. Then I had topic round each of us was given different roles and told to make justice for our roles. I know I am not good at all, but with Baba’s help I started talking on my topic without a break. I don’t know how I did that, but surely without Baba I wouldn’t be able to qualify for that round. Then I was waiting for my HR round. It was like 6 pm. Then it was my turn and they called me so. When I entered the room, I was searching for Baba, so that I feel confident. But I did not see Him in any form. The interviewer was asking me questions and I was replying to him. Then suddenly my eyes went to Saibaba ring on the interviewer right hand. I felt so happy that Baba is taking my interview in form of that person and I am sure he will be with me always. Then we were informed to leave on that day and they let us know results through the mail. I was on return to my home, then the girl I met in the interview accompanied me and we both boarded a same bus. Then in my mind I thought Baba if I see you wearing red cloths in form of big photo, then I will be sure that you get me this job. As soon as I thought this in my mind, I saw Baba photo in red dress with blessing hands, which was hung in a shop. Even my friend, who is sitting beside me, showed me Saibaba temple, which we passed sitting in the bus. My faith towards Him strengthened. On next day, I got an offer letter through mail and it also says I had to attend common admission program (CAP) for three days. If I get through that, then I will be posted in Banjarahills branch. They were more than 100 people, who came for training, and then I was selected. My joy knew no bounds. I was happy that Baba showed me a direction. Thank You Baba for being so kind and always be with each and every one of one us. Bless us with good health and fill our lives with happiness. Om Sai Nathaya Namaha.

Blessing In Disguise

Sai Sister Shankari Ji from India says: Hetal Ji, Namaskarams. I am Shankari from Mumbai, Maharashtra and Sainath is everything for me. You may publish my name, however hiding my email id. Thank you. In the Year 2010, repairing and renovation work was to be started in my home and accordingly the Architects, who undertook the work, also commenced the work immediately without taking any advance. The budget of the total work was around Rs.5 lacs. I and my daughter was totally in a fix. How to make up this money, although we had applied for personal loans with the banks. After two days, one bank called my daughter and told her to come to their bank for discussing the loan. The discussion took place for nearly an hour and they told my daughter that they would grant us a loan of Rs. 4 lacs as they have found the documents in order. I was so relieved that somehow we can make payments to the Contractor as and when they demand the money for the jobs carried out, without knowing shock is awaiting me. Next day the bank's representative called my daughter to inform her that her loan would not be sanctioned now as she had only completed 6 months of her service in the Organisation, where she was working that time. I felt a huge mountain fell on me and my family as the Contractor had broken my home fully at that time and we had shifted to the other place temporarily. A question mark, what we will do for the money as I had only Rs.1 lac on hand. In tears, I spoke to my Baba, Sainatha, please solve my problem and help me with the money I need for repairs. One would not believe, the next moment my daughter got a call from another bank where she had applied stating that they have sanctioned her loan application and she will be eligible for around Rs.4.50 lacs and they will be sending the Cheque to my residence in next two days. I just fell down in Sainatha's feet and even now I cannot believe how my biggest problem was solved in minutes and my home was made so beautiful with Sai's mercy. Jai Sainath. The second experience is that my Son Cheenu, who was studying in Engineering Electronics & Telecommunications Degree Course, could not succeed in 2nd Year Maths Exam despite continuously attempting the same. During the last, which was the Golden Attempt for him, I told him to do the Navvar Sai Vrat and assured him that Sai will not let you down and you will surely succeed this time. Without any hopes, he was doing the Vrat, telling me amma I do not know what will happen this time and this is my last chance. But, friends, will our Sai let any of His children cry, no not at all. Cheenu passed out with flying marks of more than 40 that is 65 and he could not believe his eyes and hugged me saying that Baba is now everything for me amma and I will not give up this Vrat forever. Jai Sainath. The third experience is that my daughter's marriage. It is a great miracle indeed that I was worried how am I going to get my daughter married, without any money and of course my daughter should get a nice life partner. I was day and night praying to Sainath for helping me out with a good guy for my daughter. It is a great surprise. On one Thursday, the concerned boy, who is now my son-in-law, called me and told me that he has gone through the Profile, which I had furnished in Matrimony and he liked the same and he would like to contact me for further talks on the same. I told him to come immediately and see my girl for further decisions. It is still unbelievable that all procedures went on so smoothly and Sainath helped me with finding sources for money required for conducting the marriage. My son-in-law's family cooperated with me in all respects and made this marriage possible and today my daughter is leading a happy married life which our Baba has chosen for her. I have experienced so many Sai miracles in my life after going through many difficulties in my life which was nothing as Sai is always there to solve the same. Dear Friends, please continue to pray to Sai who is everything for all of us and He will surely help you tide the river smoothly. Hetal Ji, my pranams to you at your lotus feet, of course, you are Sai for all of us, for doing such a wonderful job. You are Sai's daughter and please pray for all of us, which will be great blessings for all of us. Wishing you health & wealth throughout. Bowing to Sree Sai's Lotus Feet. Shankari with Love to All, May Sai be with you All forever.

Tremendous Experiences

Sai Sister Aruna Ji from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, Namaskar. You are a great soul. First of all many many congratulations to you for the good news you have. I am Aruna from Pune. I have shared two experiences in the past. Today I want to share few of the experiences which I intended to share from many days. Experience 1: In the year 2008, that time I was in my home town I had to travel to Delhi. The next day and I could not find very important documents I was so nervous. I am always very absent minded for which my family members always keep taunting. So I could not discuss about what happened even with my mom. I started searching the whole house, but I could not find. Finally there was no hope left so I told my mom about what has happened. She got so mad with me thinking how I am going to survive like this as I was planning to stay in Delhi to start my new career. I started crying and my mom was also helping me in searching the document. Suddenly I remember Sai Baba. I went to my pooja room. There was a small photo frame of Sai Baba stand near him and started praying. I was completely blank as those were my original documents and my whole career will go on toss, if I don’t get it the same day. Then within a minute, I got the idea to look at the back of the cupboard, I rushed to see and was stunned to see the whole file lying there. I was tears full of eyes and thanked Baba from my heart and my faith and devotion in Baba increased. Experience 2: In my previous job, I was not very happy. So I wanted to change the job, but it was too early to change. Still I was trying hard to switch thinking. I'll start new not bothering about anything used to pray Baba and go for interviews, but I never got selected even when I was pretty sure of getting through. So I was really upset and used to curse myself. Suddenly I got the appraisal in my old company, which was so unexpected from the employer of that company. Then I realised Baba wanted me to take the appraisal and apply for the other job. Now I am working in a different company better than the previous one. It was really good. In the initial stages, I was working in very good projects. Just a month back, the project on which I was working got over and I am supporting in other work. I was really waiting to get better exposure here. So I pray to Baba day and night for this. I am sure Baba has given me this job. Something good is stored for me. Experience 3: This is the most recent experience of Shirdi. I went to Shirdi on 21st of October. It was a sudden trip. Baba arranged everything as I was not very sure that whether I can accompany them, but everything was in place and I got the privilege to go to Shirdi. We reached Shirdi at 5:30 in the morning. So we missed the kakad Aarti, This time I was not upset to miss the Aarti and I was excited for the Darshan. In my mind, I was telling Baba please make this trip memorable. I had a very good Darshan, went to Dwarakamai, Gurusthan, took UDI. And the strange thing, which happened, was I was looking for Neem tree. But I could not locate and hoping I get at least one leaf. I was around Gurusthan worshipped there and this is my fifth time to Shirdi. Still I could not recognise neem tree and then I came out of the temple premises. Then all of us were gathered to go to Nashik for the Saptraghirngi Mata Darshan as it was Navratri. Then my uncle came and showed me the neem leaf which he got. I was happy and sad at the same time. Happy that he got the leaf and sad because I didn't get to see the tree. Then seeing my emotion, he said come I'll take you there. He took me there. I was surprised that here at this place just a while ago I was here and I could not see the neem tree. Then I went searching for leaf. There was no leaf around and many devotees were there waiting for the leaf. There was no hope for me to get the leaf. Still I prayed Him as I wanted the leaf badly. He heard that and instantly the leaf fell down near me and one of the devotee came and picked up. I was so upset. I felt like crying. Then immediately another leaf fell down, wow this time again another devotee came and told me pick up. Thank You so much was tear full of eyes. How can Baba let His devotee go empty handed. It’s so so tremendous experience. I feel I am so blessed as Baba fulfilled my wish instantly. Thank you so much too all the devotees for reading my experience. Thanks Hetal Ji for posting it. May Sai Baba bless all His devotees. © Devotees Experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

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Anil Gupta
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  1. jai sairam!!!

    tears flowing through out of joy. baba,only you know our hearts and wishes. We have none but you.
    U have plenty of devotees,but you are the only one for us. So keep us in your lap to comfort us always.

  2. Om sai jai Sai. Very nice experiences. Saiji please help me I am very tensed today m leaving this problem in your lotus feet kindly provide me peace of mind.Show me positive sign baba.

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    You are Real, You are the truth and You are the Universe.

    Nothing and no one can be compared to Sai, Sai is above all, with no limit to time and space.

    Hail Hail Maharaj, you are a true inspiration to millions of devotees.

    Servant of Baba,
    Allah Mallik.

    Love you so much Baba.

  5. om sri sai ram


  6. Nice experiences! Baba shows us His love for us (His devotees, His children) through these experiences by helping us get money when we need it most, helping our family members (like the arrangement of the devotee's daughter's marriage) and also through simple experiences like making sure the last devotee got the leaf that she wanted. Such nice experiences serve only to strengthen our faith in Sai Baba and increase our love and devotion. Om Sai Ram!

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