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Anonymous Devotee from India says:

Respected Hetal Didi Ji, I really appreciate your efforts for collecting all Sai Baba devotees experience. May Lord Sai Baba bless you and your family forever and forever. I want to share the best experience here with all devotees. Please don’t disclose my name and mail id. Please read the below Leela and I shall be grateful if this finds a place in the blog.

What is this life without my beloved Guru Sai Baba? It’s just nothing. Because now I feel that HE only runs my life and I am only sitting in the audience seeing HIS play role in my Life. This time HE really showed the secret of living in this world. He made me realized the feeling of Sai which is the secret of living in this material world. Sai, whenever we hear this word, automatically our mind gets peace, a new hope, a new awakening, a new renaissance, a new energy. Well, every day I used to worship Sai and I just love it. It was Wednesday night and I was going to sleep. I just told Sai Baba that I wanted to feel HIM next day at any cost as I always remembered HIM. I wanted to meet HIM at any cost. Now it’s too much. As Sai Baba is our father, mother and everything, How can HE not fulfill HIS child’s wish. Now just see the miracle how HE played with my thoughts as Sai is there in every thought. When I woke up Thursday early morning, I just said Sai, Sai dhun in mind without any efforts. It was being played continuously in my mind. I just loved that dhun and got satisfied and really thank God. When I got freshed, I went in kitchen and my mother in her beautiful and sweet voice said, “Jai Shri Krishna” and gave me a cup of tea along with breakfast. I just saw in her eyes the love, the care for me. She is so happy after seeing me and every time automatically her lips broadened when she sees me. I just felt it today only. As usual daily she gives me breakfast, but I had not realized that. I always eat and go to the office. But today why I am getting this feeling? Then a new thought arise in my mind as if someone is just giving me answers. Our mother is our first Guru. How can we forget the 9 months unbearable pain she took while holding us. She always takes care of us right from our birth till just now. She wants nothing from us, but she always gives us her full love, care for us only. Then just I was thinking, she just put her soft hands on my head and she pampered saying, ”How was your sleep?”. Wow, so much love she does to me. I really thank Sai Baba for giving mother in my life. Mother and father are Sai Baba’s precious gift. Thus we have to preserve Sai Baba’s gift very well without hurting the gift (Parents). The happiness and peace which we get after this realization of the precious love early morning of dearest mother is just unexplainable. We all have our breakfast, but by this realization of Sai Baba’s precious gift of mother and father are really great and we just forget all our problems and we get mental peace. In HIS life time also, Sai Baba always was carried away by the motherly affection and always gave importance for the motherly love because that love is the strongest love which can reach any destination. For smooth journey of life, Sai Baba has given beautiful parents, but I never realized in this context as Sai Baba’s precious gift. Thanks Sai Baba. Before going to office, I just went to Sai Baba’s temple to say thanks. I saw many devotees having saddened face, gloomy face as if they are suffered with lots of pain and sorrows and begging from their heart. I just asked Sai Baba, “Why they are suffering, when YOU are there?? Please fulfill their wishes”. Then coming out of the temple, when I was tying my shoe lace, I saw a poor couple along with a small girl outside the temple sitting under a tree. The man had no legs and sitting on a wheel chair, while the woman was wearing torn saree and talking happily with her handicapped husband. The small girl was also wearing a small rugged torn frock and was playing happily with their parents. She was hugging her mother from behind and the mother smiled and then laughed and carried her in her arms and swinging her here and there. The innocent smile of the small poor girl really touched my heart. They were so happily enjoying and playing with each other. Then the small girl was climbing the wheel chair slowly slowly meticulously shifting her left and right legs up the wheel to reach her father. Then father carried her and played with her. I just sat outside the temple watching this beautiful play of God. All were really happy and were most satisfied with their lives. So happily they were playing as if they don’t have any problems. Thus I got the answer of Sai Baba. HE has given me everything. 2 legs to walk, good clothes to wear, bike to travel, endless gifts. Then also I always remain sad. I really can’t express the happiness which the poor family had and had personally never laughed to the fullest that much which they were laughing. They are also the children of Sai Baba and are enjoying their lives happily even when they have no legs, no home, no clothes, no money. We all have everything but then also we cry and cry and are really beggars. Yes I am a real beggar, while seeing this incident and the poor family are the richest. Really, Sai Baba is there for us only because HE has only given us so many things, but we never ever understood and realized all the gifts of Sai. In HIS life time, Sai Baba always told us to be satisfied with whatever things we have and told that, ”Fakiri Sabse Badi Amiri Hai”. After visiting temple, I was going to my office on my bike. Then in front of my bike, school auto rickshaw was going. Small kids either in 1st or 2nd standard were sting in the back side of auto rickshaw teasing me and playing with me. Automatically a natural smile came on me and I was also laughing and playing with them. Wow, so beautiful was the incident. The small kids were having a large handkerchief clipped to their upper shirts pocket having also their ID card. They were really looking so cute and they were happily playing and giving flying kisses to me and teasing me and acting sometimes of a spider man showing their hands and forwarding their hand on me as if the web will come and I will be spinned in the web of the little kids. Some were acting like a bat man and superman also. Wow that really made me laughed and so peace and satisfaction I got after seeing the small kids was just indescribable. I just remembered my school days and I was also doing the same thing. Really, it was Sai Baba’s act to make me laugh and to teach a lesson that why to worry when Sai Baba is there with us every day, every hour, every minute, every second. I really just enjoyed the whole incident and really thank Sai Baba to remember me of the child days. This is what we really want in this material world of todays (i.e Mental peace, satisfaction) and Sai Baba always tell us to be like a small kid only. Our soul is full of happiness as it is said by Lord Krishna, “Atma is sat chit ananda”. In us only, there is unlimited happiness and we always try to find happiness outside. Thus Sai Baba has told us to always remain happy and happy because problems are there in everyone’s life. There is no person on this earth who has no problems. There are only 2 ways to fight with problems either crying for many days till the solution comes or laughing for many days till the solution comes. Solution will definitely come. This promise Sai Baba has given. Thus, it is better to smile in the problems better than crying. Then the auto rickshaw went to another road and giving the small kids flying kiss, I went ahead and stopped near the signal for nearly 5 minutes as there is always traffic near the signal of IIM, Char Rasta, Ahmedabad. Blind Mens Association is there at the corner of IIM Char Rasta, Ahmedabad. There I saw a group of blind children having sticks in their hands and laughing to the fullest and enjoying and playing with each other. I just could not believe this. They really can’t see and they were enjoying there very much. Their innocent expressions, the beautiful smile, big hearts, pure character had washed away all their sorrows, pains. From their behavior, it was clearly seen that they had forgotten everything and are enjoying this life to the fullest. I really can’t believe and thus I tried to close one eye with my hand at that moment sitting on the bike at that signal. O my God, my half world was gone when I closed my left eye. I just could see half of the road. I really became very emotional and really felt bad and thank Sai Baba for giving my eyes. Now I really don’t want anything because YOU have given me many gifts. I really could not imagine that without eyes how they can remain happy. They are also the children of Sai Baba. It was really a great lesson for me and also for all of us to feel the presence of Sai every where every moment with us in the form of body, parents etc. Then I went in my office and started doing my work. As I am working in research center, I had to take number of trials for the correct results. The result of my main trial came and it was totally out of limit and my boss got angry and very much frustrated. He really humiliated me because of the poor results. He just shouted on me. Now I can understand clearly the famous sentence that ,”Boss is always right”. Whenever this type of incident comes, I just say “Sai Sai Sai” in my mind and does not listen to him and I really laughed from inside and say to Sai Baba, “Please calm my sir as he does not know YOU and YOUR teachings of not being rude”. Then I went to my work but was upset because his roaring’s was continuously heard in my mind. I could not concentrate on anything. Moreover, the appraisal was also coming in that week. Then I said to myself, “Ok now it’s too much. I have to accept this humiliation and my mistake. Come on, wake up. What is my goal of life? Listening to all the negative things and demoralizing myself? Or increasing Sai devotion and bhakti?”. All these negative things are really disturbing me and keeping away from Sai. When I will go up (after death), would I be taking all these humiliation, negative things? No, but if I will say,”Sai Sai” then this I would be taking up. Thus, I kept on saying HIS name and continued my next work with utmost care. After few hours, my boss came to me and apologized saying that results were perfect after recalculation and re analysis. After hearing this, my heart, which was in my throat came to its original position and I felt deep relaxed. I really thank Sai and then I felt the importance of saying, “Sai Sai”. Then I remembered the sentence of Sai Baba, “If you say Sai Sai always, then all your difficulties will be over”. I left the office at evening and was interested to go to Sai’s temple again as beautiful bhajans were beings sung every Thursday. Just then I got a call from my friend to visit and give some donation to Old age Home. I had never visited that place before and thus was keen to visit. When I visited there, I could clearly see the sad gloomy faces of elderly persons. Two aged persons were just sitting idle on a bench without talking as if they were lost by the grief and pain of their past lives. They were in the same position when I left the old age after 2 hours. 1 aged person was slowly trying to walk with a stick in his hand, his body slightly bent as if he will be falling after few steps and no one to support him. All these things really touched me because I always was enjoying my youth and never experience these type of things. Then we chit chatt with the incharge of the old age Home and after listening to him and the other aged persons (victims of their sons), I and my friend felt like crying. Yes, many of them were the victims of the cruel son’s behavior. One aged couple narrated their full experience of their past life and I was just touched. They always loved their son very much and they did his schooling in a well reputed school, did graduation and post graduation also. Before marriage, the boy was obedient and was faithful to their parents. After marriage the whole scenario changed. The newlywed couple lost their mind slowly and started abusing their (boy’s parents) parents for very minor mistakes. The maid was not coming and every work boy’s mother has to do. After the first kid of the couple (grand son), the scenario became worse. They could not touch their new grandson, could not play with their new grandson, etc. If they play with the grandson, then they would get beatings from their own son. They were kept in one small, isolated and dilapidated room, but then also they always kept quiet. The daily shopping was done by the pension of their salary. Every day quarrels were occurring due to minor things. The son neither understood nor the proud wife of his. The boy and his wife both were giving metal tortures daily to their parents and never kept them happily and always scolded them and sometimes never gave food also. When they were interested in doing fast on auspicious festivals like Shivratri, Janmastmi, Poonam, they were given very given only milk one whole day and only one time too. All these torturing were just unbearable but then also they suffered for quite a long time. Then after getting faulty signature, the son threw the aged couple out of their house and forcibly they had to come here. By completing their whole story, the aged couple started crying and I could really see the pain, agony, frustration and everything on their innocent and helpless face. Many of the aged persons had their negative past experience and now they are so called happily living there all together but hearts still inked with lots of sorrows. Oceans of tears, valley of death and end of life. We gave some donation and said bye to all of them as it was 8 PM and they all sat in one large hall to see the heart and stress relaxing serials of Saas Bahu (Balaji serials) Star plus, zee tv, sab tv. Thus Sai Baba really taught a very good lesson and to teach that we should always care for our parents as they are the living and visible forms of Sai Baba and very precious gifts of Sai Baba. If we don’t care of any gift of Sai Baba, then definitely Sai’s blessings would not be there even if we always utter “Sai Sai”. I am sure that the same thing would happen to that boy and his wife when they will become old and their son only would kick them out because it’s the basic God’s rule that, ”Jaisi karni waisji bharni” and no one can escape in this. Thus it’s always important to sow good karmas, good deeds so that we will reap good crops in the form of bright future. Thus, by sowing, “Sai Sai”, definitely and guaranteed the reaped crops will be the destination on the lotus feet of Sai Lord. Then I went to Sai’s Temple and when I just entered in the temple, a beautiful famous song and one of my favorites song was being sung by the bhajan mandli, “Thoda dhyaan laga, Thoda dhyaan laga, Sai daude daude aaenge, Thoda dhyaan laga, Thoda dhyaan laga, Sai daude daude aaenge aur tuje gale se lagaenge”. I just got absorbed while hearing this song and many other songs of Sai Baba. I could really see the glow and brightness of the Sai Baba’s idol. Every Thursday in any Sai Temple in any part of the world, Sai Baba is always there showering all HIS blessings on us. So divine and pure was the environment. The other famous song, “Sai Meri Raksha karna” was also sung and every devotee was so happy and was fully absorbed in Sai Baba. Many cried from their bottom of their hearts listening to all those bhajanas. Many were happy and just smiling with their eyes closed. I was also happy in that beautiful divine environment and I could feel Sai there as if SAI BABA is dancing so beautifully with those bhajans and smiling and again dancing here and there and placing UDI and flying UDI on every devotees. So much peace it was and was seen on every devotee. I was really very happy because HE made me feel Sai everywhere right from the morning till night. Sai is everywhere in whole universe. We all are the children of same God. As all the children have different tastes, the mother tries to prepare each dish differently for each child. Some like to go outside India (US, UK etc), and thus Sai Baba blesses that person outside India in the form of miracles. Some prefer India and thus Sai Baba blesses him here. Nobody should regret if they have not visited Shirdi. Because it is said that,” Wherever any Sai Bhakt is there, Shirdi is there”. Yes, Shirdi was there in the temple along with Sai Baba because of the pure Bhakti. Those beautiful and pure bhajans forced Sai Baba to come and HE only said that, “HE was always thirsty of pure love and devotion and nothing else”. My happiness was overflowing and thought of going home to take dinner and go to sleep. I took dinner and without any more work, went to bed only and thinking whole day experience with only feeling of Sai , Sai , Sai , Sai. I was just thinking about HIM and one more thought or feeling was coming in my mind. I just imagined who was giving me all these feelings and thoughts in my mind. The thought of Sai Baba along with their most intimate devotees Mhalsipati and Tatya kote Patil came. These 2 devotees always slept with Sai Baba for many years in the Masjid with their heads towards east, west and north and with their feet’s touching one another at the centre. Wow so beautiful and amazing! How lucky were those 2 devotees. Unimaginable. Every day, they chit chatt with each other, start gossiping and play with each other even at the night time. If Tatya devotee used to sleep and snore, then Sai BABA would wake him and will give some gentle and hard patting on his back and stomach. Then Tatya devotee used to wake up in half sleep and tells Sai Baba in a cute and innocent way,” Please let me sleep, Baba and don’t disturb me. I am in deep sleep”. How beautiful, how divine is the play of God with their devotees. Just unexplainable. Then again Tatya devotee would sleep and after some time again Sai Baba used to wake him. Ha Ha Ha. I was so much happy with my eyes closed deeply and watching this play of Sai Baba along with their devotees in my metal vision. So cute and pure was the play. Then even Mhalsipati would sleep and would snore and then Sai Baba used to push him and pressed his stomach and then presses his nose for snoring too high. Wow what an amazing play. Sometimes, Sai Baba would be sleeping deeply and then Mhalsipati and Tatya kote patil will wake up secretly and then would slowly move from their beds and will wake Sai Baba and press Sai Baba’s stomach and all are playing so beautifully. All were laughing and enjoying. The beautiful smile of Sai Baba just made me feel the most satisfied person. I just thought if I could get any chance of playing with Sai Baba and sleeping with HIM. Such mental peace I got which I just can’t explain after feeling Sai. I am sure this mental peace you all must be getting after watching this great pure play of Sai God with their intimate devotees. If by watching this play, we are so much happy then what about playing with Sai Baba. It’s just unimaginable. Immediately 2nd thought came after this unimaginable play of 1st picture. It was about Chavdi procession. Sai Baba used to sleep every alternate day in Chavdi. A beautiful decorated masjid was seen along with a large number of devotees. What a beautiful scene? Sai Baba first having a radiant smile on HIS face gave UDI to everyone there and speaking, “O Maai, take this UDI. O Kaka, take this UDI. O Bhau, take this UDI and sleep well and addressing every one of them. All were very happy after taking UDI from Lords hand. Then everyone was waiting for Baba to come out from Masjid for the Chavdi procession. A beautiful horse, “Shyamsundar” was staring at Sai Baba’s face and waiting impatiently for Sai Baba only. The whole Masjid was decorated and was radiating bright and divine lights due to the lightened bright divas. The scene was really superb. Fire crackers started bursting and everywhere there was divinity and divinity. The whole sky was illuminated with the reflection of the brightness of the Masjid and everyone was roaring to the loudest, “Sai Baba ki jai, Sai Baba ki jai, Sai Baba ki jai, Sai Baba ki jai, Sai Baba ki jai”. The loud music started and everywhere was music and many danced to their fullest according to the different tunes of the music. The beautiful music just opened the sleeping doors of every home of Shirdi and everyone started coming out to see this beautiful scene of God. Devotees started to fly gulal in the atmosphere to add colours to this divine situation. What a picture it was! Unimaginable and indescribable! Then Sai Baba used to walk very slowly very slowly step by step having support from their intimate devotes Mhalsipati and Tatya kote patil on left and right side. HE was the center of attraction and HE was a magnet capturing and attracting every one of Shirdi and even every one of us staying at far different places in whole world. HIS face was really bright and illuminating and so much was the vibrations. I just could feel just now the divinity and I forgot all my pains, my sorrows, my expectations, my condition and I just thought YES THIS IS IT I ALWAYS WANTED. Mental happiness and mental bliss. This happiness can’t be obtained or even experienced after getting a BMW car, or a house full of gold, king’s palace, etc. I really forgot every personal problem of mine and wanted to go deep inside Sai’s teachings. What a magic it was after feeling Sai and HIS thoughts and HIS play? Then again another thought came in my mind. I was just wondering who is giving me all these thoughts. It was related to problems. In past I had many problems and tensions regarding. After 10th which line to choose, science, commerce or arts. I can’t make decision. After 12th which field or subject to choose? Exams tension as usual (nothing new about that), marks tension (common tension to every human being on this earth), expectations of good marks and that too above 80% tensions. College life tensions, again marks tension, family problems, personal problems, job tensions. Recently I am having a nice job in a reputed industry but still have tensions, highest increment tension, boss ego problems, Marriage tension. In future, again there may be problems (anticipated problems as seen from every human beings) such as maybe family tensions, life partners tension, maybe any tension regarding kids, maybe any settlement issue, maybe property issues, maybe health issues(cancer, BP, diabetes, accident, etc) and so on and so on. The list goes on and on. It will never be completed and at death time all these tensions will remain buried in our mind and again we will have rebirth and again the same whole repeated story of problems and tensions. Then I asked myself, “Are you born on this earth for taking and experiencing all these tensions? What the hell you are doing? These all tensions and problems are created from me only and not from God. Where is the time for Sai Baba? Where is Nishkam bhakti, pure devotion for SAI Baba? When will I do? If I am pure devotee of Sai Baba, then I should not be remembering all these tensions? If I am still thinking about tensions, then I do not have trust in Sai Baba. Why am I so much selfish? Thinking every time of tensions and problems, but not thinking about pure devotion and pure bhakti toward Sai? This life is really very short and in that also if we take all the problems then it’s of no use. Life is too short to hate any one. Thus, we have very much less time and in that also if we do not understand Sai and HIS teachings then it’s of no use. Death can occur any time and we may leave any time from this world leaving everything. Nobody knew that on 25th January, 2001, it was the last day for thousands or lakhs of people who died just the other morning 26th January due to deadly earthquake in Ahmedabad and whole Gujarat and they left nothing here. Thus I should enjoy and laugh each and every day of my life (which is also Sai Baba’s precious gift to us to do Bhakti) to the fullest saying Sai Baba’s name because the most wasted day in life is the day when you have never laughed. But then I got the answer from all above incidents. Actually the fact is that in past lives, we were all living in Shirdi and thus had and still have the opportunity to take Sai Babas Darshan every day and night. This is the fact because Sai Baba has told that, “No one meets or remembers anyone unless they have Bandhu. In this life why we all love Sai Baba very much? It’s because HE loves us a lot more than we love HIM. We all are in Bandhan or relationship with HIM directly connected from heart. HE really loves us a lot and all have experienced HIM in their personal lives. HE promised that HE will take care of each and every devotee in every births. Thus, in this life we have the great opportunity to do bhakti again with pure love and pure devotion. Whenever we just say Sai word, HE is in front of us seeing us with a beautiful smile and gives us blessings. So what more we want. This is everything, the secret of living. SAI Baba always used to bless all of us with every time special and unique way. I never tried my mind to think all these things and I was just wondering about how these thoughts, pictures and many teachings of Sai Baba came in my mind time after time. But this time, HE really showed and taught all of us the secret of living with the feeling of Sai thought. This is what we actually want. Even I have many small and big problems in my life, but after imagination of Sai and HIS teachings, I don’t have any problem and just getting metal peace today. This mental bliss was really much more than the bliss I got of mother’s love for me in the morning at the breakfast, bliss I got from the happiness and the pure innocent laughter of the poor handicapped couple and the small girl, bliss I got from the cute laughing school kids in auto rickshaw playing spider men, bliss I got on seeing the pure hearted blind children playing with each other, bliss which I got from the good results when it was re checked, bliss which I got after donating in old age home. I am not telling all these things to all of you, but only sharing my thoughts as it was a great lesson for me to understand all these things. Even I am struggling to implement all these things, but I will surely implement all these teachings of HIS perfectly in my daily life and then every day will be like Thursday. May Sai Baba bless and shower HIS blessings on all of us.
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  1. Om Sai Ram!

    Thanks for posting this.

    Really after reading the post, can feel the presence of Sai and my mind is calm, peaceful.

    Prayers to our beloved Sai to bless all.

    Jai Sai Ram!

  2. Very beautifully presented and narrated. I feel like Baba only made you write this an an answer to all the problems and questions and thoughts I am going through lately. I would like to implement the same in my life and get the Bliss and peace of mind always irrespective of our problems.
    Thank you for sharing this and will cherish this for ever.

    Om Sai ram Om sai ram Om sai ram

  3. really awsum experience.yesterday night i was depressed and tense due to some personal problems and angrily in my mind i said to sai that i dnt want anything nw u just take me away.u are nt listening to my prayers but atleast listen this please.but after reading ur thoughts i also recognized that sai has blessed us with so much but still we are luring for more and more and not thanking for what a beautiful life he has blessed us with,,i am really thankful to u for making us realise our mistakes and be contented with what our lord has blessed us with,,thanks for making my sai ram

  4. Wonderful experience……. Thanks for sharing with us… Its an eye opener to all of us who only wish for material benefits from Baba, but conveniently forget all those gifts HE has bestowed on us..
    Your posts reminds us to be thanksful to Shri Sai every day, every moment of our lives…

    Thanks again….

  5. First of all i want to congratulate Hetal Didi for her newborn child. May baba bless him with all the goodness in life.
    Coming to the experience shared by sai devotee.. i have to say that it is one of the best experiences i have read..not because it is elaborated well or written nicely but for the simple reason that it has made me realize so many things about the gift of 'life' give to us by Sai Baba.. there is a feeling of divine satisfaction that i am getting after reading this post.. All I want to say is 'THANK YOU BABA, KARTA-DHARTA SAB TUM..BAS APNI KRIPA DRISHTI BANAYE RAKHNA'..

  6. Jai Sai Ram,Wonderfull experience Evey one feels like this but not have chance to post ..But he allowed you ..really you are blessed by baba.Thanks for sharing it

  7. Wow! beautifully narrated.. i am blessed to read this experience.. thanks a lot for sharing ur experience & for opening our eyes and making us realise our mistakes. Deva please help us to implement the same in our life.. be with us always.. help us to overcome our egos.. Om Sai Ram..

    Thanks a lot to Anil Guptaji & Hetal Ji & heartly Congrats to Hetal Ji on the arrival of the little one.

  8. No words sir….your experiences and way of thinking are adorable….hats off….Jai saibaba….jai jai saibaba…I wish If all the world becomes like this, then how cool will the life be??

  9. Om Sai Ram.

    Lovely experience, it makes us realize the basic and most important things of life ! Thanks a lot to the writer.

    I would like to share a recent Leela of our beloved Baba. One of my friends was trying to get a Visa to Kuwait since a long time, so that she could join her husband there with her little daughter But due to some issues, she was facing problems in getting the Visa. So, when i heard this from her, i just emailed her 'Sai Satcharitra' suggesting her to start reading it and that it will help her in all her issues. Now i do not know if she read it or if she believes in Baba. After around 2-3 days, she message me saying she miraculously got her Visa 🙂 I was so so happy and thrilled at the marvelous Leela of our loving Gurudeva. Baba is amazing.

    Thanks a lot Baba for everything. Please be with us always and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. May your blessings reach each one of us always. We surrender at your Lotus feet. Love you a lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  10. Om Sai Ram
    wonderful and beautiful experience. By reading this post every one should recognize the importance and valve of the parents.3

    Thank you for sharing.


  11. Om Sai Ram.

    Yet another sweet Leela of Baba to share:

    Yesterday was a memorable day in my life. I saw Baba in my dreams in human form for the very first time. I saw a poster of Baba and then for a second i saw Baba in human form going in a bus. That was all i saw. Though it was only a flash in my dream, still i was happy that Baba heard my prayers and came in my dream in human form. I am still waiting for Baba to talk to me in my dreams and bless us all. Praying to Baba to please talk to us and bless us all in our dreams.

    And yet another blessings from Baba was that, yesterday for the very first time one of my articles along with a few photographs clicked by my husband was featured in the Bangalore edition of 'The HINDU' newspaper. I was so thrilled 🙂 It is all because of my Baba and he planned it all and did everything on our behalf. We are too incapable to do anything ourselves and so every bit of happiness is due to Baba. We submit our ego at your feet Baba, please do bless us to be meek and humble always. Baba, please do shower us with immense FAITH and PATIENCE. We just love you a lot and thank you from the bottom of our heart. May you bless each one of us always.

    Dear Sai Devotees, i would love to share the post with you all. Would consider it a blessing to me and my husband if you read and like it. Many many thanks to this wonderful Sai Family. Here is the link : .

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  12. Om sairam
    As nicely said, Saibaba gave us so many gifts, we should be thankful to HIM for those. What we need is love and devotion towards Sai Baba without asking for material desires and we should try for Moksha by praying to him with Shradda and Saburi.

  13. Sairam,

    Very well drafted experience, especially the last part when you said meditating on Baba is more blissful then the other worldly affairs. Through Baba's grace , he has changed my thoughts for the past 2 years and I meditate on the stories from the charithra , just like you did, and make Baba the soul object of all my thoughts , it will happen only through Baba's grace. Jai Sai Ram..

  14. Beautiful narration and you are blessed to understand the theme of life. Let SAI bless all of us with this awareness through out our life, with out forgetting him even for second in our life. JAI SAI RAM

  15. Beautifully narrated!! This is definitely an amazing way to lead life. I feel that your experience was posted at most appropriate time, as I was feeling low and depressed from past few days because of personal problems(petty fights with my husband). I have everything, good job, life but few up's and down's that's it. But still I keep on thinking of all the negative things in my family life instead of what Baba gave me. I was fighting with him mentally about why he is giving me so much pain and was asking him for death. Today morning when I opened Satcharitra randomly, I was on the page where Dr.Pillay's experience is given. Baba clearly say's that why "My devotee should pray for death when I am here to relieve him from misery. Why should he suffer 10 birth's when I will finish his past karma in 10 days". I felt blessed. I came to office and opened this blog, read your wonderful experience. Your experience is an eye opener for me and I feel Baba is giving a strong message to all his devotees like me to be content with what we have and strive for pure devotion. HE IS THE ULTIMATE SAVIOR AND SADGURU WHO CAN MAKE US CROSS THIS CRUEL WORLDLY MESS". Thanks once again Sai Sister for sharing your thoughts. I hope many sai devotees get inspired from this message and try to live happily.

  16. Very beautiful experience, very well drafted.. I liked these lines the most "There are only 2 ways to fight with problems either crying for many days till the solution comes or laughing for many days till the solution comes. Solution will definitely come"…. thanks for sharing it..

  17. Beautiful experiences! You write very well and tell Baba devotees to appreciate all the things Baba has given them. I liked your example of the family outside the temple with the husband in a wheelchair and the mother wearing a torn sari, but all were happy due to blessings of Baba. Baba gives us small things to appreciate in life and we should have faith and love that even the small blessings Baba gives us are because He loves us, his devotees, so much and will give us the big blessings when He knows we are ready to receive them. Om Sai Ram!

  18. Thanks for this post. M reading this post from shibpur sai baba temple and just few seconds back I was saying purohitji that I don't understand why this year saiji didn't call me to shindi. I had to cancel my ticket to shirdi and in your post I got my answer that saiji is everywhere.
    Dear hetalji sending you and new guest blessing of our saiji from shibpur. May saiji bless all of us…Om Sai Jai Sai

  19. Thanks for the lovely post .Beautifully narrated.For a while it let my mind wander away from all tensions . Most of the time we are so engrossed in our day to day tensions and routine , we take all for granted and forget to seek the smallest of happiness around mind was so disturbed since morning but after reading this post it really helped me find some peace.

  20. WOW!! What an awesomely written experience. It is indeed the secret of living and it is truly a reminder for all Sai children to re-check on the path we are going. It has to be close to Baba not close to the material world.

    May Baba bless us all towards his path and bring closer to him

    Om Sai Ram

  21. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Hetal ji and to the author of this experience. How beautiful the experience is and how beautiful is its teaching. The whole experience is so motivational and knowledgeable. Today this is the first experience I read. I am now feeling so peaceful and carefree. I must say you made my day Sai. Its a treat for me. I had been little depressed lately for no reason, this blog helped me to focus on real things. Faith in Sai will never let you drift away from HIS holy feet.

  22. Really amazing Thought Sai Matha given to you.

    Om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram

  23. Really amazing thoughts given by sai matha to you.


    Om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram
    om sai ram….

  24. JAI SHRI SAI….i am a faithful devotee of sai baba… i do have few probs… and these days i think of it alot and cry because the pain is enormous. i do use to talk to sai …. and i do understand that this suffering is because of my past karma… but at times its enormous and you go really down… so today also the same.. so after talking to baba i came to this site to read few experiences.. and guess what after reading this experience i felt really relieved… it was as if baba wanted me to read this and understand what life is and what shud and will happen… baba is there definitely and he is listening… JAI SHRI SAI… please take care of all the beings in the world and make them realise ur value and worth… so that they can achieve bliss and eternal happines…
    thanks for posting this -"Anonymous Devotee from India" .

  25. Jai Sri Sai Ram.
    Wow simply amazing . you explained well but i cant express the feelings after reading your post. Sai has made you to write this to give peace to all those who prays to get mental peace.
    I am having a feeling that i am orphant.
    I need someones help and guidance
    The devotee who wrote this post , i wish to share my problems to you as Sai thought you how to live life.
    Is there any possibility to contact you.
    Sai Ram.

  26. Early morning on Thursday I got up and again closed my eye for few seconds. I had a deep dream of black snakes and it asked me to sit on a circle design ,the place suddenly gone dark and white light with sai baba flashed with my whole body got chilled and was feeling out of gravity. It all happens within 5min when I closed eyes after waking up. Am not a devote of sai baba but I dnt understand why this happened

  27. I'm really in a miserable condition since a couple of years, I don't feel like living but show everyone that I'm normally happy and want to cry whenever there is nobody around like before sleeping or when home alone.
    Today, I woke up from a really bad dream. I was really disturbed mentally and so much scared as I have no strength to face more pain in life. I felt like crying, then I came across this experience and it gave me peace as I read it.
    After reading it fully I'm now feeling mentally stable, the experience is so beautiful that I just wanted it to never end. It is written with such high intensity of pure feelings that the readers can directly feel the bliss.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience, I strongly feel, many have got relief on reading it.
    Aum Sai Ram _/_
    May Sai Krishna bless us all.

  28. I'm really in a miserable condition since a couple of years, I don't feel like living but show everyone that I'm normally happy and want to cry whenever there is nobody around like before sleeping or when home alone.
    Today, I woke up from a really bad dream. I was really disturbed mentally and so much scared as I have no strength to face more pain in life. I felt like crying, then I came across this experience and it gave me peace as I read it.
    After reading it fully I'm now feeling mentally stable, the experience is so beautiful that I just wanted it to never end. It is written with such high intensity of pure feelings that the readers can directly feel the bliss.
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience, I strongly feel, many have got relief on reading it.
    Aum Sai Ram _/_
    May Sai Krishna bless us all.

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