Sai Baba Saved From Life Threaten Obstacles – Anonymous Sai Devotee

A devotee in this experience shares how Lord Sai Baba was with her during process of her surgery.

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Sai Ram to My Baba, and Dear Hetal Ji, First of all I apologize to Baba for delaying this post from July and this is all because of my laziness. But I assume God made it by purpose. I will explain in detail in experience. Please don’t share my email and name. And if possible please post this experience on Thursday.

Hetal Ji, this site is like a pearl in a sea shell for Baba devotees. Why I say is people who are mentally down with sorrows will be relieved of those by reading your blog. Thanks for supporting this.

I can’t say this as a single experience. But I want to share different experiences in my life time. I want to share my attachment with Baba and His blessings throughout my life. But this single post may not be enough. I will be posting two major experiences I had recently.

From 1999, I am devotee of Baba. I am living in USA on work visa. I am having my visa renewal every year, instead of having every 3 years. I don’t know why Baba is giving approval for only one year every time. This June 2012, I had a renewal and I have been moved to different company and I was so tensed if I will get approval or not at the same time I was looking for job. Baba really gave me very very good job the one I was looking for and He also approved my visa again for one year. I thank Him a lot that He approved again. And all the major decisions in visa process time asking for extra documents or whatever happened was on Thursdays only to my surprise. I thought I have to post this experience once I get approval, but I couldn't do it till now. Sorry Baba, please forgive me. Along with this, I have to post another experience that happened a week ago. From past 9 months, I am having a problem in my reproductive system and had miscarriage for some reason and at the time of miscarriage, I came to know I have problem in reproductive system. I was so concerned about it and trying to avoid surgery and trying to get rid by medicines. I also expected that Baba should do some miracle. Whenever I go to temple, I used to ask Baba, Baba please take that problem away without surgery. But Baba has some other plans. I have used medicines homeopathy and all and went to second option even that Doctor suggested me to go for surgery. Finally I scheduled day for surgery. The day of my surgery is Thursday and doctor is available on Thursdays only to see this. On the day of my surgery, I with family members went to Baba temple, and that day I got an opportunity to do Abhishekam to Baba, which I never did before and wishing to do some day. See I got that opportunity on this day. I did some seva to Baba and went to hospital. Internally, I was very tensed how the surgery will go and there may be a possibility of removal of any organs if needed. I didn't have kids yet so that bothered me a lot. But the whole day Baba was there with me. I can feel that. Before going to Surgery at home, I also have Baba UDI from Shirdi. Doctor did surgery and in the surgery, I didn't even have any pain nor I was not even conscious after 3 hours of my surgery. I got conscious and Nurse told I can go home. Nurse, who is assigned to me, was a man and his pleasingness and service he did for me moved very emotional. I saw Baba in him. I don't know tears rolled in my eyes and I felt Baba was there. And my husband came into recovery room and told me that Doctor told him that surgery was success and nothing was touched other than the actual surgery related part. That made me so happy. This is all because of Baba and only Baba. And reports also came as Benyin (Non harm). I had surgery, which I didn’t wish. Baba saved me from removal of other organs if necessary. It was non cancerous and possible positive success. This is all happened only because of Baba. Baba, please I am holding Your lotus feet and pleading You the feeling I had for You in this minute should be always with me. Please, Baba, I shouldn’t bent to any maya. Please be with all of us and let us dive in Your Saitatva. Thanks for giving this opportunity. I would like to share more and more. Baba, please bless me to share more experiences from You in future. Happy Thursday and Sai Ram to all. If any mistakes please forgive me. Sachidanda Samartha Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki jai
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  1. om sai ram…
    i am a firm devotee of sai baba ji,i wanted to share something which is disturbing me since yesterday.In evening,once my office gets over,i hv habit of walking to my home instead of hiring auto.It was dark as the street lights were not working.I chant sai bhajans in my mind wenever i am alone.While walking i suddenly started recalling the bhajan-BABA MERI RAKSHA KARNA when all of a sudden a boy came from opposite side and he held my arms and was about to touch me when i started shouting and then he ran away..this thing is disturbing me since yesterday as always i think my sai baba ji is with me and noone can harm me..then why did this happen..i m v tense.i have firm faith in my sai baba ji then why did this happen..pls guide me.i love my sai baba ji so much,,pls saibaba ji forgive me,,,pls never leave me alone else i dnt want to live

    • I know how you feel Sister. It happens to a lot of girls. But as you have mentioned yourself, Baba will never let anyone harm you. Whatever big mishap was to happen, Baba warded it off and made it small enough. If all the harm done to girls in this world was prevented by God then how wonderful this world would be. Take this as an experience, a lesson Baba wanted to teach you not to walk in the dark alone. I know it will be hard to over come it for a few days, try not to think about it and have people surrounding you as much as possible until you start feeling safe again. You will get through this.

    • Thanks a lot dear for ur advise,,,may sai baba bless all with his love and compassion..pls baba always be with ur devotees

    • Dear shaken Sai Devotee, I totally agree with this anonymous sai devotee who advises not to walk in the dark alone. WE need to follow all precautions to avoid such scary situations. I would like to give you an example for what I meant by saying,"need to follow all precautions to avoid such situations". This I am talking about almost 25 years back, we (me, my husband and my 2 sons age 10 and 6) were returning by local train in Mumbai at a very late night attending a very close family event. We saw a mother and a daughter (age 20 or so!!), both loaded with gold ornaments, boarded the train and sat in our compartment. They got down at Andheri and we too got down at that station too. We saw them walking all the way out and in dark streets while we got into a rikshaw. At that time also my husband made a comment saying women should not be out at such late hours luring bad people to do harm as the sparkling gold ornaments are a sure thing someone to do harm! And even if you have ornaments that you are wearing, hide them in a purse or by any other means and be alert walking on the road. Even during daytime, bad people misbehave with women, especially young girls, than why to take such dangerous chance walking at late night wearing gold on your body?
      If we follow general practice of being safe, you may find less stress like you suffer right now!
      Be careful now onwards and BABA is there with you always.

  2. om sai ram.. i have got confident after read your experience…. still iam believing baba that he will never cheat his devotee… baba you will have to bless me to get a good job with a good package… now iam jobless more than a year… my relations are laughing at me…. because my parents has suffered a lot for ma degree… but i could not do anything to them…. really iam worthless….. Baba i do not want anything for me… please keep my parents happy… baba i want your blessings to get succeed in my career… i have made certain mistakes too…. please forgive me for all my mistakes… sorry for this long text…

  3. Really saimatha is great…. you are a blessed one…baba "ll give you a baby… do not worry…. your life is going to be smooth…. do sai guruvar virat sister….

  4. How wondrous is our Deva, taking care of his millions of devotees at once. May He continue to bless us, his devotees like this always.

    O Sai, please take care of my friend.

    Jai Sairam

  5. Om sai ram ji sister i read your experience and was surprised to read it…actually even i had the same experience..there was a very big sized cist on one of my reproductive organ which i came to know once i conceived after one and a half month of my marriage..when i went to the dictor for general check up she after going through my usg report consulted me to remove that organ alongwith the cist. I was surprised as well as very worried as i did not want to loose my first child. Doctor told me that there are 95% positive chances and 5 % negative chances of any abortion kind of thing. .i was very scared of loosing my child but i had cent percent faith on our baba ji that he can not do any thing wrong with me or my child…my surgery was also done on thursday by my choice and you wont imagine i got concious rite after an hour or two of my operation and i and my child were absolutely fine…and i had no pain nothing after the surgery..and now i m seven monthsvpregnant nd my child is absolutely healthy as told by the doctors. .sister my story is same like u i was surprised to read your story i felt as if u wrote my story only….baba ji is always with us and i will pray for u that you too conceive as early as possiblecas baba can do. .sister He is always standing by our side…god bless you..jai sai nath….

  6. Om Sai Ram.

    DEar Sister, Baba loves you a lot and so he saved you from anything major. I wish you the very best in life. May you be blessed with a healthy child soon and may Baba bless you and your family with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. Baba is great.

    Baba, please bless all your children to have firm Faith in you and to have lot of Patience. May we all be blessed by you always.
    Please do help, bless, guide and advice us in all steps of our life. We love you a lot and we owe all our happiness to you. Thanks a lot SaiDeva for everything.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. To the Sai sister in the comment blog, Baba was with you and saved you from a mishap. Please try to avoid going alone in dark, maybe thatz the thing Baba wanted you to follow I am not sure. But don't think about the incident, even I experienced it when I was in my school. It was very painful, but these things will fade away and the person will be punished definitely by our Baba, you will know that in future. Don't feel bad bcoz you dint do anything wrong, keep praying and you will get peace of mind. May Baba bless all of us.

  8. Dear Sai Devotee in USA, you are blessed by BABA and be at ease. You should try contacting your employer to file for your Greencard instead of working on H1 visa with yearly approval. Nothing wrong in trying. Check with the HR of your company.
    You may check with the legal personnel in your contracting company too to help you get a job where the Employer would file for your Green card.
    Wishing you all well.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  9. After reading your experience I can say I have nearly the same experience where baba saved me. I had fairly large tumor and I was very tensed because of it and was praying baba to remove it without surgery. I can not explain the extent of agony and stress I have faced due to it. but baba paved my way to surgery and it was quite successful and now i am free from worries

  10. all the devotees who were blessed by baba are very fortunate but for me i am so unfortunate since 3 yrs i was facing lots of troubles till day hoping baba will help me in any time in any way but baba was not helping me why baba each second i was chanting ur name and meditating ur presence in my mind still u dont showering ur blessing whats wrong in me baba.till date i followed ur two words shradda and saburi.baba i cant bear this any more i just want leave my life in ur feet baba .sorry baba i cant face anymore please transform my past karmas to my next birth baba i am leaving tomorrow baba give me peace baba om sai ram

  11. all the devotees who were blessed by baba are very fortunate but for me i am so unfortunate since 3 yrs i was facing lots of troubles till day hoping baba will help me in any time in any way but baba was not helping me why baba each second i was chanting ur name and meditating ur presence in my mind still u dont showering ur blessing whats wrong in me baba.till date i followed ur two words shradda and saburi.baba i cant bear this any more i just want leave my life in ur feet baba .sorry baba i cant face anymore please transform my past karmas to my next birth baba i am leaving tomorrow baba give me peace baba om sai ram

    • Dear frustrated Sai devotee, WHO are we to tell BABA what to do and how to run HIS UNIVERSE? If you decide to LEAVE, naturally your KARMAs will follow you in your next birth, and not only that, but leaving this world by committing suicide adds more sin to repay! Please do not take such stupid step. (This is what I gathered from your short post, so if you did not mean that, I beg your pardon.)
      May you get PEACE and clear thinking to face the situation boldly. BABA surely lessening your pain and suffering. Try to SEE HIS blessings and let HIM help you in this birth only. Do good KARMAs in this birth so you will enjoy next birth even more after leaving this world as BABA has destined for you.
      Jai Sai RAM.

  12. Very nice experience! Baba was there working in the form of the nice nurse and doctor who took care of you and made sure you got through the surgery well and I am sure Baba will bless you and your husband with a healthy baby soon (and the baby will also have Baba's great blessings). Om Sai Ram!

  13. Today when i fell down i know it was u who held me tightly to avoid accidents to make me realise that i've to be careful in my steps..PLS Always love us baba..pls be with us always..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

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