Past Karma Weighs More Than Current Life Span – Sai Devotee Laxmi

Sai Sister Laxmi from USA says:

Dear Hetal Ji. Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I am a regular reader and boost myself up not to shake my faith on Baba. Two of my experiences have already been posted here. I know many other experiences are in queue to be posted here. Please accept my request and post my pain as soon as possible. I need all your prayers because I am going through very toughest and emotional phase of my life. I have a faith in Baba that HE would surely help me. I know without paying for the past karma, I will not be blessed by SAI Ma. But it’s quite unbearable as I have already experienced terrible life over the years and Baba helped me to come out of that. I feel that still I need to go through a tough phase, which is horrible and makes me so tired and weak. Just asking Baba, how long I should go through this because it’s eating my normal life and not able to concentrate on anything. I have been terribly crying for the past 5 months.

After going through hell for years, Baba blessed me with a loving and caring husband. Everybody thought that my tough time was over and I would be happy in my life with my husband. Of course, It’s common we face challenges and problems in life. But facing life threatening challenges for years together is horrible. Each and every second, I feel my past karma is preventing me from having happy life though Baba wants to bless me. Sometimes I don’t understand why I am living like this.

In May, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and doctor said that it is mild and prescribed medicine for that. As I am very averse to using medicines every day I prayed Baba to help me not to use any medicine and control my Thyroid levels. After 15 days, while I was walking in the evening, I slightly felt some pain in my chest and immediately rushed back home. I didn’t tell my husband and trying to analyze why I was getting pain. It continued for three days and doubted I might be having some serious heart problem. I visited my Physician and she said your thyroid levels got adjusted so the medicine is overdose now and asked me to stop using the medicine. But she sensed irregular heart beat and directed to go for Echo test. I was so happy that Baba answered my prayers so that I don’t have to use medicine anymore. Unfortunately Chest pain was severe and needed to see the cardiologist next day. I was so tensed up and praying Baba to help me to come out of this problem. Cardiologist was very helpful and told me not to worry as it doesn’t seem to be any risk. He asked me to go for echo as well as Stress test because I was getting chest pain whenever I go for walk or Gym. Somehow I managed to get an appointment for the two tests on 10th July. Still there was one more month to go for these two tests. I was praying Baba to help me and spent sleepless nights with fear. The day arrived and went for stress test. Meanwhile I had to experience irregular bleeding problem. Before initiating the stress test the examiner wanted to check If I was a pregnant. To my surprise results were invalid though we tried twice to confirm that. She told me to go for blood test to confirm the pregnancy. After waiting for a month stress test not done. In the afternoon I went through the Echo test. They said I should wait for a week to know the test result. I didn’t stop praying Baba and HE was answering me not to worry. Unexpectedly in next two days, Doctor called me and dropped a message that there was no problem with heart and nothing to worry about that.

I was so happy and realized that probably that is the reason Baba stopped me from taking the stress test. Gradually chest pain was disappeared. I didn’t want to get my thyroid levels abnormal. I wanted to control it. So I started practicing yoga every day. Still I had irregular bleeding problem, but I was feeling ok as well as bloating in my abdomen. Day by day bloating problem became worse and I rushed to the Gastroenterologist. He prescribed me some medicine and asked me to avoid dairy products. Still It was worse and got some tablets from India. I started using that medicine I was feeling good. Again I went for Thyroid test. To my surprise now my thyroid levels are very high less than zero and it’s Hyper. One of the office staff from my physician called me and said that I need to stop the medication. I told them I was not on any thyroid medication. They didn’t even guide me what to do next and which specialist I should consult for this hyperthyroidism. I was under impression that I didn’t have hypothyroidism so I was alright. I discussed the same with my friend and she scolded me why I should not see endocrinologist for this drastic changes of the thyroid levels in such a short span of time. I told her might be the yoga I did more to control my thyroid levels made it hyper. She screamed at me to stop self diagnosis and should see endocrinologist. I had to wait one more month to get an appointment as a new patient with endocrinologist. In between I took an appointment with Gynecologist to check my irregular bleeding disorder. Gynecologist asked me to check with endocrinologist as my Thyroid levels are abnormal and collected cells to check if there is any sign of cancer in my uterus. I was so frustrated and waiting for results. After a week a lady from Gynecologist office called me the test results were invalid as the cells collected for test were not sufficient to evaluate. I was asked to come to their hospital again to give the cells for test. I already knew that it would not be accurate because they didn’t collect my cells properly. I didn’t care much because I was not in a position to give the cells again. I informed same to the Gynecologist staff that once I am cured for irregular bleeding then I can go for that test. During the period of one month, I was waiting with patience to see the Endocrinologist and dreaming that he would cure me. After 10 days, it started bleeding heavily and it was completely uncontrollable. My husband wanted me to take to the emergency, but I didn’t agree because they would give me some temporary relief and direct me to go to the specialist. The day arrived to see endocrinologist and gave my blood for blood work and I was told to call them next week. I started calling them, but there was no proper response and saying Doctor has to review your report. I waited for three days and asking them if I can see the Gynecologist now or will the doctor prescribe medicines for my uncontrollable bleeding. They replied your Thyroid levels are very low now so you should be on medication. Then I asked what about my Bleeding problem. They answered me please call us back. I was so panic how many times I should run behind them. Afternoon I called them and requested them to give me an appointment with the doctor just for couple of minutes as my condition was worse.

They gave me an appointment and made me wait for two hours to see the doctor. He prescribed the medicine for my low thyroid levels and asked me to go to the Gynecologist. They should have told me over the phone, but they made me to wait for 2 hours and informed me to see Gynecologist now. It’s not possible to get an appointment with the Gynecologist now and how long I should suffer like this. I was praying Baba to help me in getting an appointment with Gynecologist. I was not willing to go to emergency and don’t want to be on temporary medication. Luckily I got an appointment with Gynecologist, but they asked me to come for a blood work and doctor would see me on Monday.

I came back home and started crying loudly from the bottom of my heart as it was intolerable and unbearable. My husband was so shocked and worried. I was crying and telling my husband “I don’t want to lead a life like this. Because of me you are also suffering. At least one day in my life should I experience happiness by Baba’s blessings? I’m a sinner. I have past bad karma. How long I should suffer like this. Baba can cure me. But I don’t know when HE would cure me and get me rid of these problems. Before marriage I had everything, but led a painful life and struggled a lot to get married. Now I am married, but I don’t have health, Job and struggling with Visa issues. It’s so painful. Instead of this suffering, Baba can take my life. I was just getting scared to think about my future. Everyday it’s a battle. I am getting tired to fight against the battle for the past 14 years. I don’t have strength to fight now. Every day I ask Baba to give me the strength to face the problems. Now I don’t even have strength to ask Baba. Probably my past bad karma weighs more than my current life span. I am just tired asking and praying Baba.

I never experienced such a pain in my life despite all my troubles. Now I am so depressed and got scared to imagine my future. What I can pray now. How long I should bother Baba to help me out of the problem. Everyday a new problem comes up and makes my life so miserable. Sometimes I don’t feel like talking to anybody and just look at Baba with tears rolling down. My husband loves children and in a dream Baba showed me that it will difficult for me to conceive. Now I am facing problems with my uterus and getting scared the problem which I have will restrict me from conceiving. I am so tired in my life. Please pray for me. I have an appointment with Gynecologist on Monday.

I would like to share my happy ending with the experience. But I don’t know when I will be able to share it.


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  1. hi.. laxmi. Please don't worry. Keep faith in Baba. If possible read Sai Baba Satcharitra, take udi. Baba always takes care of his children. Every thing will be fine.

  2. Dear Laxmi….do not panic..Baba is with you..sometimes he is testing us….Even last two years I faced same problem like doctor has asked me to opertae and remove uterus ..but with Babas grace I met one kind doctor who has completely recovered me with thyroid medicine and homeopathy treatment….keep faith..It took two years to know the exact problem of bleeding…wish you good luck.

  3. Very emotional & disturbing. Unfortunately there is not much any human can do except keep on Praying & to seek Baba's Mercy. Past Karma does play a very big role in anyone's life & how you handle it depends on the kind of Faith you have. Easier said than done for severe circumstances. Please request all devotees to pray for your well being as myself will also do. Do not loose courage.Faith can move mountains. May Baba bless us all.

  4. I just hope all your problems will come to end!! Just be patient. It pays. Baba is looking after all His devotees.

    Om Sai Ram!!!

  5. Laxmi Ji,
    I feel really bad reading about all the problems that you are going through. You are not alone in this world sister. There are so many others who face much worse problems than yours. But from everything you have written above, one thing is missing, there is nothing about how much faith you have on Baba. How much ever problems you have, be it health, wealth, job, children, family, Baba only asks you to give your problems to him and that he will take care and you shouldn't worry and all you have to do is have faith. Then why aren't you trusting Baba and leaving all your problems at his feet? Baba wants only two things from you – faith and patience. But first if you don’t have any faith itself on him then how will he bless you and help you? If Baba never blessed you then how would you have got a husband who understands your pain and stand by your side? Please leave all your worries at his feet and believe in him completely. Have complete faith in him. Take a break from all the doctor appointments and advices. Then watch what Baba does. If possible help the poor and needy, feed some poor people according to your capacity. Offering pooja, visiting temples, chanting manthras, all are good but the best way to reach God is through charity. Baba will show you the path once you start having complete faith in him. It is true you have to pay for all your past karma, but while you work on it, if you have faith in Baba, he will remove all the obstacles on your way.

  6. hi Laxmi ,its not ur story but it is my story too…just read ur exp and really dont know what Baba decided for us,like u i also searched a lot proper groom n got very late marriage as u said same my hubby is really nice person,n after marriage as i shifted State i lost my job then 2 miscarriage in a year n again health issues….not as serious as urs but yeah fall of calcium level so broken tooth route canl…so much weight gain ,no mental peace…n like u i pray baba then get tired for unanswerable prayers…but then what again pray n pray n pray…i always remember one chapter of Sai satcharit if u have read The person from Madrasi bhajan mandali said to baba in his presences all his sins will be vanished…so i believe this n pray n to u also i want to give this msg from baba plz pray ur end will be Happy i wish n pray for u dont worry.TC Sai Ram,he will guide us leave on him everything as i do..

  7. Dear Friend, i pray for your speedy recovery, it really seems enough at your end, iam suffering from couple of health problems for 5 yrs and have been praying every god including our Sai Baba,i cried, donated, fasted, did many pooja.. but no relief.. where is God ???.

  8. Dear Laxmi, leave everything to baba. Surrender completely without a trace of doubt, he will take care of everything. Whenever you are worried and scared chant his name and think of baba. May be start reading vishnusahasranaam for health. I will definitely pray for you…Om sai ram

  9. Dear Sai Sister Laxmi,
    Have faith in Dear baba… he will surely help you come out of your problem… He is taking time to get you out of your pain for a reason, a reason unknown to us… hang in there & he will surely come…
    It has been my personal experience to have unshakable faith in him & He will surely help you.
    Om Sai Ram. We shall all pray for your immediate help….

  10. Dear Laxmi,
    Thyroid is an important endocrine gland of our body and is the one which decides how much energy to release to the diiferent organs for the constant activity of a living body.
    At times it may be over-stressed and may not be able to produce sufficient hormone for the required activity, or at times it may not be able to regulate its release and suddenly release a lot from its stores. There are a few reasons for this. Many different problems in different organs/systems(like digestive system, uterus etc) may manifest form this single hormone excess/underactivity, since all activities require energy.A good doctor is the one who will be able to check out the cause in the individual case and give the treatment or advice based on that. Or else you will end up visiting the whole list of all the specialists and end up with more symptoms than what you started with, because a holistic approach is required to sort out any problem in the body. Please search the internet for a good thyroid doctor. I could guide you if you are ever in Bangalore.
    Stop worrying about it, because that is also using up your precious energy, instead of using it for healing you.

  11. dear sister laxmi ji!

    pls don't worry. i too pray for you. i can understand your situation, but never leave his feet, how worst the situation may be, he is very kind, loves his children, surely he will bless you with a healthy and happy life. i too have problems in my life. but, i put all those on his lotus feet. he knows our situation than any other. so, i will chant his name, "sai sai sai sai" all the time. he will take care of everything. take udi mix with water twice daily. and apply it on ur forehead. recite baba aarti. pls do this. baba pls bless her baba. pls baba. bless all of us. i will nerver leave you till my last breath. pls be with me, in this birth, and in coming all births.

    jai sai ram!

  12. Dear laxmiji dont worry our saima will take care of your health..please have patience and faith…dont worry…we will also pray for you..May always saima bless you with good health and happiness…OM SAIRAM…LOVE YOU SAIMA…

  13. pls my sai nath bless her with good health and make her disease sai ram..may u very soon post ur next experience with a heading sai nath took away all my problems…om sai ram

  14. Om Sairam
    Dear Sister Laxmi, Dont worry. Baba will definitely take care. Pleas keep faith on Baba. Why dont you consider to go to India and get the things done in no time as there are very good doctors and you can get the appointment very easily and the treatment also will be reasonably less expensive.

  15. Lakshmi ji pls have faith on Baba he will sure to cure u frm all of ur diseases.Pls do Sai Nav Guru var vrat and read sai Kasht Nivaran mantra daily.This is the only way to burn our past karma.Pls read sai charitra daily without fail and see what miracle baba does on you.Om Sai Ram pls bless and be with Lakshmi ji saimaa …Lakshmi ji… If possible offer puja to shibpur sai baba …visit

  16. Dear Laxmi please be calm. I can understand your probs but what I felt is you are worrying too much. First thing, see a proper endocrinologist and take medicine according to the doctor's advice and for heaven sake stop all your self medication. Thyroid problem is not a big thing. It is like BP, diabetes. You have to take medicine and and check your levels periodically and that is it. Not a big deal. I am having thyroid and went through all you stated regarding thyroid and it has been more than 3 years and I am fine now. Once your thyroid levels are normal the chance of getting pregnant will be more. second thing, getting appointment in US is tough, you should realize that and act accordingly. It is not so much bad karma of yours it is just the US way of giving appointment. So relax. I was in US and went through all those things, had a miscarriage and again within a month had another surgery and finally my thyroid was under control and I could conceive. Now my baby is 16 months old and very fine. We moved from US when I was almost 32 weeks pregnant and we dint even have a job in India. Time was tough but with Baba everything went on well. So have faith in Baba and if possible go for a counseling session. It will help you to come out of your depression and believe Baba is with you and you will surely share your happy news soon. Take care of health and mental peace and don't get dejected with the getting appointment stuff. Understand that you are not alone and you have many more blessings and please do count your blessings. I am sorry if I said something wrong.

    • Sairam Lakshmi,

      You seem to be too obsessed with the concept of bad karma.Each of have to face effects of karma at various stages of our lives.Your energy should be channelised in thinking of BABA rather than the depth of your past karma.Most of our negative thoughts affect our physical health and mental makeup to a great extent. A sound mind can relieve you of all pain and panic.All Sai Devotees have a maha shakthi in Sai who will eventually wipe of all our sins and our karma. SO pl calm down and pray from your heart .The merciful god will be at your side and take care of you and your needs. I have a Guruji whose only goal is to pray and heal sick and suffering people. I will request him to pray for you and so will I. Just before you go to bed, apply udi on your lower abdomen and take a pinch with water.I too have been facing gynaec problems for past few years.But with the regular application of the udi and chanting of his name , I am quite fine and healthy. I too have thyroid problems and have been on medication for the past 18 years.I am good.Keep your mind active and cheerful.Spend more time on Smarana and manana, ( forms of devotion).Elaborate poojas or fasting is not required for baba. he is always ahead of us and with us.So why fear when he is hear.Pl speak to SAI . You will have all answers to your prayers.Shradda and saburi are the two coins of donation we ought to give him as taken of our devotion. You could think of a visit to India and be with your people and see eminent doctors with greater ease and clarity.Too much worry can pull you down mentally and push you towards self pity and depression. These are difficult mental conditions, which you must never fall into.Pl take good care of yourself and believe in Lord Sai who can make impossible , possible.



  17. i would just like to share with u Dr Sethi is India's No 1 for Thyroid ,he is in Hyderabad and i think can be consulted in other city as well ,i think he visits,try to contact him,he is best.

  18. Have faith in Him. Focus on Him. Concentrate on Him.

    I am sure by now He has solved all your problems.

    May Baba give you the nothing but a beautiful life ahead.

    Jai Sairam

  19. Dear lakshmi,
    You are not alone.Even i am married for 14yrs no child,no job,same health issues as yours.You are atleast lucky your husband is with you supporting you.But my husband is least bothered about my health issues only thinking about his career ang giving his hard earned money to feed his lazy bother and family.Even my own father is not supportive.Only i have Sai Ma and my mother who care for me.Even i feel like committing suicide but when i read in Sai Satcharithra that suicide will not end our bad karma but it will be carried on to the next birth i am trying to stay strong and bear all the difficulties and troubles which my past sins are giving me.I am doing whole lot of prayers to Sai to set me free from this world as soon as possible i.e., give me death naturally.Hoping Sai answers my prayers soon.

  20. Dear Laxmi, Have complete faith in Baba. I also faced gynec problems and currently on medication. Baba will definitely solve your problems. Read Sai Ashtotharanamavali before going to bed everyday.

  21. Baba,

    please help sister laxmi ji as it is so painful to see someone going through all are our only hope and I know that everyone has to bear his past karma. We believe that we can overcome everything with your support and blessings. please help her in getting over all this.

    Om Srimath sathchitananda Samartha sadguru Sainath maharaj ki Jai.

  22. om sai raam…
    Really very disturbing…but have faith laxmi ji baba will never leave his devotees in pain..remember he cured his leper devotee bbhagoji with just one touch,,,!!!..Om sai raam I will pray to baba for your health..
    Om sai raam

  23. Hello Laxmiji,
    The doctors are also told my mom needs to take thyroid medicine b/c her levels are low. But she realized she was going through a period of terrible stress. She just calmed herself and after a couple of months, her thyroid levels were normal. Doctors are not gods and most of them just follow lab results blindly. Listen to your body and try to find a new healthcare system bc it sounds like yours doesn't give much importance to their patients. Like someone suggested, the best way to make your bad karmas lighter is through charity and helping the needy.

    Jai sai ram

  24. Hello Laxmiji,

    I hope you will be recovered soon. Baba will help all his children at some point of time. Don't worry have faith in Baba and try to do Sai nav guruwar vrat you will be free from all your problems.

    I am also finding very tough time in my life now. I am having serious hair loss it might sound very silly but I feel so depressed because of this issue. I am just 23 year old not married yet, It is making me so inferior to go into group, functions as everybody noticing it. I feel like sitting at home not meeting anyone but in this working life we cannot avoid people. I don't know when this problem will be solved but I have faith in Baba and hope he will help me soon.

    Baba please save your children from their problems, you are the only hope for them. Om Sai Ram

  25. Laxmiji right now I am at shibpur Sai mandir and reading this post. I prayed baba for your recovery and m sure that he will bless you with good health very soon. I was suffering from major TB in lungs 2 years back and was like a deadbody. I even couldn't move my hands because of weakness for several months but due to saiji's grace and blessings I finished my treatment last December and came back to my regular routine life. Although now I am fully cured but still my coughing problem is there but very less. I can't laugh heartily today also as it gives me constant coughing.
    Have faith on baba he is there to solve our problems. Our saima is merciful so no one will remain sad and gloomy in her lap.Om Sai Jai Sai

  26. Dear Friend,

    It is very common to have hypothyroidism now a days. Lot of women are facing this problems. Why are you thinking it is only for you? Due to hormonal changes and stressful lives we r leading lot of women have thyroid. Just go for regular blood check up every three months until your dosage is matched. Dont be depressed for these things. Even i have hypothyroid for past 10 years. It was detected when i was 20 years old, i changed so many medicines. I changed so many doctors, went to endocrinologist. They even did mri and said i have pitutary tumor. These things are pretty normal now a days, dont be depressed. About your gynec problem, please take udi with water everyday, u will be blessed with beautiful kids by sai's grace. Dont worry too much about health, what ever is meant to happen will happen. From your post what i sense is you are worried a lot, please dont be. I waited so many hours in doctor's offices, it is very common in usa. Please pray to sai, do meditation, read books, if you dont have a job find one or volunteer. If you keep on worrying about health your husband will be worried too, why cause another problems? By god's grace you have a good husband, so dont create other problems by worrying about things that are not in your control. Be happy, don't worry. what ever is meant to happen will happen. Remember , you are not the only one facing these problems, lot of people are facing, but i think you are worried a lot compared to rest of us, that's it. just try to be happy and make yourself busy. Om sai ram.

  27. Sai Ram Laxmiji,
    Just have faith in Babaji, He's always their for his devotees,may Saiji takes away all your trouble and give you what you desire.

    —Jai Sai Ram

  28. OM SAI RAM
    Dear Sai sisters and Brothers,I'm the person who shared the above pain to all devotees..Thanks a ton for all your encouraging words, love and prayers.Hetalji..thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful platform to share our sorrows and happiness with fellow sai devotees.I couldnt stop tears after seeing love and encouraging words and suggestions from SAI sisters and brothers.
    I feel Baba is speaking through you all.I'm doing fine now and I have already started writing down miracle happened and How SAIMA led me through all difficulties.Hope I'l share it soon.
    Thanks all for alll your prayers and Baba fulfiled my wish as I wanted to request Amitji in sibpur to pray for me.It's amazing as fellow devotee has already prayed for me in shibpur.Thank you so much all.
    Jai SAI RAM

  29. Sai Sister Laxmi jI,
    pLZ take Baba's udi with water and you will be cure.Have faith on Baba.
    He will bless u.
    Om Sai Ram.

  30. Dear Laxmi ji,
    Please have unshaken FAITH in BABA. Even I faced similar health issues too this year.. But I am slowly becoming alright. I am waiting to conceive too, waiting for BABA's blessings.. I am sure It will happen soon.. Now I have left everything to GOD…. DOnt take stress and tension in life which inturn will affect your health. Always feel good about yourself and your health.. The power of positive thinking will have a huge impact on your life!! Have confidence in yourself, love yourself and leave the rest to GOD.. Things will automatically fall in place

  31. Dear Laxmi Ji, don't worry, Baba knows what difficulties we must endure and those who must endure lots of difficulties are chosen by God to be the strongest ones. Although Baba may have told you you will have difficulty conceiving, He also will give you a child. Baba may be testing you, but He loves you a lot and will ensure that you will have a baby soon. Your health problems will also be cured soon, I will also pray to Baba to help you through this difficult time and your bad karma will soon be burnt away. Om Sai Ram!

  32. laxmi ji..before reading ur experience i was crying in front of baba and surprisingly i said all those things which u hv said to baba.i m living life like hell since my childhood.i dont even know how i child feel bcoz i never ever had a chance to behave or to be treated like a child.i dont want to live my problem is not my health i pray baba to give my life to u so that u can live a healthy life and give me death.everyday i ask baba death for me.there r so many people who wants to live and other people want them in their lives so plz baba give my life to her so dat atleast one person can live happily.give me death as i dont wanna live in this world.

  33. Dear Laxmi Ji,
    Please start taking Baba's UDI in water daily and start reading sai satcharitra,I can promise you that you will get a result of your prayer very soon.
    Baba will surely fulfill your dream for good health,leave your problems to the almighty.

    Sai Ram.

  34. Laxmi Ji, May Baba bless you with health & Healthy Child soon! Don't Worry! Have patience and Faith on Baba. A miracle will happen. Follow the site: Sai Baba Answers your questions" You will definitely get a relevant answer and also a solution of your problem. Thanks a ton to Hetal Ji who introduced me with this site through one of her own experiences. Om Sai Ram

  35. Sister Lakshmi,

    Do not be depressed!! Baba used to say, good days will follow Bad days. So your good days will soon start. Just keep complete faith on Baba and fight it out. Do not sit sad and depressed, it wont help.

    Please do "Sai Satcharitra" parayan. Start on a Thursday and complete it by next Thursday. Sai will never let his devotee suffer.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba!

  36. Hello Laxmi, Happen to read ur story and felt very bad, no one would ever understand the pain u've gone thru all these years.

    Would like to share a small tip in a hope that it might be of any little help. FORGET PAST AND FUTURE, none of us have any control,take each day at a time, try to stop judging things(be it be good or bad).With the kind of issues u have its normal to be anxious and stressed but u must overcome that and the only way is Meditation. Good things often happen in life when they are least expected. Please don't loose HOPE and FAITH. Sun is always shining behind the clouds.


  37. Hi Laxmi Please do not worry as Sai will take care of you and continue your faith & devotion towards him. You are being tested for few years and Sai will bless you with a wonderful future so that you forget all this. keep having faith and continue your life journey.Best wishes

  38. Dear Sai Sister Laxmi,

    I can imagine the pain you are going through. But why worry when our BABA MA is there with you. In whatever you do, HIS full support will always be with you dear. Hang in there. SAI is working hard to do Wonders in your life. I am sure HE definitely will.. We humans have no one except our SAI MA. He is our sole haven of refuge. Leave and surrender everything to Him. I know it is easy for me to say. But I can just tell you one thing for sure. SAI WILL NEVER EVER LET HIS CHILDREN DOWN. If you can please chant Sri Danvantri's Mantra. Just in case you are not aware of it, here it is

    It definitely is a powerful mantra if one chants with full devotion on Lord Shri Danvantri.

    May SAI MA (SAI DANVANTRI) shower abundance and abundance of His blessings on you dear


  39. Hi Laxmi,

    Please try to chant Vishnu sahasranaman and Hanuman Chalisa everyday. Even Baba has prescribed VS in Sai Satcharita… Moreover, google the benefits of VS and HC through internet, you will get the idea… mail me if u hav any doubt..

  40. dear laxmi
    Definitely shirdi saibaba will answer ur prayers within a short time.Dont worry about it.I am 100% sure abt it.We are genuine shirdi saibaba devotees.God is capable of giving everything to u.I came to know,by reading the above experiences,that u r suffering from serious health condition.There is a best solution for ur health problems.Kindly join Art Of Living in ur near by place.Untill then have UDHI Prasad.If u too have UDHI Prasad accept from any genuine shirdi sai baba devotee.Have UDHI Prasad mixed with water.In Art Of Living,any kind of health problem will be solved.That too they provide ayurvedic medicines which has no side effects.I will definitely pray for ur complete recovery that too as soon as possible.

  41. Dear Laxmi Ji,
    Om Sairam. I will also pray to Sai Baba's lotus feet today and also during this Thursday's arathi. I will also pray to Vaidyanatha Swamy to cure all your diseases.

    Om Sairam. Jaya jaya sankara hara hara sankara.


  42. Dear Lakshmiji,
    Please don't think your life is finished. Keep faith in Saibaba.
    1)Please serve needy people and do something for betterment of others. This will give you happinness as well as if past negative karma is there it will be reduced.
    2) With Reiki the specialists can see and heal your past life.
    3) Our thoughts make our lifes. think positive and imagine a beautiul life of yours and believe in it.It will become true.
    4) If you can think of adopting a child and giving it a new life also can change your life for better.
    5) I am not sure about this. But Please check if you have Sarpadosha. I think if it is there you may have to perform some Puja and all your problems will go

    Saibaba always helped in my difficult times. He will help you also

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