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Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Dear Hetal Ji, you are one blessed soul, who is giving lots of hopes to thousands of people reading your blog. I thank you from bottom of my heart that you have given us this platform to share our experiences with all Sai devotees. You are providing the wonderful platform to know more and more about our SAIMA. I have shared lots of experiences on your blog and I am again with some more. Please address me as Sai Ki Beti. SAI is everything in my life, I feel so incomplete if I am not remembering my SAI for a moment.

In my last experience, I had written how I was blessed by SAI to get rid of my health problems and how my SAI helped me to conceive. In today’s post, I am going to share what I am experiencing in this journey of my pregnancy. BABA, nothing is hidden from You. You know everything pin to pin what happens in every one's life and after knowing everything You help us in coming out of that situation and give us lots of happiness. SAI, it is only with Your blessings that I am able to tolerate everything happening in my life. You know that very well BABA. After I got to know that I conceived. I really underwent a lot of emotional stress. As we stay in USA, far away from our family. So we consider friends are only our family. And that time I taught me so called close friends will be with me to help me understand me and be with me to support me. But those whom I really believed they would be with me just disappeared at the time I wanted them. They started behaving very like as if they have nothing to do with me. Of course they don’t have to do anything for me, but at least as a friend or at least that I had been with them during their difficult times, they would have not hurted me as they did. Instead of supporting me, they started speaking unwated things with me, which would hurt me like anything, not even minding that I am pregnant. They used to speak so harshly and hurt me. Those days I really missed my family like anything. SAI, You know very well that I was not expecting anything from anyone, but only a little understanding and little affection, which they could have shown at least considering those days, when I stood by them to take care of them in whatever way they wanted. But SAI how can people change so much, I don’t understand and how can people forget everything and behave so strange. But my SAI, who was with me in every step of my life again stood by me supporting me in all the ways He can. My SAI made me get involve in so many activities that I hardly could remember any of my friends, who hurted me. My SAI didn’t live me alone again. He filled those friends place with some of really good friends, who are worth to be relayed on. SAI, You are such a protector that You protect us in all the possible way You can. And You did that to me SAI. More then everything, I should thank my SAI for giving me such a wonderful husband, who is so understanding and supporting me throughout my life. SAI has given me such a cute son, who can understand me and love me so much that I forgot what all those friends did to me. My son is only 5 years old, but he looked after me during these days like an ANGEL and MY SAI has given me these two ANGELs (my husband and my son) in my life. My SAI supported me and helped me to come out of all the emotional stress I was going through. He also did one more miracle during this time. We wanted to buy a property in India and we were trying to buy from many days and may be my SAI taught that this is the right time to give this happiness. MY SAI made this possible and all the formalities happen on Thursday (i.e. my SAI's day) and my favourite day. the registration process was supposed to be done on Monday, but my SAI wanted that to happen only on Thursday as He knew we will be very happy if it happened on Thursday. MY SAI taught that as I had gone through enough of hardness and that I must be happy during my pregnancy. He gave us this happiness. We thanked our SAI for this and decided that we will not bothered about anyone expect our SAI and realised that SAI is our best friend, SAI is our mother, father, brother everything in our life.SAI made me realise what kind of people are in between us. Truly speaking SAI I was not expecting anything from anyone. I just wanted some true friendship from them as I was true to them. I trusted them and wanted them to show a little sincerity. But I never expected that they will change their attitude and move on as if they have nothing to do with true friendship. Whatever they might have done to me SAI, but they have taught me a big lesson in my life. But truly speaking all these things have made my faith more strong towards my SAI and have made me realise that my SAI is always with me forever and ever. After this, my faith in my SAI grew so strong that now even in front of me they behave badly I don’t bother because my SAI is always with me and He is making me more and more stronger and what else anyone want in life other then SAI SAI SAI. People think that enjoying and making someone feel low is the biggest thing in life, but after facing all these things, I have understood one thing that nothing is more than my SAI's support. What they are getting is so temporary, it will not stay even for a day long, but my SAI's support during this time, when no one is there for is permanent and Why should I worry, when MY SAI is with me like a pillar in my life. I am in my 28th week pregnancy right now and will again soon write more experiences. I had because of my SAI. I love You SAI for being with me in all my tough time and I pray that You will always be with me and help me lead in the right way. I love You. I love You so much. Please be with me always. Please don’t live me even for a second because I am so blank without You my Lord. Please help me to be good person and help me to help others so that You will love me always. Thanks,
SAI Ki Beti.
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    such a wonderful experience. baba pls be with me always, in each and every second of my life. i am nothing without you baba. baba pls take this biggest decision of my life in your hand. baba pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

  2. My dear friend ,
    This is how the world is . Don't get disappointed . There is no one to depend on except our Baba . Let him bless you with health and happiness.

  3. Saiji is always with all of us, so don't worry and forgive them for their ill behavior .because of those hard days and their ill behavior u learned to be a strong women so Saiji bless them as well. Om Sai Jai Sai.

  4. thanks for sharing

    om sai ram

    it was baba who wanted you to realise that our true friend sai is always with us

    om sai ram

  5. Hi ,
    I am feeling someone writing my experience. Samething happen to me when I was preganant. Not single friend help me only my husband and son. That way SAI taught me that he is only my good friend not any one. After that I have stop talking to them. If they call me just ignored them. I helped them lot in their difficult times. As baba said do good don't expect anything story of Neemchand just saw yesterday. So no more expecting from anyone living own life with my family only.

  6. Dear Sai Ki Beti, I am sure He is watching over you in these special days. Please only think positive thoughts and let go of all ill feelings or thoughts during these period. Focus and concentrate on Sai.

    Jai Sairam

  7. watt an experience… really i could not control my emotions….. really baba is great…. nothing is permanent in this world except the love and caring of sai… sai sister has shared the true thing….. baba please be with me forever that is enough… iam planning to visit shirdi in the month of january…… wil ve to bless me will ve to bless my parents with good health sai…. you will ve to help from all the problems sai..

  8. Thanks all for the comments and nice words.
    Its really very nice that we all sai devotees can read each other's experience and be connected with each other through this blog.
    Mainly thanks to Hetalji who is the root cause for all this, may god bless her with lots of happiness in her life.

  9. Very nice experiences! Baba is there as our best friend and will be there to support us and comfort us more than anyone else. In the end, all we have left is Baba's love and guidance. Om Sai Ram!

  10. Pls love us always baba..pls pls love us always..pls hold our hands always..u r the only truth..ultimate truth..

  11. Dear Sai ki beti..

    You please dont be unhappy because of some others..thats how some people in this world are…you should be most glad for having your two angels in life..with whom your life is complete..
    Just be that sairam shall gift you with one more angel..pray for you..
    om sairam

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