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Every time, We want to see Sai in Human form. It may be because we are Human and we feel happy to see Sai in Human form. But every time we forget that Sai is everywhere. One just needs Shraddha and Saburi to experience Sai. I found very nice experience from Sai Devotee Bhavani Ji. I am sharing this experience here.

Sai Sister Bhavani Ji from India says: Hi Hetal Ji,

I am regular reader of your (our Sai’s) blog from India. I just can’t tell how much, the experiences shared here give me inspiration when my faith fumbles. They are like regular booster tonic drops of Bhakti. I would like to thank each and every person who is assisting and maintaining this website, devotees who are sharing their experiences and Lord Sai may bless all of us with His love. I can never re-pay the debt that I owe you all, for you have changed my life so much. What can I speak about Sai? I love to be indebted to Him for all in future births. I do not want to leave His feet even in my dreams or in false thoughts also.

He has done so much miracle in my life, which I can’t even dream about. I am very sensitive and extremely depressed girl, such a person like me was changed by Sai into happy and cool girl. He gave me peace of mind, which I always longed for. I cannot describe the miracles that Baba has done in my life to show that He is listening to me and will definitely fulfill my life’s most important wish. He taught me Shraddha and Saburi very nicely by working internally on my mind and got me rid to maximum extent from my negative thinking.

I want to share recent experience of mine with Baba. As I said I am regular reader of this blog, I read devotees saying that they saw Baba in dreams, talked with Him in human form etc. I thought why Baba is not coming in my dreams, though He comes why he comes only in form of idol and not in human form where I can talk with Him. Really Hetal Ji, I got a thirst so much extensive that every day before sleeping I used to pray Baba to come into my dreams and talk with me. I really don’t know what I want Him to talk with me, but it’s just that I want Him to talk with me. Before all this, I used to talk with Baba through Question n Answers links and chits, where I put two answers and pick one. But I want Him to come in front of me and talk with me. I just can’t say how much thirsty I became for that. I used to go to bed running after my dinner so that I can sleep early and see Baba in my dreams and talk with me. One day I cried in front of His photo also thinking that my Bhakti is still not accepted or sufficient enough that Baba can come into my dreams. Maybe I still have many bad karmas of past life due to which I am not eligible enough to see Baba. Some days passed, but I did not stop asking Baba daily before sleeping or some part of day to come into my dreams and talk with me.

One night in my dream I saw a chaos in a school and I was protecting some students and I am also one among students. Later I hide myself near a L shaped poll and suddenly the bad man, who is reason of chaos, turned into a good man and took me with him. I asked him are you going to Kill me now? He politely replied no dear. Later I took me in auto and after sometime I saw that in place of that man my dad was there with me. He took me to a small Sai Temple in auto (which we usually find in front of some shopping malls / complexes, where grills are there and inside it Baba sits, but a big idol was there) and I got down and proceeded further. I saw a beggar sitting just before the grills. I took Rs 2 different coins and gave to beggar thinking that Baba likes Shraddha and Saburi (2coins). While giving him coins, there were some more coins in my hand and I happen to see a coin of Rs 1.5 in my hand and I thought this is unique coin so let me store it for my coin collection (which I do usually). I opened the grill doors and saw Baba Idol, but in front of it was standing a old thin lady. She was trying to take out coins that are there in my hand. And took two more coins and offered them as dakshina in hundi of temple along with Rs 1.5 coin and applied UDI on my forehead.

Implicitly in my mind I was having feeling that “Ah, finally Baba has come in front of me in human form though a lady” and I was joyfully returning to my dad. Then my dad called her with some lady name asking her to apply UDI on his head too with her hands. She replied why you are calling me with a lady name, when I am Prabhu (Baba himself). And saying that, she applied UDI to my dad’s forehead as well.
My aunt told me that it means to say for you that Baba and Maa Lalithambika are one and same. I took this dream as a token or first step in fulfilling my wish that He should come in His human form and talk with me. Though she talked nothing with me, I was happy to see her. I really pray Baba heartily that the thirst to see Him is unappeasable and so I do have faith that You will one day walk into my dreams and talk with me, spend time with me. I love You Baba.

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  1. Reading your post, I was feeling that someone has writing my thoughts. I also pray baba to come in my dreams and have often questioned him that why doesn't he appear in human form in my dreams? Reading your experience makes me confident that someday he will appear in my dreams as well…Sai Ram

  2. Same here..reading your post is like I am reading my own thoughts. I pray Baba too everyday to come in my dreams in some form.May be one day he will bless me too.Om Sai Ram.

  3. nice i just want to share my feelings with all of you hoping that all will understand my problem and pray from me to our i dont know about sai baba till my +2.when i was preparing for engg entrance exams i found in my newspaper cupboard where my books were used to be there i found a nice sai baba photo with the words under the photograph is if u want some thing just do write sai baba name 1116 times keeping your wish at baba's feet like that i was attracted because i was not confident about my eamcet exams so i wrote the names and submitted the writings near sai baba's that time i was just hoping may be it will happen as luck.but i cant realised that baba wanted me to be his devotee.days were over atlast i was shocked that i was ranked in 1000's which iwas not expected at all because i dont even read the questions in exam still i remember that situation i just kept random answers and filled as my that i dont have any words to experess my happiness from that to now i believed my self as baba as my father,mother everything to me.due to baba's grace i entered into engg college and with baba's blessings i completed my graduation with baba's help.from that day i was locked into sorrows which i cant express it as my eyes were filled with tears when i was writing.ok i have to tell about my family members firstly my father who does'nt like me at all as he feels i was bad luck to his life thats why he dont even talk to me nicely with kind mother whom she cant understand at all my feelings even when i am crying infront of father likes my elder sister most and my mother likes my brother.i can feel your words that i was wrong but believe me it is happening in my life which i only know that and feel that.every day i feel myself as a unlucky girl in my house but my family members dont know that i was in hands of our sai baba.i feel my self lucky because baba know everything about my family and my family members.that why he choosed me as his child in his i was in serious situation that my family members whom there planing my marriage delay now i am 27 my father always made me as unlucky .as my relative who know my father in deep wanted me to a married girl planing and they were searching a nice guy for me but my parents and my siblings dont want it to happen used to say she is not good in health,she is not that to get married ,she has to get good job after that only we will make her marriage like so much words since from 3yrs.i used to cry every day that my family members who had to take care of me like my brother and sister are playing with my life like anything .but being in such conditions i used to pray sai baba as make me out of this situations and bless me with good married life but my because of my past karmas baba also playing with my life .please i request you all pray for me to get married soon with suitable and good sai ram

    • Baba, you know what she is going through and how much pain she has withstood. Please bless her with a husband who wipes off all her tears and returns her all the happiness she has lost over the years. Please be with all your children and always let your blessing be with them.

  4. I've been wanting baba to talk and guide me in my dreams too, especially now at a stage of having no one to talk to or run to wanting life to end now but baba won't talk to me

  5. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba please bless everyone and please do solve everyones problems. May all of us lead peaceful and happy lives. Thanks a lot for everything Gurudeva.

    I am also waiting for you to come in my dreams in human form and bless us all. Am sure you willc ome soon. Love you Baba.

    May we all be blessed by our loving and merciful Baba always.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Om sai ram,
    very nice experience…actually in "babas blessings i got that i should donate rs. 1 for a fakir"…but i totally forgot about that…Then i went to beach with my family and found out a beggar lady asking for money.When my aunty drove her away She started scolding us..Actually it was too dark and she came again asking for money.I put my hand in my purse and found Rs.1 and gave it to her.She blessed us..Now while reading your experience ji i remember it was sai's wish only fulfilled…Sai…your are really everywhere….always be with your lovely devotees…we all love you….OM SAI RAAM

  7. Very nice experience Bhavani Ji! Baba sometimes makes us wait for things, as He wanted you to wait before coming in your dream, to teach us about patience, but Baba finally came in your dream. Baba comes to us in many forms, we should just keep our eyes and minds open to see the many forms that Baba can take. Om Sai Ram!

  8. Baba.. Thanks that you have attracted me towards you..Pls baba help everyone & me.. Want to see your miracles. I am all on your feet.. I know you will. Jo bhi problems hai sabki help karo

  9. Om Sai Ram. "Why fear?, When our Beloved Baba is here!" Baba will never let anybody to harm his devotees.. He always remains with us. Whatever pain we have in our life is actually 50% or less than 50% out of 100% as our remaining pain Baba takes in his own hand to make us able to survive.. So always think about Baba & do not think that He is not helping U. He is always with you.

  10. Om sai ram,,
    I have one question about saibaba dreams
    please anyone can help me it grateful
    i was thinking same ways as Bhavani before go to bed
    always pray saibaba to come in my dreams but what happened
    one day he saw a idol of saibaba but water is coming out from his eyes and its like waterfall and i was just trying to get all water in towel
    please some one help me this meaning of dreams


    Please SAI ram bless everyone who pray to you with their heart. Touch them and give them some hope. Please baba, father, bless me for my admission into Wilfred Laurier University. Anything for you baba. Please take care 🙂 Love you baba for saving my brother. Sai ram

  12. i was waiting to see baba and i attend the interview with ibm on monday and waiting for result and baba will defintely give me the job

  13. Please Sai Baba help my daughter to conceive this time iysel. I have been praying everyday. Pull me up from this worry. Please madad kijiye. Sairam

  14. Sometimes when I meditate hearing Maa Shakti's (Goddess') mantras, I feel attracted towards Sai Baba's image. When I hear those mantras, looking at Sai, I feel very peaceful, protected and powerful, it feels like Baba is One with the Goddess. I get glued to Baba at that moment as if a strong power is pulling me to concentrate on Him. But at the same time I also feel that may be it's all my imagination, although God is One, but Baba is a male form of God, how can I see him as a female form? Am I doing something wrong ?
    Today also, same thing happened and after a couple of hours I came across this lovely experience and I surprisingly got all my doubts cleared immediately! This experience is like an answer given to me by Baba Himself !!! May Baba make everyone's life simple, happy and peaceful.
    Aum Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai Ram �� �� �� �� ऊँ

  15. jai sai ram…..babaji you know everything about me.plz forgive me whatever i had committed mistakes in the past.plz meri aur samir ki jodi hamesha banayi rakhna.yadi maine ne unki maa,pbaba ,bahen ki man dhukhaya hai to muje maf kar dena..samir ko apni responsibility yad ho jaye…mai shanti se ghar change kar saku…plz don't examine me….i canno't bear such tragic sufferings..plz meri hra aur da bara dena,,,,,,,,,love youuu sai

    jai sai ram.babaji do miracle in my life sab shanti se ho jaye…baba amma bahini haru sab khusi ho jaye…samir ko apni responsibity had hi jaye……….

    jai sai ram…babaji mujse jo bhi bhool hui he to maf kar dena…….shanti do…..meri aur samir ki jodi hamesha banayi rakhna…….unko apni responsibillity yad ho jaye…baba,ammma ani bahini aru sapana

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