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Another experience from Anonymous Devotee where Sai Baba helped in finding job and choosing right career path.

Anonymous Devotee from New Zealand says: Dear Hetal Ji, First of all, I am really sorry for your Grandpa’s physical death. I am sure he is resting with our beloved Baba. Once again, thanks for providing this wonderful platform to let us share our experiences with Sai ma. Please call me as Sai Daughter and hide my email ID.
This is my fourth experience which I am sharing here. In my previous 3 experiences, I have shared how Baba made me to pass my PHD and granted me a job.

In last September 1st, I have got a job as a software developer with Saima’s grace. It was a full time job. Initially, I was really scared to accept that position, because I felt I couldn’t look after my two kids, who are 10 and 8. The company was bit far from my home and I have to travel 45 minutes up and down. Initial few months went bit fast, which I really struggled to cope up with, since my kids are very much used to my flexibilities in my previous job at University.

The work environment was really nice, but it was always busy. Sometime I don’t even have time for my lunch and I felt like everybody was passing all the works to all the new employees (few other people are new to the company and all other people were working there for more than 10 years). It really made me worried. Also my little one was crying since she misses me dropping and picking her from school. She hates to go to afterschool care in the morning and evening. Since I strongly believed that Baba gave me this job, I don’t know what to do, except always talking to Baba all my difficulties. I am sure there is a reason behind all this. After couple of months of all my difficult hard work and Baba’s guidance and help, I got recognition from that company. I won a regional award for quarter. Manager recognizes my talent, due to that I asked her the permission to work from home for an hour in the morning and come to work after that in which manager agreed. This gave me some time to spend with my kids in the morning, at least avoid putting my kids in before school care. In time, I was seriously thinking to move on my career. At that time, I wasn’t sure which my career path is. Till then, I was moving from research (University) position to Commercial IT positions, whichever gave me flexibility. Since I was the good candidate in both, I never sit and think which my ideal path is. Even I got lots of flexibility in my University career, I never appreciate that. I always complain that University environment is too slow for me. Now I could feel my mistakes, due to this job. I miss all the flexibilities which I had in my previous career and also all my creative usage of my talents in my previous job. In my current job, I have to work on time and on certain ways. There is no time to think and act, since timing is vital and managers always put very tight schedule to complete tasks. Every employee is doing two or three people’s job. Every day, on the way to work, I always talk to Baba and apologies him about my mistakes and ask him to show me my ideal career path. At the same time, I had my review scheduled, in which I asked Baba to give me certain pay raise if this is my ideal career path. Even though, the review was really good, I only get $3000 pay raise, which is nowhere closer to my expectation. I had a habit of not negotiating my pay when accepting a job, since I believe if the company believes I am good they will increase my pay. This was the case with my all other jobs, I had a huge jump in my pay with every reviews. So I accepted this job with very low pay believing in my talent. My manger was giving me more responsibilities and commenting this was a huge jump they are providing me since I am a very good candidate. I wonder stuck, since my manager knows that I accepted this position with less pay compare to my previous job. But I didn’t make any comments, rather I asked her to provide me with more flexibilities, if possible. From this incident, I know this job is not my ideal job, since I have strong faith in Baba. As usual, I talked to Baba and told him “Swami, please show me my ideal career path and ask Him solution to some other issues”. One day, I saw a car with number plate which was written “14 Sep”. For some reason I felt there is a sign for something, so I noted that date. Beginning of September, my company announced restructuring. I was bit tempted since I was a new employee (last joined person), I was not sure what is going to happen. So I prayed Baba, please don’t let me to lose this job till I find another one. Within few minutes of my prayer, my manager called for a team meeting and said our team is safe from re-structuring even though they are going to make redundant another 9 employees. I was bit relaxed, but I felt very sad for other employees. On that night, I came home and before going to bed, I started to surf internet. For some reason, I wanted to go to SEEK job site. In seek the first job, which I saw was a research engineer position, which is exactly in my field of PHD. I was so shocked to see that position. I noted down the phone number of the advertiser, however, I didn’t really want to apply for it. Next morning, in the work time, I had some urge to talk to that person. So I went to my car and called him from my mobile. He was really thrilled with my experience and asked me for an interview, which was on Thursday. On the way to the interview, I wasn’t really sure since this company is a start-up company compare to the one which I am working currently (which was a MNC). So I asked Baba to show me a sign if this is his will. On my way to interview, I didn’t see any signs and even I was looking every car number plate or advertising boards. I thought it is my mind asked me to apply for this position, so I thought of rejecting this job after talking to him. Just before the turn of, I happened to stop my car in the traffic signal. I just looked up and saw a big letter SAI in one of the shop. I was so happy and thanked Baba. Interview went really well and he asked me whether I could join him in October first week, however I didn’t hear from him for a week. I was bit worried regarding that, since I already planned a vacation for a month in later part of October. If the offer is getting delayed, I couldn’t start in October, which the new employer wanted me to start. Since I strongly believed this job is Baba’s gift for me. So I was bit calm and told Baba “Swami you know what is good for me, so please do necessary needs”. This is a real twist here. 12th of September, I had an offer from that company and they asked me to sign and send that letter back to them. I read those letters, in my few readings I didn’t see the remuneration which I am getting in my new job. So I have called them and made an appointment so that I could clear all my doubts and sign the contract. On 14th of September, I went and met my new employer. He just showed me my remuneration in the offer letter itself (which I couldn’t spot even in my couple of readings earlier) and asked me to start on 14th of November after I come back from my holidays. Swami showed me the date earlier (14th September) and made me to go and signed the contract on that date. Swami you are great. Baba not only gave me a job, he also showed me my ideal career path. In this new job, I have all the flexibility which I need and freedom to design my own creative process. Please, all SAI devotees, if Baba is giving you something, there is a reason behind it. Now I learnt to appreciate every single thing in my life. Baba, please always be with us, guide us, bless us and protect us. Om Sai Ram.
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  1. Om sai ram. This is exactly what i am going through now. I got job after long duration, and it's been 1 year , i am traveling 1 hour one way. Daily i am asking sai to show me my career path. Today the whole day i was asking baba please do something baba and guess what i read your experience. Sai has something in store for me. Nice experience.

  2. Somebody please help me…. I am having strange incidences from 2 weeks…I am having too much problems in life so doing sai nav guruvar vrat…..

    last thursday was my 4th week vrat… i had gone to market to get vegetables, at 4.30 PM. while getting inside car i hit my left side face mainly nose with car door… thankfully no blood came…i came back home crying & opened random chapter from satcharita book.. and read chapter 36.. I read this part:

    One day after dinner, Shama was rubbing Baba's wet hands with a towel when the latter pinched Shama's cheek. Shama feigning anger said, "Deva, is it proper for you to pinch me like this? We don't want such a mischievous God who pinches us thus. Are we Your dependents, is this the fruit of our intimacy?" Baba replied, "Oh Shama, during the 72 generations that you were with me, I never pinched you till now and now you resent my touching you". Shama, "We want a God that will give us ever kisses and sweets to eat; we do not want any respect from You, or heaven, balloon etc. Let our faith unto Your Feet be ever wide-awake". Baba, "Yes, I have indeed come for that. I have been feeding and nursing you and have got love and affection for you".

    today also thursday, my 5th week vrat… accidentally hot sambar splattered on my left side of the face…. although visually it looks normal… its burning like crazy…i cant control crying..

    Whats happening to me……Why is it happening.. is Baba trying to give me a message?

  3. I too have always believed that He is guiding and paving path for us when we have trust in Him. Though not in the exact same situation, reading this experience reinforced the thought. I am waiting patiently for our Sai to take me in the right career path. Om Sai, Shri Sai, Jai Jai Sai………

  4. Jai Sai Ram,

    Sister, great experience. If we have complete faith on Baba and request him he will come to our rescue!! we have to wait with patience. Yes we should appreciate our life instead of complaining as some people do not even have this chance in life. Whatever, Baba backs every devotee in a way which they are worth off to succeed in life.

    Sister who has problems with Nav Guruvar Vrat!! I see these are common things in life which will happen (slipping on floor, banging head to the door or mirror, coffe or food spilling on us) these are common incidents in life. We should not relate this as a bad omen!! as long as you are safe! its okay. You just have to be careful.. please do Nav Guruvar Vrat with complete faith without any doubts.

    Sai is the merciful one, he will never let any danger come to his devotees. We all had best example when Baba himself put his hand into the dhuni to save the child. What else do we need??

    Hey Sai, Hey Sadguru, Hey Parabrahma….

    I bow my head at your holy feet and please remove my ego, fear, doubts and let my mind rest at peace always at your feet Baba.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba.

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  6. Om Sai Ram.

    This is an awesome experience. I am inspired and my faith says Baba will also help me in the same aspect.

    I am tied up in this IT job which i am not interested in.. Baba with your blessings i can do well n writing and singing .. only you can help me and get me good prospects in that area .. please help me Gurudeva .. without your blessings and willingness nothing is possible.. i see a little hope . so please do help me Baba .. i would love to devote my time to my family and at the same time i can pursue my interests also.. so do something about it Baba and get me out of my job happily ..i should earn well in my interest area .. only you can do this wonderful miracle .. i seek your blessings Baba .. help me.. show the path and guide us ever in all that we do. That will be a dream come true for me and that will be the best gift i can give to my Mother .. she deserves the best in life.

    Love you Baba, and please do something soon. I get tensed everyday in office and i really want to pursue my interests as my career. I will wait for your miracle.

    Baba please be with all your children and help, bless, guide and advice us in all matters of our life. We need you always and owe you all our happiness. Thanks a lot lot for everything. Make us worthy of deserving your Grace and blessings.. please do take us in the right path of Karma. Love you a lot !

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  7. Wonderful experience thanks for sharing. to the Sai sister in the comment box regarding nav guru vrat, please do not stop doing it…maybe Baba is saving you every time from a big mishap. so never stop worshiping Him. Please Baba be will all of us and bless everyone and thank You for everything You have given to us. Always shower Your blessings on us.

    Love You Baba

  8. Nice experience, we often fail to see the small signs that baba shows us, which in your case u did see "14 sep" and didn't fail to acknowledge.
    Do nav guruvaar with complete faith and devotion, don't get distracted by trivial issues.
    Thank you for taking our prayers to baba.

  9. What a wonderful experience. I am in a similar situation where i am stuck in a job which is not at all fulfilling and has a lot of negative vibes with people talking bad always, it takes me an hour and a half one side to reach office.I have done 1 Sai Nav Vrat Guruvar and have completed 7 weeks of the 2nd Nav Vrat Guruvars.I have also never negotiated my pay with my previous employers and have always been underpaid and over worked.I have full faith on Sai Ram that He would certainly bless me.I am begging Baba to help me and my husband with fulfilling jobs where we wake up every morning excited to go to work.There are a lot of major things that have been stuck due to my being stuck here! Baba Please show your grace on me! Om Sai Ram!!


    This is absolutely true in both my career and family life. Blessed me with success in every aspect of life. Tough people are around in my case, but tough times never lasted for longer times.


  11. really it was a very good experience… due to my family issue i have scolded baba extemely like anything…. sorry baba sorry baba…. please forgive me for all my mistakes….. baba i did not get a job for the past two years… still i could not find a suitable one…. i hope baba will bless me with a good job…… baba my father is going to get retire from his job in the month of july… before that i will ve to get settle in a good job… please help me soon baba….. and also my father and mother are suffering from health problems… you will have to bless them with a good health…… show your mercy baba……… i will have to visit shirdi before the end of this month…

  12. Very nice experience! Baba is there with all of us to guide us in work/school/family matters, and wonderful how Baba showed you the ideal job and also made sure your kids got taken care of well (after all, they are Baba's children too). Baba is there to help us in work matters and we should ask His guidance for how to proceed as He knows what will be best for us and our future. Om Sai Ram!

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