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Anonymous Devotee from UK says:

Dear Hetal Ji, I would like to thank you for helping all the Sai devotees worldwide by bringing them close to Sai. Sai is indeed the creator and He is the one who is controlling everything. Baba has been quite kind with me, but what Baba gave me this time, I can’t thank Him enough. I owe my life to Him forever. Baba please help me write this post .Hetal Ji please keep me anonymous and kindly post it.

I am sharing two experiences today which happened few weeks back. In this experience, I do accept that it was wrong on our part to be careless, but it shows how Baba helped me and taught me a lesson. I am my husband were out for a party and we had left our son (2 years old) at my husband’s uncle’s place as it was night and my son was sleeping. Their house is quite near to ours. So while collecting him at night, I made him sleep on my lap at the rear seat instead of making him sit in the car seat. I thought it would just take 2 minutes or us to reach to our house and I did not want to wake him up. As we started and just moved few yards, we saw a police car coming near us. We were shocked as we did not expect a police car so late at night and that too in the inner lanes of the residential area. I was terrified and I just said Sai and Baba came to rescue. I immediately made my son lie down on the floor of the car and luckily as he was sleeping, he also didn’t realise anything and he slept. The police car came near us and tried to peep inside and could not see my baby on the floor and by Baba’s grace we were saved and the police car passed us quickly. Had if the police car would have stopped to check we would have been in big trouble. I did learn a lesson that never be casual about laws because they are made for us. I sincerely apologized to Baba and thanked Him for saving us from such a big happening. I promised Baba that I will share this experience very soon. My second experience is how Baba gave us indefinite stay in the UK. We had planned to take the visa appointment date on the 27 September because it was a Thursday and that too I was fasting that day. I was very excited and was confident that everything will be fine. If we notice the sum of the date is 9 which is Baba’s number. During the journey, I asked Baba to please show me a sign that all will be well and Baba did show a sign by His name on the truck as Sainsbury was written on the truck. I was relieved that Baba is with me. When we went for the interview, the home office officer asked many questions and my husband was scared as well. But I was confident as Baba had already showed me a sign that all will be fine. Even the coupon ticket that we got, its sum was also 9. I was getting all the good signs. I was happy and confident even when the interview did not go very well. Baba’s blessings were there. We had applied for the premium service in which we pay extra and you get the result on the same day. But unfortunately we were told that they need to do more checks and the process will take time and you will get the results in few weeks time. We were disappointed, but I told my husband not to worry all will be fine. We were expecting the result to come in at least 3 weeks time. My husband was quite tensed as he was in the country for 10 years and now when the time had come to become permanent things were not happening as planned. On Wednesday, when I reached home from work and just parked the car outside my house. I had an inner voice that probably the visa papers have come and then I thought it’s not possible as it’s just not even been a week. Surprisingly when I opened the door, I saw a big packet and when I opened it, it was the visa papers. My heart started beating and when I opened it, I found that the visa was approved and we got the indefinite stay. I called my husband and our joy had no bounds. Baba blessed s again and fulfilled our dreams. He was so kind that He did not want us to wait for long and gave the result in less than a week’s time, when generally it takes weeks and weeks. Baba‘s blessings were always there. It’s just our Shraddha and Saburi were getting tested. I was feeling blessed. I thank Baba again and again that His grace showed us this day. And pray to Baba that please keep my faith strong always. May Baba bless all. May all the devotee’s wishes come true. Om Sai Ram
Jai Sai Ram
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Anil Gupta
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  2. very happy for u guys..and its good u realized ur mistake on time ..baba's mercy eye is always on us..god bless u guys..and congrats for ur visa approval

  3. Jai Sai Ram,

    When we leave our complete responsibility on Baba with complete faith and love, there is no turn back. But we just have to wait for Baba to perform his duty and remember his always and be good and kind to people.

    Above devotee had just performed what Baba preached "Shraddha & Saburi".

    To all Baba devotees,

    Evil actions such as Hypocrisy, over powering people, bullying people for own benefit will have no place in Baba heart. No matter what one does, let it be Baba namasmaram, there will be no effect. If i remember vividly i read in some article of Baba which Baba himself said these words to a devotee.

    Lets bow down to the Holy feet of our King of Kings Shri shiridi Sai Samarth.

    Allah Mallik,
    Servant of Baba!

  4. Nice experiences! Baba likely also wanted to show you patience by making you and your husband wait for the visa papers, but in the end Baba took care of everything and assured that you and your family will get to stay in UK.

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