A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 297

I am sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Unbelievable Unexpected Unplanned And Blissful Trip To Shirdi

Sai Sister Harsh Ji from India says:

Dear Hetal Ji, you are truly a blessed soul. Koti koti pranaams to you for doing such wonderful service. It’s almost every day (if holiday then following day), I read Sai Devotee Experiences and it’s not been long that I too have been hooked to Sai Baba. All credit goes to my Guruben Nabanita Ji from Kolkata, who introduced me to Sai Baba and Sai Satcharitra. Since then I am no looking back. I have experienced numbers of experiences, but I shall just mention about other ones, whereas detail about the most recent one. It was a blissful experience. My name is Harsh Bareja and I am from Mumbai, India. You can disclose my name, but not id.

Baba, I am very happy to finally post my experience and it is Him Sai Baba, who is doing this at this very moment. My each and every word is inspiration from Sai Baba. Please correct and edit as you wish. To summarise, I came close to Sai Baba somewhere in June. Immediately I was given the opportunity to grace Sai Baba with Shingaar. This was the 1st sign, which made me very happy. Immediately after few days, Baba conveyed a message to me thru my Gurubhai, which will come true sometime soon. I will surely let you all know in detail about the same. There have been numerous small instances, which prove Sai Baba's presence and help every time I need. Now the most recent one is Baba just pulled me to Shirdi, which was simply impossible. I had taken many leaves in Sept month as I had Ganpatiji at my home for 5 days and have come late to office many a days. Considering the corporate environment, now a days it was difficult to ask for more leaves. Again but the circumstances enfolded such a way that I had to lie to my boss for my leaves, but then as it is said “Ki Bhagwan Ki Marji Ke Bager Koi Patta Bhi Nahi Hil Sakta” (Nothong can be done without God’s wish), so I thought this is Baba's wish. I still don’t believe that I had been to Shirdi last week 4th - 5th Oct. Yes, I forgot to tell you the best experience of my life was when Baba gave me Sakshaat Darshan. This was again in June sometime and since then I was very desperate to have His Darshan, but considering responsibilities it was getting delayed. Finally I had no clue Baba had such wonderful plans to call me so conveniently in a car (we had hired a car) below my house to Shirdi, Shani Shingnapur and back to my house. It was amazing... Further after reaching Shirdi, I had the wish to offer Anar (pomegranate) to Baba as Prasad. We reached on Wednesday at 6.30. We were all 6 elders and 1 kid. We all had to freshen up to make it for Baba's palkhi at 9.30 pm. I thought to my mind if now I plan to buy Anar, it would be difficult as we were running short of time. I was hoping to do the same thing next day. As usual, I got ready by 9.30 am - 10.00 am and was waiting for others to get ready, so that we all can go together. Seeing no sign of theirs till 11.00, I thought I shall visit temple and they will join me soon. I left hotel with the hope to fine Anar and soon I found the same. I was so thrilled I can’t explain. Then as soon as I entered in temple, Madhyan Aarti started as if Baba had plans to call me for Madhyan Aarti and take the offering from me that time. It was impossible to offer prasad to Baba during Madhyan Aarti that too on Thursday. Trust me I was standing with our driver (very sweet soul) at Baba's Mukh Darshan gate with my Anar Prasad continuously praying to Baba to please accept my Prasad, which was literally impossible. I also requested the guard at the gate to please offer my Prasad, but they refused saying please come from the main gate. To my surprise, there is one gate where handicapped are allowed to take Darshan without any queue. My driver immediately requested one lady there to please offer the Prasad to Baba and the lady readily accepted and within no time, the prasad was offered to Baba and it came back to my hands. My happiness had no bounds. Baba, bless all and fulfill all your wishes. Thank you Hetal Ji once again for your wonderful service. Always stay blessed. Om Sai Ram.

Baba Please Help Me

Sai Sister Santoshi Ji from USA says: Dear readers, my name is Santoshi and I am staying in USA past one and half year. I am a devotee of Baba from my graduation. From then I started feeling Baba as not only God, but I felt like father. Many times He helped me in tough situations. Though I am well educated and good looking my marriage has became a problem. I don't know the reason, but Baba helped me. I have arranged Annadanam at my town within a week. My marriage was settled with a very nice person and I entered very nice family. After I came to us, I have a beautiful life, but feeling like I should become mother soon. I and my husband waited for months. I am disappointed and started Sai Vrat. I have asked Baba, when I will be blessed with a child. He told pray Sri Ram on Sri Ram Navami, your wish will be completed. Surprisingly I finished my puja on ram Navami very next day. I was confirmed that I am pregnant. No words to explain my happiness because all my family members were waiting for this news as I am elder daughter in law. But now my life is not going smoothly. I am now 8 month pregnant suffering with gestational diabetic and my husband lost his job it has been 3 months. It is really hard to stay in USA without job for 3 months. Though he is very much experienced and hard working person. He lost his job and nothing is working out for us. Daily I am reading Sai Satcharitra and praying Baba to give a job to my husband and health to my baby. But what are the sins we have made, we don't know my little unborn has also facing hard time. I am praying Baba all the time to show a good job for my husband. Why Baba is testing for this long period, when we will be happy with our child. I asked Baba many times, but I was not getting correct answer. But still I have hope that Baba will help us soon. I am waiting for that time. Baba, You are the God for us. We are dependent on You. No one can help us except of You

Sai Baba Saved Our Lives

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi, I am married and have a 3 and a half years old daughter. I became a SAI devotee since 2008. I am staying with my husband and daughter in USA since 2009 .Basically I am from Orissa. Please do not disclose my name and e-mail id. Dear Hetal Ji, I really appreciate for your great job. May Baba shower His blessings on you and make your life peaceful and more cheerful for the days to come. I am a regular reader of your blog. I have many experiences of Baba's miracles, but I want to share one of my most recent experiences, which is very close to my heart. My cousin brother stays around 40 miles away from our place. We went for a trip along with his family last Sunday. We left our home at 6 AM and were heading towards my cousin's place. As it was early morning there was very less traffic, very few cars and trucks were visible on the road. My husband was driving and we were on the highway. Roads were little wet as it had rained previous night. My husband was on the left most lane which is the fastest lane and our car was at around 82mph. My brother called on my husband's cell and my husband tried to answer his call. In the meanwhile, he felt the car is moving towards left so it may hit the iron bars which are there in most of the highways. So he turned his steering little towards right but as our car was in high speed and the road was wet so the car skidded badly. At that time I was sitting and enjoying music in the car. Suddenly I felt a jerk and our car skidded and moved to and from between the 3 lanes (we were traveling at that time on a 3 lane highway). Our car was not getting controlled and for a while I thought in the next moment it’s going to topple down. I got shocked and I chanted Sai Baba's name. My husband tried to control the car and after sometime the car got controlled and it came to its normal speed, but by that time it was on the right most lanes. The car was dragged from leftmost to rightmost lane. In the meanwhile my daughter fell down from her car seat, but she didn't get any hurt. So all I can say it is Baba, who saved us from a mishap. Otherwise anything could have happened. Due to Baba's grace, there were no vehicles on both the lanes besides us. What could have happened if a giant truck was on our next lane. As the Car skidded, it could have hit the truck and then a major mishap could have happened. But Baba had some plans for us. He is always there for His children. So nothing happened to us neither to our Car which is new one, not even 1 year old. While we were heading back home at night from the trip, we saw a major accident on the same highway. The car had turned upside down and was completely damaged and the passengers were being helped by the rescue team. So Baba gave an indication that we could also have gone through the same situation, but due to His grace, we were all safe and sound. Past few days, I was feeling quite restless and very stressed, was not getting good sleep at night and sometimes getting bad dreams. As I had read from this blog that a devotee was going through the same situation before she met with an accident. So I thought may be Baba was giving an indication of some mishap going to happen in near future, but then I used to cool myself thinking it is day to day stress and has nothing to do with any mishappening. But now I feel that it was Baba's indication of some mishap. Thanks Baba for saving our lives. Please be with my family, my friends and my near and dear forever. SRI SATCHITANANDA SADGURU SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI
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  1. dear sai devotee santoshi ji

    as u urself believe that ur marriage and ur prgnancy is a gift from sainath..leave everything on his lotus feet and just relax,,he will 100% solve all ur problems

  2. He looks after those who surrender to His feet. I am sure all your issues will sort out soon.

    O Deva, please give solace to the family and friends of the girl who passed away. Give them and the rest of us strength to deal and stop incidents like these from happening.

    Jai Sairam

  3. Hello Sai Devotees, all incidences are helping us to increase faith in BABA.
    I felt very happy for the 3rd Sai Devotee who is saved from a major accident. Just curious, how come the child fell out from the carseat?
    If it was not fastened properly, I would request to get help to make sure the car seat can be secured to avoid child getting hurt. Also it is very important that the child itself does not unbuckle the seat belt.
    Praying PEACE and HEALTH to all Sai Devotees.
    Jai Sai RAM.

  4. om sai ram !

    such a wonderful experiences. baba pls bless all of us. baba pls bless santoshi ji with a healthy baby, and her husband with a good job. pls keep faith and patience. soon baba bless you. keep chanting his name "sai, sai , sai, sai" everthing will be alright.

    jai sai ram!

  5. Nice experience,. Thanks For sharing. Meera Ji, today I was missing you a lot. From last many days you didnt shared any of your comment.Om Sai Ram.

  6. Nice experiences! Harsh Ji, it was Baba who helped to arrange so you could get the prasad given to Him, if Baba wills it, it will happen by His way. Devotee from USA, it was Baba who took control of the car and saved all of you from any accident. You should also be careful and drive slowly when the roads are wet. Santoshi Ji, don't worry, Baba will take care of your baby and make sure everything is fine with your delivery. Baba will also find the right job at the right time for your husband, perhaps some job that Baba has chosen for your husband has not yet opened up, but will very soon, so Baba is making you wait until that job is available before giving it to your husband. I will also pray to Baba that everything goes well for you and your husband. Om Sai Ram!

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