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Guru Poornima And My Experience In Shirdi

Sai Sister Suman Ji from India says:

Hi Hetal Ji, My Name is Suman Raveesh, MBA working as a Manager HR in a private firm. I am a great devotee of Shri Sai Baba from past 3 years. I am a regular reader of your blog. Thanks a lot for your wonderful effort, so we see the fruits.

This time, I prayed Baba that on my birthday please do a small miracle, may be foolishness, but I love Him so much that I love to hear, see and feel His miracles. So I asked Him, please do a small miracle on my birthday. I started praying and thinking about it from 2 weeks before my birthday. Just one week before my birthday that is on 28th June, 2012, I went to Baba temple close to my house. After the Aarti, the pandit gave me an invitation and said we are celebrating Guru Poornima. When I opened the Invitation 2nd July was scratched in pen and was written 3rd July in Blue Pen. Guess what, 3rd July is my birthday. Tears rolled my cheeks. On this poor child, You showed such a bestowed miracle. Guru Poornima was on 3rd July. I was thinking we both are celebrating our birthday on the same day. Every temple was beautifully decorated. Baba was in new dress. I too was in new dress. My Joy had no words. I wanted to share this with you. OM SAI RAM. He is always there to help us. He is the only Lord God I trust in. May the whole world become His devotees. When I surf net, I see devotees from all over the world. One more Miracle I would Like to share it with you. That is my first visit to Shirdi. I had told my BABA that I want one neem leaf for me. You should give me one leaf somehow. My friend had told me about the neem leaf and I also had read in Sai Satcharitra. We reached Shirdi Wednesday evening. After bath, we went to temple. I had taken One Yellow gerbera flower. All flower, the devotees gave, were put on Baba’s Samadhi. I kissed the beautiful yellow gerbera flower and gave it to the pujari. He took the flower kept it on Baba’s feet. Tears rolled my cheeks again. Next day, Thursday we went to the temple, after the push, pull, tears and pain to see my Lord in the huge crowd. I saw My Baba peacefully and went ahead to the neem tree. It was too sunny. I said to myself that I will not find any neem leaf. I was very sad. I lifted my head and saw up, and then bent my head down, absolutely there wasn’t any breeze. 2 leaves fall as a swing and came till my head, and fell at my feet. Imagine my happiness. Unknowingly I started crying, even till date I have those leaves with me in my wallet. I love Sai Ram. I feel His presence all time. He is lovable by all devotees. OM SAI RAM.


Anonymous Devotee says: Om Sai Nathay Namah. I don’t know from where to start writing miracles of our Lord Sai. Please do not disclose any of my details including name. I have already submitted few experiences of Baba. I was pregnant and I was praying for my parents to come to my place. I am staying abroad away from India. There were so many problems in getting visa by my parents. I prayed to Sainath, please I should not deliver until my parents reach here even though I was overdue. By the grace of Sai, my parents got visa, but the tickets were very costly. But Baba arranged the tickets the day my parents got visa at a reasonable and it is indeed a miracle. My parents reached on 16th of April 2012. Baba gave them time for relaxing too. I went for my checkup on the next day and they said my amniotic fluid is getting lower. And I will have to be induced. I was shocked, since I was expecting very normal delivery with the grace of Sai. I did not get a single problem during pregnancy. I started crying and praying Baba. Please start my labor before my induction date. But Baba had different plans. I was admitted to the hospital on 19th of April and nothing happened till morning. I was scared so much of induction and praying Sai to start labor, but nothing happened. Doctor came in and told me they will start induction within few minutes. They started induction and I was not happy as I’m always very scared of drip, but now I can say Baba planned it. I was well protected in hospital. I knew what is coming around and after few hours, I was just semi conscious and did not know when the time passed until there was the time for baby delivery. With Baba’s grace, I skipped intense pains. All my midwives and doctors were amazed to see how calm I was in delivery. I didn’t shout in pain or anything since I was not in my senses and mostly sleeping and passed through ten hours very easily. Otherwise if it would have normal labor, we would have to rush to hospital at that time. But I was well in hospital and everything went well. Thanks Sai. Sai gifted me a very beautiful healthy daughter. She is my life. She is quite active because Baba takes care of her. Another miracle: I was so much worried with my health problem, since so many years and only surgery was the option. I was avoiding surgery because I was scared of visible scar and I have not told my in laws about this problem due to personal reasons. Every day I prayed Baba to please remove this problem miraculously. But Baba had different plans. He made sure that I have surgery and I am amazed today that half of the surgical scar has disappeared. Baba did everything since I want to come to India only when scar is faded. I was so scared about scar. It’s a pure miracle. And even surgery went off very well. There were no complications as normally seen in this surgery due to Baba. I can’t express how big this problem was for me. It had taken my night’s sleep for many years. So with the grace of Baba, everything has been resolved. Next miracle is my baby is teething and she was in severe pain and we were having sleepless nights with her. No medicine was working. I prayed to Sai and we went to our local Shirdi Sai temple. While we were returning back home, she slept on the way. She slept till 8 in the morning for straight 15 hours. Her pain was relieved by Baba. And now there is no pain. So Sai has done so many miracles in my life. Thank You Sai.

My First Shirdi Trip - An Amazing Experience

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji, first of all I would like to say my heartiest thanks to you, because you are doing such a nice job, which can't be appreciated in words. In this experience Sai Baba wants me to narrate experience of my first Shirdi Trip. Hetal Ji, please don't disclose my name ,id and please make suitable changes wherever you feel like. I would like to give some introduction how Sai baba took me into His shelter. I became devotee of Sai Baba in 2011 only. Earlier I have heard of Baba, but I never tried to inquire more. In my summer vacations, my aunt, whose family is ardent devotee of Sai Baba, visited us. I was taking some songs from her mobile. Than along with those songs, accidently 1 photo of Sai Baba also came into my mobile. As is rightly said, "Sai Baba chooses His devotees Himself". Somebody told my father for 9 Thursday Vrat. He started the Vrat since my B. Tech percentage was below 60. I was struggling to get even 60 plus(I had 80 plus in my 10th and 12th).I entered 7th semester there was so much load. I was afraid if I could cross 60. I gave the exams and due to Baba's blessings a person like me, who not getting even 60 percent, got 83.7 percent marks in 7th semester and that to with so much of load in that can you believe it. All happened due to Baba. Due to this my overall percentage became 63.7. In many government jobs, they ask for 65 percent in B. Tech. In next semester (that is in 8th semester), I started Nav Guruvar Vrat and got 80 percent again. And my overall percentage in B. Tech became 65.30. It was a miracle for me. Sai Baba blessed me. Now I will tell how I tried to plan for Shirdi, but it all became possible due to Baba. In March 2012, I planned with my friends for Shirdi. We were getting reservation in May, but I had air force interview during that time, so plan could not materialize. I came back home in may end. Then again I looked for reservation. We were getting in Aug end. I told my father about this. He said who knows where you will be at that time. So again we could not go Shirdi. In the meanwhile, I got Saibaba question answer book on net. I used to ask Him some questions. I got answer you have a chance to visit Shirdi. Than in Aug 2012, I made the reservation of 7th Oct 2012. I was happy. But after a few days, my mother realised that those are Kanagat days and no new work should be started in those days. So she asked me to get the reservation cancelled. I was so unhappy. I thought that I might have done many bad deeds in my past births and that’s why Sai is not calling me to Shirdi. In the meanwhile, I also read Sai Satcharitra. It increased my faith in Sai many fold. I asked Sai why is He not calling me in question answer book and the answer came remember Sai on Thursday and Friday. Therefore I read Sai Chalisa and Aarti on those days. On Sunday, I was asking Sai what is the next step that I should take. The answer came meet Sai Baba at Shirdi. Next morning, I told my mother this thing. She asked me we can't tickets in Tatkal. It was 11:45 am. Tatkal seemed impossible at that time. I just switched on my lappy. To my surprise, there were 6 seats still available in 3AC. I made the reservations. I asked one of my friends if he could make the reservations for return Journey since we will be in Shirdi at that time. He agreed. To our surprise, we were reaching on Thursday morning (Sai's day). In my earlier reservation of 7th Oct, we were reaching on Sunday. We reached Shirdi. I prayed to Sai that we should get Tatkal tickets for return journey. Sai listened to me and we again got the reservation in the same train next day (i.e. on 28th Sep). As is rightly said, "Sai makes all the arrangements once He calls". We had a nice Darshan. Then we went to Shani Singanapur. We came back from there at around 9:30 pm. We went to the neem tree and than to the Samadhi of Tatya Ji and other Bhakt of Sai Baba mentioned in Sai Satcharitra. I felt like the characters of Satcharitra have become alive. In Shej Aarti, we had Darshan from side window. Next day morning, we again had Darshan. We had brought Laddu Prasad from our home. I asked Baba to take my Prasad. The priest at the Samadhi Mandir took the Laddu Prasad from my hand and took one 1 Laddu from it. I had one bunch of flowers with me. I touched that flowers to Samadhi and then to my head, I felt so happy. I think Sai accepted my prayers. When we were coming back some taxiwalas asked if we wanted to visit Nasik, Panchvati etc. Suddenly we made the plan, but before that we went for final Darshan of Baba from side window. We took His permission to leave Shirdi (as mentioned in Sai Satcharitra). We were already late for Nashik, since it was 11:45 am and we had train at 10:20 in night from Kopergaon. Still Sai was with us and see how he had planned for us we visited the places in Nashik, Panchvati and Trayambkeshawar. Since time was less, we did't had breakfast neither lunch, we just had some bananas and tea on our way. At last we were getting late the taxi driver told us that we should skip some places and go to Tapobhoomi which was near to Kopergaon). We agreed we had very nice Darshan at Tapobhoomi. The driver himself was a devotee of Sai Baba. He also came for Darshan. He put Sai Chandan on my head. I felt blessed.
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  1. Yes, might be "foolish" of us, but we love to see his miracles and it mesmerizes us all…9 guruvaar vrat is indeed very powerful, I am also doing it and hope baba blesses me soon…Om Sai Ram

  2. All three experiences were really nice. The second experience reminded me of my delivery. I was also in the same state. I moved from abroad when I was almost 8 month. Had so many probs at in laws place. When it came to delivery, my baby was in different position and I had only 50% chance of delivering normally. But, people doesn't seem to understand this and when they induced pain my amniotic sac got burst immediately, but no sign of baby coming out. My in law started scolding that I dint work properly thatz why it is getting delayed. My mom was crying and praying to all God. Thankfully, my Baba was with me all the time though I couldn't call Him that time because of severe pain and also He made sure that my husband was with me throughout the delivery. I delivered within 6 hours a healthy girl baby who is 16 months old now, and doing very fine. Baba thank You so much Baba, You have done so many things in my life which I might not recognize please forgive me and accept my thanks and please be with all of us and bless each and everyone Baba. Love You so much Baba.

  3. Thanks Baba for making my little one stop breast milk which I thought will be next to impossible as she doesn't drink anything other than mine. I was too scared to even attempt this as nobody was with us to take care of the baby while I am attempting to stop it. Thanks for giving a lovely and caring husband and with Your grace everything went on well which I never dreamt in my wildest dream. Thank You Baba for making her gain some weight too. I am so happy please take care of her. She is Your daughter and this is Your family. Please bless all of us Baba.

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba. please help me to lose some weight and get back my old good skin. That will help me to be more confident. I want to look good and feel happy. Please help me.

    May you bless all of us ever. Thanks a lot for everything Gurudeva. Love you a lot.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

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