A Couple of Sai Baba Experiences – Part 293

I am sharing few more experiences in today’s post.


Anonymous Devotee from USA says:

Hi Hetal Ji,
I hope you are doing well. Here’s an experience from my sister that she would like to share, but we are unable to send it to you through the link in the site. That’s why we are sending it you from here. We Sincerely hope that you will publish it. Please do not disclose my name and email id. I am a humble child of Sri Sai with my own share of doubts and wavering faith at times, but we are always blessed with Baba’s mercy and kindness. Love You Baba.

I and my husband live in India. We have applied for immigration to a different country. We had invested a good amount of hard earned money towards the processing and are required to pass a foreign language exam as a prerequisite to start the process. As we both are private employees, we would hardly find time to study or prepare for the exam. We somehow managed to complete the coaching classes with due encouragement from our family and took the exam, but both I and my husband failed to clear the exam. We were disappointed and worried thinking about our dreams and the money we had invested. My husband was apprehensive, but I wanted to take the exam again and prayed to Baba to guide me. With full faith in Baba, I took up the exam again and was sure I would not be able to clear the exam as my performance was as bad as it was in the earlier attempt. But thanks to Baba, I surprisingly cleared the exam and we are able to start the process. Thanks Babaji. I know it’s a miracle, which is possible only because of You. Forgive me if it’s too lengthy. Baba I am unable to express the bliss of Your grace as no words are enough to do so. Love You Baba. Bless us always with faith and love for You.

Baba Is Always With His Children

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Dear Hetal Ji, I really appreciate your great work and thank you so much for making our Love strong towards Our Deva. Please keep me as Anonymous. Also please feel free to make changes, where ever required. I have many experiences, but would like to share some. I am a Sai Devotee since 2002. One of my friends took me to the temple. At first when I saw Him, I didn’t enter the temple and was sitting outside waiting for my friend. Meanwhile I saw the 11 sayings of Sai. The 8th Saying “If You Look to Me, I Look to You' really shook me. I stared at my Lord and left the Temple. After that I was thinking only about my Baba and His 11 assurances. He made me to come to His temple again. And since then I am a strong devotee of Him. No matter what, I always Love Him. I really feel that I am Blessed. Experience 1: We lived in Los Angeles USA some time back. One Sunday, I prepared prasad and took it to my Baba for Dhoop Aarti. That day it was a very crowded in the temple. We looked for the parking and we never got. We left it to Baba and parked our car in the Ally (Ally is the sidewalk, in USA we are not suppose to park in Ally if so it will be strictly handled) and we went inside. Before starting the Aarti, they announced that whoever have parked in the wrong place cops are giving tickets. Normally the tickets would be $500. My hubby went outside crying inside, me too crying inside begging in front of Baba to save us. To my surprise, every car was given the ticket except ours. I was Overwhelmed, and my trust became even stronger and apologized for the mistake came back happily. Experience 2: In 2009, I got to know that I was expecting. After that we planned for India trip. I had great hope that I would visit Shirdi this time, but due to some reasons I was not able to go. My dad took me to my favorite temple. I was very desperate to see my Baba in my favorite temple. That day, my Baba had worn green color vastra to welcome me and make me feel happy (green is my favorite color). The minute I stepped on the first step, I felt like very strong air hit my face for 5 seconds. My dad was standing behind me, but he never experienced it. I felt like Baba kept His hand on my head. I was overjoyed. I felt His Love and have no words to express it. I again visited the temple and requested Him to give us some thing before we leave the temple. While I was praying in front of Baba, a few distances behind me, my dad was standing. Someone came and gave a Baba photo to my dad and went. But when I asked my dad who gave it? He showed me the person and that person was standing there, but he never gave me. I was very happy that Baba blessed my Dad. My dad is very kind and pure hearted person. Even if he is in the difficult situation, he helps the poor. I really felt like Baba pulled my dad towards Him and I am sure He is blessed. Thank You Baba. Experience 3: Baba appeared in the form of a Begger- once we were going out, when we were about to get down from the car, straight in front of me like 20ft distance. I saw a person coming. He looked like a begger, but he was not begging anyone. I’ve never seen such people in that area. He had a smiling face and had a strong Devine charm in His face. I am a very scared kind of person, if I see such kind of people, I get scared and I can’t even see them if they come near me. So I carried on with my work. Before entering a shop, I just turned back and looked at Him. He was standing next to my car and looking somewhere else. I think Baba knew my mind. He stood there for at least 5 minutes and then he turned back and disappeared. I didn’t even realize that it is my Baba. After 2 days, suddenly this thought came to my mind. Only then I realized it was my Baba.

Experience with Sai Baba Ji

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hi, I am a devotee of Sai Baba Ji and I would like to share my experience with the Lord Sai. Please don't post my name on the blog. I have been reading other devotees experiences since couple of days and today I just couldn’t stop myself from writing my own self. I always used to believe in Sai Baba Ji, but I never did any Bhakti. And lately I have been praying Him very sincerely. I am doing Sai Nav Guruvaar Vrat second time. On my first day of fasting, I got a vrat book from the nearest Sai Temple. I did Pooja from that book, but I realized that this is not same book as I did Vrat from the earlier one. I just said to Sai Baba that Baba this is not same book I had before and I liked that book more than this one and I completely forgot about it. In the evening, I went to Sai Baba temple. As I was waiting in the line for the Aarti, I saw one Vrat book near the bench where I was standing and waiting for my turn to do Aarti. I looked at the book and I thought somebody must have kept it for themselves, so I did not pick up. Again I totally forgot about the book and I did my Aarti and did my prayer. After that I wanted to pray to one of the Sai Baba big picture in the same hall. So when I went there, I again noticed that book is still there. As nobody picked up, so I picked it up and saw that it's the same book, which I wanted in the morning and had told Baba about it. I was completely shocked and wonder struck and I took that book and thanked Baba a lot for listening to me. From that day, I feel that Baba is with me and He has listened to me a number of times. Once my son was trying to adjust in his new school as he just started schooling. on the second day, he was crying a lot and gagging a lot, which made me very uncomfortable and weepy so I went to Sai Baba temple and prayed Him and cried a lot that please be with my son and give him courage. The moment, I entered in Dwarkamai, I got a call from his Principle that he is doing fine and should not worry about him. And from that day, my son loves to go to school and he doesn't even gag anymore. This is only because of my dear Sai. I love You Sai Baba. Bless us with love and happiness and show us the right path. Please forgive if I have missed on something. I want to write more and more and hopefully you will help me do that also. Om Sai Ram.
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Anil Gupta
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  1. Baba please help me pass the driving test please baba i am so dependent on people and i want to be independent,please baba i surrender my egoes to your feet and please be with me tomorrow,please pass my driving test please baba
    om sai shri sai jaya jaya sai

  2. sai baba ji pls bless us..sai baba ji today is my brother's birthday pls bless him with good health and happiness…pls always be with us my sai

  3. om sai ram

    Baba bless each one of us:) love u baba, but y r u not showing your presence in my life. y r u angry with me baba. baba im sorry for everything i have done pls forgive me and show me a sign that u have forgiven me n u r by my side. baba til u forgive me i'l not take a drop of water also baba.. im waiting 4 u baba….
    om sai ram….

  4. Om Sai Ram.

    Nice experiences ! Love you a lot Baba.

    Thanks a lot for everything Gurudeva Dattatreya. You know we are facing a little tough time at my husband's work front, and we seek your help, blessings, guidance and advice to help us Baba. Please make things smooth for us guide us always. Thanks a lot for everything My lovely Baba 🙂

    May your blessings reach all of us always. Thanks a million.

    Humbly surrendering at your Lotus Feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  5. Baba, y u r testing me like this..punishing me in all ways..Am I not ur child? hv u given me to sme one else?I'm crying almost everyday, u know everything..U r showing ur presence in each & every moment but not disclosing anything abt my career. If I hv done any bad things in my past birth, pls punish me in another way. Almost, I'm tired. I didn't hv energy to face anything..pls baba, stop all this nonsens & save me, give me a better career & gud life.I hv put all hopes on u only, bt ur not at all listening to my prayers..I didn't done any harm to anybody in this birth, u knew it all..bt still u r punishing me..pls sai bless me.U promised me last year, hv u forgotten..2012yr is completing within few days, wt abt ur promise..?

    • dear prathyusha,
      the words said by u infact reveal my story I am also going through a very tough phase of my lyf all my friends are placed almost 1 yr and 2 months back but I am still suffering did navguruvar vrat also ,but nothing happening I have been rejected in 9 companies ,,,I feel sai's presence every moment dont know wat is gonna happen…may be I am lacking on the level of faith and patience that is the requisite level of a sai devotee,,,,

    • Dear Sai,

      Even I hv selected for 3 companies, but didn't get the offer letter till nw, they kept on holding it..that to I did navguruvar vrat, gone to shiridi, mantralayam, srisailam, Kanipakam, Vijayawada..as insisted by Baba..and my side, I tried a lot to get a gud one..from last 9yrs..I'm praying baba.I faced a lot of pblms at the time of my education & in my present job..But I didn't ask Baba anything till 2011.I faced them for sake of my parents.He knew it very well..bt still he is testing me.Even if Baba didn't listen to me..I don't want to leave Him whether He will fulfill my wish or not..But one day definitely He will listen to my prayers..I'll wait fr that..

      And I don't giveup at all, I'll try & try until I get it..i.e., my nature..

      And too u also Sai, be confident..u r rejected only in 9 cmpyies, so wt..we are having 1000s of cmpyies..so try & try, definitely u will get it..Baba always with us, He will give u the Best..bt we hv to wait..All the best..wishing u gud luck..

    • Om Sai Ram.

      Baba please bless everyone with good health, long life, peace, prosperity, wealth and happiness. We love you and need you always.

      Many thanks to you for everything.

      Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Sai.

  6. Good experiences.

    O Sai, please be with us at all times. Forgive us our sins and help us be better persons.

    Thank You Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  7. Thank you SAI BABA for blessing my sister-in-law with a lovely baby. I sincerely pray to you to please bless me also with a very healthy baby. Please be with all your children BABA and always show us the right path in life. Forgive me for my mistakes and bless my family. OM SAI RAM.

  8. such a wonderful experiences. baba pls bless all of us. pls baba , be with me and never leave my hand.

    jai sai ram

  9. Baba i know i've got a risky take on my life..i know its not me..i'm not doing anything..u r doing all the leelas..just just be with me..prevent me from being blurred..just hold my hand always..u r the ultimate salvation..JAI SAI RAM..JAI JAI SAI RAM..

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