I am sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Shirdi Ke Sainath Tere Hazaaron Haath

Sai Sister Mansi from India says:

Sai Ram Hetal Ji, I thank you very much for such a great and wonderful blog. Please do not disclose my name and email. I read your blog daily to boost my energy and confidence. A thought of Sainath brings in me immense joy and pleasure. I am very lucky to be blessed with Sai Maharaj’s love in my life.

I don't know where to start with. This bond of love with Sainath began from my childhood. He is in every success of my life. Baba blessed me with a medical seat and then medical college of my interest. I successfully finished my medicine and then come marriage. By Baba's grace, my husband, who is also a doctor, liked me in the first look and wanted to marry me. But there was strong refusal from his family due to dowry. But he stood to his heart's desire and married me. I faced a lot of difficulties with his parents. They gave me a tough time after marriage. Again Baba helped me a lot. My husband left to USA in 2 months after marriage and I came back to my parents. In this way, He relieved me from my problems. I was preparing for my exams to pursue higher education in USA. After 3 months, I went back to my husband, but things have changed in meantime. My husband was under lot of stress due to his job. I was preparing for my exams, so I was under stress too. Upon this, his parents used to call him and spoil his mind telling something on me. In this way, we used to fight for petty issues. My mother was worrying about all this and fallen sick. Things started getting worse for me. I went back to India to take care of my mother. I did Nav Guru Vrat and prayed Baba with full of faith and devotion to help my mother recover soon and help me overcome all the obstacles in my life. I could clear my exams only because of Baba's blessings. Without Baba, I am nothing and I am nowhere. At last, He proved it to me that if you wait with faith and patience, He will give everything you desire. I share my happiness, problems and every small thing with Baba. One day, when I was making arrangements for Vrat, I could feel the fragrance and I am sure that it was not from the flowers which I got for Vrat. It is the same fragrance which can be felt only in Shirdi. The peculiar fragrance of flowers, making all my senses aware that Baba is with me. Within seconds, the fragrance spread all over the house. I was overwhelmed with joy and surprise. Baba came to me and blessed me. Whenever I am tensed, I keep chanting SAI SAI SAI and I will be relieved of that in no time. Thank You so much Baba for choosing me as Your daughter. Please shower Your blessings on me and all always and forgive me for my mistakes. OM SAMARTHA SADGURU SHRI SAINATH MAHARAJ KI JAI!! GURU DEVADATTA KI JAI!! DWARAKAMAI KI JAI!!


Sai Sister Lakshmi from India says: Hi, I am Sai Devotee. I want to know the complete details of the question and answer book like who has written it. Because nothing has been written about the book or told by Baba about the book by the people, who lived with Baba. There are many web sites on the net some say to think of the question and some say to think of the number, which one to follow? I don’t know whether what I am writing is correct or wrong. I started using this question and answer book, when nothing was going good in my life. And I am worried that something bad might happen to me. Then what about my small kids? I tried the question and answer book. But the problem is I ask Baba regarding the same question each and every day thinking that Baba might change His decisions. If Baba assures you saying that for the first time trust me everything will be alright. And again within seconds you ask the same question for better answer, and you keep on asking Him. The answers will be definitely changing. One day, I asked Baba if You are there with me, nothing is going to happen to me and used question and answer book. I got a positive result again and again. I ask the same question after long gap as I was busy with my kids. I used Baba question and answer book, I got a very bad answer from them. I am really worried. I just sit and cried in front of Him. What I want to ask is, Baba in His life time never told anybody about their future or when they r going to die. Will Baba answer through this question and answer book in that way, that you are going to die.One day, I went through a site called starsai.net, which was really good in that one devotee used this question and answer book for her job, she got a positive answer. But she did not get the job, and then she started blaming Baba. Then Anna told that complete faith on God is required.

Please Shower Your Blessings On My Family Baba

Anonymous Devotee from India says: Dear Hetal Ji,
Please keep me anonymous devotee. Thanks for providing such a wonderful platform to share our Baba’s experiences. When I am writing this, I am feeling like writing a letter direct to Baba. I’m waiting for the day, when He will bless my family and me. It must be our bad ‘Karma’ from previous life making us suffers in this life. I don’t know where to start as so many problems in life and I can’t see anything working for us. One of my cousin recently found out that he has cancer. He is having a chemo, but it makes him really weak. We are very close to him and can’t see him in this condition. He has 3 kids. Please, Baba, bless him to recover from this illness. He is good soul and You help good people. We are 3 sisters. My older sisters are 33 and 35, but still both single. My parents have good heart and always helpful to other people. In fact, they are the match maker of few happy couples in our family, but they can’t do anything for their own daughters. Many alliances has come for both sisters, but never got fixed. Recently, my older sister met a boy through matrimony website, the guy seems good, but his parents were not happy as we belong to lower cast (untouchable - achhoot). So the guy said ‘no’ to my sister after spending time with her. He also likes my sister, but because of his parent’s sake, he took that decision. My sister wants to marry this guy only and crying and praying to Baba. She is doing 9 Guruvar Vrat. She has done 4 so far. My mother and sister is great devotee of Baba and they both are crying. Please, Baba, help us. I am in relationship, but we don’t have proper job yet, so we can’t marry at least for good few years. My parents are really worried as I’m also turning 30 soon, they are both 60+ and none of us is settled yet. My parents had good government job, but we do not have good job. My second sister is still unemployed though we are all well educated. I have a job at a moment, but not in the field I studied. My boyfriend doesn’t have proper job either though he got Masters Degree. I have to help him financially as I earned better than him. We want to buy house and get married, but Baba without your blessing it seems too difficult. Please, give us good job and find a suitable boy for my second sister. Show your miracle in my elder sister’s life and change that boy’s and his family’s mind. All I want is to see my family happy specially my parents as they do not deserve going through this tough phase. How long they have to wait to see their daughters settle with their family Baba? I am waiting for the day, when our bad Karma will end and You will shower Your blessings on us. I hope it will happen soon. Baba, please look at us once and heal our pain. Baba, please forgive us for all our bad deeds and bless us peace of mind and happiness in life. Also give us strength to face this difficult time. If we are doing anything wrong, please guide us and show your mercy. Please give us Your blessing that we always pray You, chant Your name in bad and good time. Bless all the good souls Baba. Please do not make good people suffer in this world. You can change everybody’s life and I am sure one day You will change ours too for good, but for now I am losing patience. For how long we have to wait Baba? You know that I have cried in front of You so many times. Even now tears are rolling down from eyes so please listen to our prayer. Sorry all the devotees for making this too long and may be repeating myself but I couldn’t control emotions. Thanks for your patience and may Sai Baba bless you all and fulfill your wishes soon. If possible please think about my family in your prayers. Thank you Hetal Ji for your sincere seva and hope you post this experience. Jai Sai Nath Maharaj ki Jay.
Om Sai Ram.
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  1. Lakshmi Ji,
    I would personally suggest you ask your questions directly to Sai Baba and wait for his answers. He will answer your questions through a dream or through his devotee or by any means he thinks is apt. You do not have to flip through the question answer books and enter numbers and click buttons. Practically thinking these sites are designed to select an answer from a preset database, its not like Baba is typing the answers himself every time. Whatever questions you have, ask him directly, just once, with true devotion, he will definitely answer you. The answer may not come the next minute but it will eventually when the time is right. But once you get your answer believe in it, only then it will happen.

  2. Om sai ram! Beautiful experience sai sister mansi. Yes, that fragrance is nothing than our sai's presence.

    Sai sister lakshmi, dont depend on question and answer sites/books. Pray to sai with faith and leave everything at sai's feet, he wont let you down.

    Anonymous sister from india, your family has gone through a lot, hope things will settle soon. Before marriage, please try to settle in jobs first. Job gives confidence and independence. Try to network real hard, first settle in career. I pray to sai to bring you good luck soon. Take care. Om sai ram.

  3. Touching experiences all, you all will be in my prayers today. The anonymous lady who, you will have a special prayer sent. Have faith.

    Atulji, thank you for filling in for Hetalji. I hope both Hetalji and her son are doing well by the grace of our Deva.

    Jai Sairam

  4. does baba really listen to us?do you all think so? does he really exist?what does he want from us?why do bad people live so happily and the good ones suffer in the name of doing the right things?these questions have been crossing my mind everyday and i have lost all my hope and faith in this path.
    Om sai ram

  5. o my saib deva please bless all ur devotees and wash away all the bad karmas..pls sai nath bless me with a very successful marriage and make me disease free.pls sai nath sun lo

  6. Manasiji, thanks for sharing your experience of our dear Babaji.

    Lakshmiji, Like two people have said above, dont refer to the book… Just tell Baba your problem and just pray… trust me he WILL solve your problem. Have shraddha & saburi… you should have unshakable faith in HIM, thats all..like above people has said, you will get an answer in some form (you will be so surprised!!!- once i found one answer in the form of a chit lying outside my door and another time, I found answer on a car bumper sticker)

    Third devotee: Dear sister, I will pray for you & your family… do not lose heart Baba is there listening to you, HE will surely help you.. have a LOT of faith in HIM.. meawhile you also do Sai nav guruvar vrat.. its really magical..

    Regards- Sanyogitha

  7. third devotee..
    dont say untouchable/ achoot to you. really bad words…
    we all are one. we are human being. dont make yourself low.
    love yourself.

  8. for 3rd experience: Your posting is not an experience as a whole,its just a manifestation of ur emotions.I would request Hetalji to make sure before posting that it is an experience……….
    Please make sure that ur mind is in a content state while asking a question and u dont keep on asking randomly……I have experienced that to b very accurate and at times even if t answer is incorrect,please dont lose faith……..its not Baba's fault…….n give it a try next time……….all t best…..

  9. while reading 3rd experience i felt like u were telling abt my life but m d eldest sister… similar situation in my life too.baba plz give my life to her cousin u know i dont want to live and there z no use of my life on this earth so plz give to sumone u need it…plz help her and her family.

    • Om Sai Ram Sister,

      I'm the 3rd beggar of today's post.

      I can understand what you are feeling as I see my sister is going through the same phase as you. As I mentioned, we are paying for our bad karma.

      Please don't say that your life is not useful. Everyone's life is valuable in one or another way. Don't even think like this. BABA won't be happy with that. I know, we lose patience now and then but I'm sure one fine day when our time will come, BABA will surely bless us all.

      From today, you will be in my every prayer along with my elder sisters and BABA will find a perfect match for you and both my sisters.

      Please be positive and have faith in BABA.

      Om Sai Ram.

  10. Hi,
    #3rd devotee —- please continue to have complete faith in our Baba ji. He will surely bless you and solve all your family problems. Even i have lots of problems in my life and to be frank i keep losing faith in BABA but somehow he sees to it that i don't forget him .So just have patience and continue to do 9 guruvar vrat — it is a very miraculous vrat and read SAI KASTA NIVARANA MANTRA and wait for his blessings.I am 100% sure you will very soon experience many miracles and all your family problems will be solved.

    • hi, i agree wth u……even if Baba delays in answering our prayers thru vrat/pooja etc,he positively n definetly does best fr us sooner or later.I have experienced tht.
      Cn u share ur vrat experience?i also posted here already once..

  11. Hi,
    #2nd devotee — even i follow the SAI question & answer site and my experience is that f i put a question when my mind is wavering i get some random answer.
    But the moment i focus fully on my problem and then with utmost bhakti i put the question i surely get a relevant answer.
    So we have to have complete faith and then focus and ask and am sure you get the right solution from our Baba j.

  12. om sai raam..
    Baba i have an interview tom please help me clear it and go inside project baba..be with me..
    Om sai raam

  13. Om Sai Ram.

    Baba, please bless everyone. Let your love and blessings reach each one in this whole wide world and may everyone be able to come out of their difficulties soon. Let there be bliss in every house.

    A request to all: please do try to do dome kind of food donation to the old poor people, kids or even animals. It will help a lot in getting rid of the bad Karma and will please Baba a lot. I have personally benefited by doing food donation. Also please write 'Sai Sai' everyday for a few number of times. That helps and gives peace of mind. On the whole let us try to be good human beings and go good deeds always with Baba's grace. Rest Baba will definitely take care and plan a good future for all of us.

    Love you a lot Gurudeva Dattatreya and many many thanks to you for everything. Surrender at your Lotus feet.

    Om Sai Shri Sai Jai Jai Jai Sai.

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