I am sharing few more experiences in today’s post.

Baba Did The Magic Again

Anonymous Devotee from USA says: Hetal Ji,

My name is Manjunath. Please keep my name and email address anonymous. I have been a devotee of Baba since 2005 and have experienced so many miracles and I have written about few of them in this blog as well. Thanks to you for doing this wonderful Sai Seva. As I had mentioned in the past, Sai has chosen you to do this Seva what Hemadpant did back then. Below is a small yet a powerful miracle Baba performed 2 days back.

Monday Sep 17, 2012 was a holiday for our son at school here. So I decided to take off as well and we decided to take my son to an animation movie in 3D. We also took our neighbor's daughter also with us since my son and she are attached so much. My wife and our little son did not join us for the movie since my little is just around 15 months and we didn’t want him to watch the 3D movie at this young age. So they both stayed outside and I took my older son and his friend to the movie. My wife was just spending time in the nearby stores. When the movie was approaching the end, I got a phone call from my wife saying that she lost her expensive watch in one of the stores. It’s a good brand , diamond studded watch. She was in a store and trying out some watches there. She had removed her watch and kept it on the table and without realizing, she walked around. By the time she realized that her watch is not in her wrist and came back to look for it, it was already missing. She looked around so much in all the places etc, but could not find. She even talked to the sales person there and left the details and phone number. She kept on calling me and we went out of the theater, when the movie was just ending. Even I went into the stores looked around, but could not find it at all. We were so sad, but I kept my cool and prayed to Baba. I knew Baba doesn’t want to do this to us, but maybe He is testing something. I kept an owe that if I find the watch by 5PM that day, I will write this experience. Then we went for lunch and again went back to the store, but still no luck. After that kids wanted to play in the park, but we had no mood. Then there was a small kids train ride and we did that. By then my wife had messaged one of her friends about this and that friend suggested that we ask the store if they had CCTV cameras to see if somebody had picked up the watch. They called the store manager and the managed explained to us that they did not have a CCTV camera and during the end of the day they do restocking and sorting out of all the items etc and they might find it then. She also said that she will call us the next day. She also pointed out a place, where they had kept all the steel band watches. My wife thought she will look there one last time. In a couple of minutes BABA showed His miracle. The watch was just there in one of the stands. My wife was thrilled and I Thanked BABA in my mind and heart. The time was about 4.00 PM and BABA did keep up His promise. I am so much indebted to BABA for being with us every moment. It may sound as a small incident with some monetary impact, but what is more important to me is the trust and confidence this shows. This shows that ever blessing BABA is with us always. Thank You BABA again for showing Your mercy and Blessings. Thank You Hetal Ji in advance for publishing this.

Experience With Shirdi Sai

Sai Brother Manohar Ji from Indonesia says: Dear Saima, I am a Sai devotee. My name is Manohar. Our entire family is Sai devotees. This is my first time, I am posting here. Saima, you can edit my post in what way You want. Here I want to share my experience with Sai Maharaj. I was looking the job in Indonesia. I came here and tried. Every day I asked Baba, Baba shall I get the job or not? And I did Sai Satcharitra Parayanam two or three times. By Baba's grace, I attended two interviews. One they confirmed, but waited for three months. I lost my hope again. I asked our Babaji, Shall I get the job or not? Because I stayed with my friend's house. One night, Baba came in my dream and drew a graph in the white board. Babaji explained to me, at present you don't have a job. You are in the bottom line. You will get a small job than you will be here (that is above the bottom line). Like that you will be promoted always. At the end you will in the "Top Post" and He gave full blessings to me. After that, I woke up, I couldn't sleep. I was overjoyed and want to share this dream to my wife and mother in India. Now I got a job. Now I am in that job only. Whether we believe or not, but Babaji shows His blessings everywhere. Thank You Babaji, Regards,

Blessings from Baba

Sai Sister Nirmala Ji from India says: My humble pranams to sadguru Sai Maharaj. I am a regular reader of your blog. Experiences of many innumerable devotees of SADGURU SAI MAHARAJ inspired me to no extent. I think this must be the same to all the devotees, who reads your blog. This service is a yeomen service by sister Hetal Ji and God should bless her with healthy and long life. In chapter 6 of Sai Satcharitra, it is said that “When Sadguru is the helmsman, He is sure to carry us safely and easily beyond the worldly ocean”. This is for sure if we have complete faith and patience and our dearest BABAJI will not let down at any point of time. At times, it may appear He is not listening to us but that is not true. This is what I keep experiencing and experienced few days back at the time of my son’s admission to MBBS in one of India’s premier institution. My son is a very brilliant student and devotee of BABAJI also like me and my husband. After giving his standard twelve exams –CBSE, he started giving medical entrance exams in one college after another. In the meantime we always have the habit of going to BABAJI’S temple at Mylapore every week. Same way one day, I and my son went to the temple and I prayed to BABAJI that HE should help my son in getting admission to some medical college and He should give me some indication that day itself to the same. After making Darshan, we came out. Suddenly one person, who was wearing saffron colored dhoti and white shirt, came fast towards us. He was calling madam, but I didn’t notice as it was crowded and then he came near me and gave me a coin, which he told me that he is bringing to me that was kept in a haven in two places. Then after giving that he said “Madam please keep this coin safely. You will face problems, but everything will be solved quickly and don’t worry BABAJI is with you”. I was very surprised and didn’t take it very seriously till I stared facing problems one after another, especially with my son. He got qualified in almost all the entrance exams, but with not so good rank. There was one setback after another. We became very frustrated and one day I told very angrily to everyone that we should tear all the BABAJI’S photos and what is the point in keeping all that. But BABAJI is our loving SAIMA as ever. That day evening I and my son went to a nearby hotel to get something to eat for the dinner. There at the entrance a hawker in white and white stood and no one used to stand there earlier. He was selling something. When I went near he waved two BABAJI’S PHOTOGRAPHS WHICH ARE UNTEARBLLE IN NATURE. He had only those two. I was surprised and I bought that. Again coming to the main problem my son who had never seen so many failures was very upset. One day, he got the news that he has been qualified in the first level of medical entrance in one of the premier institution and he has to give the second level. The second level is psychological tests and many activities and it went on for three days. And finally he had personal interview. That day morning there was something about Doctor’s day in the newspaper and another article on the qualities of a good doctor. My son read both and went for the interview. The same questions were asked in the interview. It was as if BABAJI gave things in advance. He got selected and as told by that person after giving the coin that yes we did face problems and all those problems ended and my son is happily settled now. These are only few miracles that I have written now. Many more are there and I would write as and when BABAJI gives me permission to do so. SHRI SADGURU SAI MAHARAJ KI JAI. Nirmala Subramanian
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  1. Very nice experiences.

    O Deva, be with us as we being a new week and help us tread the right path and give us the ability to make people around us smile.

    Jai Sairam

  2. such a wonderful experiences. baba pls be with me, i surrender myself to you. you have to take all the decisions of my life. i am putting all my burdens, problems on your lotus feet. pls bless me baba. you are everything for me. pls bless all of us.

    jai sai ram!

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  4. Sai Ram Hetalji,
    Hope you are doing fine.
    I have placed a post and sent email to you as well, I can take prayers to Shirdi ( I would be visiting Shirdi sometime in Jan 2013).
    I have requested that to receive prayers by Dec 27 2012, my email is shridisaibabaprayes@gmail.com
    Please post this request on your block. I have also place post on your prayer to Shirdi page but did not see it yet.

    Sai Ram

  5. Sai Ram Hetalji and Sai Devotees,
    I am visiting Shirdi sometime in Jan 2013, can carry prayers.
    Please sent prayers to ShirdiSaiBabaPrayers@gmail.com by Dec 27th 2012
    Can one guide me what I have to do?
    Should I carry all the prayers to Samadhi mandir and give it priest ? if priest gives back all the prayers then what I have to do? Do I have to carry prayers to Dwarkamai as well?
    I have never taken prayers before and this is second time I would be visiting Shridi. (I was kid when I visit first time)
    Please guide me
    Appreciate all your help

    Sai Ram

  6. Dear Hetalji hearty congratulations to you … enjoy every moment of being a mom God Bless you and the newborn.


  7. Wonderful experiences. I think third one i read earlier …. may be on comment box. Anyhow, nice experiences! Om Sai Ram!

  8. Hetal Ji, Congratulations!!! Enjoy your motherhood! Kindly share what is the name of new born kid. Happy Baba's Day!! Om Sai Ram.

  9. Dear Brother Anil Ji, As now you are taking care of this blog's work, So kindly note, in Services Section, the page of Sai Satcharitra is not opening. I am trying for so many days. Please look into the matter. Om Sai Ram

  10. Nice experiences! Baba sometimes teaches us lessons through the things we must endure, but in the end Baba is there to always help us, His devotees, His children. Just as He helped the devotee from Indonesia get the job through the message in his dream and also how he helped the family find the expensive watch and although Nirmala Ji had to go through some bad times, Baba was there. Baba is there with each and every one of us and helps us get through bad times, and will ensure that in the end everything will work out. Om Sai Ram!

  11. Om sai ram..

    After reading other's experience it boost my confidence and belief on sai baba.Sai Baba knows right now what i am expecting .. Hey say baba please fulfill my wish .. and listen to my prayer. Tomoroow is thursday, kal shaam tak meri wish puri ho jaye then i will write my experience on this blog. Om sai Ram

  12. very very nice experience posted by all the devotes which says that patience and sincerity towards him will never end up with failure
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram
    om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram om sri sai ram


  14. Baba ji …I dont know how I completed saptah parayan..it was impossible for me..I know u are with me…Thankyou so much baba..plz dun leave me ever..I love you more than nyone baba ji..om shri sacchidanandsatguru sainath maharaj ki jai..

  15. Baba, I beg you please forgive me for all my mistakes and sins. Baba please show some mercy towards me. Their is a wall in front of my life, I am not finding a way to how to move ahead. I promise baba that I will write my experience here if my prayer get answered

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